21 Best Stones And Crystals For Good Luck (Powerful)

Lucky stones and crystals have been around for quite a while. No matter what time period or civilization you look at, humans have kept these little talismans close.

Because there are so many options out there, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the best stones and crystals for luck. All you need to do is scroll through and find your favorite!

1. Moldavite

Moldavite is a unique lucky stone that many believe originated from the cosmos. It’s thought to have been created billions of years ago when a meteorite crash-landed in the modern-day Czech Republic. The impact was so severe that the meteorite broke through the crust, slammed into the Earth’s core, and created this gorgeous stone.

A Moldavite luck crystal

Nicknamed “The Stone of Transformation,” Moldavite is all about good fortune. Throughout history, it’s acted as an amulet for prosperity and luck. It also has a healing touch that many say gives off a warm aura whenever you get near.

Moldavite is a powerful crystal that can help you tap into the powers of your Third Eye. Yet, it keeps you grounded and safe on your ventures.

2. Amazonite

Amazonite is a vibrant good luck stone with a physical appearance to match the energy it produces.

Amazonite good luck stone

Available in a wide range of colors, most of the samples you’ll see on the crystal market are deep bluish-green. Like taking a plunge in the cooling waters of a spring-fed stream, Amazonite creates a wash of calm and serenity over whoever holds it.

The stone grants clarity and wisdom, which many say opens up the doors to good fortune and luck. It rids the mind of fog that could lead to bad decision-making. Instead, you can see your destiny for what it really is and learn what you need to do to get there. 

3. Tiger’s Eye

This lucky stone is a favorite among crystal-healers. The distinct striations were long thought to represent the powers of the “All-Seeing Eye.” Even today, many believe that this striped stone holds powers that go beyond what our Earthly minds can comprehend.

A shiny Tiger's Eye lucky stone

As one of the most powerful stones for building self-confidence, it is truly transformative. Tiger’s Eye is all about building inner strength. It pushes you to learn from past failures and lights a fire of passion under you to accomplish your goals.

It’s also said to attract luck and protection wherever you go. The stone’s ability to manifest your destiny can lead to prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.

4. Garnet

Gleaming with pomegranate-colored hues, Garnet is a breathtaking crystal with tons of historical lore. Since the dawn of time, the precious lucky gemstone has always meant a lot to humans. A symbol of love and passion, it’s a wonderful stone that can bring luck when you least expect it.

Deep red piece of Garnet

Highly uplifting and compassionate, Garnet is a masterful healer that can address all of the issues holding you back. It’s said to provide balance in your life while also acting as a last-ditch lifeline in moments of crisis.

Garnet brings about good fortune, helping you stay in good graces and make decisions that lead to prosperity.

5. Peridot

Peridot has a summery-green color and the perfect good-luck vibes to match. It’s a vibrant stone that’s rich in magnesium and iron, which is why it has its signature coloration.

One thin Peridot stone

In terms of energy, Peridot is unique. Its good vibes help you stay focused and find your purpose.

In a chaotic world, Peridot is the stabilizing light that so many people need. It lets you bask in the glory of calm and relish in the peace of maturity. Rather than holding onto old egocentric feelings and resentful attitudes, Peridot helps you move forward.

It puts your true purpose into focus, showing you how to make it happen and create your own luck.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most iconic stones in the crystal kingdom. Known for its delicate hues and feminine energy, Rose Quartz is a loving crystal for luck that can bring you especially good fortune in the romance department.

A good luck crystal called Rose Quartz

This blushing-pink crystal is gentle and nurturing. It has the innate ability to heal broken hearts while opening you up to accepting love wherever it comes from. It’s not just romantic love this crystal relishes in. You can also improve familial relationships and friendships.

Whatever the case may be, Rose Quartz puts you lucky and in love. It attracts all the right energy and can help you manifest the type of relationship you need most in your life.

7. Pyrite

Often called “Fools Gold,” Pyrite is a beautiful form of iron sulfide. It has a lustrous metallic sheen, giving it a strikingly similar appearance to gold. But of course, this stone isn’t as rare or as valuable as its mineral cousin.

A chunk of Pyrite

All that said, many believers say that Pyrite can help you attract the real thing. It’s a lucky crystal that can bring about abundance and good fortune. Holding it is said to attract wealth prosperity. 

For this reason, many like to hold it as a good luck charm or place it around their home and office. Wherever you put it, Pyrite’s lucky energy is potent and pure.

8. Blue Kyanite

Kyanite is a crystal that comes in many different forms. While all the other colors are quite breathtaking, Blue Kyanite is one of the most sought-after. It’s not just because of its beauty, either.

Long piece of Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a lucky stone that can bring good fortune to every facet of your life. However, many say that it’s particularly effective at influencing your job and fortune. Holding onto it may attract wealth and success at every turn.

Blue Kyanite is also the “Stone of Attunement.” It makes you hyper-aware of your surroundings and your place in the world. Many believe that its unique clarity is why so many holders can attract good luck into their lives.

9. Labradorite

Labradorite is the embodiment of spiritual mysticism. It was once thought to be cosmic light trapped into a stone! While its meaning has evolved since its early discovery by aboriginals, Labradorite’s reputation for other-worldly energy remains.

A polished lucky Labradorite stone after being polished

It’s one of the most spiritually connected stones in existence. Tapping into your third-eye and crown chakras, it’s thought to help you connect to the spirit world and unlock any mystical powers you never knew you had.

In terms of luck, Labradorite is all about freedom and abundance. It’s thought to attract good fortune in many different forms. Whether that’s monetary or spiritual depends on the holder!

10. Citrine

Citrine is another wildly popular crystal with a reputation for bringing a lot of luck into your life. Kissed by the sun’s energy, Citrine is all about positivity. It’s an optimistic crystal for good luck that can cleanse your aura and bring some positivity into your life.

Citrine gemstone cluster

This crystal’s primary job is emotional healing. It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel or a beacon of hope in the flurry of night. The crystal illuminates your being with positive energy, blasting away dark and stagnant energy you don’t need.

In this process, Citrine is said to attract good luck and fortune. It works to induce positive change in your life.

11. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals in the metaphysical healing world. Known as an energy amplifier, it’s capable of significantly magnifying the effects of complementary stones. But of course, it has its own benefits as well.

An angular piece of Clear Quartz

This crystal is the personification of light and positivity. A powerful healer, it can whisk away bad energy while boosting the light that’s already inside of you.

When used alongside other good luck crystals, Clear Quartz is a master luck-bringer. It’s said to attract luck from every corner of your life, creating a focal point of positive energy that heals your very being.

12. Carnelian

The energy that comes from Carnelian is potent and life-changing. Carnelian is a stone of passion, reinvigorating the soul and energizing your entire being. It’s one of the most beneficial lucky stones for those who are feeling stagnant and lost.

One bright orange Carnelian stone

Rather than wallowing in pity or despair, Carnelian ignites your passions and helps you discover a new purpose.

Healers say that Carnelian is a magnet of luck as well. The comforting energy it produces is like a glut of vitality, attracting fortune at every turn.

The stone is an especially powerful companion for artistic individuals. It’s thought to spark inspiration, pushing creatives to come up with their best ideas yet.

13. Aventurine

Sometimes called “The Gambler’s Stone,” Aventurine is the ultimate luck amulet. It’s a favorite among risk-takers and has always attracted big dreamers looking to do more than what their current life has to offer.

Clean piece of green aventurine

It’s a stone of prosperity that helps you create your own good luck. It does this by changing how you think and altering your approach to all of life’s challenges. The stone tackles old wounds and self-destructive thoughts that hold you back.

In their place, it fills you with passion and a drive to be all that you can be! It sends good-luck vibes in your direction. But at the end of the day, this stone is all about testing fate and challenging Lady Luck on your own volition.

14. Ammonite

Ammonite is an awe-inspiring lucky stone that gives us a glimpse into the past. Technically speaking, it’s not a stone at all. Rather it’s a fossil. In fact, Ammonite is probably one of the most recognizable types of fossils around!

This stone is the fossilized remains of a now-extinct mollusk. It features great detail, replicating the spiral shape of a creature that once roamed our oceans.

The spiral design is said to represent change and motion. Believers say that it brings about positive change and good luck, allowing you to reach your full potential despite a current life of complacency. The stone pushes you to move forward and fulfill your purpose. 

15. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stabilizing crystal that helps you find solace amidst a sea of chaos. Glimmering with purple and pink hues, it’s a captivating crystal to anyone fortunate enough to come across it. To those that hold or wear it, the benefits are profound.

An Amethyst good luck crystal

Amethyst is a crystal for good luck, change, and understanding. A powerful emotional healer, it does much more than wipe away bad energy at the surface level. It facilitates deep dives into your darkest emotional wells, pushing you to learn from all your past experiences.

With this emotional journey comes good fortune and prosperity. There’s a lot to gain from past mistakes. Amethyst puts that knowledge in your pocket, allowing you to succeed and attract good luck.

16. Malachite

Malachite is as green as lush patches of four-leaf clovers. It’s a gorgeous stone filled with swirling natural hues and an organic luster.

Malachite with intricate patterns

When it comes to healing, Malachite is a herald of change. This lucky stone is highly transformative. It’s said to get rid of dark energy and produce positive change that can change your life.

A robust auric protector, it casts a shield around your body and prevents any dark energy from penetrating you. It flushes out unwanted energy and gives you more courage than you’ve ever had before.

With all that change comes the power to manifest what you truly need. This stone gives you the gusto to make moves and attract your own luck.

17. Smoky Quartz

Not to be confused with its clear counterpart, Smoky Quartz is a little rough around the edges. It has a darker appearance, combining the beautiful luster of Clear Quartz with mysterious wisps of darkness.

One shaved down Smoky Quartz crystal

This crystal is all about finding stability and proper footing in our crazy world. The smoky wisps are said to represent the dark energy it protects you from. A sacrificial crystal, it takes on the burden of bad energy so that you don’t have to.

Smoky Quartz keeps you grounded no matter how turbulent the world gets. It’s calming and nurturing, showing you how to let go of pent-up emotions so that you can start anew.

When it comes to luck, Smoky Quartz pushes you to find success on your own. With its emotional purification, the crystal puts the power in your hands. 

18. Amber

Amber is a prehistoric mineral. While it’s part of the crystal kingdom, it’s not a crystal at all. It’s fossilized chunks of tree sap. Some samples even contain old insects or animal parts, acting as a timestamp of our past.

Transparent piece of Amber resin

In crystal healing, Amber is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. Not only does it balance your emotions, but it eliminates fear and imbues you with strength. It encourages you to manifest your own destiny instead of waiting for karma to work in your favor.

It attracts good luck too! By dissolving bad energy, you can create some good juju to put out into the world.

19. Tektite

Tektite is a form of natural glass that’s found all over the world. Like Moldavite, this mineral has an out-of-this-world origin. Tektite was created from the intense heat of meteorite strikes during more turbulent times in Earth’s history.

Small and smooth piece of Tektite

It’s black, rough, and mysterious. The stone is also mighty powerful. In metaphysical healing, it aligns and activates every one of your chakras to ensure that life force energy can flow freely.

In turn, you’re able to become a well-rounded person and attract luck wherever you go. It grants positive energy and puts good vibes into the universe.

20. African Turquoise

African Turquoise is a beautiful (albeit misleading) stone. A form of Jasper that’s exclusively mined in Africa, it only looks like standard Turquoise. 

Rounded piece of African Turquoise

In crystal healing, African Turquoise is a powerful stone for good luck that fosters change from within. Called the “Stone of Evolution,” it pushes you to grow and mature with the changing tides. Instead of holding onto energy that no longer serves you, the stone helps you let go so that you can move on.

It awakens you to your true purpose and shines a light on your destiny once you can look past the darkness that binds you. Find your own luck and watch your good fortune roll in.

21. Jade

Jade is the quintessential crystal for good luck. Ever-popular in Eastern cultures, you can see it adorning everything from jewelry to statues!

Natural jade gemstone

The green-colored gemstone is a mighty luck-bringer, attracting karmic retribution for good deeds. It’s often associated with wealth and prosperity, pushing its penchant for luck even further.

Beyond that, Jade is also a fantastic emotional and spiritual healer. It helps build confidence and allows you to accept the things you cannot change. Many believe that its energy is naturally calming, making it the perfect addition to any room.

How To Use These Stones

There are many ways to use lucky stones and crystals. There’s no right or wrong way to introduce it into your life. As long as it’s within your auric field, you’re free to take advantage of its benefits.

Many utilize these stones as small tokens of good fortune. You’ll often see people holding the stones in their pocket and rubbing them whenever some good luck is in order. It’s a common sight in casinos and lottery tables!

For easier stone management, you can also wear them as jewelry. Artisans use crystals and stones to fabricate stunning jewelry pieces that are just as potent as ever. As jewelry, the crystals stay within your auric field to sway your chakras, attract luck, and grant protection.

Of course, you can also utilize stones and crystals as interior decor. The minerals we went over are certainly worthy of being put on display! In your home or workplace, they can generate luck and create a pool of healing energy you’ll love to relish in.

Feel free to experiment with how you use these crystals. Implement them into your daily routine and use them for meditation. No matter how you use them, they’ll be there to send some good luck your way!

Closing Thoughts

Keeping some stones and crystals for good luck nearby is something that anyone can benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping for something in particular, or simply want to keep yourself on the right side of chance throughout the day.

Let us know if you have questions about any of the stones listed above. We’re more than happy to share additional information or provide recommendations!

About Author

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.