11 Solar Plexus Chakra Stones & Crystals To Guide You

Solar plexus chakra stones are incredibly powerful, and make a positive impact on your sense of self. The third chakra is often overlooked among healers, and can quickly become blocked or unbalanced.

Read this guide to learn about each of the best solar plexus chakra stones, and different ways you can use them.

1. Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is an awe-inspiring stone that often reminds people of the rays of the sun. It takes on a beautiful yellow color that can vary from pale hues to deep gold. In polished forms, the solar plexus chakra crystal is transparent, helping to bounce light and energy.

Lemon Quartz being used for the third chakra

This stone is associated with personal empowerment and overall optimism. Once it activates the solar plexus chakra, it can help remove self-doubt and give you a brand-new lease on life. Instead of wallowing in fear, it cleanses the aura and puts you on the path to inner peace.

2. Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a type of silica that combines Quartz and Chalcedony. Unlike Lemon Quartz, this solar plexus chakra stone is completely opaque and usually features tons of canary-colored variation to appreciate.

Multiple Yellow Jasper stones

In terms of affecting the solar plexus chakra, Yellow Jasper’s calling card is protection. It provides ongoing protection from dark energy that can bring out your inner saboteur. The stone has the ability to calm your nerves, help you take control of your emotions, and encourage you to take a positive outlook on yourself.

3. Citrine

This third chakra stone is one of the most popular for metaphysical management. It also happens to be sought-after for its beauty. When you take a look at it, you’ll understand why!

One yellow Citrine crystal

The gorgeous sun-kissed stone is said to bring light to the darkest of days. No matter what you’re going through, many believe that Citrine is capable of helping you see the positive side of things. It brings joy and uplifts the spirit.

At the same time, it grants a shield of protection against negative energy. Not only does it shield you from outside factors and people, but it can also keep you safe from your own destructive thoughts.

4. Golden Heliodor

Not to be confused with Lemon Quartz, Golden Heliodor has a similar look to its crystal cousin. One of the main similarities is the fact that it features a transparent and shimmering finish when polished. Often used in jewelry and ornaments, it’s capable of brightening your light in several ways!

A long piece of Golden Heliodor

Throughout history, Golden Heliodor was known as the Stone of Hope. It provides motivation and boosts self-esteem. Crystal practitioners also say that it can soothe your nerves and alleviate emotional burdens that weigh you down.

The honey-colored stone helps you live life truthfully, staying true to your own convictions, and working to improve your emotional health.

5. Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is no stranger to humans! Back in Ancient Egypt, it was strongly connected to the Sun god Ra. Even back then, it adorned jewelry and weapons to imbue confidence and positive energy.

Yellow Topaz positioned for the solar plexus

Crystal healers use it for the same reasons today. Deep yellow and full of life, this variant of Topaz can help you learn to deal with your emotions.

More specifically, it teaches you about forgiveness and truth. The stone can transform negative emotions into good faith and compassion. The transformative nature of Yellow Topaz may improve your outlook of others to strengthen your relationship and improve your self-worth.

6. Tiger’s Eye

There are many types of Tiger’s Eye out there. But Yellow Tiger’s Eye is specifically used to address issues with the solar plexus chakra. Striations of shimmer create a lustrous finish while the shades of deep yellow activate the chakra directly.

Polished Tiger's Eye for the solar plexus chakra

Many healers believe that Yellow Tiger’s Eye exudes a powerful energy that can remove fear. It’s known as the Stone of Courage. But it’s not just about strength in the face of physical challenges.

This solar plexus chakra stone gives you the power to pursue your talents and aspirations. All the while, it brings you closer to your own intuition and heightens your sense of integrity.

7. Mookaite

Mookaite is a rare solar plexus chakra stone that’s only found in one place on Earth. But if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it, you can reap the rewards.

One small piece of Mookaite

The stone has a long cultural connection to royalty and mystic healing. It’s said to act as a boost of caffeine to your soul! It energizes you emotionally, helping to wipe the slate clean of darkness and activate your solar plexus chakra.

The mineral has a strong connection with Earth’s electromagnetic current. Some say that this imbues you with grounding energy, too!

8. Amber

Technically speaking, Amber is not a stone at all. This deep golden mineral is actually fossilized tree resin. However, the unique composition of the stone is what makes it unique.

Bright polished amber

Amber has been around for thousands of years and contains energy from flora and fauna of the past. This helps the stone harness powerful energy from the Sun and Earth.

According to healers, Amber exudes warm and energetic energy. It’s said to balance your emotions, eliminate fears, and clear the mind from a foggy haze of negativity.

9. Yellow Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a silicate material that can take on a wide range of colors. The semi-precious stone may have mineral compounds of iron, aluminum, magnesium, and more, depending on where it comes from.

Yellow Tourmaline is particularly useful for the solar plexus chakra. It’s highly protective and can eliminate the body of negativity. Many healers suggest that it can also promote the natural detoxification of your physical body!

The stone’s biggest draw is its ability to transform dark energy. It picks up on disharmony that comes from the people around you and transforms it into peaceful energy. As a result, it’s a good protective solar plexus chakra stone against toxic people in your life.

10. Pyrite

Pyrite is a unique solar plexus chakra stone that looks like metal to the naked eye! The yellow hues are subtle. Some appear to be yellow-tinged silver, while others can take on a rich gold shimmer.

A bright solar plexus chakra stone named Pyrite

Either way, Pyrite is an excellent stone for metaphysical healing. It infuses the energy of the sun into your body, filling your day with energizing light and positivity.

This stone is highly motivational and pushes you to achieve your goals. Pyrite actively works to combat feelings of doubt and fear. Thus, you can think clearly and make conscious decisions that lead to positive results.

11. Sunstone

Sunstone is a radiant mineral that’s said to boost your self-empowerment to sky-high levels! It’s a bit darker than some other solar plexus chakra stones. Rather than pale yellow or gold, most samples are orange and reminiscent of the sun above.

A powerful solar plexus chakra stone called the sunstone

As you can probably guess, this stone is all about tapping into the vibrational energy of the sun. It resonates with your core, resulting in feelings of hope and joy!

Some say that it also illuminates your natural talents and abilities. It nurtures those qualities you were afraid to chase, empowering you to give them a shot and live your true self.

Why The Solar Plexus Chakra Is Important

The solar plexus chakra is an often-neglected energy path that’s said to dictate one’s sense of self. It’s the first of the relationship-oriented chakras and the third of the seven primary chakras.

The location of the solar plexus is in the upper belly. The exact location can vary from person to person, but most agree that it’s above the navel and below the breastbone. Here, energy spins around the abdomen and acts as the epicenter of your ego.

The chakra resonates with the color yellow and burns with the passion of fire.

The traditional Sanskrit word for this chakra is Manipura. When literally translated to modern English, it offers a poetic description of its purpose. It means “City of Jewels.”

The chakra governs your self-esteem, willpower, and the relationship you have with others. It’s an energy point that requires a lot of self-discovery and openness.

For many people, dealing with this chakra is no easy task (which is why a good solar plexus chakra stone can be so helpful). It’s emotionally taxing to become self-aware of how you present yourself to others. The same goes for analyzing your purpose and who you are. 

But, the key to being an emotionally healthy and well-rounded person to have that sense of awareness. Your inner thoughts about yourself can ultimately change the way you interact with the world. A negative outlook about your own life can change your internal viewpoints and personal identity.

When you allow dark energy to invade your ego, self-destructive behaviors are sure to follow.

Blockages in the solar plexus chakra can lead to aggression. Not only will you become hard on yourself, but that aggression can spill to those around you. Many say that clogs and overactivity in the chakra make them controlling or domineering. It creates unhealthy behaviors that will eventually impact the way you communicate!

You have to have a good sense of self to keep relationships healthy and stable. Otherwise, your negative energy will manifest itself in hurtful words and actions you’ll regret later.

Internally, blockages of the solar plexus chakra can be dangerous as well. Even if you don’t act on emotions, many say that they experience feelings of neediness, jealousy, and downright rage.

Without a doubt, the solar plexus chakra is a metaphysical healing point you can’t neglect.

When it’s appropriately balanced, energy is free to flow from your base chakra and through to other relationship-oriented points. This may lead to regular positive affirmations and a greater sense of personal purpose! The chakra has a knack for strengthening your personal power while giving you more motivation to chase your aspirations than ever before!

It’s a crucial point of self-efficacy. Treating the chakra with care and introducing an effective stone into your life can help you change things for the better.

Common Ways to Use These Stones

Ready to introduce these yellow-toned solar plexus chakra stones into your life? There are numerous ways to do so.

Before anything else, it’s essential to read up on the exact properties of your chosen stone. According to crystal practitioners, every solar plexus chakra stone produces distinct vibrational energy. To take full advantage of what they have to offer, you need to understand its capabilities and learn how to make the most of its benefits.

Once you have that down, here are some common ways to absorb the healing energy of these crystals and keep your solar plexus chakra balanced.

Crystal Jewelry

Cleansing stones are said to be most effective when they are close to the affected chakra. The best way to keep stones nearby is through jewelry. In the case of treating the solar plexus chakra, long pendant necklaces are the way to go!

Artisans around the world use healing stones as inspiration. They can be set into charms, formed into beads, and so much more.

Wearing stone-laden jewelry allows the chakra to absorb the resonant energy throughout the day. Some say that the effects of jewelry stones are a bit more subtle. But with your body absorbing the energy all day long, the impacts are just as beneficial.

Worry Stones

Those who don’t want to don jewelry can hold onto smaller solar plexus chakra stones in their pocket or bag. Polished and tumbled rocks are readily available and relatively cheap to procure.

In this form, the powers of the stone are just as radiant. The key difference here is that the stone does double-duty as a protective talisman.

When you’re faced with a challenging situation that tests the chakra, you can hold the stone in your hand for strength. The stone’s healing energy will flow through your body and help you combat whatever you’re dealing with.

Meditation Stones

In the crystal healing community, meditation offers reflection and contemplation. There’s no better way to enhance the experience than with some healing stones.

You can apply the stone directly to your solar plexus. Lay on your back and place it below your breastbone. Enjoy the silence and employ thoughtful meditation techniques. 

An alternative technique is to hold the stone in your hands. With your legs crossed, sit on the floor and cup the rocks to let the energy flow through you.

Many meditators like to bolster the effects of the stones they use. One way to do this is to utilize quartz-based solar plexus chakra crystals to create a healing grid. Or, you can pair it with a complementary solar plexus chakra stone.

Several popular healing stones are said to interact and create unique benefits to take advantage of.

Decorative Pieces

There’s no denying that natural stones and crystals make for beautiful decorative art. Stones are available in a wide range of forms. Beyond jewelry and meditation rocks, you can get pyramids, points, and clusters.

Pyramids and points are finely polished. They’re large enough to hold and can be used for guided meditation. Some even say that prisms magnify a stone’s energy and help create directional flow.

Crystal clusters and raw rocks have minimal treatment. They replicate the stone’s natural state and add a touch of Mother Nature’s glory to the room. 

Whatever form you choose, decorative pieces are just as energetic as small solar plexus chakra stones. Placing them in a room is thought to create a healing aura. Whenever you enter the room, you can give your solar plexus chakra a bit of cleansing to keep your energy flow in good shape.

Time To Pick Some!

Now that you’re familiar with the most effective solar plexus chakra stones, it’s time for you to pick which ones you like the most. This can be by feel, or a more intentional pairing with another stone or crystal in your practice.

The impact these stones can have on your life cannot be understated, and we highly recommend that you incorporate them into your healing or meditation practices!

About Author

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