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Tiger’s Eye 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Tiger’s Eye is, without question, one of the most popular stones in the crystal healing community. And as you learn more about it, the reason becomes clear.

This stone has an inspiring meaning, powerful properties, and a gorgeous appearance. What’s not to like?

This guide will teach you all about Tiger’s Eye, and the variety of benefits it can bring to your life.

History & Overview

Bold and powerful, Tiger’s Eye stones are stunning minerals steeped in lore. In ancient times, many civilizations viewed this striped stone as a precious mineral that granted protection and foresight. The beautiful striations mimic the “All-Seeing Eye” symbolism, casting fear and mystery upon onlookers.

Eventually, humans started to see it as less of an enigma and more of an asset. In Ancient Egypt, it was a divine crystal that represented the eyes of deities. In Rome, it had a meaning synonymous with courage and bravery. It was in such high demand that, at one point, many thought its value exceeded that of gold!

Today, Tiger’s Eye is a special healing stone that has a number of interesting properties. Focusing on the mind and internal perspective, its benefits go beyond traditional healing crystals you might be used to.

Tiger’s Eye is actually a form of Quartz. It’s part of the Chalcedony family and is known for its silky luster. Bands of reddish-brown and dark black create a distinct look. While some may view it as sinister-looking, Tiger’s Eye is ornate and features physical details that reflect the environment it comes from.

This stone develops in all corners of the globe. However, it seems to only appear in areas where the air is dry, and the sun is bold. Some say its formation process reflects its sway on your psyche.

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Like the animal it’s named after, Tiger’s Eye emits strong and courageous energy. The stone is always on the offensive, ready to shift your perspective and create emotional balance whenever you need it.

This stone is capable of many things, but the main Tiger’s Eye meaning is all about building inner strength and self-confidence.

Jagged piece of Tiger's Eye

Many people lose their ability to think positively about themselves. It’s an issue that tends to creep up over time. Past challenges and failures create subconscious fear that starts to get in the way of your everyday life.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, that self-doubt will stop you in your tracks. It prevents you from moving forward in life, giving you a reason to abandon your dreams. Eventually, it can turn into self-loathing and destructive behaviors that take years to overcome.

The properties and meaning of Tiger’s Eye shuts up your inner saboteur, replacing those thoughts of “I can’t,” to exclamations of “I will!”

Everything you need to become a well-rounded and positive person is already inside you. But fear and doubt get in the way, skirting those traits away in the deepest recesses of your being. This crystal is all about bringing them back to the light and showing you that there are plenty of reasons to believe in yourself.

Healing Properties & Benefits

A multi-faceted stone, the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye can reach you in many different ways. It’s always looking to instill some light into your life, leading to a host of positive benefits you might uncover.

Here are some of the most remarkable benefits that Tiger’s Eye can bring to your life.


Tiger’s Eye is the ultimate harbinger of courage. Even when you’re faced with adversity, this stone has the uncanny ability to help you find the strength within yourself.

As mentioned earlier, the meaning and properties of this stone are all about working hard to build strength from within. But how does it do that?

First, it helps you find balance within your emotions. If you’re prone to dramatic emotional swings or find it hard to manage your feelings appropriately, Tiger’s Eye is a must-have.

Its properties encourage equilibrium, bringing harmony between the Yin and the Yang. The stone’s healing energy imbues you with calm, stabilizing your inner thoughts so that you can find strength in any situation.

Tiger’s Eye also helps to shift your perspective. Whether you’re experiencing fear, doubt, anxiety, or any other range of emotions, the stone turns the accompanying energy into something positive. It transmutes it into energy that you can put to good use.

A shiny Tiger's Eye stone

Rather than focusing on the issues that plague you, the healing properties of this crystal help facilitate a brand-new view. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel or learn to identify the lessons that come with trauma. It’s like looking at situations through a bright-eyed looking glass.

Even when you start doubting yourself and all that you can do, Tiger’s Eye illuminates the good so that you can find a path forward.

With all this change comes better mental clarity and the ability to dispel fear, doubt, and anxiety at the drop of a hat.


Tiger’s Eye is said to resonate with energy from the Sun and the Earth. It is, after all, forged in arid environments!

The two energies are quite stable, providing a warm and inviting aura for meditation. This stone brings about transcendental peace, allowing you to seek power from the Sun to nourish your soul. Its properties help you connect with the beauty around you while also appreciating the cosmic energy that swirls around you.

Many consider Tiger’s Eye to be a powerful tool for enlightenment. Introducing the meaning of this stone to regular meditation may reveal the wisdom that helps you reach a much higher plane of existence.

More directly, crystal healers say that Tiger’s Eye helps you find your own divinity. It’s a stone that facilitates self-reflection, ultimately pushing you to analyze your own place in this world. Instead of focusing on the bad, it helps you prioritize yourself and relish all the positive traits you have.


Interestingly enough, some believers say that the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye can manifest itself as changes in your physical body as well. An overarching theme with this stone is balance. Beyond your emotions, it’s thought to promote balance within your circulatory system and endocrine system.

Some healers say that it fortifies the blood, giving you greater overall vitality and strength. The fortified blood is free to spread throughout your body, bringing greater balance as a whole.

As for the endocrine system, some say Tiger’s Eye brings your hormone production down to a normal level, helping your body level itself out. Biochemistry stabilizes, which is thought to help with everything from fertility to high blood pressure.

According to some healers, it can even resolve issues with the gastrointestinal system while aligning the spine.

Those who suffer from debilitating emotional issues, such as depression or seasonal affective disorder, may also benefit from the healing it brings. The sun-soaked stone has the potential to provide warmth on emotionally cold days.

Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to metaphysical properties, Tiger’s Eye has a lot to offer. It’s known to focus on the lower chakras. More specifically, it’s said to trigger the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

The root chakra is all about your feelings of stability in the world. Clogs ruin your viewpoint, making you feel lost and a bit confused about where you belong. Tiger’s Eye opens the chakra up, inviting life force energy to flow from the Earth and into your auric field.

Three polished pieces of Tiger's Eye

Once it exits the root chakra, the energy is free to flow to the sacral chakra. Also known as Svadhisthana, this energy point is located a couple of inches above the naval. Its job is to manifest desire and confidence.

It’s the center of your creative energy and governs your passions. This energy point, which is blocked by fear, is also closely tied to your feelings of self-worth.

The metaphysical properties of Tiger’s Eye are said to have a strong impact on the solar plexus chakra as well. The third chakra in the lineup, this energy point is the center of your personal power. It governs your personality, ego, and your ability to make decisions.

Tiger’s Eye keeps this chakra open to let the energy path through unencumbered. When you go this, you’re free to be your authentic self no matter what.

How To Cleanse It

Tiger’s Eye can absorb toxic energy and rid your body of negativity. It’s a powerful cleaner that can do a lot to change your life. But as it works, the stone is subjected to a lot.

To keep the positive vibes flowing, it pays to cleanse Tiger’s Eye regularly.

The easiest way to do this is to let it soak in some water. The water revitalizes the stone while washing away bad energy. You can even add a drop of soap or two to help scrub the stone clean.

If you prefer a more natural method, consider burying it. Tiger’s Eye comes from the earth, so why not let it recharge underneath the soil?

Bury it in a safe space. One common choice is to keep it under your favorite tree so that the roots can entwine themselves in the depleting energy.

You can also try letting the stone bask in the glow of moonlight. Moonlight is a powerful charger for any crystal. But, it’s particularly effective with Sun-based stones like Tiger’s Eye. 

Different Ways To Use This Stone

There are countless ways to use Tiger’s Eye. It’s a versatile stone that also happens to be gorgeous. As a result, it’s available from many suppliers in a slew of forms.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on large rocks or cut statues, use them in your home and workspace. Tiger’s Eye is a fantastic stone to add to Feng Shui. The proper placement is said to attract good luck, grant protection, and help you focus as you work.

Either way, having some crystals around the house is always a good thing. The mere sight of it acts as a totem to remind you of its meaning, encouraging you to be strong-willed and confident. However, the energy accumulation in the room will give you that extra perk of energy as a pick-me-up.

If you prefer something more portable, smaller stones are a great choice as well. Small rocks make great worry stones that you can rub whenever you need a confidence boost. In your pocket or bag, the properties of this stone will also act as a shield against dark energy that throws your aura off balance.

Many like to use small polished stones for meditation and direct chakra contact as well.

Finally, there’s jewelry! Tiger’s Eye is a naturally beautiful stone, so it makes sense that it’s used in jewelry. As jewelry, you can absorb its energy and healing properties while keeping it on you at all times for guidance.

Zodiac Connection

Several signs can benefit from working with Tiger’s Eye. In fact, this stone doesn’t discriminate. You can utilize its healing energy no matter the sign you’re born under.

That said, its properties more closely align with a few different zodiacs. The biggest is Gemini. Tiger’s Eye is one of Gemini’s many birthstones.

Geminis are naturally outspoken. Creative-minded and ready to share their lives with others, those born under Gemini can also become a little scatter-brained. They don’t do well with tough decisions.

Not only that, but their sensitivity makes them prone to dramatic shifts in mood. Tiger’s Eye does a couple of things. First, it helps fuel decision-making and ensures that Geminis don’t wait around so long that they end up losing opportunities.

Secondly, it balances the contradictory sides of their personality. Remember, Tiger’s Eye is wonderful for balancing the Yin and the Yang. Geminis are all about duality, so this stone is a perfect companion for them.

In addition to Geminis, Tiger’s Eye can also assist Scorpios and Capricorns. Both of these signs are susceptible to losing their footing here on Earth. They like to explore, putting them at risk of floating away with the winds of change.

Tiger’s Eye is said to help them find purpose. It keeps them grounded in reality and pushes them to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

Final Thoughts

The primary Tiger’s Eye meaning of building inner strength is something we can all appreciate. We all face challenges in life, and resilience and confidence play a big part in our ability to overcome.

We highly recommend incorporating this stone into your crystal practice (or simply start by carrying it around with you). You’ll soon feel the benefits!

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