Citrine 101: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits…

Citrine is an incredibly popular stone due to its stunning beauty, inspiring meaning, and strong properties. It’s been around for ages, and our fascination with it has only increased with time!

This guide will teach you about this amazing stone, and the potential benefits it can bring to your life.

A large Citrine crystal

History & Overview

Citrine is an ever-popular stone that has tons of cultural significance. These days, it’s one of the most recognizable stones and plays a valuable role in our mental health-focused zeitgeist. 

All that said, the beauty of Citrine is nothing new! It’s been around for thousands of years. Some of the earliest records of Citrine date back to Ancient Greece.

Back then, the honey-colored stone was a prized possession with a meaning that symbolized importance and beauty. Many Greeks used it to adorn jewelry, shields, and more. 

After the Age of Antiquity, Citrine appeared again during the Victorian era. There, it was a statement jewel for nobles, signifying wealth and status. 

The reputation of Citrine persists today. It’s a staple on Hollywood red carpets and is frequently used by some of the most prominent jewelers in the game!

So, what makes this eye-catching stone so popular? 

The most obvious answer is its beauty. The stone’s name comes from the French word “Citron,” which translates to “lemon.” Citrine can take on a spectrum of citrus-colored hues. Some samples are as rich as golden honey, while others take on a shade that’s closer to pastel.

The stone is a form of Quartz that contains trace elements of iron. The intensity of Citrine depends entirely on its iron content. Higher concentrations of the mineral lead to more vibrant coloration. You might also notice some cloudiness within the semi-transparent crystals.

Beyond its stunning good looks, Citrine is said to emanate intense healing energy and powerful properties. According to many crystal practitioners, it’s the embodiment of the sun itself! 

Citrine is widely available. It sees the light of day at mines throughout Brazil, Madagascar, Spain, and more.

Citrine Meaning

Citrine goes by many other names. One of the most common is “The Light Maker!”

The meaning of Citrine is all about infusing your mind, body, and soul with healing light. Its effects are often compared to the sun above. Many say that it casts powerful swathes of warm light that combat any anxiety and negativity you’re experiencing.

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The unique thing about Citrine is that it doesn’t just absorb or cleanse dark energy. Other crystals can achieve that. Instead, the vibrational energy is thought to transmute negativity.

In other words, this stone acts as a source of positivity, optimism, and success. 

It has the potential to help you turn bad experiences and self-destructive thoughts into something more conducive to your mental health. Instead of wallowing in stress and pity, Citrine helps you rediscover life and find happiness once again!

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The stone doesn’t cause you to forget the past or bury emotional turmoil. Rather, it gives you the strength to learn, look past it, and grow.

A large piece of Citrine

For that reason, the meaning of Citrine makes it a good stone for just about anyone. We can all use a boost of energetic optimism in our lives! For many, Citrine is one of the first exposures to the concepts of crystal healing. The stone is easy to use, but it provides tremendous benefits that may change your life for the better.

Healing Properties & Benefits

A kiss of energy from Citrine can do a lot to elevate your mood and put you on a happy path through life. But there’s even more to the healing properties this stone contains.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed by Citrine, here are some benefits you might experience.


Citrine’s healing properties are wide-reaching and vast. However, its most significant impact is said to occur from deep within your being.

Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Some would argue that people have a higher risk of experiencing emotional trauma’s adverse effects than physical ailments. We all go through difficult times in our life.

Whether you know it or not, fear, emotional baggage, and painful memories of the past can haunt you well into the future. This is especially true for empaths. That dark energy has a penchant for latching deep into your subconscious. There, it can play a part in every decision you make.

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Dark energy can disrupt your life in more ways than people realize. Not only does it prevent you from chasing your true purpose, but it creates fear that turns into complacency. In some cases, darkness will manifest itself into inward and outward aggression.

Citrine combats that darkness with its mortal enemy: Light. The warm and soothing light that radiates from this crystal will transmute buried pain into optimism and hope. It can encourage you to finally let go of the past so that you can focus on what’s ahead.

Bask in the stone’s energetic aura! Doing so will remove fear and, ultimately, boost your self-confidence. 

Many also turn to Citrine as an emotional shield. Using it throughout the day will force bad energy to bounce off you like a mirror! That way, you can stay protected from other people, gain strength during challenging situations, and conquer the day with positivity.

Citrine’s uplifting vigor also comes with a useful side-effect. In many cultures, it’s referred to as “The Stone of Manifestation.” Once it cleanses your mind and spirit, it lights a fire in your soul and pushes you to achieve your dreams and even attract wealth.

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It’s instrumental in creative individuals who are stuck in a rut. The properties of this stone may kickstart creative endeavors and attract things that make you happy.


Interestingly enough, Citrine isn’t used too often for spiritual healing. This stone focuses more on the relationship-centered chakras (making it a great love crystal) rather than helping you connect with other realms and beliefs.

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All that said, it can help you soothe your spirit and become more “tuned-in” with your own divinity. 

Those who exude empathy sometimes focus on other peoples’ happiness rather than their own. While it’s always good to show love and support to the ones you love, your inner peace is essential too!

Citrine teaches you to pay a little more attention to your own needs. The crystal has the impressive ability to help you improve the relationship you have with yourself!

Citrine’s healing properties and energy can wipe the soul clean and encourage you to embrace who you are. No one likes to come face-to-face with their inner demons and analyze their actual being, but Citrine gives you the strength to do just that.

Soul-searching can be an arduous task. However, the rewards are well worth the journey.

A Citrine stone point

With a newfound sense of self, you can gain more confidence and willpower than ever before. You’ll learn to take charge of your own life and focus on your happiness for a change! Plus, spiritual healing can improve your outlook on others.

It’s capable of changing the way you communicate and approach the world. At the same time, it strengthens your convictions and brings you closer to understanding your place in the universe.


Most crystal practitioners utilize Citrine for its emotional benefits. However, some healers say that the sun-kissed stone also provides some secondary enhancements that improve the physical body.

Like the light it imbues into your emotions, many say that the presence of Citrine in their life has given them a physical boost of energy. Some say it’s akin to stepping out into the sun and soaking in the Vitamin D! It turns sluggish and lethargic dispositions into excited ones!

It’s an excellent choice for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. Those who have low blood sugar and experience energy crash in the middle of the day like to use it, too.

The neat thing is that Citrine doesn’t go overboard when it comes to this energy surge. It’s not like taking a caffeine pill and getting the jitters. Many healers describe this energy boost as manageable and balanced. 

Many say it can keep you stimulated without feeling unnatural or uneasy, which is always a plus!

Another potential physical perk of Citrine is its effects on the circulatory system. According to some healers, the properties it contains can promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. This may help to improve organ function and promote detoxification.

Additional physical advantages have been said to occur as well. Citrine is said to help with everything from menstrual pains, digestive upsets, thyroid problems, and much more.

Metaphysical Properties

For metaphysical healers and meditators, Citrine is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. As mentioned earlier, this stone interacts with relationship-based chakras that are said to control your emotional state.

The metaphysical properties of Citrine affect the solar plexus chakra the most. Also known as Manipura in Sanskrit, this chakra is the third in the primary lineup. It’s typically located under the breastbone and acts as the center of your personal power and ego.

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As a yellow-toned stone, Citrine will naturally resonate with this chakra. In general, that chakra responds powerfully to crystals in that part of the color spectrum.

Citrine is a stone that can activate the solar plexus chakra and build inner strength. When this chakra goes out of whack, it often makes people exhibit inner and outward aggression. Blocks lead to difficulties communicating, dominating actions, and an overall negative view of yourself.

The beautiful stone of Citrine can help you stand firm. It wipes away that darkness and enables you to find some inner tranquility and self-love.

Citrine is also a great stone for the sacral chakra. Located at the base of the spine and below the solar plexus chakra, this energy point is all about joy and emotional balance.

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Called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, the chakra governs your overall sense of pleasure and peace.  With all the emotional benefits that Citrine provides, it’s a clear supporter of the Sacral chakra.

Ways To Use Citrine

Like any other stone, there are many ways to incorporate the meaning and properties of Citrine into your daily life.

This stone is not a “quick cleanser.” It takes time to experience benefits. Many see it as a life-long companion that can impact your emotional and spiritual health every step of your journey.

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Small cuts of Citrine are lovely in jewelry pieces. It’s a favorite among jewelry makers and artisans. The stone is relatively easy to cut and polish. Precise shaping can help bounce light much like a diamond.

In jewelry, Citrine remains close to the skin and chakras. As a result, it can emit its healing energy into your body and protect you from negativity. Many believe that wearing Citrine leads to ongoing optimism and manifests some positive events to come into your life.

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Citrine is also a staple in the meditation world. You can see meditators using it directly on the chakra points. Some spas will also use it during massages.

If you’re not a fan of jewelry, small polished and tumbled stones have the same effects. You can keep the stone in your pocket and whip it out whenever you need some uplifting energy, or a reminder of the compelling meaning.

During meditation, there are no requirements with Citrine. You can touch it to your skin, hold it in your hand, or just have it in the room.

Larger points, clusters, and decorative pieces are prevalent. Setting the stone in a room allows healing energy to fill the space at all times.

Zodiac Connection

Citrine has a lot to offer anyone regardless of when they were born or what zodiac they belong to. Technically speaking, Citrine has an association with November. In some cultures, it’s the official birthstone.

Despite this, the zodiac signs that resonate closely with the properties of Citrine aren’t from November at all!

The first zodiac connection occurs with Aries. Those born under the Ares sign are fiercely competitive and driven. While an excellent trait to have, that competitive nature can leave them feeling insecure and unstable in their own skin.

In this case, Citrine helps to lift the spirits and instill some self-love. It boosts confidence and sends positive energy that can help Aries feel a bit more comfortable conquering the world.

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Another sign that can benefit from Citrine is Libra. Libras are notoriously indecisive. They’re very analytical and are often plagued by feelings of self-doubt.

Citrine is a good stone for Libras because it helps them tap into their intuition while building a greater sense of trust from within. It builds inner strength, allowing them to follow their gut.

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Closing Thoughts

The meaning of Citrine and the strong properties of this stone make it a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to bring light and positivity to their life. The presence of this stone can make a tremendous impact, and we recommend it to anyone.

There’s a reason it’s so popular!

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