21 Best Crystals For Friendship (Strengthen & Attract)

The best crystals for friendship can make a big impact on the strength of these valuable connections. But it’s important to choose the right ones if you want to benefit the most!

This list makes things easy by going over all of your options.

The Best Crystals For Friendship

Herodotus once said, “Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” As wonderful as a friendship can be, maintaining them can be fraught with many twists and turns. Hurt feelings, bruised egos and life events can put a strain on many friendships, but they’re worth the effort.

One beautiful way to repair a damaged friendship, strengthen a close one, or even attract a new friendship is to add a healing crystal to your daily practice. There are so many wonderful stones that can be used to enhance and strengthen friendships, increase positive energy, and smooth over hard feelings.

With so many amazing choices available to you, it can be pretty confusing to pick one you like. Because we’d like to make it easier, we’ve created a brief synopsis of some of the most popular crystals for friendship.

Let’s take a look!

1. Moss Agate

The first crystal for friendship on our list is Moss Agate. This may not be a stone that you’re familiar with, but it is actually quite a nice tool to aid these kinds of relationships.

Moss Agate that can be used for strengthening friendship

It’s connected to the heart chakra, which makes it a great crystal for anxiety. That means you can use it to bring about a feeling of inner peace and create a sense of compassion and generosity.

Quarreling with a friend can be tough, and it can start to seem like things will never get back to how they were. Moss Agate can help you find the courage to say you’re sorry, so you can begin again. It is also thought to help you create and strengthen new friendships.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst, the next stone on the list, is a powerful healing stone to have by your side during the natural ups and downs of friendship.

Often used as a friendship amulet or talisman, Amethyst may help you get rid of negative attitudes, encourage healthy friendships, and attract the right souls. Using Amethyst can help you to feel a greater sense of serenity, abundance and self control.

Connected to the third eye chakra, Amethyst may bring you the awareness that’s needed to build good character and be more open to finding the right kind of friend.

3. Pink Opal

If you’re trying to make new friends, then Pink Opal is an excellent stone to work with.

A dirty Pink Opal stone

This is a soothing, heart chakra stone that helps to heal old traumas and fears that may be keeping you from seeking new friendships. You may find it easier to leave your comfort zone because you’ll have a new sense of confidence and self-acceptance. Pink Opal is also thought to provide protection from negative people and situations.

4. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal for friendship that is known to promote strong bonds.

A large Clear Quartz friendship crystal

This could be an existing friendship or one that’s new and needs a bit of a boost. Clear Quartz is also a great choice if you are struggling to keep a long distance connection going. 

Known as a master healer, Clear Quartz resonates with all of the chakras to bring balance and total healing. It provides strong protection from negative energy, and it works well when combined with other healing crystals.

5. Citrine

The bright and sunny energy of Citrine helps to encourage honesty, openness, and generosity.

A piece of Citrine that is dark orange

Citrine is strongly connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras and is all about confidence, vitality, and motavation. You’ll be ready to face new beginnings with joy, a feeling of abundance, and renewed enthusiasm.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of our favorite crystals for friendship. Not only is Rose Quartz beautiful to look at, but it’s a stone that is known to heal many negative aspects that can get in the way of a friendship.

A Rose Quartz friendship crystal

Heart chakra stones, such as Rose Quartz, are excellent for promoting self-confidence, compassion, loyalty, and generosity. Dealing with a broken heart or hurt feelings in your friendship? Rose Quartz is the stone to use when you want to heal past traumas, find a place of self-love, and develop a sense of empathy for others. 

Rose Quartz will help you to just be yourself, foster authentic friendships, and strengthen old ones. This stone is also about romantic energy, so friendships will sometimes blossom into something more.

7. Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful crystal that you can use to open your heart to the possibility of making positive changes that may lead to new friendships.

A friendship stone called Malachite

This is a heart chakra stone that is known for its power to protect from negative energies and toxic people. You’ll be drawn to real friends and not to people who will bring negativity to this relationship.

The high vibrations of this beautiful, green stone may help you to open your heart, increase your feeling of empathy towards others and to find an appreciation for simple uncomplicated love and friendship.

8. Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is a heart-centered crystal that is known for its ability to attract tons of positive energy.

Rough piece of Strawberry Quartz

As this positivity radiates outward, you may find that starting new friendships becomes easier. Strawberry Quartz is thought to increase passion, so don’t be surprised if a platonic friendship takes on a more romantic vibe.

9. Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is as calming and peaceful as looking into a beautiful, cloudless sky. This gorgeous stone is all about the inner peace that often comes with a connection to nature.

Rounded Blue Chalcedony stone

Blue Chalcedony is a wonderful friendship crystal because it is known to help you maintain a more positive attitude, find your inner compassion, and to foster feelings of generosity and gratitude.

This is a powerful stone for combating the negative energy that can throw a friendship off balance.

10. Unakite

Unakite is a beautiful heart chakra stone that’s full of gentle, loving energy. This is a very stabilizing stone that can help you find emotional balance, embrace compassion, and kindness and release your anger after a disagreement.

Thin piece of Unakite

Using Unakite is thought to help you to release thoughts and feelings that are no longer needed, so friendships damaged by conflict can heal and move forward.

11. Lapis Lazuli

We love Lapis Lazuli as a crystal for friendship because it’s all about creating an atmosphere of openness, honesty, and harmony. Use this stone when you need to overcome conflicts, clear up miscommunications, or find a diplomatic way of dealing with a difficult situation. 

A large chunk of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known to promote good mental health, bring about self-awareness, and allow you to communicate without fear or anxiety. This stone is associated with the third-eye and throat chakras for greater wisdom, calming energy, and the courage to speak your truth.

12. Labradorite

Labradorite is an excellent stone for anyone who lacks the confidence to make new friends. This is a stone that is all about spontaneity, positive changes and self discovery. Labradorite may help you to embrace change, view life with more optimism and find your sense of adventure. You’ll feel your shyness disappear as you are filled with enthusiasm and self confidence.

A small and smooth Labradorite friendship crystal

This is a stone for friendship that’s connected to the third eye and throat chakras, and it’s thought to increase intuition and broaden spiritual awareness. Labradorite is also a very protective stone that can help stop negativity in its tracks.

13. Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz is a transformational crystal for friendship that’s often referred to as the Stone Of Wisdom.

Light piece of Yellow Quartz

Making Yellow Quartz a part of your daily spiritual practice can help you to learn from both positive and negative experiences. You’ll feel yourself grow in self-confidence, and you may feel more satisfaction with the life you’re living.

This is a good stone for the solar plexus chakra because it helps you find your sense of personal power, develop greater clarity, and experience an uplifted and joyful spirit.

14. Peridot

Often called the Stone of Friendship, Peridot is a stone that’s full of good vibes. This brightly colored stone is like bringing a ray of sunlight to a friendship by sweeping away old traumas, guarding against harmful emotions like anger and jealousy, and clearing away negative energy. It’s no wonder that this loving and warm stone is connected to the heart chakra!

Raw and rough Peridot

Peridot will give you the self-worth and self-awareness that can help you make new friends and strengthen established friendships. 

15. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful friendship stone that is known to help you build strong new friendships, widen your social circle and bring you the wisdom and insight that’s needed to help you make the right kind of friends. You’ll also discover ways to strengthen your relationship with old friends.

Tiger's Eye that is small and has been smoothed

This is a very grounding crystal that is connected to both the root and sacral chakras. Using Tiger’s Eye is thought to help you build your confidence, keep a positive mindset and find your inner strength. You’ll have the courage it takes to take a deep look inside to discover what really matters to you.

16. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a friendship crystal that we really love for its ability to foster positivity and spiritual growth.

A Blue Apatite crystal for friendship

Sometimes negative emotions, such as jealousy, impatience and fear, can steer a promising connection off the rails. Blue Apatite is thought to combat these destructive emotions by absorbing negative energy and leaving behind a positive attitude that encourages strong friendships.

Because this crystal resonates with the throat chakra, you may find it easier to express your feelings, speak your truth, and really listen to what your friend has to say.

17. Hematite

If you feel like your friendship could use a little more grounding, then you may want to add Hematite to your daily healing routine. This is one of the best friendship crystals because it will help you to have the inner strength, self-confidence, and self-love that can help keep you away from people who are not true friends. 

Circular piece of Hematite

Hematite is a powerful protector against negative energy, and its daily use is thought to reduce stress, curb anxiety, promote vitality, and attract friends who will encourage you and help you to grow. 

18. Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is like a burst of sunshine after days of clouds and rain. This sunny yellow crystal just radiates positive energy and inner peace as it sweeps away negative energy and toxic thoughts.

Rough and dirty Yellow Topaz

This wonderful, upbeat stone is all about inner joy, gratitude, prosperity and the value of true friendships. Connected to the root, sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras, Yellow Topaz may bring you a sense of being grounded in what’s truly important while helping you to appreciate your own higher self.

19. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone to have with you on your friendship journey. This is a stone that strongly resonates with the throat chakra, so you may find that using Blue Lace Agate can bring you the ability to communicate more easily, explore respectful assertiveness, and have a greater sense of self-confidence. 

Beautiful piece of Blue Lace Agate

This is also a crystal that’s overflowing with love and positive energy. The calming energy of this lovely stone is thought to emit vibrations of pure joy, meaningful inner growth, harmony, and cooperation with others.

20. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a gentle and loving crystal that is perfect for any friendship. It’s connected to the heart chakra, and is known to be a very soothing and nurturing stone. Pink Tourmaline radiates positive vibrations that inspire the compassion and empathy that all strong friendships require. 

Raw piece of Pink Tourmaline

This crystal is not only useful in platonic friendships, but it’s also a wonderful tool to have when a friendship has the chance to turn into something more romantic. We also recommend this stone for keeping the spirit of friendship strong in a marriage or other long-term relationship.

21. Aquamarine

Like gentle waves in the ocean, the soothing vibrations of Aquamarine will take you to a place of inner peace. You’ll feel yourself relax as stress melts away, and you’ll find yourself ready to peacefully go with the ebb and flow of life. Once your mind and heart are free from anxiety, you’ll be more open to everything that a friendship can bring to your life. 

Close up view of an Aquamarine crystal

Use Aquamarine whenever you feel the need for a powerful boost of positive energy. This potent crystal for protection works hard to repel any negativity or toxic vibrations that are trying to invade your space. 

Everyone knows that good communication is an important part of a lasting friendship. Aquamarine, a stone associated with the throat chakra, may help to open up channels of communication that have become damaged by distance, hurt feelings or a lack of understanding.

How To Use Them

The only way to tap into the full potential of these crystals for friendship is to use them. There are so many ways in which friendship stones can be used to beautify and enrich your life, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites.

Of course each friendship is different, so feel free to come up with your own ways of tapping into the unique healing properties of these crystals.

Friendship Crystals Make Wonderful Gifts

What better way is there to tell your bestie that they mean the world to you than gifting them one of these friendship crystals? By turning one of these into a gift, you are telling your friend that you love and care for them and that you recognize their worth as an individual. Make it even more special by gifting the same stone to yourself. A friendship will thrive if you’re both focused on the same goal and are encouraged by the same vibrations.

Meditate With Your Crystal

An excellent time to use these crystals for friendship is during a meditation session. The path to a strong friendship almost never goes along without a bump or two, and disagreements, misunderstandings and hurt feelings can cause a lot of anxiety. 

Taking your friendship crystal with you to your meditation space will help you have a better understanding of where things went wrong, and you may be given the insight and courage to mend things in a gentle and loving way. 

If you are trying to foster a new friendship or strengthen an old one, meditating with one of these crystals can help you to turn all of your best intentions into reality.

Wear Your Friendship Crystal

Wearing one of these gemstones or crystals for friendship in a piece of jewelry serves several purposes. First of all, you’ll receive so much pleasure from simply wearing it in a lovely setting. Not only will it make you feel extra special, but it will spark admiration and joy in those around you. There are so many different and unique settings that you’ll be able to find the exact one to suit your taste and spirit.

Secondly, wearing these crystals ensures that the healing and protective properties of the stone are close to you at all times, and other people who are near you will benefit as well.

The last reason to wear your friendship crystals is that your friend can wear one too! If you’re both wearing the same stone, then you’ll always be connected to your friend even when you’re apart. 

Carry Them

If you’re not a jewelry person, then you can simply carry your crystal with you. Place it in your purse, pocket, backpack or briefcase to ensure that the vibrations and healing energy surround you wherever you go.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know all of the best crystals for friendship, it’s time to pick the ones that appeal to you. Depending on your situation and your personality, certain stones might sound better than others.

Listen to that instinct and pick some up! You’ll be amazed at the impact they can have.