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Tangerine Quartz: Meaning, Properties & How To Use It

Tangerine Quartz is a stunning healing crystal that can provide a wide range of benefits. It’s popular because of its strong energy and beauty, but that’s just the start!

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about the meaning and properties of Tangerine Quartz. This stone is one of our favorites! 

History & Overview

Adorned with the color of a breathtaking sunset, Tangerine Quartz is an eye-catching crystal that’s beloved by many due to its meaning and properties. From a geological standpoint, this mineral is actually quite similar to standard Clear Quartz.

It’s a silicon dioxide material, which is relatively abundant on our planet. However, this variation is sporting a thin layer of iron oxide.

A bright orange piece of Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz predominantly comes from Minas Gerais in Brazil. This particular area is rich in Hematite, which is an iron-rich mineral. The iron rusts in the nearby water. 

Then, the rust bonds to the surface of Quartz to create this variant’s signature color. It varies in intensity. Some only have a slight orange hue while others are closer to fiery red. It all depends on the prevalence of Hematite in the area.

Some crystals might have iron oxide inclusions, which only adds another layer of beauty to the mix.

Because the orange color bonds to the surface of the crystal, it’s a little more delicate than other stones. Quartz itself is tough and resilient, but the color can easily come off when exposed to acidic cleaners or tossed in a tumbling machine.

Fortunately, the crystal doesn’t require a ton of modification to make it presentable. It’s gorgeous enough in its natural crystalline form.

Tangerine Quartz Meaning

The main Tangerine Quartz meaning is connected to growth and understanding. Many healers say that the crystal’s appearance symbolizes its true nature. The colors represent the sun setting on one chapter of your life so that you’re free to begin anew.

Growth is about so much more than age. Everyone has to go through tough situations that they’re not prepared to tackle. Those events can challenge your convictions and make you question everything you thought you knew about life!

In some cases, hurdles are too difficult to overcome, which could put a wrench in your plans and aspirations. Those difficulties are often unavoidable, but the impact they have on your life is entirely up to you.

Tangerine Quartz encourages you to grow and evolve. It teaches you that some things are out of your hands, and the only way to overcome them is to find acceptance.

This crystal’s meaning and energy is incredibly nurturing. Like a mother comforting her child, it wraps you in a swath of soothing comfort when you need it most. 

Tangerine Quartz doesn’t magically make those hardships go away. However, what it does do is even better for you long-term. It helps you understand the past and move forward towards a better tomorrow.

Going through difficult times is a big part of growing up. The rust-colored crystals ensure that you’re taking something from every lesson and applying it to your life as you face the world ahead.

Healing Properties & Benefits

You have a lot to gain from incorporating the healing properties of Tangerine Quartz into your life. This fantastic crystal can provide various positive effects and benefits that continually improve your life for years to come.

Check out some of the most acclaimed benefits that this orange crystal can provide.


The area where Tangerine Quartz shines most is through emotional healing.

As we mentioned earlier, the meaning of this crystal makes it a master healer that prioritizes growth and maturity. It helps you find acceptance in the things you can’t change, resulting in a healthy embrace of transformative maturity.

Tangerine Quartz has a knack for bringing long-forgotten pains to the light. While that might seem counterproductive to your healing goals, it can do wonders for your overall well-being. Even if you don’t actively think about past traumas, they continue to affect your daily life.

Dark subconscious thoughts and the killer inner-saboteur hold you back from truly moving on. By addressing those memories once and for all, you’re free to move on once and for all! The properties of Tangerine Quartz infuse your mind with courage.

However, its ability to help you forgive is probably the most important. Finding it in your heart to forgive those who have wronged you is one of the most challenging things a human can do, but it’s also one of the most beneficial.

Forgiveness is the only way to break the ties that bond and move forth with newfound strength. Tangerine Quartz can help you get to that point. It helps you find compassion and strength, which will ultimately improve every relationship in your life.

Tangerine Quartz set up for a healing practice

Not only that, but it can improve the relationship you have with yourself. Tangerine Quartz forces you to look inward to tackle all of your demons. You can take a good, hard look at your life and work on the things you want to change. It all starts with you.

Tangerine Quartz can facilitate the healing process and provide ongoing protection from your own darkest thoughts. It silences your inner saboteur and makes sure that everything you do will actually move you in the right direction.

With its emotional healing properties, Tangerine Quartz grants perseverance, strength, and inner peace.


Tangerine Quartz isn’t the most spiritual stone in the traditional sense. Rather than focusing on ethereal protectors and cosmic energy, it caters to your own divinity.

The properties and meaning of this crystal help you find peace and maturity through self-love. 

It’s a powerful reflection stone that encourages you to understand your own thoughts and feelings. Rather than letting face-value interactions and experiences guide your actions, you can look inward and figure out precisely what you want out of life.

The same goes for the relationships you have in your life. Tangerine Quartz is a fantastic crystal for love and compassion. It can strengthen the bond you have with others by making you more considerate and understanding. Gaining some insight into how your own actions affect your loved ones can make you more aware and thoughtful of the needs of others.

Tangerine Quartz can also aid your spirituality by giving you the strength to cut out the things that no longer serve you. Whether that’s an addictive habit or a person that causes pain, this crystal helps you find the strength to break free.

Eliminating things that bring you pain is not easy. This is especially true if you’ve grown accustomed to their presence or started using them as a crutch. That said, cutting them out could be exactly what you need to make a change.


Tangerine Quartz is the ultimate spiritual and emotional healer. However, some believe that it also has an impact on your physical well-being.

The most noticeable change you might experience will likely revolve around stress-related ailments. Those who suffer from stress and anxiety are prone to a host of health problems. From benign issues like acne to more severe issues like heart complications, stress is not something you should take lightly!

Fortunately, the healing properties of Tangerine Quartz make it a natural stress-reliever. The emotional and spiritual benefits it provides result in a calm and peaceful demeanor. Healers say that the natural byproduct of that relief is fewer stress-related worries.

Tangerine Quartz is also used by some with the intention of helping with issues like weight loss and immune health. The energy it produces is thought to prepare your body for anything. The theory is that it makes your system more prone to fighting fat and taking care of foreign invaders like disease-causing pathogens.

Another commonly-mentioned physical perk is improved reproductive health. Healers turn to this crystal for fertility for both men and women, which could increase your chances of intentional conception.

Metaphysical Properties

While many stones in the crystal kingdom have far-reaching effects on your metaphysical plane, Tangerine Quartz is a little more centralized. Its metaphysical properties focus on a single energy point, the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, also known as swadisthana, is the second of your seven primary chakras. It’s located just below your belly button, healers say it acts as the epicenter of emotions. More specifically, it governs your ability to feel joy and pleasure.

When this energy point is blocked, you may find yourself devoid of joy. Many say they have a hard time feeling happy about anything in life. Not only that, but it might stop you from expressing your needs.

The sacral chakra is closely associated with your inner desires. Not having the ability to experience those joys can lead to some serious issues down the line. It can cause emotional distress, depression, and a general overwhelmingly gloomy demeanor.

Luckily, Tangerine Quartz is here to save the day! The sun-kissed crystal injects a little joy and happiness into your life. It works hard as a sacral chakra stone, ensuring that you’re free to relish in the things you love most!

How To Use Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is just as versatile as any other form of Quartz! 

One of the best ways to use it is through meditation. Quartz is a powerful crystal that has the power to amplify energy wavelength and maximize potential benefits. When you use Tangerine Quartz, those characteristics remain unchanged.

Use the meaning of Tangerine Quartz to create intent as you ruminate in your thoughts. You can also apply the crystal directly to your sacral chakra to trigger energy flow.

If you’re having a particularly rough day and need to unwind, try using the crystal in your bathtub. Place four crystals on each corner of your tub. Make sure that the crystal points are all facing inward.

This configuration will direct the healing energy your way and optimize absorption. You can try the same trick sitting on your floor or lying on your bed, too.

A woman holding a Tangerine Quartz crystal

If you’re not someone who meditates regularly, you can always find other ways to keep the crystal in your presence.

Consider picking up some natural-looking pendant necklaces. As the glimmering stone hangs around your neck, it stays within your auric field. Even when you don’t need it, Tangerine Quartz will continue to blast your body with healing energy. As a result, you can stay strong and open to lessons throughout the day.

The same goes for smaller pocket rocks, Tangerine Quartz charms, and ring sets. 

Your jewelry options are a little limited with this healing crystal because of the delicate nature of the color. However, naturally formed crystals are widely available.

You can use raw cuts as interior decor. Place each piece strategically around your home or office to manipulate energy flow to your will. No matter where you place it, the crystal’s healing properties will fill the room until it’s on the brink of overflowing. As you enter, you can feel the wave of calm and peace rush over you in moments of need.

Stone Combinations

Tangerine Quartz is one of the most accepting crystals you can have in your healing arsenal. Most stones are capable of pairing nicely with others, but this one is especially accommodating and can work alongside a vast array of other healing stones.

Combining it with another stone will let you create a mix of healing energy. Customize your pairings to achieve the exact benefits you’re after.

If you want to achieve more mental clarity, use it with other mind-focused crystals. Some good examples include Amber, Aventurine, Citrine, Topaz, Sodalite, and Tiger’s Eye.

While Tangerine Quartz isn’t a traditionally spiritual gemstone, it does work well with those that are. Try using it with:

The meaning of those stones and crystals can help you embrace spirituality and assist you on your journey to enlightenment.

Many meditation stones work in tandem with Tangerine Quartz. They help to improve dream recall, focus the mind, and more. For meditation, use stones like:

Those are just a small collection of potential pairings. The truth is that Tangerine Quartz complements the energy profile of many different healing crystals! Try different combinations to see what works for you.

Zodiac Connection

Tangerine Quartz isn’t on any official birthstone or zodiac lists, but its benefits do match the needs of two zodiacs. They are Libras and Leos.

The connection between Leos and Tangerine Quartz is strong. Many say that the base-level association comes down to the fiery color of the crystal. Leo is one of three fire element signs, so it’s an obvious match.

But beyond that, healers say that Leos can take advantage of the crystal’s penchant for encouraging mature thinking. Leos can be a little egotistical and immobile. They thrive when things go as planned.

However, many become lost and complacent when things don’t. Tangerine Quartz is a helpful stone for Leos because it allows them to grow from those challenges, which promotes maturity.

It’s also a powerful stone for Libras. Those born under Libra tend to be escapists when it comes to conflict. They wallow in self-pity and try to avoid confrontation as much as possible.

That’s not a great way to live your life. Not only does it create lasting issues, but it’s not respectful to your own life.

Once again, the meaning of Tangerine Quartz brings some thoughtful maturity into the mix. It teaches Libras to have a little self-worth and tackle issues as they come up to promote better mental health.

Final Thoughts

Tangerine Quartz is one of our favorite healing crystals for a number of reasons. Besides its beauty, this stone has a meaning that can truly benefit anyone.

The pursuit of personal growth is at the core of what makes life fulfilling. Use this crystal to help you on your journey!

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