Purple Fluorite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Purple Fluorite is an amazing stone that is rapidly growing in popularity. Due to its appealing meaning and strong healing properties, we’ve been getting questions about it quite regularly.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Purple Fluorite. We’ll cover its meaning, healing properties, and various benefits!

History & Overview

Fluorite is part of the halide family of gemstones. Within this family, you’ll find stones that are of every color in the rainbow. One of the most interesting (and beautiful) is Purple Fluorite.

Next to color, fluorescence is its most noticeable characteristic. What is fluorescence? To put it into simple terms, it means that when something is fluorescent, it has the ability to emit visible light after being exposed to UV light. This fluorescent quality is one of the reasons that Purple Fluorite has been associated with all things heavenly and spiritual.

One Purple Fluorite stone

These stones are found in places like Brazil, Norway, the United States, China and Australia. As you can see, this stone is fairly widespread, and perhaps that’s why so many cultures around the world have treasured the appearance and meaning of this  amazing stone. 

Legends of Purple Fluorite can be found as far back as the ancient Chinese, Roman, Celtic, French and American Indian cultures. Each civilization had its own way of using this stone within their particular cultural context.

In Ancient China, they believed that the properties of Purple Fluorite had the ability to protect the user from evil spirits. The Egyptians carved this stone into scarabs and statues of various gods. Other cultures created totems, amulets, talismans, bowls and decorative vessels. They all believed that anything made from this stone would bring the user healing and protection.

Purple Fluorite Meaning

Purple Fluorite has been used and admired by people since ancient days. Over time, as the healing properties of Purple Fluorite were discovered, it was given different nicknames. Some of the names for this stone that you may encounter include Dream Crystal, Genius Stone, Focus Stone and Home Of The Rainbow. 

The name of the stone, Fluorite, comes from the Latin word, fluere, which means to flow. This is supposed to refer to the way that Purple Fluorite flows along in harmony with other stones, and how its healing properties can help you to be in better harmony with others.

The meaning of Purple Fluorite is all about expanding and awakening the spirit.

It’s also known to be a crystal of protection that can help you ward off evil spirits and guide you safely through dreams. You may also feel yourself gaining more focus, increased mental acuity and deeper levels of thinking. 

Purple Fluorite is good for those who want a greater sense of self-discovery, greater self confidence and the ability to face challenges with courage and an open heart and mind. 

For many people, this is a fantastic crystal for creativity and being able to think outside the box. You’ll be more open to suggestions and to the ideas of others. This makes it an excellent stone for group situations.

Healing Properties & Benefits

We absolutely love Purple Fluorite for its enchanting beauty and its multifaceted healing properties. Using this crystal in your daily healing practice can bring about a slew of emotional, spiritual, and even physical benefits. 

Purple Fluorite, like all healing crystals, is meant to be incorporated into key aspects of your life. Whether you use it during a meditation session, place it in an amulet or use it in a feng shui setting, you will soon discover that Purple Fluorite fits nicely into your daily activities. 


It’s well known that your emotional health is linked to physical and spiritual health. Holding in emotions and not dealing with old baggage can lead to the manifestation of physical health issues. Purple Fluorite is used by crystal healing practitioners to heal a broad-spectrum of emotional issues, and we highly recommend giving this stone a try.

We know that it can be very frustrating if you feel like you just can’t move forward. Maybe your relationship is stuck in a rut, or maybe you are confused about the next step to take at your job or in life. If this sounds all too familiar, then you might want to try adding Purple Fluorite to your daily healing practice.

How can working with Purple Fluorite help? It is known for its role as an effective crystal for focus, providing a heightened ability to think things through as well as an often-needed boost of self confidence.

Purple Fluorite can help you face old fears and toxic emotions that can simmer under the surface. Once you get rid of old patterns of thinking, you’ll be able to move forward with courage and clear thinking.

The healing properties of Purple Fluorite can also get your creative juices flowing, remove writing blocks and help with brainstorming. It is also known to remove narrow minded thought patterns that can interfere with creativity and healthy communication.

The meaning of this stone can be a wonderful addition to group situations. Having this stone at a meeting or business planning session can bring about the harmony that is needed to form a unified and productive group.

Purple Fluorite is also known as a crystal for anxiety that can even enhance concentration.


For centuries, people have been using the properties of Purple Fluorite to reach higher levels of consciousness. This stone, with its ethereal fluorescence, seems to be a reflection of the spirit world and all its wonder. Purple Fluorite is a stone you can rely on to bring you to the spiritual heights you have always dreamed of.

Using this stone can awaken dormant powers of intuition that can lead to heightened psychic abilities and awareness. Get ready for an enhanced connection with both angelic beings and personal spirit guides. As you connect more strongly to Divine will, your ability to access various angelic beings increases. 

Purple Fluorite is also known to help with dream work, divination and many types of goddess work and rituals. Simply having its meaning nearby as a reminder to expand your spirit can be incredibly helpful.


For anyone who’s into alternative healing, Purple Fluorite is a stone that we think you’ll want to have handy. Its healing properties are often used on a wide range of body systems, and it’s a favorite among natural healers.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is a priority for pretty much everyone. If you’re looking for a way to naturally keep your immune system in top form, then you might want to consider Purple Fluorite. This potent healing stone is often used by crystal healing practitioners with the intention of boosting the immune system or even to help with inflammation.

For all things related to the respiratory tract, the healing properties of Purple Fluorite are often sought out as well. Whether you’re dealing with something like a cold or sinusitis, or if it’s something more serious, many practitioners will encourage you to add Purple Fluorite into your healing practice.

The healing properties of this stone are commonly used for issues with the bones and problems with the brain and nervous system as well. As you can see, Purple Fluorite is quite versatile!

Metaphysical Properties

Because this is such a spiritually in-tune stone, it should be no surprise that it is strongly connected to the third-eye chakra. The power of your third-eye is sometimes referred to as the “sixth-sense”, and it is your connection to higher thinking, intuition and self-reflection. Also, the third-eye is associated with the color purple, which is yet another reason why Purple Fluorite resonates so well with this chakra.

The metaphysical properties of Purple Fluorite make it a powerful stone to use during your meditation sessions. You can wear it as an amulet, or you can hold it in your hands. Use Purple Fluorite to cleanse your aura, recharge your third eye and rebalance your chakras in general.

Many people use this stone to bring balance to both hemispheres of the brain. During meditation, lay on your mat. Place an octahedron in each hand and put one above each eyebrow. As you meditate, have in mind the intention of clearing away unwanted and unhelpful thoughts. Focus on the harmony between the hemispheres and let the meaning of this stone resonate with you.

Ways To Use Purple Fluorite

There are numerous meaningful ways that the meaning and healing properties of Purple Fluorite can impact your everyday life. The idea is to have the vibrations of this stone as near to you as possible during the course of your entire day. Healing stones are not meant to be collected and then left in a box or pouch.

If you want to reap the full benefits of your Purple Fluorite, incorporate it into your routine.

One common way that people use healing stones is to put them into a jewelry setting. However, with Purple Fluorite, this is not always the best idea. Because this stone comes in at a four on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it is almost too soft and delicate for most traditional jewelry pieces. If your heart is set on Purple Fluorite jewelry, then we suggest using it in a large pendant or amulet. 

Purple Fluorite also lends itself very well to feng shui settings. Because this stone is considered to be a Yang stone, place it in an area where you need more energy, passion and brightness. The south part of your home or office space is considered to be the best place for Purple Fluorite.

Many people find it beneficial to place Purple Fluorite in their car, purse or under a pillow at night. The idea for this is to keep the healing vibrations of this stone as close as possible.

Purple Fluorite is thought to be able to fend off damaging electromagnetic energy from cell phones and computers, so it’s a good idea to place it on your desk or work area.

Probably the most popular way that Purple Fluorite is used is as a meditation focal point. Whether you use it as a raw piece, shaped into a pyramid or as a set of crystal clusters, the healing properties and meaning of Purple Fluorite make it a powerful meditation tool.

Stone Combinations

Purple Fluorite is an effective stone that works well in combination with many other healing crystals. Pairing the right stones together will ensure that each stone gives and receives equally. In other words, each healing crystal in the partnership will benefit from the vibrations of the other. Different stone combinations are used to target certain areas where healing is needed.

For example, if your current intention is to enhance your spiritual awareness, then you might want to pair the healing properties of Purple Fluorite with something like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz or Moonstone.

Are negative behavior patterns and bad habits getting in the way of your emotional and spiritual growth? Then try combining your Purple Fluorite with Emerald, Hematite, Amethyst or Lemon Jade.

Other stones that work well with Purple Fluorite include White Chalcedony, Marialite, Carnelian, Garnet and Tiger’s Eye. Of course, this is just a sampling of stones that are good for pairing with Purple Fluorite. There are many more, so ask someone with experience to help you come up with the combination that will work best for you.

How To Cleanse It

All crystals need to be cleansed before being used for the first time, or if it has been laying around for a while. If you use your crystal on pretty much a daily basis, it will need to be cleansed at least once a week.

Purple Fluorite on top of crystals

There are lots of ways to cleanse a healing crystal, but it all depends on the physical and vibrational characteristics of the stone. For example, many stones can be easily and safely cleansed in warm, soapy water. Purple Fluorite, a four on the Mohs Hardness Scale, is too soft and delicate to be immersed in water and needs to be cleansed in other ways.

One common way to gently cleanse your Purple Fluorite is to smudge it with the smoke of a sacred herb, and White Sage is often the herb of choice. Place your stone in the smoke of a White Sage leaf and wait for the smoke to rise evenly around the stone. Once you sense that the smoke and the stone have created a healing relationship, the cleansing is done. This process only takes a few minutes, but it’s a powerful cleansing method.

Giving your Purple Fluorite a bath in moonlight serves the dual purpose of cleansing and charging your stone. Ideally, this moonlight treatment should take place two to three days before or after the full moon. It’s both safe and recommended that you try to do this every night within this period. The healing properties of your stone will benefit from this gentle yet potent method. Leave your Purple Fluorite on a window sill in the moonlight for at least a couple of hours. Overnight is best.

Other cleansing methods include placing your crystal in brown rice, using a crystal tuner and placing it in a bowl of Quartz chips.

Zodiac Connection

Many healing stones have a connection to specific zodiac signs. The meaning and properties of Purple Fluorite are thought to have a strong connection with anyone born under the sign of Pisces. This is not to say that if you’re not a Pisces that you can’t use it in your healing practice (especially if you happen to feel a special attraction to this stone). It’s just that a Pisces tends to derive the most benefit from using Purple Fluorite.

The very nature of a healing crystal is to help the person working with it to become more well-balanced and content. A Pisces, like anyone else, is forever fighting the internal battle between the good and not so good sides of their personality. The healing properties of Purple Fluorite seem to have the ability to give a Pisces the edge they need to bring everything into better balance.

If you’re a Pisces, or you have close dealings with one, you’ll know that they can be a bit on the emotional side. This isn’t always a bad thing because they are also fiercely loyal and feel friendships deeply. Using Purple Fluorite can help a Pisces channel their emotions in a direction that leads to more balance and stability.

However, Purple Fluorite will also work on enhancing the positive Pisces characteristics of generosity, resilience and creativity.

Closing Thoughts

Purple Fluorite has a meaning that’s all about taking your spirit to a new level. While many of us can feel defeated or disconnected with the universe, there’s always the potential to break free and thrive!

If you have any questions about this stone or if there’s a random situation you think it might be good for, send us a message! We’d love to chat.