The 21 Best Crystals For Self-Love (Powerful Energy)

The best crystals for self-love can help you in many different ways. And the specific impact they have all depends on their properties!

This list of stones and crystals for self-love will help you accept yourself, gain more confidence, and live a happier life.

1. Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful banded mineral with a stunning deep, emerald green shade. It’s a type of copper carbonate hydroxide that looks rough in its raw form. But once polished, Malachite is a gorgeous stone for jewelry, decor, and more.

A Malachite self-love crystal

Many healers turn to Malachite because it’s a great crystal for protection. The stone deflects negative energy and shields you from the nastiness of others. It’s also said to increase your self-worth, creating a sense of inner respect for yourself.

The green stone shares a strong connection to the heart chakra. But instead of focusing solely on the love you give to others, it turns that devotion and attention inward. Malachite forces you to be honest with yourself, helping you confront negative patterns and find a healthier outlook on life.

2. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a quintessential crystal for self-love with many benefits to offer. Like others on this list, Lepidolite is a master at managing negativity. The crystal can rid your mind of self-doubt or thoughts of not being good enough.

A cut Lepidolite stone

In place of those negative thoughts, it leaves behind positivity, acceptance, confidence, and light. The stone encourages independence and pushes you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to grow. Many say it facilitates self-care, giving you the tools to take care of your mental health and remain positive.

Lepidolite energizes the crown and heart chakras. It helps you learn to love yourself while also improving your powers of perception. The latter benefit is particularly helpful because it helps you overcome your inner saboteur and see how amazing you truly are!

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals on this list, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only is it a thing of beauty, but this crystal promotes unconditional love. Sure, you can use that energy to grow more affectionate towards the people you care about most, but the overwhelming sense of passion and admiration applies to yourself, too.

A small Rose Quartz crystal for self-love

The blushing pink crystal gives off gentle vibrations. They’re perfect for meditation and self-reflection. Many healers praise the subtlety of Rose Quartz. It’s powerful enough to feel, but the influence is not overwhelming.

It works gradually, and a routine for healing can do wonders to help you gain more confidence and acknowledge your self-worth.

4. Carnelian

Carnelian is a fiery stone with eye-catching shades of orange and red. The color has a strong association with the sacral chakra. This energy point is your epicenter of creativity, confidence, and passion! Healers often use Carnelian to trigger this chakra, unleashing a world of limitless potential.

Polished smooth Carnelian stone

This is one of the best crystals for self-love because of its power. Carnelian gives you more courage than you ever thought possible. Instead of cowering in fear or hiding in the shadows due to a lack of confidence, you can face the world with a brave face. The stone empowers you to push past old pains, let go of the past, and find love within yourself to face a much brighter tomorrow.

5. Rhodonite

This multi-colored beauty is an excellent self-love crystal to have in your collection. It does more than teach you how to love and accept yourself. It focuses on compassion and forgiveness.

Heart-shaped Rhodonite stone for self-love

For many people, the pains of the past are the reason why a lack of self-love exists. With the healing power of Rhodonite, you can begin to practice forgiveness and move on. Whether that forgiveness is towards someone who wronged you or to yourself for old mistakes, taking those steps to heal makes a significant difference.

Rhodonite helps you find happiness for the first time in a long time. It encourages you to step into a well of positivity and revel in the love you buried. Unearth those positive thoughts and surround yourself with affirmations that let you fall in love with who you are today.

6. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a helpful crystal to have in your collection. It’s a master cleanser, a powerful amplifier, and an energetic mind clarifier. Overall, Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal to use with a variety of combinations.

Clear Quartz crystal on a white background

But even on its own, it can achieve impressive feats. Many healers love to use Clear Quartz to remove the muddiness of negativity. It’s not uncommon for self-doubt to create a dark cloud that ruins your judgment and self-worth.

Clear Quartz filters that ugliness, allowing you to see yourself clearer than ever. Get a glimpse of who you are and learn to fall in love with who you are again. See what you’re made of and what beauty you offer the world.

7. Citrine

Citrine is another bright stone that predominantly focuses on creating positivity. It’s one of the happiest stones in the crystal kingdom, and you’re likely to see healers using it daily to keep their auric fields nice and sunny.

Raw jagged Citrine

Like other stones on this list, Citrine does a number on darkness. It blasts negative thoughts, replacing them with brightness and love. It impacts your mental health and self-esteem, pushing you to release negative feelings that are holding you back.

Citrine also helps you connect with your true self through the crown chakra. By triggering this chakra, you can get in touch with your highest self and learn to direct love inward.

8. Labradorite

Here’s a stone with physical beauty you can’t help but appreciate. But beyond its ethereal looks is a powerful healer that can teach you to find love in the deepest corners of your soul!

Polished small piece of Labradorite

Labradorite has a reputation for being a strong crystal for manifestation. In terms of self-love, it’s a powerful tool for helping you get to where you want to be. For many people, low self-worth is a product of unhappiness with how life is going.

This stone empowers you to make a change. No matter how that change takes form, it’s about helping you reach your full potential and create the transformation you desperately want to see. It’ll also melt those feelings of doubt away, allowing you to welcome all successes you experience during your metamorphosis!

9. Amethyst

Who doesn’t love Amethyst? Another hugely popular healing crystal, purple-colored Amethyst has a lot to offer. 

An Amethyst crystal for self-love

It’s most known as a spiritual healer. Amethyst is one of the more popular crystals for spiritual healing and quests for enlightenment. Its unbroken connection to the third-eye and crown chakras makes it a powerful tool for finding inner peace.

With that journey comes a newfound sense of self-love. Many healers say that it helps you grow as a person, changing your priorities and encouraging you to adopt a new perspective about yourself and life. In turn, the things that used to bring you pain and cast doubt on your self-worth become a thing of the past.

10. Celestite

Next up, we have the dreamy Celestite. Covered in hues of sky blue and swirls of soft white, the gemstone is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s also a master healer that can lead you on a path of self-discovery and love.

Large raw piece of Celestite

Celestite has the power to heal you mentally and spiritually. It’s one of the best crystals for self love because it removes negative energy that clouds your mind and judgment. As a result, you can do away with hurtful thoughts and silence that inner saboteur.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you can find the strength to heal. Celestite opens your intuition, shedding new light on life events that cause you pain. Looking at those moments through a new lens provides a fresh perspective, helping you move forward and find self-love once more.

11. Hematite

Hematite is a well-known energetic cleanser. Dark as night, the stone can look foreboding. But its dark coloration represents its biggest enemy.

Small Hematite gemstone for self-acceptance

This stone cleanses your auric field of the darkness that causes you pain. It turns darkness into light, hates into love, and negativity into positivity. Like a beacon of hope in rough seas, it provides hope that everything will be alright.

By replacing your horrible thoughts with brighter beginnings, you can start to realize your self-worth and find reasons to love yourself again. Once you get to that healthier way of thinking, Hematite will continue to protect you. It ensures that the spark never goes out again.

12. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is another dark-colored stone with loads of potential for healing. It’s a powerful mineral that healers often use to absorb and transmute negative energy. However, its capabilities go much further than that.

Self-love stone called Black Onyx

This is a fantastic crystal for self-love because it provides a lesson in practicality. When your mind leads you astray and forces you to feel emotions that harm your psyche, Black Onyx guides you in the right direction. It empowers you to look at your feelings from a more realistic perspective, helping you break negative thought patterns and correct harmful habits.

Over time, Black Onyx can help you rediscover your inner strength. Learn to love what you offer the world and develop a healthier state of mind.

13. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a stone for self-love that helps you with its immense grounding power. This fiery stone aids the root chakra, the first of your seven primary chakras. Doing so addresses potentially long-held negativity in your life and empowers you to create change.

A piece of Red Jasper with a small line in it

Self-hatred often stems from unhappiness about where you are in life. You might start to feel unstable, lacking purpose, and falling into a dreaded victim mentality. The longer you let that mindset continue, the worse off your self-esteem and self-worth will be.

This gemstone is about combating those emotions. It encourages you to take full responsibility for your life without guilt or self-pity. The stone’s robust grounding energy urges you to take action, create the change you want to see, and do something with your life to find happiness.

14. Kunzite

This unique crystal exudes feelings of wholeness. For many people, a lack of self-love is the byproduct of festering emptiness. Maybe you feel like you’re missing something or struggle to understand your own emotions. Whatever the case, that emptiness can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and confidence.

Long Kunzite crystal for self-love

Kunzite works to restore balance in your heart and mind. It encourages oneness, filling your heart with love and light. When healing with Kunzite, you can align your emotions with your heart’s deepest desires.

Many healers say that Kunzite encourages courage and growth. Its energy can be life-changing, facilitating a transformation leading to better emotional and spiritual health.

15. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is pure pastel perfection! Featuring soft pink and white swirls, there’s no denying its beauty. But in terms of energetic healing, Rhodochrosite is anything but soft.

Small Rhodochrosite stone that is light in color

The crystal’s capabilities revolve around the inner child. It’s a master healing that encourages you to forgive your past self and reconnect with the innocence you once had. Unfortunately, past traumas and emotional turmoil can continue to haunt you for decades, leaving emotional scars that can force you to look at yourself through a dark lens.

Rhodochrosite is about forgiveness and compassion. Learn to let go of the past while rediscovering your inner child.

Despite its compassionate energy, this crystal protects you from others and your inner demons. It promotes self-love, moves you away from people-pleasing behavior, and teaches you to leave self-deprecating thoughts in the past.

16. Moonstone

Moonstone is a dreamy self-love crystal that radiates feminine energy. It connects to the power of the moon and envelopes your metaphysical plane in maternal energy. Like a mother comforting her child, Moonstone’s influence is quite soothing.

Large piece of Moonstone for self-love

This crystal is one of the most powerful for finding compassion and courage. Many healers call it the “stone of new beginnings” because it ushers change. It helps you move through significant life transformations while protecting your emotional health and combating the darkness that turns into self-doubt.

It’s a constant reminder to practice self-love and to be easy on yourself. Through life’s messiness, it’s the ever-present healer that coddles your emotional well-being and empowers you to be a little kinder to yourself.

17. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz has a unique appearance that perfectly encapsulates its purpose in the realm of crystal healing. The crystal is clear but features black, gray, brown swirls, and more. It looks like it’s encapsulating darkness, preventing it from infiltrating your auric field.

Small Smoky Quartz crystal cluster

Crystal healing practitioners often recommend Smoky Quartz as a crystal for self-love. It’s a master protector, dissipating intrusive thoughts that can creep up when life doesn’t go your way. It prevents feelings of unworthiness from taking root in your mind, ensuring that you stay positive and level-headed no matter the challenges you face.

Smoky Quartz also triggers the root chakra. It opens up your first energetic pathway, allowing you to accept life force energy from Mother Earth for a more balanced existence.

18. Iolite

Iolite is a crystal that shares a special connection with the throat chakra. This energy point is the epicenter of your powers of communication. When blocked, it prevents you from speaking your truth and can also make you less honest with yourself.

Raw piece of purple Iolite

Iolite’s energy works to keep the throat chakra open. It’s perfect for those who work with counselors. However, it also has the potential to help you find clarity between your emotional and logical consciousness.

The stone empowers you to speak your truth more openly. Not only can you be more honest with yourself, but you can learn to be more open with others. This newfound sense of freedom in communication can do wonders for your self-esteem.

It paves the way for more confident living, helping you find peace and happiness.

19. Tiger’s Eye

Known for its powers of manifestation, Tiger’s Eye is an excellent crystal to have in your collection. It’s a multi-faceted healer that can benefit your life in many ways.

Tiger's Eye stone for self-love

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for self-love because of its role as a protector. It dispels negative energy that can easily anchor in your psyche. It stops that negativity from taking hold, preventing self-hatred and pain from ruminating in your mind.

Healers also like to use Tiger’s Eye to manifest success and happiness. The crystal works with the solar plexus chakra. It’s your well of confidence and positive self-esteem. By working with this energy point, Tiger’s Eye puts you in the right mindset to achieve your dreams and accept yourself along the way.

20. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine’s beautiful color makes it a perfect match for the heart chakra. The crystal is widely used to invite love into one’s life. When you incorporate it into a healing routine, it can lead to drastic changes.

Triangular piece of Green Aventurine

The green-colored crystal can put a stop to self-criticism. It turns that nagging voice of negativity into something bright and conducive to your positive mental health.

One of the most desired effects of Green Aventurine is its ability to invite love into your life. Instead of rejecting the light that comes your way, you can embrace it. Learning to love yourself encourages you to let others in, reciprocating one of the most human emotions you can have.

Green Aventurine boosts your confidence in many ways, allowing you to live life to the fullest without regret or the constant machinations of a self-deprecating mind.

21. Amazonite

Lastly, we have the beautiful Amazonite. It looks strikingly similar to Green Aventurine, but the hues are softer and more tranquil. The color is an excellent summation of the crystal’s healing capabilities.

Amazonite crystal for self-love

Amazonite is a great crystal for self-love, but its approach is more subtle. The crystal encourages you to be more compassionate with yourself. It’s about finding forgiveness and letting yourself move forward from the past.

It’s also a powerful token of boundary-setting. Learning to love yourself isn’t easy, and many people fall back into negative thought patterns that put their progress back to square one. Amazonite lets you set emotional boundaries that protect your psyche and ensure you surround yourself with nothing but love and light.


Introducing some crystals for self-love into your healing practice can have a significant impact on your happiness. It doesn’t take much!

If you have any questions about the stones and crystals on this list, send us a message. We’re happy to help you choose the ones that are best for you!

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