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Amethyst Meaning: Healing Properties, History & Use

The meaning of Amethyst has drawn people in for ages. When you add the raw beauty and exciting healing properties to the equation, it’s no wonder that this has been such a popular stone for so long.

This guide will explore the meaning, properties, powers, and history of this amazing purple crystal!

History & Overview

Perhaps the most well-known healing crystals in existence, Amethyst has a powerful meaning and is a must-have for any meditator or collector. The stone has a natural beauty that offers alluring hues of purple and pink. But that’s not why Amethyst is so beloved!

Amethyst has transcendent energy that helps you feel more connected with yourself and the universe around you. It’s an indispensable crystal to have in your collection and one that may have life-altering effects that last a lifetime. 

A colorful Amethyst stone

The beauty and awe-inspiring nature of Amethyst is nothing new. It’s revered the world over. Not only that, but it’s played an essential part in cultures throughout history.

Amethyst is part of the hexagonal crystal system and is a purple variety of Quartz. Ranging from deep violet to soft pink, the exact color depends on the amount of iron and trace elements it contains. Either way, all Amethyst samples have a vitreous finish that gives the stone its signature luster. 

Contrary to popular belief, Amethyst isn’t a rare stone at all! It’s found in mines all over the world. The most vibrant samples come from Uruguay, but it’s readily available in the United States, Brazil, and beyond! Like other forms of Quartz, it’s also possible to synthesize Amethyst in a lab setting!

Its wide availability made Amethyst a mainstay in many cultures. Today, it’s a semi-precious stone. But thousands of years ago, it was one of the most valuable crystals available.

The cultural importance of Amethyst varied widely from one region to the next. But one thing remained constant: Humans always held this stone in high regard!

Some of the earliest stories of Amethyst come from Ancient Greece. The common name we know today comes from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which means “not intoxicated.” According to Greek legend, Amethyst came to be from actions by Dionysus, the god of fertility and winemaking. In Ancient Rome, he was known as Bacchus.

The story says that Dionysus, in a drunken rage, tried to kill a maiden he attempted to court. To protect the girl, the goddess Artemis transformed her into pale Quartz stone. While shedding his alcohol-stained tears of remorse, he spilled wine onto her crystalized body and created the rock we know today!

Eventually, Greeks started to wear the stone to protect themselves from the effects of getting drunk on wine. But the lore doesn’t stop there.

In Ancient Egypt, Amethyst adorned jewelry to protect against guilt, fear, and witchcraft. Soldiers throughout Europe used it on shields to grant protection and prevent evil thoughts. During the Renaissance period, it became a sign of royalty. Aristocrats wore it to symbolize humility and modesty, too.

Amethyst even had a part in religion! In Catholicism, bishops wore it to stay safe from the unholy effects of wine. Meanwhile, it represents the agony Christ felt during his crucifixion in Christianity.

Needless to say, the meaning of Amethyst is steeped in tradition and lore. While it might not hold the same monetary value as it once was, the importance of Amethyst continues to this day.

Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is considered by many to be a legendary stone of transcendental nature. It has a strong connection to the metaphysical world and radiates intense vibrational energy that can enhance your mind, body, and soul.

For many, the core Amethyst meaning is geared around emotional healing and balance. It has the power to heal old wounds and help you move beyond emotional turmoil.

The unique thing about Amethyst is that it’s not a stone for blanket healing. Some rocks out there are said to cleanse dark energy and nothing more. For crystal practitioners, Amethyst goes much deeper.

Woman holding Amethyst and thinking about the meaning

It’s a stone for change and understanding. When you pair Amethyst’s intuitive properties with its emotional healing, you get a powerful stone that helps you see beyond the emotions that cloud your mind. Many believe that it gives you a greater understanding of the root of your feelings.

As a result, you can learn to navigate the complexities of your emotions. It increases your relationship with your true being, helping you understand your actions and reactions to all of the craziness that occurs around you.

Furthermore, many say that Amethyst can echo your spirit into the ether! It’s thought to be one of the most vital stones for experiencing a spiritual awakening. No matter your religion or belief system, Amethyst can help you become more attuned with your thoughts, allowing you to find greater purpose in life.

Amethyst can strengthen your convictions while also opening your mind to accepting guidance and protection from the universe.

Overall, the meaning of Amethyst is that this is a stone for healing change. It’s said to impact many facets of your conscious and subconscious being. Furthermore, some say that having the stone in your life will only make those effects stronger.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Amethyst is a multi-purpose stone that’s said to harbor a wide range of healing properties. Whether you’re looking to tap into it for powerful vibrational energy or need to take advantage of its emotional perks, there’s a lot for you to take in!

Here are some of the most remarkable healing properties of Amethyst.


Without a doubt, emotional healing is where Amethyst shines. Everyone deals with emotional hardships at some point in their life, and this is especially true for empaths.

For many crystal healers, Amethyst is the go-to for dealing with all of the vibrant turmoil life brings.

As mentioned earlier, Amethyst isn’t just about cleansing the emotional slate clean. It certainly provides cleansing benefits. The stone can cast a bright ray of purple light that protects you from dark energy.

But it does so much more than that!

Amethyst provides balance. It gives you the strength and know-how to deal with both emotional highs and lows. Life is all about balance. You can’t enjoy the good unless you understand the bad.

For this reason, Amethyst is mighty. It gives you a greater connection with your emotions by allowing you to tap into the root cause. Instead of running on feelings alone, you can learn where they come from and why you feel them!

In return, you may receive clarity that only emotional balance can provide. Think about the last time you made a rash decision. Chances are, you were running on emotional fumes. Whether it’s good experiences or bad, many people let their emotions take the driver’s seat, resulting in impulse responses that could have more significant impacts later on.

The strong properties and meaning of Amethyst can help you put a stop to this. It allows you to identify your true emotions and find true inner peace. You’d be surprised by how tranquility emotional balance provides.

A piece of dark purple Amethyst

Plus, that balance can manifest itself through love, stronger relationships, better communication, and even wealth. When you respond to events on gut feelings alone, your words can come out harsh. You’re reacting with transitory feelings that you haven’t processed yet!

With some balance, you can speak genuinely and freely. Not only that, but many notice improvements in how they listen to others during heated exchanges.

Another big perk of Amethyst is the overall sense of calm it brings. Many crystal practitioners recommend this purple stone to those who go through high-stress situations regularly. It’s also a famous stone for overcoming extreme emotional trauma, such as losing a loved one.

When we face those challenging situations, the mind can become a foggy battleground of thought. A constant fight between emotions can get overwhelming, which again leads to irrational decision-making.

Amethyst teaches you to stay calm and collected no matter what life throws at you. In anxiety-inducing circumstances, you can learn to calm yourself in the face of chaos. Even in traumatic events, Amethyst has a knack for helping you see the lighter side of things.

It doesn’t completely erase negative thinking. But, it will encourage you to approach the situation differently and learn from it. Amethyst is an excellent emotional educator that can transform the way you think.

Overall, the stone builds self-confidence and strengthens the relationship you have with yourself. It gives you courage in the face of emotional adversity and gives you the power to reclaim your inner tranquility.


When it comes to spiritual healing properties, Amethyst can have profound effects on your psyche. It glitters across the spiritual spectrum and can help you discover your real purpose no matter what you believe in.

The stone possesses potent vibrations that make you more aware of the universe around you. Many people become so trapped in the physical realm that they forget to uncover their true purpose in life. We get so wrapped up in the “here and now” that we neglect to consider life beyond the Earthly realm.

With the help of Amethyst, you can have the spiritual awakening you never knew you needed. Whether you use it during prayer or thoughtful meditation, the stone can help unlock your intuition and help you receive messages from other realms.

Everyone has intuition, but most people don’t know how to use it properly. Many say that Amethyst shows you how!

It enhances your consciousness, allowing you to make better decisions and unlock some spiritual wisdom. Some believe that Amethyst acts as a back-seat guide. It doesn’t make those tough decisions for you, but it gives you the courage and knowledge to make the right choices yourself.

Amethyst also has the ability to provide some auric protection. It’s a natural tranquilizer that can prevent dark energy from taking too much of a hold on your spirit. At the same time, it lets you receive protection from angels and spirits, making navigating the world a bit easier.


The physical benefits of Amethyst aren’t as well-known. Most meditators and healers utilize the regal stone for its emotional and spiritual healing properties. That said, some theorize that those aforementioned effects can end up positively impacting your physical health as well.

The most significant impact is said to occur in your endocrine system. Responsible for managing hormones, this system is closely tied with your emotional health. Many suggest that Amethyst helps your endocrine system find inner harmony, which prevents the overproduction of stress-inducing hormones like cortisol.

If you suffer from tension headaches, this effect can potentially make a big impact on your life! Stress-induced headaches and migraines can be debilitating. Many report that Amethyst helps clear the haze, reduce stress, and alleviate those nasty headaches.

It’s said that Amethyst can also improve your ability to sleep. Again, this is likely a byproduct of those emotional benefits we went over earlier. With less stress and nerves racking your brain, your body can truly relax. As a result, you can experience deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

Amethyst also has purported perks for the immune system. It’s not just an emotional cleanser! Some healers turn to this stone to help them battle toxins that could cause disease or impact organ function. That’s because it’s said to promote natural detoxification.

Many also suggest that it can help promote the healing of physical wounds and ailments. Many like to use the stone to speed up the healing process for bruises, sunburns, acne, and more. Amethyst is even said to improve respiratory and digestive troubles as well.

Three Amethyst crystals

Some even seek out this stone to help them improve their circulatory system! The theory is that Amethyst reduces blood pressure, eliminates blockages, and helps your blood flow freely throughout the body.

Those who suffer from alcohol abuse might experience positive effects as well. In this regard, the stone works on an emotional and physical level. Initially, the stone had a strong connection with wine and drinking due to its origin fable.

Thanks to Greek mythology, the meaning of Amethyst also became a symbol for alcoholism and sobriety. Many crystal practitioners recommend the stone as a totem. It reminds the wearer to stay sober even if they choose to indulge from time to time.

Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is a mainstay when it comes to metaphysical healing. You can usually find it in meditation rooms and spas around the world!

The metaphysical properties of this stone can sway your energy flow at all chakras. However, it has the most impact on the two upper chakras. These are the crown chakra and the third-eye chakra.

On the crown chakra, Amethyst is all about bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realm. Also known as Sahasrara, the crown chakra is the seventh primary chakra. It’s located on the top of the head and provides access to higher states of consciousness.

The crown chakra is a sacred energy center that controls your feelings of connection to the world and beyond. When there are blocks that prevent energy flow through the chakra, people feel alienated and detached. Many people say it feels like they’re an imposter or an empty shell just wading through the water.

In many cases, strong egos and a lack of spiritual connection are to blame for blockages. Amethyst paves the way for Qi to flow once more!

When used during meditation, Amethyst can create feelings of support and empowerment. It connects you to the divine and provides a spiritual awakening.

With the third-eye chakra, Amethyst grants the gift of intuition and foresight. This chakra, known as Ajna, is between the eyebrows. It’s responsible for giving you a grander perspective on life, yourself, and everything around you.

The third-eye and crown chakra often work in tandem. But when there’s a blockage with the third-eye chakra, many people suffer from feelings of depression and anxiety. People need that enlightenment to become a well-rounded and emotionally healthy person.

Amethyst unlocks and frees the chakra, opening you up to inner wisdom and a spark of imagination.

Shapes & Forms

When most people think of Amethyst (and the meaning associated with it), they have a singular vision of what this stone looks and feels like. But the truth is that there are many forms of Amethyst to enjoy! Smaller varieties exist, too.

Don’t limit yourself to a single form of Amethyst. They all provide the same benefits. However, the unique forms give a distinct look and can open up the ways you utilize the stone.

Raw Amethyst

Raw Amethyst is the simplest form. As the name would suggest, this is a rock that’s broken off the source in the mine. Generally, raw specimens are small. However, larger chunks are available, too.

According to most experienced crystal healers, raw Amethyst is all about driving away dark energy. Many recommend keeping it in a singular place for the best results.


Points are beautiful and versatile. They are cut from natural crystal and typically feature a tall body and pyramid top. Many like to use points as decor, but you can also hold onto them and utilize them during meditation.

The unique thing about points is the central spot on top. Quartz is a natural magnifier that’s said to increase the effects of other stones. As a result, you can use points to create a grid during meditation.


Clusters feature groups of Amethyst crystals that fuse in an open space. They have a lot of color variety and a distinct texture. Plus, the organic look of clusters helps you enjoy Amethyst in all its natural glory.

The best way to utilize clusters is as decoration. When placed in a room, it creates a “healing hotspot.” The combination of clusters with the healing properties of Amethyst  can also boost other crystals in the vicinity.


Like clusters, geodes present Amethyst in its natural form. Geodes are large, spherical rocks with a hollow cavity. Lining the pit is a burst of Amethyst crystals.

Geodes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They make excellent decorative pieces and can create an energy hub in your home.


Plates are nothing more than thin cuts of geode. Typically flat and small, they offer many of the same benefits as full geodes. However, the smaller size makes them a good option for ornaments and jewelry.


An Amethyst sphere represents the meaning of “completion.” Heavily polished and shaped, they are near-perfect orbs with all the beautiful colors of the stone.

They work wonders as decor and have the potential to radiate energy throughout the room. You might also see spheres being utilized as crystal balls for divination.

Tumbled and Polished Amethyst

Finally, we have small tumbled rocks. Tumbled Amethyst is very small. Raw rock is thrown into a tumbler with polishing material. The process creates a smooth stone you can use in jewelry or hold in your hand.

Different Ways To Use It

Like other forms of Quartz, the properties of Amethyst make it incredibly versatile. 

The easiest and most common way to use it is through jewelry. Thanks to its beauty, Amethyst has been a staple in the jewelry world for thousands of years!

Set it in a necklace or bracelet. The close proximity to your skin will imbue you with tranquil energy as you go about your day. Plus, it will act as a totem to remind you of all the healing properties you’re taking advantage of.

Tumbled stones are quite popular as well. In tumbled form, Amethyst makes for an excellent worry stone. You can carry it in your pocket like a worry stone. Whenever you’re faced with a challenging situation, rub on it to accept its calming energy, and stay level-headed.

You can also use tumbled Amethyst for meditation. Hold it in your hand or apply it directly to your chakras.

As for decor, the possibilities are endless for Amethyst! Raw clusters and geodes are gorgeous on their own. But, fabricators are using the stone pretty creatively, too.

You can find full Amethyst sculptures, hardware pieces, coasters, and more! No matter how you use it, having it in your home or workspace is beneficial. It still holds healing properties, which you can utilize whenever you come into the room it’s in.

If you feel like going a more unorthodox route, Amethyst can also produce mineral water and beauty products. For mineral water, healers will soak the stone in clean water for a few hours before drinking it.

Some beauty brands also grind the stone up into a fine powder for masks, lotions, and more.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways to use Amethyst. Whether you’re a practicing meditator or not, you can also find opportunities to introduce the powerful healing properties of this stone into your life.

Zodiac Connection

Amethyst has always had a strong connection with February. It’s the official February birthstone. With the way the zodiac signs align, the stone also links to the Pisces and Aquarius signs.

For Pisces, Amethyst is said to embrace enlightenment and individual freedom. Those born under the sign are very empathetic and have a penchant for putting others’ needs before theirs. There’s nothing wrong with being empathetic, but Amethyst helps to remind Pisces’ that their happiness and self-discovery is important, too.

For Aquarians, the meaning of the stone is all about staying level-headed. Aquarians are strong-willed, assertive, and always chasing their aspirations. While good traits to have, that drive to succeed can sometimes leave Aquarians a bit cold and unapproachable. Amethyst provides a sense of calm and helps improve communication skills without taking away their analytical nature.

In Conclusion

The core Amethyst meaning is rooted in balance. The various properties of this purple stone make it an excellent choice for just about anyone.

Because of this, it’s been one of the most popular crystals for hundreds of years. Trust us, you should give it a chance!

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