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Malachite 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Malachite is a gorgeous stone that has captivated the crystal healing community for ages. The combination of its bright green color, beautiful patterns, inspiring meaning, and strong properties make it one of the most popular stones around.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Malachite, and the benefits it offers.

History & Overview

Malachite is a breathtaking stone that demands attention. Not subtle in its beauty, this rock features mesmerizing swirls of vibrant green. Even in an unpolished, raw form, Malachite is a real stunner with a color you don’t see very often in the crystal kingdom.

Thousands of years ago, Malachite was the personification of natural beauty and grace. It played a part in many cultures. The common name we use today comes from the Greek word “malakos,” which means soft. 

A Malachite crystal

Egyptians were smitten by its beauty as well. It was mined as far back as 4000 B.C. and was used for everything from jewelry to makeup!

Later on, the primary Malachite meaning evolved into something deeper. The stone’s gleam was a sign of hope and healing, helping shamans grant protection from curses while providing relief from a fractured soul. It even became a symbol of physical healing.

Today, Malachite is a sought-after stone with properties that continue to captivate healers. Thankfully, it’s readily available in all corners of the globe. 

The stone is a form of green copper carbonate. Oftentimes, Malachite doesn’t even get to see the light of day as a decorative healing stone. It’s predominantly used as copper ore!

Malachite Meaning

The core Malachite meaning is rather versatile. However, the sole purpose of this stone is to facilitate transformation and positive change.

Believers say that the rock’s outward appearance reflects its penchant for renewal. Its green swirls represent the vitality of lush vegetation on the cusp of producing pure beauty. Malachite creates much of the same energy in you.

It helps you “turn over a new leaf,” so to speak.

The properties of this stone encourage you to let go of complacency and make room for something new. We all get comfortable in our routines. While some cycles are healthy, others only hold you back.

You cannot turn into the luxuriant flower you’re destined to be without a little bit of growth and maturity. Malachite helps you get there by pushing you to let go of the things that no longer serve you. It alters your perception of the world and helps you identify the areas in your life that could use a new change of pace.

Healing Properties & Benefits

A hard-working stone, Malachite is said to provide a bevy of unique benefits. According to crystal practitioners, the healing properties it contains generate swathes of transformative energy that can profoundly affect every facet of your life.

Here are just some ways that its healing properties can benefit your psyche and spirit.


On the emotional front, the healing properties of Malachite serve a couple of different purposes. One of its most crucial roles is that of an auric protector.

This stone has a reputation for flushing out energy that doesn’t serve you. It rids your body of darkness, acting as the light of change to make you whole again. No matter what kinds of negativity you’re dealing with, Malachite whisks it away so that you can move forward with confidence and passion.

It also acts as a shield. With regular use, it can grant inner strength. It has your back while teaching you how to deal with negativity as it comes.

Another important job of malachite is to enhance your capacity to accept change. Dealing with change is never easy. Some people handle it better than others. Those who don’t like change are prone to get stuck in their old ways.

They hold onto old memories, bad energy, and unhealthy habits. Even if those things are doing more harm than good, the familiarity prevents people from seeking the change they need.

A polished Malachite stone

Malachite helps you see beyond your own complacency, allowing you to identify the good that can come from change. It makes you more accepting, reminding you that you should always be moving forward in life (this makes it a good crystal for focus as well).

It opens your heart and mind, exposing the truth behind your fears.

While the concept seems simple, you’d be surprised by how much of a difference to your mental well-being embracing change can make. It helps you move past stress while confronting symptoms of depression head-on. The world is always revolving, and the properties of Malachite can help you go with the flow and ride the ever-changing waves of life.


Malachite is a powerful ally to dreamers and anyone who wants to do more in life.

Healers say that it acts as a mirror to your subconscious. Even those who fall into the throws of complacency know that their actions are not what’s best for them. While they hide behind the comforts of routine, they know deep down that they can be doing so much more.

Malachite illuminates that truth, reflecting those subconscious minds into your conscious one. It shows you what needs to be done to bring your dreams to fruition. No matter how painful change may seem, the meaning of this stone shows you the path to spiritual and emotional freedom.

More directly, Malachite also has a strong connection to the Earth and nature. Its green color reflects that of Mother Gaia. As a result, many say that this stone can help you connect more closely with the planet and the universe at large.

It can make dreams more vivid and life-like, inspiring you to go on a path of spiritual enlightenment.


Malachite is so much more than just a spiritual and emotional stone. Practitioners will tell you that the earthy stone has proven its worth as a physical healer over the centuries.

Many say this stone has a positive effect on those with blood or circulatory issues. The theory is that it helps lower blood pressure, improves your immune response to foreign invaders, and even prompts the liver to get rid of harmful toxins that accumulate in the body.

The emotional perks are thought to manifest themselves into your physical being as well. With transformative healing comes less stress. Thus, healers say that the stone alleviates anxiety and stress-related problems.

Some even say it fosters harmony throughout your bones, muscles, and organs. Malachite is said to encourage quick healing of broken bones, torn muscles, and many other physical ailments that require downtime.

Women might have more to gain from Malachite. It exudes naturally feminine energy that resonates with the human body. Women say that the energy within Malachite regulates the menstrual cycle, alleviates issues with the sexual organs, assists with fertility, and even makes labor easier. For this reason, many female crystal believers refer to Malachite as the “Midwife Stone.”

Metaphysical Properties

As a whole, Malachite is a fantastic stone for metaphysical healing. Its metaphysical properties resonate with your life force energy, unlocking several chakras to promote open flow throughout your body.

Your heart chakra has the most to gain. This energy point becomes blocked by fear. Malachite is a natural fear purger, eliminating trepidations about moving forward in life.

It frees your heart of its emotional binds and helps you accept love from all corners of the universe!

The side of a Malachite slab

Malachite is also a great solar plexus chakra stone. This is a lesser-known and often neglected energy point. The center of your personal freedom and ego, its response to Malachite is natural.

This green-colored stone is all about change. It works with the solar plexus chakra to put the powers of transformation in your hands!

Next, Malachite interacts with the throat and third eye chakras.

The throat chakra governs your ability to communicate. We all have the power to speak, but not everyone is free to say what’s in their heart. Malachite activates this chakra to ensure that you can always speak your mind and ask for the change you need.

The third eye chakra is where your deepest wisdom and powers of intuition sit. With Malachite by your side, your Third Eye is free to roam. It hurdles you into the farthest throws of cosmic enlightenment, allowing you to unlock messages and obtain wisdom.

Tips For Cleansing It

Malachite works hard to manage negative energy and facilitate change. While this stone is millions of years in the making, it can experience low-energy slumps too!

To avoid this, it’s important to cleanse and recharge Malachite from time to time. Doing so ensures that its properties and energy are flowing optimally, so you can continue to receive its many benefits.

There are a few ways to go about cleansing this green stone. The easiest choice is to wipe it down with some warm soapy water. Not only does this reinvigorate Malachite’s energy, but it also keeps that eye-catching luster in pristine condition!

Another option is to return it to the soil it came from (no, we’re not talking about the mine it was pulled from). You can place the stone in your garden so that it can pull energy from Mother Earth.

Many like to bury it a few inches beneath the soil under their favorite tree. There, it can absorb the Earth’s powers and become strong once again.

Finally, you can use the power of light to cleanse Malachite. The stone responds well to both sunlight and moonlight. But for the sake of preserving its physical appearance, we recommend going with moonlight.

Set it on a windowsill to bask in the moon’s deep glow overnight. You can also place some amplifying Quartz geodes around it (Clear Quartz is a great choice for this) to maximize the energy boost.

How To Use It

Vibrant and eye-catching, Malachite lends itself well to many different forms. It’s a welcome addition to any home. Depending on how you use it, you can effortlessly weave it into your Feng Shui endeavors to create harmony and balance.

Malachite looks wonderful as cut statues, raw rocks, and even functional interior design pieces. Whatever the case may be, the stone will continue to radiate transformative energy. Place some samples throughout your home, office, and relaxation space.

As the stone sits, it’ll fill the space with healing energy. Like a dam that’s ready to burst, that energy will imbue your body every time you enter.

Like many other healing stones, Malachite is also a wonderful addition to jewelry. It’s tough yet easy to shape into pretty much anything. As a result, it’s a favorite among artisans looking to create their next masterpiece.

Whether you find beads or a beautiful raw pendant, Malachite jewelry stays in your auric field to provide lasting protection throughout the day.

Zodiac Connection

Malachite resonates well with both Scorpios and Capricorns. Anyone can reap the rewards of this stone, but these two signs have the most to gain.

Scorpios have a natural connection with the meaning of Malachite. Those born under this sign are passionate and free-spirited. They embrace change without much persuasion, as they are always ready to transform and rise from the ashes of their former self.

Malachite makes those transitions possible while offering up support.

Capricorns are the complete opposite! This sign is known for being a little closed-off and hesitant about change. Malachite pushes earnest Capricorns in the right direction, providing the strength they need to fulfill their destiny.

Closing Thoughts

The most popular Malachite meaning can be applied to anyone. Change and transformation is at the root of humanity, and we’re all looking to take the next step as individuals in one form or another.

Having a crystal with properties that support this intention can bring a number of positive benefits into your life. Because of this, Malachite is probably one of the stones we recommend the most!

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask about this lovely green stone don’t hesitate to send them over. We’ll answer them as soon as we can!

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