21 Strong Root Chakra Stones & Crystals For Stability

Root chakra stones can be incredibly helpful if you’re trying to remain grounded and bring more stability into your life.

But with so many stones out there that can impact your root chakra, it can be hard to identify which ones are the most effective!

To make things easy, we put together this handy list to help you find the right root chakra stone for you.

The Importance Of The Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is one of the most important. It’s the very first chakra and acts as the entry point for grounding energy. This energy radiates from the Earth and is said to spin clockwise as it enters your physical and spiritual being.

Also known as Muladhara, this chakra’s purpose is right in its name. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, “Mula” is the word for “root”. Meanwhile, “Adhara” roughly translates to “support”.

The root chakra is your base of self-preservation and security. It’s said to be where your primal instincts of survival come from. The chakra is responsible for your connection to Earth. Much like the roots of a tree, it’s the foundation of your very being!

Muladhara isn’t just about feeling secure in the physical realm. It also sways your mental and spiritual health. A well-balanced root chakra helps you feel purpose. The energy flowing through the chakra reminds you of your place in the world and provides a sense of security in all facets of life.

When the chakra becomes imbalanced, you can end up feeling lost, confused, and scatter-brained. It causes many to feel like their life is in a standstill. Luckily, many root chakra stones can help keep it balanced, allowing you to experience safety and stability in your life.

1. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a mystifying root chakra stone that’s said to have strong grounding powers. Like other forms of Quartz, it radiates and magnifies energy, making it one of the more powerful stones out there.

A Smoky Quartz crystal

Imbued with wisps of dark brown, the Quartz gets its color from underground radiation that comes from granite. The unique appearance of Smoky Quartz resulted in some fascinating lore.

It was sacred to the Druids of ancient Celtic cultures. The stone represented the dark power of Earth Gods and Goddesses!

Today, Smoky Quartz is often recommended to those that need emotional and spiritual healing. It can help you move on from difficult traumas in the past. The stone is thought to ground you to the present, allowing you to move forward and find purpose.

2. Goldstone

Contrary to popular belief, Goldstone is not naturally occurring. It’s a man-made root chakra stone that consists of gypsum and feldspar. Available in many colors, Goldstone is filled with beautiful flecks that reflect the stars of the cosmos!

A polished Goldstone gemstone for the Root Chakra

Despite its man-made nature, Goldstone is still revered among healers. According to legend, the stone first came to be by accident when medieval monks tried to create the famed Philosopher’s stone. Even then, it was thought to hold strong powers.

To many, Goldstone is the stone of inspiration. It’s said to bring lofty ideas down to Earth, allowing you to turn them into reality! Goldstone is also a powerful protector.

Back in medieval times, it was used to ward off evil spirits. Healers say that those protective abilities are still present. It can help keep you protected from dark energy.

3. Red Carnelian

Known as the stone of motivation and endurance, Red Carnelian is said to have a big impact on the root chakra. As the name would suggest, this stone has a deep, fiery red color that ignites the flames of passion!

One Red Carnelian root chakra stone

It’s a favorite for creative individuals. The stone helps to inspire masterful works of art while also removing self-doubt. Here is where its effects on the root chakra come in.

Red Carnelian is thought to put a stop to complacency. It provides that boost of confidence and willpower you need to make the changes you’re after. The stone doesn’t just affect your creativity. It can give you the courage to make positive choices in all areas of your life.

4. Black Obsidian

One look at black obsidian and you’ll know its purpose. The dark stone is all about cleansing your mind, body, and spirit of dark energy. Healers say that the stone eliminates the smog of your aura, providing a grounding light for you to move forward.

A polished piece of black obsidian

Forged from the rapid cooling of lava, black obsidian is said to be just as powerful as it looks. It absorbs the darkness that lingers around every corner of your being. The cleansing process is thought to remove the dark haze, helping you live in the present and see things for what they really are.

It’s a fantastic grounding stone that works in tandem with the root chakra.

5. Cuprite

Cuprite is a copper oxide mineral that can take on a wide range of colors depending on the impurities it holds. The most sought-after specimens are bright crimson red.

A large piece of raw Cuprite

Cuprite is said to have dense energy that makes it a great stone for the root chakra. It opens and activates the chakra, improving energy flow and providing some much-needed balance.

The stone’s effects are best felt by those feeling disconnected from life. Healers often recommend it to those who suffer from ongoing feelings of physical and mental lethargy.

The vibrant red stone instills a sense of strength. It gives you a will to live and lights a fire in your soul!

6. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is another root chakra stone that’s overflowing with passionate energy. Like prized cuts of Cuprite, it has a fiery red hue like the flames of conviction! But don’t let the color fool you. It’s said to have nurturing energy that complements the root chakra.

A polished piece of Red Jasper for the Muladhara chakra

This stone is all about self-confidence and endurance. It has an uncanny ability to encourage focus in times of stress. Rather than letting your mind wander with scattered thoughts, it’s thought to provide tunnel vision clarity.

Red Jasper can also stoke the flames of creativity. It lights that inner fire to help you reach your full potential.

7. Poppy Jasper

This root chakra stone is similar to Red Jasper. It has a similar color and composition. But the main difference of Poppy Jasper is the injections of Quartz and Hematite. It forms after standard Jasper fractures. The additional minerals fill the void, creating unique patterns of white, yellow, black, and brown.

The cool thing about Poppy Jasper is that it holds many different kinds of energies. Not only are you getting the benefits of Jasper, but you may also reap the emotional and spiritual rewards of those spots!

This is a stone of happiness and joy. It works with the root chakra to encourage activity and help you find compassion in everyday life.

8. Onyx

Available in many forms and colors, Onyx is a brilliant stone that’s often used by meditators to stimulate the root chakra. 

A polished black Onyx stone

Many believe that Onyx initiates change. It inspires feelings of personal power and can give you the strength to conquer your fears. Of course, it’s not just limited to physical manifestations of fear. Onyx can also help you confront emotional phobias that are holding you back.

It radiates calming energy that is perfect for self-discovery. During a session of meditation, it can help you stand face-to-face with your fears. It gives you the power to overcome feelings of self-doubt, allowing you to live with more purpose.

9. Jet

Jet is an interesting root chakra stone that goes through a unique formation process. It actually starts as pieces of woody material that degrades below the Earth’s surface. After intense heating and millions of years, it becomes the hard and shiny rock we know today.

A shiny Jet stone specimen

Jet is all about letting go of bad energy and focusing on the present. The stone is said to help you clear your mind of bad thoughts that hold you back or prevent you from doing the things you want. It replaces those thoughts with laser focus, steering you towards the thoughts that truly matter.

It grounds you to the present. Not only that, but the stone is thought to help you own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and move forward.

10. Garnet

Garnet is another mineral that comes in many forms. Known for its intense coloration and luster, you often see Garnet rocks in luxury jewelry!

A powerful root chakra stone named Garnet

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it, this stone can purify and balance your root chakra. It’s a revitalizing mineral that brings a passionate energy to your life.

Many say that Garnet provides calming stability. It can get rid of old and unproductive behaviors. Meanwhile, it encourages growth and instills a sense of self-confidence! By extracting bad energy, Garnet leaves behind a newfound strength to believe in yourself and find purpose in all aspects of your life.

11. Hematite

High in iron content, Hematite is a heavy root chakra stone that radiates Earth’s grounding energy. It’s particularly effective with the root chakra. Healers say that the stone clears blockages in the chakra, bringing balance to your body’s energy flow.

Hematite being used for the Muladhara chakra

Since the Ancient Greeks, Hematite has been associated with connecting the body to the physical realm. It has a knack for easing troubled minds and providing a sense of stability.

If you feel uneasy with life and need a bit of guidance, the stone can provide positive change from the moment you touch it! If you keep it near you, many believe that Hematite will protect you from negative energy to ensure that your sense of security stays.

12. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a popular root chakra stone that some think empowers the root chakra. It doesn’t just cleanse or align it. The stone transmits energy to make beneficial changes in the chakra that much more apparent!

One Black Tourmaline crystal

With its dark and edgy appearance, you would think that Black Tourmaline is a stone to avoid. But, it’s thought to promote positive thinking, happiness, and good fortune.

When used during meditation, it works with the root chakra to repel negativity no matter where it’s coming from. It essentially acts as a form of metaphysical armor. Dark Tourmaline can prevent dark energy radiating off of other people from taking hold on.

13. Bloodstone

Known as the stone of courage and bravery, Bloodstone is a powerful spiritual healer. A form of Jasper, Bloodstone has a deep history and a strong connection with religion and culture. Predominantly green, most cuts feature red and amber to create a truly awe-inspiring look.

A root chakra Bloodstone

This colorful composition is said to reflect growth, fearlessness, and strength. Popular in meditative healing circles, Bloodstone helps you identify the benefits of dark situations. Instead of lingering on past traumas and pain, you can learn from your experiences to become a stronger person.

In addition to healing existing emotional and spiritual pain, Bloodstone is said to provide ongoing protection. It can protect you from threats even if you can’t see them straight away.

14. Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper is another root chakra stone that played a very important role in ancient cultures. It was an amulet for good luck and protection. In Ancient Egypt, it was frequently used for rituals, amulets, and jewelry.

Today, Brown Jasper is a popular worry stone. Many people use it as a talisman for staying calm and level-headed in uncomfortable situations. It may provide a sense of stability even when facing adversity.

It’s said to emit cleansing energy. Not only does it help rid your body of negativity, but it may also balance your aura. When used alongside meditation, it works with the root chakra to restore that sense of security that many lose.

15. Moqui Marbles

Here’s a unique stone that seems tailor-made for healing. Moqui Marbles are spherical stones that consist of sandstone and iron. The exterior shell is a form of Hematite, providing a ton of innate grounding energy.

Two Moqui Marbles

The unique thing about Moqui Marbles is that their energy radiance is said to reflect their size! Large marbles offer deep and slow transmutation. Meanwhile, smaller ones are fast and vibrant!

Whatever you use, this stone is all about protection. It keeps you safe from negative energy. It’s said to be particularly effective for emotional distress and mental exhaustion. No matter what you’re feeling, many believe Moqui Marbles keep you protected while firmly rooting you to reality.

16. Black Jasper

Black Jasper is one of the rarer forms of Jasper. Opaque and dark, this stone is said to provide a prevailing defense against harmful energies.

One shiny Black Jasper stone

Like other root chakra stones, it connects to the powerful vibrations of Earth. It keeps you grounded in reality while encouraging a new approach to familiar emotions.

If you’re going through a difficult time, it can give you the strength to overcome obstacles on an emotional level. You can manifest change from within, helping you become more productive and determined to conquer whatever is standing in your way.

Black Jasper provides great stability and restores a bit of realism in your life.

17. Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a real looker! It’s similar in composition to standard Obsidian. But, inclusions of Hematite and Magnetite create pops of rusty red throughout. Many say that the Hematite strengthens the stone’s grounding capabilities.

A Mahogany Obsidian stone for the root chakra

The stone activates the root chakra and works to release you from your own perceived limitations. It lifts those old burdens and helps you let go of any baggage that’s stunting your personal, emotional, and spiritual development.

You can get rid of hesitation and unlock dormant creative energy. It can help you find a new purpose, imbuing you with the passion you need to manifest change. Many swear by the stone’s ability to make you feel present again.

18. Vanadinite

If you need a bit of encouragement, Vanadinite may be for you. This stone is pretty unique in terms of formation and appearance.

A large Vanadinite crystal

It develops in lead deposits and forms hexagonal crystals. Needless to say, it’s a gorgeous root chakra crystal that’s sought-after by collectors and healers the world over.

Vanadinite connects to the root chakra and helps you tune in to Earth’s frequencies more efficiently. It’s said to provide a more meaningful connection to your surroundings while encouraging you to make your goals a reality.

It’s said to emit loving energy that can lift your spirits no matter what life throws at you!

19. Ruby

This eye-catching root chakra crystal is considered by many to be one of the most magnificent gems in existence. It’s not hard to see why! It’s a brilliant stone with a deep red color and gorgeous luster. Thanks to its beauty, it’s been used by royalty since the dawn of man!

Seven Ruby crystals on a table

Sometimes called the crystal of hope and excitement, Ruby is said to tap into your passions and desires. It instills a sense of passion in the things you love, bringing new purpose and motivation.

When it activates the root chakra, it’s said to help you build anticipation and hope for the future. To do this, the stone encourages you to be thankful for the things you have today.

20. Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye is said to radiate motivational energy that can help you rediscover your passions!

Three Red Tiger's Eye stones

Many call upon the stone to reconnect with skills and abilities they have lost joy with. Tapping into Red Tiger’s Eye may help you unlock a newfound interest in the things that make you who you are!

Crystal healers say that Red Tiger’s Eye combines Earth’s energies with the Sun’s energies. It creates a balance from above and below, helping you feel present in the moment. The stone is thought to clear the chaos of dark energy in your metaphysical body, providing passion and joy once again.

21. Bronzite

A powerful meditation stone, Bronzite is revered for its stabilizing energy. With regular mindful meditation, healers say that the stone boosts your self-confidence and infuses your spirit with the strength to conquer anything.

Slightly polished Bronzite

If you feel powerless and lost, Bronzite may recharge your spirit and give you the stability you crave. Not only does it repel dark energy, but the stone can also help you learn from it.

It’s said to restore harmony and put you on the same rhythm as the cosmos. Instead of letting bad situations throw your energy out of whack, the stone helps you learn to go with the punches and approach every situation with a newfound sense of confidence.

Common Ways To Use These Stones

There are many ways to use these root chakra stones. The trick is to learn about the types of energy they give off. Understand their meaning and open yourself up to accepting their healing properties!

Here are a few common ways to utilize these stones effectively.

Direct Meditative Contact

You may need some help getting set up here! But once you have everything in position, you’re free to be mindful and accept a stone’s vibration.

Healers say that the most impactful way of using a stone is to place it on the afflicted chakra. For the root chakra, this involves lying face down and setting the stone at the base of your spine.

Another option is to hold the stone in your hand. You can also create a directional pointer with four Quartz points. Quartz is thought to magnify the effects of crystal. So, you can use it alongside your chosen stone for even greater potential effects.

Carry With You Each Day

If you want to use the stone as a stabilizing talisman, carry it on you at all times. There’s no better way to do that than with jewelry.

A simple pendant or bracelet keeps the stone on the skin, allowing you to take in its grounding energy. Some fabricators also create beads, brooches, and other forms of wearable art.

Worry Stone

Here’s a simpler alternative to jewelry. When tumbled or polished, these minerals make wonderful worry stones. Keep the root chakra stone in your pocket to receive its protection and grounding energy. 

If you ever find yourself faced with a challenge, rub the stone in your hands. Doing so will remind you to stay present and encourage you to think rationally.

Radiant Decor

Finally, you can use these root chakra stones as decor. No matter the form, placing the stones in various places around your house can help you take advantage of the energy they provide.

Try placing it in your meditation room or bedroom for ongoing protection. Or, place it near an entrance to purify any energy before it comes in. 

There’s no limit to what you can do with healing stones as decor. Combine stones to receive the benefits you want.

Time To Pick!

Now that you know with the most powerful and effective root chakra stones, it’s time for you to pick your favorite. Certain stones and crystals will appeal to you more than others, and that’s for a reason.

All of the stones on our list have one thing in common: the ability to balance the root chakra. However, there are a number of additional properties that can fit with what you seek in life.

The right stone can make all the difference.

About Author

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.