17 Best Crystals For Beginners (And How To Use Them)

The best crystals for beginners can make a tremendous impact on your life, without requiring a lot of work. All you need to do is find one that fits your needs and keep it close!

This list goes over each of the best beginner crystals, the benefits they offer, and how you can pick the right one for you.

Let’s get started!

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has been treasured for thousands of years for its ability to enhance love, positivity, self-empowerment and friendship

A Rose Quartz crystal for beginners

This lovely pink stone has been used in jewelry, talismans and potions as far back as ancient Assyria. The Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and healers from the Middle Ages all recognized and utilized the amazing healing powers of this stone.

We feel that Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for beginners because it has the ability to clear the atmosphere of negativity. Once negativity is eliminated, then positive feelings such as love, self-awareness, peace and forgiveness can enter.

Rose Quartz is connected to both the heart and throat chakras. Use this stone to feel yourself open up to the possibilities of goodness, friendship, self-love and healthy and loving communication. 

2. Hematite

Ready to feel like a total boss? Hematite is the perfect stone for promoting self-esteem, boosting confidence, balancing energy and bringing out inner courage.

Shiny silver Hematite stone

Also known as the “red planet”, the “iron rose” and “bloodstone”, this powerful beginner crystal has been coveted by healers for thousands of years.

Known for grounding and protection, Hematite can help you get rid of toxic energy, negative thoughts and anxiety over past traumas and mistakes. Once you can get past negativity, you can begin to feel the strength and self-confidence that comes with inner peace and harmony.

Hematite is associated with the root and solar plexus chakras. When these chakras are open and healthy, you are more apt to feel that you can take on whatever life throws your way. Many turn to this crystal with the goal of achieving both spiritual and physical alignment, so yin and yang can be in total harmony.

3. Garnet

You’re probably familiar with the deep, rich red color of the Garnet. Did you know that this powerful healing stone also can be found in varieties of green, orange, pink and yellow? No matter which color of Garnet you find your spirit attracted to, you’ll be able to feel the amazing vibrations that have the ability to boost self-confidence, sexual energy and grounding.

A red Garnet gemstone

Use a Garnet, and get ready to stir up your deepest passions. This does not only mean sexual passion, although this crystal for beginners is known to really help in that area, but it also means passion for life and self-fulfillment. 

Garnets are connected to the root chakra and the sacral chakra. When these chakras are free and healthy, you can feel grounded, connected and free of anxiety. Use this crystal to help you live to your full potential by unleashing your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Smoky Quartz

If you’re ready to ditch all of your negative thoughts, past traumas and any toxic vibes that no longer serve you, then Smoky Quartz can be a real game-changer.

One Smoky Quartz beginner crystal

From the Druids and ancient Greeks to people in the Victorian era, Smoky Quartz has been coveted for its perceived ability to heal and empower the user.

This super-grounding crystal for beginners is great for helping a person overcome fears, drive out negative vibes from others, balance emotions and stop old negative patterns. It’s said that Smoky Quartz has the power to help the user break free from self destructive behaviors such as anxiety, fear, lack of concentration and self-doubt. 

These types of negative behaviors can often stem from issues with the root chakra. Smoky Quartz is often used as a powerful root chakra crystal that brings about incredible clarity of mind and a renewed body and spirit.

5. Selenite

Selenite, named after the goddess Selene, has been prized throughout history for its ethereal beauty and incredible cleansing powers. It’s even thought that Selenite can bring protection through a connection to angels and higher beings.

White and thin piece of Selenite

Because Selenite is known to be a powerful spiritual cleanser, it’s one of the most popular crystals for beginners. This stone is the perfect choice if you want to clear a home or workspace of any negative energy. Looking to create an atmosphere of harmony and peace? Selenite is often used because it has the power to transform any area into one that vibrates with angelic influence.

Selenite is also an excellent choice if you need to loosen the grasp of old toxic traumas or negative ways of thinking. Connected to the third-eye, crown and heart chakras, Selenite can help bring about a sense of serenity, higher consciousness and well-being.

6. Moonstone

Moonstone is the perfect stone to help keep you in tune with the natural world and all of its many and varied cycles. Moonstone is associated with the moon, feminine energy, inner strength and personal growth.

Perfectly round piece of Moonstone

Many cultures have prized Moonstone for its mystical beauty and healing properties. In fact, ancient healers thought that Moonstone was made from moonbeams. While today we know that this moonbeam effect comes from something called adularescence, Moonstone still has the power to make us feel connected to something otherworldly and mysterious.

Moonstone is thought to balance your emotions, sharpen your intuition, help you be less afraid of change and improve self confidence. Use this beginner crystal to bring balance and healing to your heart, crown and third-eye chakras. 

7. Labradorite

Labradorite, first found in the icy regions of Labrador, is known for both its mysterious beauty and its powers of healing. This stunning stone often appears to change its color before your eyes. Hold Labradorite in your hand, and you’ll see glimmers of green, blue, black and even gold. The Inuit people believe that Labradorite actually contains trapped lights from the Aurora Borealis.

Labradorite crystal for beginners

This is one of the best crystals for beginners, especially for anyone who gets stressed out by change. It is known to help the user get rid of fears and inhibitions, build trust in the universe and promote faith in oneself. 

Labradorite is also known for its perceived ability to calm the mind, protect a person’s aura and bring about confidence by getting rid of old traumas and emotional baggage.

Because this stone resonates with the third-eye, crown and throat chakras, Labradorite can help create a strong connection to the spirit world through insight and clarity.

8. Fluorite

If negativity, anxiety and disordered thoughts are not allowing you to move forward, then you may want to check out all the ways that Fluorite can help. This powerful crystal comes in a wide range of colors such as clear, blue, green, yellow, purple and even rainbow.

A popular Fluorite crystal

Fluorite is beloved by energy healers for its ability to bring about well-being through increased clarity and mental focus. It is also known to clear the aura of unwanted negative energy thereby bringing about an inner sense of peace, focus and organized thoughts.

This crystal for beginners vibrates powerfully with the third-eye chakra, so the user may experience increased visualization, concentration and energy clearing.

9. Carnelian

Adding Carnelian to your healing arsenal can help give your creativity a real boost. Also called “artist’s stone”, “sunset stone” and “singer’s stone”, Carnelian has the reputation of being able to wake up an incredible array of positive emotions.

Mostly cleaned orange Carnelian

Ancient Egyptians used to associate orange Carnelian with feminine energy, and red Carnelian was linked to manly vibes and courage in battle. In the Middle Ages, Carnelian was used in alchemy as well as a protection from plague and disease. 

Today, Carnelian is used by anyone wishing to enhance memory, boost creativity, create inner and outer harmony or increase courage. It’s believed that Carnelian also possesses the ability to help with past-life recall, promote happiness and self-esteem.

The warm, happy vibrations of this crystal are thought to have the power to loosen creative inhibitions that can keep you from reaching your full artistic potential. Making Carnelian a part of your spiritual practice may have you dancing, singing, painting or writing in ways you never thought possible.

Carnelian resonates with the three lower chakras to help you feel grounded, free of inhibitions and full of warmth and joy.

10. Black Tourmaline

If you could have one protective crystal in your arsenal, then Black Tourmaline should be it. It’s also one of the best crystals for beginners because it has the potential to provide incredible physical, emotional and spiritual protection. 

Long cylinder of Black Tourmaline

At first glance, Black Tourmaline may not seem like anything special. It doesn’t possess the flash and obvious beauty that many other crystals have. However, we think that you’ll soon find a strong attraction to this dark and rather mysterious stone.

It’s exactly the deep black coloration that makes this stone such a powerhouse of protection. You can think of Black Tourmaline like a dark-energy magnet that works to provide constant protection and support. Black Tourmaline is known to protect against negative energy, EMF (electromagnetic field) overdose and anxiety.

Having Black Tourmaline close by can keep your aura free from dark energy, the negativity of others, and it can help you overcome feelings of self-doubt and complacency. Black Tourmaline kind of zones in on any darkness and removes it before you can be harmed.

11. Citrine

Looking for a feel-good beginner crystal? Citrine is one that we suggest for anyone needing a personal ray of sunshine. The word, Citrine, comes from the French word, citron, which means lemon. This bright, sunny, citrus-colored crystal can bring about happy, positive energy and healing.

A common beginner crystal named Citrine

Citrine has had many names through the ages such as “merchant stone”, “success stone” and “light maker.” It may be the latter that really sums up the energy of this stone. Citrine is thought to remove negative energy, take away fear and anxiety, boost confidence and improve overall mental health. When dark energy and negative thoughts are removed, life will seem brighter and more full of light and positivity.

Need a bit of self love? Citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra working to encourage self-esteem, confidence and a renewed sense of self.

12. Amethyst

Amethyst is considered by most to be one of the best crystals for beginners, and one that everyone should have in their healing toolbox. This stunning purple stone has been used for centuries to create an amazing, meaningful connection to the goodness of the universe. 

Fresh and colorful Amethyst crystal

This crystal is particularly helpful for anyone who feels unable to move forward due to inner confusion or past traumas. If you can’t seem to figure out your next step, or if you just feel as if too many emotions are getting in your way, then Amethyst can clear away all that emotional fog.

Both the third-eye and crown chakras may benefit from Amethyst’s healing vibrations. Meditating with this crystal can help open up pathways of intuition and understanding, and it is known to eliminate any feelings of anxiety or depression that may be holding you back from your life’s purpose and journey.

13. Tiger’s Eye

It’s a jungle out there, and life’s situations can often make you feel intimidated and afraid to face things and move forward. Tiger’s Eye, a powerful crystal, has the potential to give you the courage and gumption you need in order to face all of life’s challenges with the strength and bravery of a tiger.

One Tiger's Eye stone sanded down

Use this stone to clear away any feeling of self-doubt that could be holding you back from becoming the very best you can be. When your mind is clear, and you feel grounded and focused, you’ll be ready to meet any challenge head-on.

A great stone for the solar plexus chakra, Tiger’s Eye has the ability to help the user stay grounded and full of confidence.

14. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is all about grounding and freeing the user from negative and dark energies. In addition to its protective and healing powers, Black Obsidian has been used as a scrying instrument by shamans and other spiritual seekers.

Triangular piece of Black Obsidian

Have you ever felt as if a dark cloud was following you around? Black Obsidian is known to have the ability to remove these clouds of dark energy and let the sun shine again. You may not even realize that dark energy has attached itself to your life, but Black Obsidian is thought to have the power to not only remove dark energy, but it can actually stop it in its tracks before this energy fogs your aura and emotions.

Black Obsidian also has the potential to help you connect to angelic guardians in the spirit world. Use this potent crystal if you are seeking a higher level of psychic and cosmic connection.

15. Aventurine

The sky’s the limit when you have Aventurine in your corner. This stunning green stone is highly prized for its seeming ability to increase luck, fortune, abundance and success. Go ahead and try something new or take a chance on making a dream become a reality because Aventurine has the potential to bring out the confidence you need to succeed.

Green polished piece of Agenturine

Aventurine comes in just about every color in the rainbow, but the green version is the one most coveted by crystal beginners. 

Also known as the “gambler’s stone”, Aventurine is regularly used to help you attract luck and prosperity by clearing away all toxic thoughts and past traumas that could be keeping you from reaching your true potential.

Even though Aventurine works with all the chakras, it has special resonance with the heart, throat and third-eye chakras. 

16. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is often referred to as “the master healer” because of its plethora of healing qualities. Also, Clear Quartz can be paired with other crystals to increase their potency (which is very helpful for beginners).

Wide pillar of Clear Quartz

This stone is thought by many to have the strongest vibrations of any of the healing crystals, so it’s one we suggest adding to your tool kit.

When you’re feeling sluggish, anxious, unmotivated or emotionally zapped, then give Clear Quartz a try. The clear, crystal beauty of this stone is thought to be able to clear away any negative energy or destructive thoughts that are keeping you from moving forward. Using Clear Quartz may just give you the burst of energy and motivation that you need.

Looking to gain a greater connection to your spiritual potential? Clear Quartz is known to work very well on the crown chakra, your center for insight and enlightened thinking.

17. Pyrite

Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold”, is a stone that we absolutely love. Something about it just seems to really capture the imagination and fire up the senses. The luster and sparkle of Pyrite are a reflection of the internal power of this amazing beginner crystal.

A beginner crystal called Pyrite

This lovely crystal is all about purity and protection. Healers use Pyrite to remove negative vibes and release toxic thoughts in order to create a pure internal atmosphere. Once fears, negative thoughts and inhibitions have been cleared away, Pyrite is thought to protect the user from falling back into old patterns.

Use Pyrite to clear both your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Blockages in these chakras can make you feel stuck, inhibited and lackluster. Pyrite is known for its ability to bring light, energy and renewed purpose through its work on these chakras.

Choosing From These Beginner Crystals

We’ll admit that choosing a crystal as a beginner can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re new to crystal healing. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal, so just relax and enjoy the experience.

Let’s take a look at a few suggestions that may make beginning your crystal journey a bit easier:

Do you remember when Mr. Olivander told Harry that “the wand chooses the wizard?” Well, it’s kind of the same thing when you are trying to choose your first beginner crystal. There is definitely a crystal that is “designed” for you, and you will know when you have found the right one.

If possible, it’s best to choose a crystal in person because it’s easier to get a sense of which crystal gives you that important sense of attraction. When you find one that keeps drawing you closer, pick it up, and close your eyes. Empty your mind, and try to focus on any sensations. Do you feel warmth or tingling? Do you have any increased feelings of inner peace, love or intuition? If so, the crystal may be telling you that it is connected to you and is ready to be a partner on your journey.

Not everyone is able to choose a crystal in person, and there are many online crystal shops that sell powerful stones. In this case, it’s best to think about the area or areas of your life that could benefit from crystal healing. We suggest doing a little research to find out the different properties of each stone, and then you can let your sense of intuition guide you towards the correct choice.


As you can see, the best crystals for beginners address common issues and don’t require a lot of effort on your part. This combination makes them a perfect introduction to the crystal healing world!

Let us know if you’re having trouble picking the right one for you, or if there’s another crystal you’re considering instead. We’re more than happy to help!

About Author

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.