27 Best Crystals & Stones For Anxiety Or Stress

Looking for the best crystals for anxiety can be a little challenging at first. On some level, many stones are able to help you with stress due to their strong emotional and spiritual properties.

But if dealing with anxiety is your primary focus, it can be hard to find out which crystals you should try first. While you might be trying to deal with anxious thoughts, there are other properties and benefits that should be considered as well.

This guide makes your job easy by providing a detailed list of the best crystals and stones for anxiety. We went the extra mile to give you plenty of options, so you can choose your favorites based on intention and your current healing practices..

1. Sapphire

Sapphire is a semi-precious stone steeped in history and lore. Since the dawn of man, it’s been revered for its beauty and Divine favor! A symbol of power and strength, the gemstone was often worn for protection, spiritual insight, and good health.

One Sapphire anxiety stone

The rich indigo hues of Sapphire are said to lend a healing hand that calms the mind, body, and soul. Many healers utilize it to ease tension and erase unwanted thoughts.

Sapphire is a stone for anxiety that’s thought to have a strong connection to the universe and spirit worlds. According to some, it provides unwavering guidance in the face of adversity, illuminating your path to emotional bliss and restoring balance in your heart.

2. Amazonite

A form of potassium feldspar, Amazonite is a beautiful mineral with a gorgeous vitreous luster. It’s most commonly found on riverbanks throughout South America. However, it’s also in the far reaches of Russian Tundras and the beaches of Madagascar.

One raw piece of Amazonite

Also known as the Hope Stone, Amazonite is a fantastic tool for weaving fragmented thoughts. It does away with self-destructive thinking, allowing you to obtain a sense of calm.

The stone is a favorite for those that suffer from stress and anxiety. It filters out the dark energy, leaving behind the light that can help you patch up old wounds and move forward in life.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst has an intense vibrational energy that you can feel the moment it comes into your presence. Like other crystals for anxiety, Amethyst creates a sense of calm and tranquility.

Three large Amethyst crystals

The purple crystal is tuned into the third eye chakra and infuses your mind with peaceful thought. It cleanses the mind of worry, addressing anxiety at its source.

The crystal has a knack for bringing darkness to the light. You can face your troubles head-on and learn from past traumas to become a healthier and more well-rounded person. It doesn’t just wipe the slate clean, but it also gives you the tools to face new challenges with voracity and clarity.

4. Rhodonite

Made of manganese silicate, Rhodonite is an eye-catching stone with pink and deep red. This stone has a unique approach to easing the mind. Not only does it clear away self-destructive thinking, but it also teaches you to love inwardly and outwardly.

A polished Rhodonite stress stone

It’s said to help stress-ridden people find peace by breaking down barriers that cause it (many turn to it for help with panic attacks as well). The stone focuses on pain in the heart, encouraging you to dismantle the long-held chains that negatively impact your self-worth.

By learning to love yourself, you can find the power and focus to confront anything. It eases the mind and puts you on the path to conditional love in many forms.

5. Hematite

Don’t let the dark and reflective nature of Hematite fool you. It’s just as capable of clearing stress as other well-known crystals for anxiety.

A shiny Hematite specimen

A form of iron ore, Hematite is a bringer of strength. Sometimes called the Stone of the Mind, it has the innate power to reflect bad energy away from your aura. It’s an excellent crystal to have on you at all times.

Whether the darkness comes from other people or challenging life situations, Hematite prevents you from absorbing it. As a result, it can keep your mind clear of stress while retaining focus and emotional strength.

6. Kyanite

With swathes of ocean blue and sun-kissed orange, Kyanite has naturally calming properties. It reminds you of the beauty of the world and helps you manage emotions more efficiently.

Kyanite being used for anxiety

Many believe that Kyanite is one of the most soothing stones for anxiety in existence. It’s perfect for those who struggle with frayed thoughts and emotional outbursts regularly.

Kyanite teaches you to take a step back and appreciate the little things. It soothes hot tempers and prevents the mind from racing a mile a minute. Rather than jumping to conclusions or acting on pure emotions, it shows you a more docile and tranquil path.

7. Lava Stone

Here’s a unique stone that challenges the perception of healing crystals for anxiety. Formed from cooled magma, Lava Stones have a rough texture filled with pits and craters.

One Lava Stone on a white background

Despite its rocky appearance, Lava Stone is a master grounder. This makes it a great root chakra stone to create a feeling of stability and calm in your life.

Many say that Lava Stone is also a powerful emotional stabilizer. Great for everyday use, the mineral works to combat fears and stresses that arise day to day. It provides a strong sense of inner peace.

Crystal practitioners also use it to encourage restful sleep and vibrant energy.

8. Shungite

Shungite is another dark stone that most wouldn’t associate with emotional healing. The dark gray coloration might not look transcendent, but this stone is said to be a powerful detoxifier.

A big piece of Shungite

It’s thought to rid the body of dangerous toxins that can cloud the mind and sway your physical health. On the emotional front, Shungite purifies your thinking and gets rid of continual bouts of anxiety.

Millions of years old, Shungite is said to harness Mother Earth’s power to relieve the throws of emotional trauma. It grounds you and prevents unhealthy thoughts from negatively impacting your everyday life.

9. Rose Quartz

An ever-popular healing crystal, Rose Quartz is one that always seems to pull at the heartstrings. Known for its delicate and feminine beauty, Rose Quartz has a long history of healing pains of the heart.

Three Rose Quartz anxiety crystals

It activates and improves energy flow through the heart chakra. As a result, it paves the way to help you give and receive love in all its forms.

This crystal for anxiety has energy frequencies that are delicate and gentle. But, they are powerful enough to shift your way of thinking. Instead of focusing on anxiety, it transmutes those thoughts into love and light.

10. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a mysterious crystal that can absorb negativity from your aura. It clears your being from excess energy, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

One long Smoky Quartz crystal

Many crystal practitioners recommend Smoky Quartz to those who are harboring unwanted baggage. Whether it’s from past mistakes, old traumas, or negative energy you took from someone else, the crystal absorbs it all.

It takes away the bad energy to “lighten your load.” Smoky Quartz helps you let go of the things that weigh you down and leave you feeling anxious. As a result, you’re free to experience the world and all its beauty!

11. Fluorite

Fluorite is a colorful crystal for anxiety that shines differently based on the lighting and viewing angle. It displays a spectrum of colors, leading to its nickname of the Rainbow Keeper.

A Fluorite crystal for anxiety

The stone is said to imbue your energy field with a powerful light that washes away dark energy. It’s the ultimate bringer of bliss! Perfect for worrying minds, the crystal can help with anxiety and encourage relaxation by preventing the mind from turning to self-destructive thoughts.

Fluorite comes in many forms. However, it’s comprised of common minerals like Quartz and calcium. The crystal’s simplicity is said to be its most vital asset. It’s naturally rejuvenating, allowing you to approach every day with a clear mind.

12. Lapis Lazuli

With its deep shades of purple and blue, Lapis Lazuli is a favorite among artisans. It appeared in many cultures as jewelry and even adorned the skin of royalty as makeup!

A colorful piece of Lapis Lazuli

Today, Lapis Lazuli is the stone of self-awareness and inner strength. It stops negative thoughts from stunting your emotional development. Instead of letting anxiety prevent you from living your truth and purpose, it imbues you with the strength to say, “Yes!” 

It’s a fantastic tool for reaching your true potential. Emotionally, it cuts through the self-doubt and silences your inner saboteur once and for all.

13. Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is a common crystal that’s easy to find. But even with its commonality, its icy appearance sends a shot of healing energy where you need it most.

Clear Quartz on a white background

If you’re suffering from emotional lethargy, Clear Quartz can provide a boost of energy that kicks your mind into gear! It offers a light at the end of the tunnel and infuses you with the power of manifestation.

Clear Quartz acts as a guiding light in a foggy mind. No matter what kinds of traumas and pains are causing stress, this crystal can help with anxiety and teach you to break through. It can end the cycle of pain and lousy decision-making to help you think clearly and with purpose.

14. Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is said to combine energy from water and volcanic rock. This dichotomy of two radiant energies creates a healing power like no other.

A polished Ocean Jasper stone for stress

When you’re feeling low and anxiety-ridden, Ocean Jasper awakens the soul and brings you back from the darkness of your mind. It’s a supportive stone that can help you claw your way out of the ruins and push you into new experiences.

Of course, the stone doesn’t just whisk away bad energy. Instead, it teaches you to take a look in the mirror and appreciate the reflection you see. The stone builds inner peace by encouraging you to find love within yourself.

15. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is an interesting stone for anxiety that can bring balance and harmony in times of stress. Some believe that its mighty powers are due to its chemical composition. Lepidolite contains lithium, which is often used in anti-anxiety medications.

Anxiety crystal called Lepidolite

But you don’t have to rely on lithium alone. Just holding the crystal during meditation is said to transfer the powers of healing into your body and spirit.

A strong supporter of the third eye chakra, it’s an ethereal stone that goes beyond your physical being. It connects to other realms and restores harmony to your energy field, creating a sense of emotional balance that continually fights self-destructive thoughts.

16. Citrine

This sun-kissed stone is all about tapping into the healing light of the sun. In many cultures, Citrine was the embodiment of the sun itself. Many believe that it holds onto healing light that you can take advantage of.

A Citrine anxiety crystal

Citrine fends off darkness by blasting your energy field with positivity and light, which makes it one of the best crystals for empaths. It transmutes long-forgotten pains that hold you down, encouraging you to let go of the past and move forward.

It’s an energetic crystal for anxiety that can have far-reaching effects on your life. Not only does it address stress, but it’s said to boost your self-confidence, provide energy, and remove fear.

17. Celestite

Take one look at Celestite, and its heavenly properties are apparent. The sky-blue crystal is said to hum with the choirs of protective angels.

One Celestite crystal that has been split in half

Celestite works in-tandem with the crown and third eye chakras. Many believe that it provides wisdom from the cosmos while granting protection from other realms!

Here, healers seek the crystal for anxiety relief and its emotional cleansing. The stone is thought to free the mind of stress-inducing emotions, such as resentment, anger, and pain. In their place, it imbues you with tranquility and calm.

The crystal teaches you to approach all of life’s challenges with positivity. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, prevents you from harboring ill-will, and releases you from the emotional chains that bind. 

18. Turquoise Howlite

Turquoise Howlite is a hopeful stone that pushes you to grow.

One well-polished piece of Turquoise Howlite

Many people hold onto past experiences. But it’s how you treat those experiences that matter. You can choose to linger on them, or you can choose to use them as lessons.

With Turquoise Howlite by your side, you can let those dark memories empower you! The stone shines a light on those past indiscretions, helping you take what you need from them and let go.

It’s a powerful thought organizer, too. In the heat of the moment, Turquoise Howlite gently restores calm. It prevents stress and anxiety from building, pushing you to live in the moment rather than dwell on those instances that can ruin your day.

19. Black Tourmaline

This potent stone for anxiety can consume the darkness that you hold onto! Despite the dark connotations, this act of absorption frees you from long-held anxieties.

A Black Tourmaline column

Black Tourmaline absolves dark energy and spins into something that will bring you light and love. It has a knack for finding deeply rooted pains that weigh you down. By releasing that energy, the stone can swap out detrimental behaviors with positive ones.

It can turn those unwanted emotions into something truly spectacular. You can bask in newfound purpose and manifest the pain into self-confidence, luck, and drive. The stone also provides ongoing protection, ensuring that those feelings of stress can’s create a chink in your emotional armor.

20. Angelite

Angelite is another stone that’s thought to connect you with guardian angels above. The soft blue hues are said to harken back to the ethereal energy of realms beyond our own.

A small Angelite stress stone

Crystal healers believe that it bridges the gap between realms, allowing you to face the world with the company of your guardians. Of course, your protectors don’t just prevent you from experiencing worldly damage. They also create a shield against negative energy that could latch onto your mind and cause anxiety.

The stone is welcoming, casting a wave of tranquility over your mind, body, and soul. It’s a natural stress-reliever that whisks away evil thoughts with the flap of an angel wing.

21. Selenite

Selenite is a crystal for anxiety with unbridled light and positive energy. The translucent crystal features striations like the feathers of your guardian angel. Peaceful and freeing, Selenite breaks the chains of negative thinking to grant clarity like never before.

Clean piece of Selenite

The unique thing about Selenite is that it’s said to wash away emotional impurities. Like a wand of healing, many believe that you can cleanse your auric field to feel more liberated and peaceful.

It rids the body of energy that no longer serves you. Whether you’re holding onto pain, regret, or loss, it encourages you to let go so that you can feel at peace once again.

22. Moonstone

A form of feldspar, Moonstone has a gorgeous pearl-like luster. It shines a rainbow of soft color while it enchants you with healing lunar energy.

One tumbled piece of Moonstone

Moonstone is all about cyclical change. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, it provides balance to your ever-changing emotional stage. The stone doesn’t let you dwell on feelings of stress or uneasiness too long. Before you know it, it washes away the waves of pain to restore your mind anew.

The beauty of Moonstone acts as a talisman of change. It reminds you that “This too shall pass.” Having it in your life helps you move onto the next chapter of life, ensuring that you don’t harp on the bad for any longer than necessary.

23. Blue Lace Agate

Many seek out Blue Lace Agate for stress relief and positive vibes. Like the endless expanse of soft blue on the horizon of a new dawn, this stone calms the nerves, can potentially reduce panic attacks, and welcomes healing change.

Blue Lace Agate for relaxing

It naturally soothes the soul and helps you achieve a greater state of bliss. Whether it’s during meditation or in the face of challenging adversities, the stone brings insightful wisdom that you can use to conquer the day.

Blue Lace Agate stimulates many chakras, but it’s most effective on the throat chakra. It removes blockages, allowing you to speak your truth and address tensions that cause you stress.

24. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful grounding stone that can increase your self-awareness in the moment. There are many forms of Tiger’s Eye out there. No matter the color, most samples feature visible bands and an eye-popping luster. Some say that these bands signify the powerful healing energy that flows through the stone.

One polished piece of Tiger's Eye

This stone for anxiety is all about inner-strength and willpower. Its healing energy imbues you with a greater sense of self, allowing you to stay grounded amidst the chaos of life.

When faced with a stress-inducing situation, the stone reminds you to stay strong. It can wash away the darkness, revealing the light you need to remain present and positive.

25. Aquamarine

This hugely popular gemstone is a favorite for keeping your mental well-being afloat. Like the song of a mermaid, Aquamarine creates a sense of calm and tranquility in the face of great stress.

A very small Aquamarine crystal

It washes away stress and tension, leaving behind better insight into your own thinking. It’s a profoundly meditative crystal for anxiety that’s said to help you get better acquainted with yourself.

Those who are plagued by hot tempers may learn to keep their emotions in check. Aquamarine helps to let go of past biases and pain that drive your reactions. As a result, you can approach every situation with more rationale and calm.

26. Morganite

Morganite is a romantic stone that’s capable of instilling love and acceptance into your heart. 

Pink Morganite crystal for anxiety

Like other stones, Morganite has the power to heal. But, its approach to healing is a bit different. It sheds light on your emotions, allowing you to learn from them.

The crystal encourages you to look inward into why you let stress and anxiety take hold in the first place! By taking a peek at the darkness inside you, you can learn and let go.

This newfound healing may change how you approach hardships in the future, preventing your mind from taking you places you don’t ever want to go.

27. Sodalite

Sodalite is a crystal for positive thinking. A tectosilicate mineral, Sodalite is a rock-forming crystal with a distinct appearance and finish.

Sodalite stone after being polished

Many compare it to the frothy foam of the ocean. Like those foam-filled waves, Sodalite can wash away negative emotions to reveal a connected heart and clear mind.

It’s perfect for temperamental souls guided by the intense emotions of sudden stress. The stone anchors you down, paving the way for logical thinking. Sodalite has a calming touch that can transform the way you approach all of life’s challenges.

It reminds you that the glass is always refillable. No matter the anxiety life throws your way, it clears the way for you to rebuild and find peace.

Different Ways To Use These Stones

Crystals and stones are versatile tools for addressing anxiety and stress. They have a long history of ritualistic healing, but you don’t need to possess the knowledge of mysticism to take advantage of them.

Here are some ways to introduce these stones into your life.


These days, the most popular way to absorb healing energy is through jewelry. For thousands of years, humans have been fabricating jewelry pieces out of these powerful crystals for anxiety. Be it pendants, beaded bracelets, or totem rings, having the crystals on your body can make all the difference!

In jewelry, stones are said to hold just as much power as raw form. The difference, however, is that the vibrational energy is always capable of reaching your body!

Guided Meditation

These crystals are a common sight in spas and meditation rooms. During guided meditation, you can absorb the healing energy and focus on the direct benefits the stones offer.

Hold a crystal in your hand as you clear the mind of rambling thoughts. Doing so is said to help you tune into the healing frequencies.

You can also create a healing grid using multiple healing crystals for anxiety. Seasoned healers may also combine stones to maximize the potential benefits.

Chakral Healing

Most stones have a connection with one of the seven major chakras. These energy points govern several aspects of your metaphysical self. Applying the crystal to specific chakras may help to activate them and clear blockages.


The art of divination involves using the healing powers of the crystal and receiving guidance from the universe. Many of the stones we discussed are thought to tap into other realms, providing a higher state of consciousness and welcome protection.

Attach the crystal to a chain or thread and use it as a weighted pendulum. As you watch the stone move back and forth, identify the stresses that ail you and allow the healing energy to imbue your body.

Water Infusion

Some stones for anxiety can permeate water. Believers say that water is a natural vessel that can carry the energy and purge the body of negative energy.

Soak the crystals in a bath before hopping in. Or, allow the energy to infuse drinking water.

Radiant Energy Hotspots

Another way to live a stress-free life is to place healing stones throughout your home and workplace! This technique is said to flush the spaces you occupy with positivity!

Use large rocks, points, and slabs to fill your home with healing decor!

Worry Stones

When you need a boost of positivity, worry stones are a great choice. Small polished crystals and rocks are fantastic totems for healing.

Keep them in your bag or pocket. To absorb some of the healing energy, simply hold the crystal in your hand whenever a challenge arises. This can help you maintain a better emotional baseline, and even lower the chance of experiencing a panic attack.

Time To Pick!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best crystals for anxiety and stress. We really enjoyed putting it together, and have enjoyed the calming experience of many of these stones ourselves.

If anxiety is your only concern and you’re not sure which to pick, don’t overthink it. All of these can help calm a worried mind, so simply pick one (or two) and incorporate it into your life.

You won’t be disappointed.

About Author

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.