21 Best Crystals For Love & Attraction (Strong Energy)

Finding crystals for love is a process that many people struggle with. While there are a large number of crystals and stones that can help bring loving energy into your life in some form, it’s hard to tell which ones are the best.

But don’t worry, we have you covered.

This guide lists all of the best crystals for love and covers helpful information about each. We also explain some of the most effective ways to use them, so you can enjoy their benefits to the fullest!

1. Amethyst

The raw beauty of Amethyst is both captivating and awe-inspiring. The gentle feminine hues are reminiscent of a mother’s touch, creating a nurturing aura that invites love in.

An Amethyst love crystal

Crystal practitioners often use Amethyst as a strong healer of the heart. It’s said to subdue the pain of a recent breakup and provide serenity. More importantly, the crystal encourages you to look inward and embrace the person that you are.

Amethyst is a crystal for love, inner peace, and empowerment. By helping you realize your self-worth, it prepares you for the love that awaits. Even if you’re not actively seeking love, the crystal has a knack for opening your heart and attracting it!

2. Emerald

This lustrous green crystal is sometimes referred to as “The Stone of Successful Love.” It’s not just about attracting love into your life. Emerald can also change how you communicate and give you the power to make your existing relationships stronger than ever.

A large piece of raw emerald

It promotes loyalty and domestic bliss! The love crystal’s healing energy helps to create balance within your relationship. Some say that it shifts perspective and power, putting everyone on the same level.

As a result, you’re able to experience feelings of empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. Emerald pushes you to love unconditionally while finding solace in routine and contentment.

3. Moonstone

Like the pale moonlight that breaks through darkness during pitch-black nights, Moonstone is a glimmer of hope and peace. This gorgeous stone for love is naturally calming and encourages contemplative thought. Whether you’re worried about your relationships or your place in life, Moonstone has a knack for creating a wave of peace over your auric field.

A round polished piece of moonstone

Moonstone gives off nurturing feminine energy. It resonates deep within your soul and provides support as you wade through your emotions.

The stone is a powerful tool of discovery. Those struggling with relationships and love can use it to look inward and identify negative patterns that lead to pain. It shines a light on those issues and gives you the strength to make the changes you’re after.

4. Carnelian

Carnelian is a fiery stone that takes on a rich red color. Its appearance reflects the flames of passion, which this love crystal is said to encourage!

Carnelian stone with a swirl color pattern

Carnelian is all about finding joy and courage. Those traits are essential to your life as a whole. But it can serve you well in your relationship, too.

This stone is responsible for boosting energy and helping you find zest in life! Perfect for people who are feeling stuck or fearful, it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and live a little. That includes allowing love in!

5. Kunzite

Kunzite is a soft and feminine stone that’s said to help you find inner peace and wisdom. Covered in shades of pastel pink, this crystal for love has a delicate appearance. However, the impact it can have on your emotional well-being are powerful.

Two Kunzite gemstones for love

This stone focuses on healing emotional wounds and breaking down barriers. Many people who suffer from painful breakups end up building emotional walls for protection. They keep those walls up at all times, which only deprives them of love.

Kunzite encourages you to take a look in the mirror and find some inner love again. You can find the beauty in yourself and learn to trust again. Eventually, you may feel comfortable enough to let others in and experience love.

6. Pink Tourmaline

If you need healing and the power of manifestation, Pink Tourmaline may be for you. This pale pink stone for love is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac that attracts love into your life.

More importantly, however, is its effects on your emotions. You can’t expect to have a healthy relationship until you tackle past pains and inner turmoil. Pink Tourmaline does just that.

It’s a profoundly compassionate stone that imbues your heart with loving light. The stone can ease signs of stress and help you get more “in-tune” with the flow of the universe.

Pink Tourmaline is the ultimate “Live and Let Live” stone. It attracts love and passion while teaching you to take every experience in stride.

7. Morganite

Morganite is a unique stone that helps you find love in places you’d least expect it. Unlike other romance-focused stones, Morganite doesn’t act like Cupid’s arrow. It can encourage you to accept more love into your life, but it’s not going to do all the work for you!

A pale piece of Morganite

Instead, Morganite gives you the power to shift the way you approach love and relationships. Some call it the “Stone of Divine Love.” That’s because it provides inward and outward healing.

The vibrational energy from Morganite lightens your emotional load. Rather than holding on to the past and letting it affect your future, you can learn from challenging experiences and move forward. 

The stone teaches you to love everything about yourself, granting you the power to seek love independently.

8. Citrine

The sun-kissed radiance of Citrine is fantastic for those who are suffering from a broken heart. With this love crystal in your life, you can’t help but feel the spark of joy.

A bright orange Citrine crystal for love

Citrine has the unique ability to illuminate your soul and wash away any darkness that lingers. Bask in the crystal’s healing energy to tackle old wounds and find solace once and for all!

Whether you’re fresh out of a relationship or find yourself creating too many emotional walls to let love in, Citrine can help. It reinvigorates your mind, body, and soul, pushing you to experience all the joy that life has to offer.

9. Amber

Amber is a form of fossilized tree resin. While it wasn’t formed deep within the Earth like other stones, it’s more than capable of putting you on the path to love.

Transparent piece of Amber

In many cultures, it was the epitome of beauty and tenderness. Practitioners believe that this crystal for love increases your natural radiance and attracts lasting love.

The deep brown tones are said to present the maturity that comes from a long relationship. Amber encourages commitment and devotion. It shows you that a mature relationship is not the same as a new one.

It requires mature enthusiasm and a genuine commitment to care. Amber encourages that, leading to strong relationships that last for years. 

10. Aventurine

Aventurine is not a stone that many think of when they’re trying to attract love. However, it has a strong connection to the heart chakra. The green-colored gemstone fills your heart with light, promoting compassion and understanding for all of your relationships.

Polished Aventurine stone for love and attraction

This stone is all about achieving success in every aspect of your life. Some say that it’s the ultimate stone of luck, bringing prosperity in everything from your work to love life.

Most utilize it to aid them in their money-making endeavors. However, Aventurine can create success with love and relationship, too. Tt grants grace and power, pushing you to chase the things you want and eliminating the fear of the unknown.

11. Garnet

Garnet is one of the most potent love crystals out there. Great for couples, many believe that the deep red gemstone keeps the lines of communication open. It gives you the strength to say how you feel and what you’re thinking. You’ll be free to ask for what you need.

One rough Garnet stone

Communication is paramount for any relationship. The stone encourages it, ensuring that you don’t fall prey to feelings of jealousy or anger.

For those who are single, Garnet can also invite love in. It’s a powerful healer that grants courage and positive thinking. More importantly, Garnet provides a sense of security. It keeps you grounded so that you’re not afraid to take a risk on love.

12. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a unique gemstone that’s as beautiful as it is powerful. The vibrant blue stone has a strong connection to the heart and throat chakras. As a result, energy can flow from your heart to the tip of your tongue!

One round and polished piece of Chrysocolla

Many suggest that Chrysocolla has a profound impact on the way you communicate. By keeping the chakras free and clear, the love stone lets you speak your truth. You can be open and honest about how you feel, strengthening current relationships and maybe leading to new ones.

Chrysocolla is also great for attracting the right people. It turns you into a social butterfly and guides you towards people who will help your spirit shine.

13. Malachite

Sometimes called a “Magnet for Love,” Malachite radiates intense vibrational energy. It’s a powerful love crystal that can attract and keeps the good vibes riding high no matter what!

A small Malachite love crystal

In terms of love and relationships, Malachite is a natural nurturer. It supports you on your journey and encourages you to change the way you view people in your life. 

Malachite is genuinely transformative and can have huge impacts on your heart chakra. Meditating with Malachite is said to bring on a newfound sense of enlightenment and purpose. Rather than being suspicious of others, it encourages you to find the trust and compassion you need to let people in.

14. Moss Agate

Here’s a distinct stone that stands out. While most love focused gemstones feature hues of pink or red, this one puts its connection to nature on full display.

Evenly polished piece of Moss Agate

It’s sporting a natural moss-like color pattern. Shades of green and brown make the gemstone look like it was forged by Mother Earth herself.

Moss Agate is super calming. It has an uplifting energy that you can’t help but soak in.

This stone for love works alongside the heart chakra. With regular use, Moss Agate can clear blockages and let love flow in freely. It makes you more willing to accept love no matter where it comes from.

15. Amazonite

If you’re having difficulties speaking your truth, Amazonite may save the day. The eye-catching gemstone is thought to be one of the most influential communication stones out there! It’s handy for talking about matters of the heart.

A geometrically shaped Amazonite crystal

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Amazonite allows you to speak more openly. You’re free to air out your thoughts and deeply-held emotions. The stone eliminates fear and gives you the strength you need to be vulnerable.

Some also suggest that Amazonite grants the power of perspective. It encourages you to take a step back and see situations from a different perspective during a heated exchange. This may push you to strengthen your relationships and make better decisions.

16. Rose Quartz

Is there any other crystal for love that’s more well-known than Rose Quartz? This blushing crystal is the go-to for those wanting to find love. It’s said to attract potential suitors by addressing negative thinking that keeps them away!

A Rose Quartz crystal for love

The stone will fill your auric field with light. It heals old wounds and builds feelings of compassion, trust, and tolerance. Those characteristics can transform your existing relationships. Not only that, but they invite new ones into your life.

A naturally feminine stone, Rose Quartz offers a glimmer of hope in a sea of loneliness. It fills your soul with unconditional love and opens you up to the idea of sharing it.

17. Ruby

Luxurious and passionate, Ruby is a fantastic love crystal. It’s a popular anniversary crystal and is said to strengthen existing relationships. 

Rough piece of ruby

All that said, Ruby’s impact is a bit different. This gemstone is all about confidence, self-power, and stability. Thanks to its ability as a root chakra stone, Ruby is naturally grounding. But this benefit is particularly strong when you’re in a new relationship.

Many people can get lost in the throes of newfound love. Ruby keeps you grounded by reminding you of your own importance. It acts as a reminder to put your need to become the vest version of yourself is always the top priority.

18. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite might not be as well-known as some other popular love stones. But, it has just as much loving energy as the next!

Polished Rhodochrosite love crystal

Some people refer to Rhodochrosite as the “Stone of Compassion.” It teaches you to consider the effects of your actions and words. Rather than running on pure instinct, it teaches you to take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of another.

This newfound guidance may help you relish in the joy of deeper emotional connections. It frees you up to be open without the fear of judgment. More importantly, it prevents you from being the person that causes negativity in someone else.

19. Lapis Lazuli

This jewel-toned gemstone for love can help you master the art of communication (which is crucial for a successful relationship or marriage). Proper communication can make or break a relationship. Words hold more weight than most realize, and Lapis Lazuli teaches you to use your words carefully.

One jagged piece of Lapis Lazuli

Thanks to its strong connection with the throat chakra, it pushes to communicate openly. Instead of second-guessing yourself or holding back due to fear of judgment, Lapis Lazuli encourages you to lay it all out on the line. This applies to both positive and negative conversations.

Even if you’re having a stern talk with your loved one, honesty is the best policy. You can speak your truth, which will ultimately strengthen the bonds you have with everyone in your life.

20. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a rose-pink stone that features splotches of dark black. To many crystal healers, it’s appearance is the perfect representation of the stone’s purpose.

A small Rhodonite attraction stone

It’s a stone of forgiveness that continually reminds you that love isn’t always a field of roses. The black inclusions are like the moments of pain, confusion, and aggression in a relationship. Love can be messy! 

But Rhodonite highlights the importance of forgiveness. It’s healing energy allows you to look past all the pain and analyze your relationships with a fresh new perspective. Instead of making big decisions in the haze of anger, you can learn to forgive and move forward.

21. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian isn’t exactly known for its connection with love. It’s a dark and mysterious stone with a somewhat foreboding look. But despite all of that, it’s inherent capabilities can do a lot to invite love into your heart.

A smooth black obsidian love stone

At its core, black obsidian is a healer. It absorbs dark energy from your auric field, allowing you to see clearly. The stone can do away with self-destructive thinking and put you on the path to enjoying life.

From a love standpoint, this property can make all the difference. It forces you to look inward and deal with all your demons. Once you take care of the dark energy brewing inside, you can truly open up and invite healing love in.

How Do These Crystals Help Attract Love?

Crystals and stones can manifest or attract love in many different ways. Love isn’t easy to define or even recognize. But, it’s something that you can certainly feel.

The tricky thing about love is that it’s not reliant on a single factor. It’s not a simple black or white concept. As a result, healing stones have to take creative approaches to bring the feeling your way!

Most crystals for love offer some form of emotional healing. You can’t expect love to find you if you’re making it impossible for loving energy to enter your heart. Whether you have emotional walls to protect yourself or you lack a strong sense of self to identify your needs, healing crystals can address the root of the problem!

They imbue your aura with healing energy, tackling emotional issues and helping you move on. Some stones will patch your emotional wounds by boosting your self-confidence and teaching you to find inner peace. Others will force you to face your demons head-on to learn and grow.

Whatever the case may be, this healing cycle is the first step in attracting love. When you’re emotionally healthy and have a high sense of self, your heart naturally welcomes love.

Many stones also work with the heart chakra. Called “Anahata,” this energy point governs your well of compassion and love. Many say that it influences your power to forgive as well.

Needless to say, blocks in the heart chakra don’t do you any favors! When energy can’t flow through the point freely, some say that they begin to feel withdrawn and lonely. Some will even become pessimistic about or turn to jealous thoughts.

The right healing crystals for love can keep the heart chakra open. The crystals encourage you to let love in and provide guidance to help you find it.

The Best Ways To Use Them

To take advantage of what they have to offer, you need to learn how to use these romantic crystals. Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportunities to incorporate them into your life.

The easiest is through gemstone jewelry. Many of these stones are popular with artists and jewelry-makers. You can find beautiful pieces in a wide range of styles. From simplistic pendants to premium crystal rings, they all offer similar benefits.

Jewelry allows you to carry your intentions with you wherever you go. Not only that, but jewelry keeps the love crystals close to your chakras and heart. As a result, you’re free to absorb their loving energy throughout the day.

Stones for love are also popular with meditation and prayer. You can hold small polished rocks in your hand during thoughtful meditation. During that time, think about your intentions and let the nurturing energy wash over your body.

Some healers like to make grids and alters, too. In those types of applications, larger points and chunky rocks work best. 

You may also experience positive perks with simple decorative pieces. Large geodes, slabs, and sculptures all contain a stone’s healing energy. As a decorative item, the minerals will radiate their energy throughout an entire room!

It’s a great way to surround yourself with love, compassion, and possibilities. Take a few crystals for love and place them around your home or worksite. You can also put some under your pillow or next to your nightstand to take the energy in as you explore dreamland.

Time To Pick Some You Like!

Now that you know all of the best crystals for love, it’s time for you to pick the ones that caught your eye. Whether it be the way that their secondary benefits interact with your intentions, or simply their appearance, certain stones will appeal to you more than others.

Pick up your favorites and start incorporating them into your life and existing healing practices. You’ll be amazed by what they can do!

About Author

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.