21 Best Crystals For Motivation, Mental Energy & Drive

The best crystals for motivation have a few things in common, but they’re actually all rather different. This means you have plenty of options for picking the perfect stone to fit your needs.

This list of crystals for motivation will give you a great place to start if you’re having trouble taking action.

1. Garnet

Garnet is a beautiful, pomegranate-colored stone for motivation that many healers say can light a fire deep within your being! 

One small Garnet crystal for motivation

Naturally grounding and full of inspiration, Garnet is said to help you shake even the most dreary emotions. It’s best utilized when you feel down and uninspired. Whether those emotions come from failures, bad memories, or even fear, the crystal pushes past them to help you reach your full potential.

It’s a crystal for motivation that helps you rediscover your passions and why you love them in the first place. It’s said that Garnet gets you back on track to fulfilling your destiny and pursuing your dreams.

Garnet also has a reputation for boosting your self-confidence, and taking your potential to brand-new heights.

2. Selenite

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone that many healers turn to in times of need. It’s multi-faceted, acting as both an energetic cleanser for users and a purifier for other crystals.

Selenite crystal wand

Selenite’s purpose is to wipe away the dark and stagnant energy that holds you back. The best time to take advantage of its healing powers is when you feel overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions. When you’re overburdened by life, it’s easy to lose motivation in the things that matter.

This is one of the best crystals for motivation because it combats those feelings, instilling a sense of peace and understanding. It’s like hitting the “reset” button and wiping the slate clean so that you’re ready and motivated to start anew.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for beginners and seasoned healers alike. It’s not hard to see why. This blushing pink crystal is nothing short of breathtaking. However, its impact on your heart and mind is even more significant.

One Rose Quartz motivational crystal

The pink crystal heals your heart and stimulates self-love. It’s best for those who lose motivation and willpower due to a lack of confidence and self-sabotage. If you’re too hard on yourself, you’re unable to pursue your ambitions with a sense of vigor and enthusiasm.

Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself, ensuring that you always have a well of support and light during your journey.

4. Shungite

Shungite is a relatively rare stone with a chemical composition of up to 99 percent carbon. It’s unique and has a long history of intrigue and mysticism. In the context of motivation, its powers revolve around mental clarity.

A smooth slab of Shungite

Healers say that Shungite is one of the best crystals for motivation because it works to rid your body and mind of fear. It stifles anxiety and silences thoughts of self-doubt. Those emotions do nothing but hold you back and make you lose touch with your motivation.

Having Shungite on your side can help you make clear, conscious decisions that further your goals. Many believe that it also provides internal harmony, allowing you to tap into your hesitations to push forward in everything you do.

5. Citrine

If you feel your motivation waning due to a general lack of interest and optimism, Citrine may be the crystal for you. This sun-kissed stone is one of the most popular around, instilling a feeling of happiness and joy to whoever holds it.

A crystal to help with motivation called Citrine

Citrine is said to harness the sun’s warming energy, helping you move into a more positive mindset. It opens your solar plexus chakra, helping you feel that sense of passion and joy you need to conquer the world.

It’s considered lucky, too. Like a ray of sun peeking through the dark clouds after a rainstorm, Citrine is a crystal for motivation that can also help you find happiness in every situation.

6. Red Calcite

This form of Calcite takes on a reddish-orange hue. It’s naturally energetic, pulling you up from the depths of despair and encouraging you to live life to the fullest.

Healers often utilize Red Calcite to address feelings of numbing stagnation. Many people get to a point in life when their willingness to live is non-existent. It essentially halts your life progress, making everything seem like it’s moving at a snail’s pace.

Red Calcite ignites a fire under you to increase energy and give you a reason to move forward. It’s incredibly grounding, opening up your root chakra to help you discover the feelings of stability you need to keep going. The stone motivates you to pursue your passions while accelerating your progress and helping you achieve a new state of existence.

7. Tiger’s Eye

This multi-colored beauty has shades of black, gold, and orange. Its appearance is reminiscent of one of the most ferocious animals in the jungle. According to crystal healers, its impact on your life is just as fierce.

Tiger's Eye crystal for energy

It has the ability to enhance your instincts, giving you the confidence and know-how to continue your journey regardless of the setbacks. Losing motivation can dull your intuition. But your pursuit of happiness and success is like riding a bike. It’s always there, but you have to learn how to get back in the groove.

That’s what Tiger’s Eye is all about. It boosts your confidence and gives you the strength to shake off whatever held you back in the first place. Before you know it, you’ll be right on track as if that setback didn’t happen at all.

8. Fluorite

Fluorite comes in many forms. However, most cuts feature hues of purple and green, making the stone an eye-catching addition to your collection. When it comes to energetic healing, Fluorite’s calling is focus and concentration.

A raw Fluorite crystal viewed close up

Life has a way of clouding your judgment and pulling your focus away from your ambitions. Things happen all the time, and it’s easy to lose sight of what you truly want out of life.

Fluorite is one of the best crystals for motivation because it hones in on your purpose. It helps you block out the noise so that you’re free to concentrate on what matters most to you. Whether that’s a significant test you have to conquer or distracting dark energy coming your way from all directions, Fluorite keeps you on track no matter what.

9. Carnelian

Take one look at Carnelian, and you can already see that it provides you with a wave of warming energy. The hues of orange and fiery red are gorgeous to look at, but they also represent what the stone can do.

A bright piece of Carnelian

It’s said to ignite flames of passion and dedication. This crystal for motivation is perfect if you’re feeling discouraged after working on a project for too long. Maybe you’re burnt out and wondering if you’ll ever reach the pinnacle you’re chasing.

When that happens, the energy from Carnelian is there to pull you out of the mud and put you back on the path to success. It keeps you grounded while letting the flames of motivation push you into thinking outside of the bubble you’re in. Find new ways to get things done and discover innovative routes you never thought to take.

10. Aventurine

The rich green tones of Aventurine cater to the heart chakra. Many healers say that the stone is a powerful heart healer that can help you let go of deep-rooted issues that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

One Aventurine motivation stone

Sometimes, painful memories of the past can stop you from finding your purpose. Fear and hesitation make it impossible to look past your safety net, leading to a life of low motivation and little ambition.

Aventurine gives you the insight and courage to push past those memories. It heals the heart and helps you let go of the past. Throw those old memories into the ether and find new passions to chase.

Regular healing with Aventurine is said to keep your purpose within sight, ensuring that you’re always motivated to push forward.

11. Bloodstone

Bloodstone has a long history of bloodshed and wartime use. It’s said to strengthen both the body and mind, acting as a talisman for warriors needing support as they charge into battle. Healers believe that the same effects remain today.

A piece of Bloodstone that can be used for energy and motivation

This crystal for motivation is a combination of Green Jasper and inclusions of grounding Hematite. The appearance is distinct, and the energetic influence is profound.

Bloodstone energizes your entire body. But its effects go beyond physical feats of strength. Many believe that it also provides mental clarity, helping you cut through fear and anxiety to pursue anything.

It’s also quite strengthening and instills a sense of vitality. No matter how scary the challenges ahead of you might seem, Bloodstone also gives you the confidence to keep going and face your fears with vigor.

12. Amethyst

Here’s another wildly popular crystal for motivation that many healers turn to for meditation. Its regal purple color is undoubtedly beautiful. However, its influence over the mind is the most impressive benefit to gain.

One crystal for motivation called Amethyst

This crystal is more calming than other stones for motivation. It’s not about pushing forward with blind dedication. Amethyst is more contemplative, allowing you to find purpose through meditation.

It’s best to use Amethyst when you feel like your life is at a crossroads. For many people, it’s easy to stop the journey there rather than decide and move on. However, that stagnation and lack of motivation can become a lifetime of regret.

Amethyst encourages you to make decisions. It doesn’t take those choices lightly, so the stone opens your mind to the cosmos and helps you tap into the well of wisdom you need to be confident in your choices.

13. Apatite

Apatite is a calming stone that helps you find strength from within. Like Amethyst, it’s not as loud and in-your-face as other crystals for motivation. However, its healing energy is potent nonetheless.

The swirling hues of blue and green are reminiscent of the clashing ocean tides. According to many healers, the visual representation is a perfect match for Apatite’s focus on apathy.

For many people, a lack of motivation is a byproduct of indifference. You might simply lose your drive to pursue anything outside of the comfortable bubble. Instead of constantly chasing growth and evolution, you become indifferent to the idea of bettering yourself.

Apatite’s energy helps you discover new ambitions. They might not be the most inspiring goals in the world, but the Apatite does help you find the motivation to better your life in any way you can.

14. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a crystal that helps with motivation despite having a dark and shadowy appearance. But don’t let the opaque look fool you, this stone is one of the most effective healers in the crystal healing scene.

A Black Obsidian stone for motivation

The stone is a master healer that absorbs dark energy to help you overcome emotional barricades. It’s about encouraging you to confront old pain that you bury deep inside.

Even events from decades ago can continue to affect your journey today. Pain has a way of holding you back and preventing you from reaching your full potential. Black Obsidian sticks by your side to facilitate change and cleansing.

It helps you move on as a crystal for grief. With Black Obsidian’s support, you can gain a brand-new lease on life and find yourself feeling more motivated than ever before.

15. Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a lesser-known motivational crystal. Physically, it’s a unique stone that incorporates white, orange, and red bands into its gorgeous appearance. 

When it comes to building motivation, Sardonyx is about increasing your stamina and self-control. Healers say that being in its presence creates a sense of vigor and strength. However, the grounding nature of Sardonyx also ensures that you don’t fly too high for your own good.

It’s incredibly motivating, pushing you to achieve your dreams and find happiness in success. That said, it also exudes discipline and a strong sense of character. It’s an excellent crystal to have by your side when your motivation issues stem from decisions you’re not comfortable with making.

Sardonyx pushes you to find creative solutions while remaining true to yourself.

16. Lapis Lazuli

If you ever find yourself incapable of making tough decisions, Lapis Lazuli could be the motivational crystal for you. This crystal is an excellent choice for those who are constantly “fence-sitting.”

One Lapis Lazuli blue stone

Maybe you’re fighting with the potential repercussions of both choices. Alternatively, you might find it difficult to determine which path is right for you.

Whatever the case may be, Lapis Lazuli helps you tap into your intuition. It strengthens your inner voice and puts you back into the driver’s seat. The beautiful blue-colored stone can help you look deep within your being to find the solution that will bring you long-term happiness and success.

17. Bumblebee Jasper

With swirls of white, black, and yellow, it’s not hard to see how Bumblebee Jasper got its name. However, most healers are more interested in its broad influence over your mind and heart.

A powerful crystal for motivation called Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper is thought to trigger the sacral and solar plexus chakras. As a result, it may boost your self-esteem, help you tap into a well of inner confidence you never knew you had, and find joy in life’s unpredictable nature.

Many believe that Bumblebee Jasper is also a crystal for creativity and inspiration. Not only that but it’s also said to help you embrace change. Instead of fighting evolution at every turn, you can learn to go with the flow and adapt to life as it comes.

18. Pyrite

Pyrite is a stone of manifestation and sheer motivation! It’s often recommended for those who aren’t happy with the state of their life. It’s for people who aren’t satisfied with their work-life, financial standing, relationships, and more.

Being in an environment or situation that wears you down can make pushing forward and creating change difficult. Feeling as if life hasn’t worked in your favor often makes people give up and grow complacent. But Pyrite isn’t about that way of thinking!

The crystal that helps with motivation pushes you to take action and change your life for the better. No matter your problems, its energy gives you the strength to do something about it instead of wallowing in self-pity.

19. Ruby

Ruby is a show-stopping crystal that’s sure to light a fire under anyone who’s holding it! This red-colored stone is a favorite among jewelers. But even unpolished and uncut Ruby can have a significant influence over your life.

Crystal healing practitioners say that its fiery energy cuts through the darkness, delivering strength and motivation whenever you need it most. It’s said to give users the power to take risks and try new experiences. It blasts through stress and anxiety, helping you live life to the fullest!

No matter the challenges that lie ahead, Ruby grants the vitality to face them head-on. More importantly, it gives protection to keep your motivated mindset moving forward.

20. Calcite

While some healers might gravitate to Red Calcite and other varieties, standard Calcite is just as powerful. The warm orange tones mixed with the translucent finish make it a beautiful crystal for display. However, the unique impact on your mental well-being makes it a sought-after healing tool.

Polished Caribbean Calcite stone

Calcite is one of the best crystals for motivation because it teaches you to take things in stride. Life is full of challenges that will make you question everything you are and what you stand for. Some are downright painful enough to make you stop your pursuit of happiness entirely.

Calcite’s bright and cheerful energy pushes you to see the lighter side of life. It encourages you not to take life so seriously, removing the burdens of stress off your shoulders.

21. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is another multi-purpose crystal that every healer should have in their collection. It’s a natural energy cleanser and amplifier that you can use alongside many other stones. However, it’s also powerful enough to motivate you on its own.

It’s best for those who feel bogged down by emotional weight. Past failures and an onslaught of mental challenges can do a lot to demotivate you.

Clear Quartz helps to blast away some of that negativity. Healers say that it’s strong enough to shake you to the core, clearing your chakras and getting your energy moving once again. It’ll help you remove the emotional barriers so you can find that feeling of motivation to keep going.

Conclusion on Crystals for Motivation

Now that you know the best crystals for motivation, it’s time for you to choose your favorites! Do your research and think about the ones that appeal to you the most. While many of us need more motivation, the factors that contribute to this lack of motivation can vary dramatically.

If you have questions about any of the crystals or stones on this list, send them our way. We’re more than happy to help.