Zodiac Birthstones

Man holding a birthstone in his hand

Libra Birthstone: The Complete List (Plus Meanings)

The Libra zodiac sign
There are many potential Libra birthstones to choose from, but which ones are the best? The answer to that question requires an understanding of their…

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Leo Birthstone: The Complete Guide + Meanings

The Leo zodiac sign
Each of the best Leo birthstones has a number of properties that make them a great choice for those who were born under this zodiac…

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Taurus Birthstone: The Full List (With Meanings)

Taurus zodiac sign
The search can seem a bit tricky if you're looking for the best Taurus birthstones. There are a number of options out there and they…

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Gemini Birthstone: Meanings, Benefits & Colors

A Gemini zodiac symbol
Gemini birthstones can make quite the difference in your life. With their supportive energy and properties, these stones can help provide much-needed balance to help…

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Cancer Birthstone: The Full List Of Meanings & Benefits

The Cancer zodiac sign
Learning about the main Cancer birthstone (and other supporting gemstones) is something we highly recommend if it’s your zodiac sign. Making sure you have the…

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