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Selenite: Properties, Meaning, Uses & Cleansing Tips

Selenite is an interesting crystal with a slightly unassuming appearance. However, it’s actually incredibly powerful with a variety of useful properties!

This guide will teach you all about this stone. You’ll learn about its meaning, its healing properties, ways to use it, and how to cleanse it correctly.

History & Overview

Selenite is a healing crystal with a long-established connection to heavenly realms with its angelic delicacy and quiet beauty. Dating back to Ancient Greece, the meaning of the stone was the embodiment of nature and the cosmos’ mysticism.

This gorgeous crystal gets its name from Selene, the ancient goddess of the moon. The cultural importance of Selenite closely follows the characteristics of the goddess Selene. She was a powerful goddess whose personality adapted to the ebbs and flows of the changing tides.

A woman using Selenite while meditating

Selenite quickly gained a reputation for its mood-altering energy and properties. Like the goddess Selene, the stone is said to imbue the power of healing moonlight into your body for greater mental health and a stronger connection to the ether.

Physically, Selenite is on the simpler side of things! It’s a crystalized form of gypsum that’s made from calcium sulfate dihydrate. 

Usually translucent and white in color, the crystal features beautiful striations throughout. According to some experienced crystal healers, the striations are actually the channels in which energy flows!

There are many different types of Selenite available. The stone is also a favorite for commercial mines, which like to dye it for intense coloration and vibrancy. While those other variants and manufactured alternatives, nothing beats natural Selenite.

You can find Selenite in all corners of the globe. Most samples these days come from Morocco or the United States. It’s heavily sourced from Mexico, where caves are filled with massive Selenite crystals.

Interestingly enough, Selenite is also available beyond our atmosphere. Scientists recently discovered the mineral on Mars!

Selenite Meaning

The importance of Selenite in the cultural zeitgeist varies from one region to the next, but there’s one thing that everyone agrees on. The meaning of Selenite is all about purification!

Take one look at Selenite, and it’s not hard to see why humans throughout history treated it so favorably. The lightweight crystal is delicate and demure. It doesn’t have all the flash and pizzaz as some other crystals. But that’s what makes it so unique.

Many people consider it to be the feather of the crystal world. The tubular crystal pattern creates soft stripes that can easily break off with a bit of force. According to some cultures, the distinct crystal pattern was a representation of angel wings!

Like an angel, the meaning of Selenite is all about purifying the mind, body, and soul. It’s said to be the herald of light that can guide you out of the darkness. The stone can illuminate the darkest of days, shining a light on everything that is true and good. 

The purifying impacts of Selenite don’t stop at your emotional health. The crystal is also thought to magnify energy from realms beyond our own. Its delicate beauty resonates with messages from angels, helping to keep you safe and secure in our crazy world.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Looking to bathe in the energy of Selenite? If so, you have a lot to look forward to! The healing properties and benefits of Selenite are capable of lifting you to higher realms and flooding your being with transformative light.

Check out some of the stone’s most awe-inspiring healing properties below.


Without a doubt, most people turn to Selenite for emotional healing. Emotional traumas are one of the most common ailments people suffer from. While several stones can tackle darkness in their own unique way, the properties of Selenite are a bit mystifying.

This airy crystal produces powerful vibrations. Not only that, but it plugs into light and acts as a torch in the depths of your subconscious!

Everyone suffers from emotional pain at some point. When this occurs, dark energy fills your auric field and creates an abyss of gloom that affects every part of your life. Most don’t realize it, but that dark energy can have severe ramifications on your perception of the world, the decisions you make, and more.

Selenite doesn’t just wipe the slate clean. It purifies your being and liberates you from the catastrophes that bind you. The stone can make a big impact on your emotional health, replacing unwanted thoughts and darkness with pure light (this is also why it’s a great crystal for money).

If you’re looking to obtain emotional balance, Selenite is a fantastic choice. In addition to providing uplifting positivity, it can unearth buried emotions. 

Various pieces of Selenite

Neglected troubles only fester in your soul. The properties of Selenite pull that darkness from the depths so that you confront it. The crystal teaches you forgiveness, which is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn.

Once you’re able to forgive yourself and others, you can bask in the glory of healing light and move forward to a life of positivity and good mental health. 


Spiritually, Selenite is like no other. Many stones can connect you to a higher being, but Selenite’s energy and healing properties tap into something that most of us don’t even realize we have.

As a whole, this delicate feather-like crystal symbolizes the angelic realms and can bring unbelievably strong spiritual healing! The ethereal energy it produces is said to come from guardian angels and otherworldly spirits directly.

Selenite has the unique ability to help you tap into the unknowns of the universe. It opens your mind to accepting wisdom, bringing you closer to your own divinity and the protection of guardians above.

The stone sets you up for a spiritual journey! No matter what you believe in, it puts you in the right mindset to explore. The goal is to encourage enlightenment and rejuvenation. Instead of getting lost in the here and now, you can tap into energy from beyond.

When this happens, you’re said to enjoy a newfound sense of peace and protection like never before.


Most crystal practitioners use Selenite for the emotional and spiritual benefits. But with that inner change may come outer change. Some say that the properties of this stone creates several physical benefits that can work in your favor.

One of its most interesting perks that many seek from this crystal is flexibility. It’s said to make your body more agile and capable by aligning the spine and strengthening the overall skeletal system. Some swear that it makes their body more malleable and ready for exercise!

Another suggested benefit is the reversal of free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage the cells. Humans get them from the sun, exercise, inflammation, and more. Excess exposure may lead to diseases like cancer!

In healing circles, Selenite is a natural protector against free radicals. The theory is that it purifies the body and provides ongoing protection. As a result, experience improves cell structure that manifests itself in better skin, hair, and nails!

Metaphysical Properties

Harnessing the power of moonlight, Selenite has metaphysical properties that can unlock and activate several chakras. It’s a critical tool in any meditator and metaphysical healers’ arsenal.

While all chakras can benefit, it’s the upper chakras that will experience the most change. More specifically, the stone is said to support the heart, crown, and third-eye chakras.

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata in Sanskrit, is the fourth major energy point. It governs our ability to feel emotional balance, calm, and serenity. It’s also the epicenter of love and compassion.

Selenite’s healing energy sings with the heart chakra. It clears up blockages and encourages you to open your heart to others and yourself.

Once energy flows through the heart chakra, it’s free to move to the third-eye chakra. The third-eye chakra, known as Anja, is the seat of intuition. It guides your mental abilities, attitudes, and beliefs.

As mentioned earlier, Selenite naturally resonates with realms beyond our own. As a result, it’s the perfect match for the chakra!

Finally, Selenite supports the crown chakra. Selenite is thought to have the most impact on this chakra. Called Sahasrara, this chakra is all about giving you access to a higher state of consciousness.

This chakra goes beyond your physical body and helps you feel more connected with the universe. It creates an intimate relationship with the cosmos and encourages ultimate enlightenment! With the help of Selenite, this chakra can stay open and activated at all times.

Ways To Use Selenite

Selenite is a very versatile stone. It’s softer and more available than other popular crystals, but you can use it in many of the same ways.

The crystal is popular as jewelry, and the tubular striations look great raw. It doesn’t need much prep work to fashion into a simple pendant or bead!

A long Selenite crystal

In jewelry, Selenite is all about tapping into higher frequencies. The properties it contains can keep you open-minded and help you accept protection throughout the day. Plus, the stone imbues its purifying energy to keep you emotionally balanced and healthy.

Thanks to its affordability, finding large pieces of Selenite isn’t tough! In this form, the crystal can bring shimmering moon energy to your home.

Large decorative pieces can purify your home around the clock. They wipe away negative energy, make your home an inviting place to be, and provide a constant reminder of the inspiring meaning behind this crystal.

Beyond small stones, decorative slabs, and jewelry, Selenite is also a favorite for wands. It’s one of the few crystals that naturally forms in a pillar form. As a result, it’s a natural wand option that can work wonders during guided meditation and cleansing.

Wands allow you to sweep the body. Hovering it a few inches above the body focuses and directs energy into a specific chakra. Some even use it to “wash” rooms and doorways.

Selenite is a powerful crystal to have in your life, no matter how you choose to use it. It’s a delicate stone that offers immense purifying energy and healing properties.

How To Cleanse It

If you need to cleanse Selenite and maintain its aura and energy output, a quick recharge will do. There are a couple of ways to do this.

The simplest is to set it by a windowsill in a clear view of the moon. Moonlight recharges the stone naturally. If it’s a full moon, the effects are even more significant!

Another option is to bury it underneath some clean soil. With this technique, the goal is to help Selenite reabsorb healing energy from the Earth.

Some actually use this as a form of meditative practice, connecting with the stone and enjoying the newfound energy once it has been uncovered.

Zodiac Connections

Selenite is not specific to one zodiac sign. However, it does have an innate connection with the Taurus sign.

Taurus is a naturally masculine and earthy sign. Taureans are stoic and analytical, which can lead to bouts of stubbornness. Selenite is not about removing those traits. Instead, it helps to complement them and provide a bit of peace.

This crystal has inherent feminine energy and properties, so it helps to balance Taureans out. Pair that with the purifying light, and the stone is said to help instill a sense of lighthearted creativity and fun.

In Conclusion

The core Selenite meaning is all about purification, and the properties this crystal contains have the potential to make a big impact on your life.

Given how affordable and available it is, we highly recommend incorporating it into your daily healing or meditation practice. With so many different ways to use it, you really can’t go wrong!

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