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Black Obsidian: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

The black obsidian stone is a strong and beautiful stone that is known for combating and cleansing dark energy. Many people have turned to it in times of need over the years, and continue to do today.

This guide will go into the meaning, properties, and benefits that are tied to black obsidian. Trust us, this is a stone you’ll want to learn about!

History & Overview

Black obsidian is a natural old-world stone that humans have been utilizing since the dawn of time!

The smoky color and glass-like finish are a product of the powers of Earth. The stone develops deep beneath the soil. Lava from volcanic chasms cools down rapidly, creating the stone’s signature color!

Black obsidian goes by many names. It’s sometimes referred to as volcanic glass, xaga, and royal agate, among other names.

Black obsidian stone with powerful properties

Found naturally around the globe, black obsidian is revered by healers and spiritualists the world over! Its earliest uses, however, were more grounded and traditional. Humans typically harvested the stone for use in weapons and tools.

The jagged edges of cut black obsidian made it a popular choice for spears, arrowheads, and more. Records show ancient Mayans using the stone as far back as 100 B.C!

Eventually, the stone took on a more spiritual purpose. The stone’s glass-like gleam found its way to the scrying world. It was adopted by shamans and crystal-gazers, who believed that the stone gave seers a glimpse into otherworldly spiritual realms!

Today, black obsidian continues to be utilized in the healing world for a number of different benefits. It’s considered a powerful cleanser that grounds the soul and provides protection against dark energy.

Black Obsidian Meaning

This dark and mysterious stone has many different meanings for healers and meditators. But at its core, the most commonly accepted black obsidian meaning is all about cleansing dark energy.

All of its other potential benefits revolve around its ability to eliminate the smog of dark energy around your aura, providing a path for grounding light to reach you.

Black obsidian is a powerful stone of protection. The energy it emits has the ability to protect you from the darkness that lingers around every corner. Healers believe that its cleansing powers shed a light on the darkness that you may not even see or feel yourself!

Because of this, it’s often called the stone of truth. Many use this black stone to reveal mysteries about themselves while also unlocking information about the inner workings of the universe as a whole.

Despite all of this, the stone is considered to be incredibly grounding as well. Black obsidian’s cleansing energy can uncover energy, help you overcome the darkness that binds you, and help you feel more connected to reality and Mother Earth.

Healing Properties & Benefits

One look at black obsidian and you’ll know that this stone is truly special. Its mysterious glimmer has captivated humans throughout history, leading to a variety of uses.

But it’s far more than just a pretty crystal. Healers say that the black obsidian has a number of healing properties and benefits that can improve the mind, body, and soul in peculiar ways.

Here are some of the stone’s most noteworthy benefits.


Like many other healing stones, the benefits of black obsidian aren’t centered around your physical being directly. It’s all about enhancing what’s going on emotionally and spiritually.

However, healers believe that those improvements lead to noticeable physical improvements as well!

As a cleansing stone, use black obsidian for the purpose of positively addressing stress-related issues. Some examples of common issues that individuals use black obsidian for are digestive problems, acne, and even blood pressure.

A woman holding a polished black obsidian stone ball

This can likely be attributed to black obsidian’s calming energy and the effect it can have on your mental state. By removing darkness from your life, you’re free to focus on the good. The weight of the past is lifted, which is said to give your body a chance to regulate and recover.

Many users say that this stone brings a sense of calm that few others can replicate. This greater sense of calm and focus can lead to a reduction in anxiety and tension, allowing you to experience better overall health.

More directly, black obsidian is said to help flush out harmful toxins. Toxins are nothing new to the human body, as they can come from environmental conditions and lifestyle habits. However, some theorize that toxins can also build up in the body due to bad energy and negative emotions.

It’s said that black obsidian addresses those toxins directly, flushing them from your system to obtain balance and better health. Some even turn to black obsidian for the purpose of improving organ and biological functions for this very reason.

Many crystal healers believe that the stone enhances heart health, strengthens the circulatory system, and improves the function of the liver and gallbladder.


Your emotional state is where black obsidian will likely make the biggest impact (and where most of the benefits will be had).

Despite its dark and mysterious nature, the stone has the unique power to bring light into your life. This is one of the main healing properties that makes black obsidian so sought-after.

The dark sheen of the stone absorbs and cleanses negative energy, giving you the strength you need to step into the light confidently. It’s a popular stone for empaths, or those that are constantly surrounded by negativity. Whether that bad energy is coming from within or it’s directed at you from outside sources, black obsidian addresses can attack it head-on.

I found black obsidian at a time in my life when I was doubting myself and looking for answers. I believe the presence of this stone helped me navigate this dark period and find my way to the other side.

Life is about balance. But many are so wrapped up in negative thoughts that they’re unable to see the lighter side of things. This often prevents people from stepping away from bad situations or moving past wounds from the past.

Black obsidian may help you do just that. It can help you let go and live your life to the fullest! Not only that, but it can provide you with ongoing protection, keeping those dark forces at bay so they can’t envelop you.

Another big emotional benefit is the stone’s power to shed light on the truth. It can cut through the illusions and help you see things for what they really are.

This can have positive impacts on your life. Having the ability to see through facades is a power that will bring you more enlightenment, confidence, and positivity to your soul.

Many say that they experience a new perspective on areas of their life that they never paid much attention to before. This can help you approach relationships and love in a newfound light. Whether it gives you the strength to confront those issues head-on or walk away from toxic relationships that are incapable of changing, the emotional freedom it provides can help you achieve a healthier state of mind.


As mentioned earlier, black obsidian has a history of use with shamans and crystal-gazers. The stone is said to radiate physic energy that has a profound effect on the holder.

When used in meditation, it provides a stronger connection to realms beyond our Earthly plane. It allows you to accept protection from angelic guardians while also helping you to make contact with the spiritual world.

You might not be able to see those connections, but many feel them. It’s a sense of guidance and spiritual awakening! Black obsidian may unlock cosmic potential and precognition.

Rather than focusing on Earthly troubles and stresses, black obsidian allows you to escape the binds of your physical body and explore your spirituality more openly.

Some even say that black obsidian taps into the psyche to unlock previously unknown gifts. They say that the stone opens up your spirit and mind to receive clairvoyant messages from the heavens and beyond.

Gaze into the reflective finish and see what kinds of messages you receive!

Metaphysical Properties

Black obsidian has had a place in metaphysical healing for well over a millennium. The deep black stone radiates energy that’s capable of moving and balancing energy within you.

Many stones and crystals work with the seven major chakras along the spine. However, black obsidian is different.

It can certainly impact those chakras to help you experience greater auric balance, but the main impact it has is with the earth star chakra. This chakra is not located on the physical body. Rather it’s found about six to twelve inches below in your etheric body.

The powerful energy that resonates from black obsidian channels excess energy through to the earth star chakra.

Before it does that, the potent vibrations resonate with the lowest chakra, the root chakra. There, the stone works to strengthen your sense of being. This can provide more energy while making you feel stable and grounded.

Once the energy moves to the earth star chakra, you’re able to feel even more grounded and connected to Mother Earth and universal energies beyond our realm. Tapping into the earth star chakra can improve your sense of well-being, making you feel more content and at peace than ever before.

How To Use It

There are many ways to use black obsidian. The easiest (and most common) is to wear it as jewelry.

Black obsidian is a beautiful stone, so it’s not hard to find in both finished and raw form. Polished obsidian is often utilized in necklace pendants, beads, and more.

A black obsidian bracelet

As jewelry, the stone will have direct contact with your skin. This is the most effective way to connect with the stone and will allow you to enjoy the benefits of black obsidian wherever you go. When you have contact with black obsidian, you’ll become more receptive and able to enjoy its spiritual protection as you keep dark energy at bay.

Many owners view the mere presence of this stone as a powerful totem. It provides a constant reminder to be strong and always seek the truth!

Black obsidian can also be used for enhancing meditation practices. Tumbled and polished stones glide on the skin, making it easy to connect with several chakras throughout the body.

Put it on your third-eye chakra to open up your mind to cosmic messages and guidance. Then, work your way down to the root chakra to retain that sense of balance and stability.

Another option is to simply place the stone in your room. Large pyramids, cut sculptures, or raw slabs radiate energy that you can enjoy whenever you’re in the vicinity (this is great for finding peace while you sleep as well).

Zodiac Connection

Black obsidian has strong connections with several zodiac signs. While anyone can utilize the stone, Scorpios and Sagittarians have the most to gain. It can even support those who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign.

Obsidian is the birthstone for the Sagittarius sign. As a result, those born under the sign automatically have a deep connection to it. True Sagittarians can rely on black obsidian for guidance and protection.

Sagittarians are said to be adventurous and prone to jumping into action before considering the impacts of what they do. They radiate energy that pushes them to their next big adventure! The grounding powers of black obsidian keep Sagittarian from getting a little too impulsive, while also offering protection on their journey.

The same goes for Scorpios. Scorpios are passionate and fiery, but that intense energy can sometimes lead Scorpios down a path of negativity and darkness.

Black obsidian, once again, helps those born under the sign stay grounded and safe. It cleanses Scorpios, providing enough light for them to always find their way home.            

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the core black obsidian meaning is something that everyone can resonate with. When you combine that with the properties and benefits this stone can provide, it’s no wonder so many people want to keep it close!

If you’re someone who is looking to keep away dark and negative energy, I highly recommend giving this stone a shot.

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