Leo Birthstone: The Complete Guide + Meanings

Each of the best Leo birthstones has a number of properties that make them a great choice for those who were born under this zodiac sign.

This guide takes an in-depth look at each of these stones to help you figure out which one will benefit you the most!

The Leo zodiac sign

What Is The Birthstone For Leos?

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, your zodiac sign is Leo. Your fiery, often stubborn personality is ruled by the sun, and fire (as you might guess) is your ruling element. 

Like the lion from your zodiac sign, Leos tends to display natural leadership ability, self-confidence, and fierce determination. More negatively, Leos are known to be stubborn, competitive, and resistant to criticism.

The main Leo birthstone named Peridot

Peridot, the main Leo birthstone, is all about focus and reaching goals. Often referred to as “The Study Stone”, Peridot is known to enhance the user’s ability to focus and keep on the path to success. 

This crystal is a wonderful mood stabilizer with the perceived ability to bring about mental, spiritual and emotional healing. Peridot works well with Leos who may be having trouble letting go of feelings of jealousy, stress or anxiety.

Peridot is strongly connected to the heart and solar plexus chakras, so it is often used to help Leos open their hearts and free themselves from too much ego.

Additional Birthstones

While it’s true that Peridot is the primary Leo birthstone, there are other wonderful and equally powerful crystals that can be used to bring healing and balance to your life.

There are a variety of crystals that have the potential to either enhance or correct Leo’s character tendencies. We would like to mention that there is no right or wrong crystal for a Leo. Take a look at the descriptions below, and find the ones that fit your needs. Is there one that really attracts you? When it comes to choosing crystals, it’s best to go with whatever grabs your senses.


It may seem strange that we’ve included Amber on our list of helpful Leo crystals, but this beautiful fossilized evergreen resin has lots of wonderful properties that can really enhance Leo’s well-being.

Slightly sticky piece of Amber

Amber is thought to possess the ability to foster creativity, increase wisdom and bring about inner harmony. Leos can really benefit from Amber because it’s known to help them control their often fiery emotions and temperament. 

This lovely resin is a powerful option as a solar plexus and sacral chakra stone. It can help with decision-making, self-control and inner balance. When wearing amber, we recommend wearing it against the skin, so you will be able to absorb the warmth and healing powers more easily. Leos do best with golden or yellow amber (it comes in several colors), and as you get older, the amber you use should get darker.


Garnet is associated with many zodiac signs, but Leos seems to really benefit from having Garnet around. Whether worn as jewelry or placed in a beloved “happy place”, Garnet is exactly what a Leo needs to create a peaceful and grounded inner and outer environment.

Dark red colored Garnet

This well-known Leo birthstone comes in a variety of colors such as green, golden, brown, purple and yellow. Although all of these versions have their own healing properties, it seems to be the red Garnet that has the ability to really give Leos the help and encouragement they need.

Garnet is thought to support Leos in a number of ways. Firstly, Garnet is known to work to enhance Leo’s lion-like determination by increasing self-confidence. This stone is also thought to drive out negative energy, improve relationships and even help with libido issues.

Open up your root and sacral chakras with Garnet, and feel jealousy, self-doubt and relationship issues become a thing of the past. 

Black Onyx

There’s just something so mystical about Black Onyx. In fact, this dark black stone has been prized by ancient Egyptians, Persians and Chinese for its strong magical energy.

One Black Onyx Leo gemstone

Black Onyx is a versatile crystal that can be used by Leos to help with a myriad of issues. This Leo stone can be used to provide clarity during past-life exploration, to help combat stress and to build and maintain a healthy level of self-confidence. It may also help you to let go of any bad relationships that you may be stubbornly clinging to.

Black Onyx is very grounding and has a strong role as a root chakra stone. You’ll feel secure, strong and ready to handle just about anything. Use Black Onyx while you travel for protection against fear and danger.


You may not be familiar with Chrysocolla, but once you see it, you are never going to forget this beautiful and unique crystal.

A large Chrysocolla Leo stone

This blue-green stone with its heavy copper flecking is actually a mixture of Malachite, Turquoise and Azurite. It’s known as the Eilat Stone, and it’s the national stone of Israel.

Chrysocolla is all about inner transformation, teaching and communication. The feminine energy of this crystal seems to have the ability to help with communication issues in relationships, and it can begin the healing process after a breakup or bad relationship.

This crystal has amazing Feng Sui energy, so try placing it around your home or office.

Tiger’s Eye

If you’re a Leo who needs some help ditching toxic energies and bad attitudes, then Tiger’s Eye may be able to help. 

A big Tiger's Eye stone reflecting light

Even though you may feel as if you are brimming with confidence and determination, you still may need some support. Tiger’s Eye is known to bring the fiery traits of Leo into a healthy balance. When you get rid of petty feelings like jealousy, arrogance and over-competitiveness, then the inner strength that Leos are known for will be a healthy strength. This crystal will help you keep your ego in check.

Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for meditation, and it is thought to have the power to reveal your own inner wisdom and insight. Resonating with the sacral, solar plexus and root chakras, Tiger’s Eye can open your auric field and bring about a healthy sense of grounding.


Topaz is an excellent stone for Leos who are looking to step up their communication game. This crystal is known for its ability to help Leos learn to communicate with others in a kinder, more patient way. Topaz can open the heart to forgiveness and inner truth.

Blue colored Topaz stone

Topaz comes in many lovely colors such as blue, white, pink, purple and golden, and each type has its own healing power and chakra connection. Choose the one that attracts you the most.

Leos can be competitive, impatient and unwilling to readily accept criticism. Topaz may be able to open the heart to accept the mistakes and foibles of others. This can lead to healthier, more balanced emotions. 

Topaz is used by many cultures to cleanse the aura and connect to spirit guides. This is great for Leos who desires to tap into the Divine wisdom that can bring balance and healing.


Petalite is a Leo birthstone we really love. It may not have the flashy appeal of some of the other stones on this list, but its translucent shimmer is simply heavenly. In fact, Petalite is sometimes called the “Stone Of The Angels” for its reputation for bringing a connection to angels and higher beings.

Rough piece of Petalite

This crystal is thought to help the user connect to their spirit guides, loved ones who have passed on and even spirit animals. Its centering and calming influence can help Leos get rid of any emotional baggage or trauma that could be holding them back. 

Also called “Stone Of Intent”, Petalite can help Leos channel all of that determination into a positive path to reaching their goals.


Are you a Leo searching for a way to begin a journey of inner growth and deeper insight? We would like to suggest giving Labradorite a try. This gorgeous crystal, found in cold, northern regions, seems to be infused with the radiance of the Northern Lights. It is known for its positive vibrations and its links to the heavens.

A multicolor Labradorite Leo birthstone

Labradorite has been called the “Temple Of The Stars” for its ability to bring down the mystical energy of the planets. This crystal has been used throughout the centuries to protect auric fields, bring about a calm, even temper and encourage healthy communication.

Leos have found Labradorite to be effective for getting rid of negative energy, healing old wounds and unfogging the mind. Connected to the throat, third-eye and crown chakras, Labradorite can help Leos develop a deeper insight that can counteract an impulsive and stubborn nature.


Rubies and Leos are made for each other. Ruby, a sun gemstone, is the perfect partner for a sun sign like Leo. Love, passion and a sense of well-being are but some of the benefits of adding Ruby to your crystal toolbox. 

Multiple Ruby Leo gemstones on a black background

Leos may seem to glow with confidence, but even people born under this sign can use a little boost. Rubies, worn by warriors in ancient times, are thought to bring added confidence and inner strength.

Rubies connect very energetically with both root and heart chakras to promote compassion, concentration, courage and self-esteem. Use a Ruby during a meditation practice to grow a sense of self-awakening and enhance mental protection.


One of the many positive characteristics of a Leo is a big heart. Rhodochrosite, a sweet pink Leo stone, is known to have the ability to support this Leo trait with its powerful positive and loving vibes.

Rounded and polished Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite resonates beautifully with the heart, solar plexus and root chakras to help Leos connect to upper and lower energy fields, decrease stress, increase compassion and deal with issues of trust. You’ll feel yourself letting go of traumatic experiences and things you no longer need for a happier and more balanced life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, like its pink counterpart mentioned above, is associated with love and matters of the heart. Interestingly, Rose Quartz plays heavily in ancient love lore as it’s connected to Cupid, Aphrodite and Adonis.

One pink Rose Quartz Leo birthstone

Using Rose Quartz has a myriad of positive benefits that include increased feelings of compassion, emotional harmony, decreased anxiety and healing from old emotional trauma and wounds of the heart.

Leos can benefit from using Rose Quartz because this crystal may be able to help them improve their communication skills and receive guidance and protection from higher powers. 


Continuing along with the theme of Leo gemstones that are associated with love, Emerald has been called “The Stone Of Successful Love.” It is thought to have the power to open the heart to reveal inner truths and awaken intuition. Just as the brilliant green of the stone brings to mind Earth’s renewal and growth, so too can Leo’s heart open to the possibilities of inner growth and love.

A raw blocky Emerald cluster

Even though Leos are quite driven and have strong leadership qualities, they still need encouragement, focus and the hope that they will be able to reach their goals. Emerald has the known ability to enhance and strengthen all of Leo’s best traits.

If you are looking for spiritual growth, then we suggest choosing a lighter Emerald. A darker Emerald is good for physical and mental strength and safe travels. Wear it near your heart for maximum benefit.

Green Aventurine

Looking for a little extra luck? Green Aventurine is an excellent Leo stone to add to your crystal repertoire. Known as “Good Luck Stone” and “Gambler’s Stone”, Green Aventurine just seems to attract positive vibes.

A large dark Green Aventurine stone

Green Aventurine is thought to bring the user a feeling of emotional calm, and this can lead to less anxiety, an increase in confidence and a healthier mindset. This gorgeous crystal is also thought to have the ability to remove negative thoughts and help the user ditch old traumas.

Leos, as much as we admire them, can be a little difficult when it comes to dealing with criticism. Green Aventurine can help them overcome this tendency by giving them more self-confidence and inner strength. 


Sardonyx, one of August’s birthstones, has been prized for its beauty for thousands of years. It was used by both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans, and it is still an important part of spiritual practices today.

Three Sardonyx stones

Take a close look at Sardonyx, and you’ll notice how the bands of brown, orange and black are blended in beautiful harmony. This is because Sardonyx is a natural combination of sard and onyx. It’s thought that the harmonious bands of the Sardonyx can bring about the inner harmony that can benefit Leos.

Having Sardonyx in your spiritual tool kit can help you achieve renewed self-confidence, inner strength, stability in personal relationships and physical and emotional protection.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a Leo birthstone that seems to do it all. It’s a kind of all-purpose stone that we highly suggest having as a part of your healing practice.

Bright colored Red Jasper stone or Leos

It has been revered worldwide since ancient times, and the Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings and Native Americans all sought out its powers of protection and courage.

Red Jasper is a crystal that covers just about all the bases. It’s known as both the “Stone Of Endurance” and “Nurture Stone.” In other words, Red Jasper can help you have strength and endurance while giving you the self-love and nurturing that your soul needs.

This vivid, red stone is often associated with Mother Earth, femininity and the fire of Earth itself. Leos can use Red Jasper to help them let go of stress, connect to a higher consciousness and enjoy increased emotional and mental health.

The power to provide Kundalini awakening is perhaps the most unique aspect of Red Jasper. There are not many crystals that have this potential, and this is why this crystal is such a powerful and amazing tool for all-over healing.


Are you a Leo needing a bit of inspiration? Then we think you’re going to love how Carnelian can help you find your inner fire.

A round Carnelian stone

Historically, Carnelian has been used by alchemists, soldiers in battle and as protection against plague. This lovely orange-red stone has been given names such as “Sunset Stone”, “Singer’s Stone” and “Artist’s Stone.” 

Carnelian is often used as a root, sacral and solar plexus chakra stone. By opening these chakras, Leo can benefit from the grounding and harmony that they often need in order to balance out their stubborn and determined nature.


We absolutely love Citrine for its feelings of happiness and healing. The honey colors of this Leo birthstone just seem to exude warmth and nurturing vibrations.

A very popular Citrine crystal

Often referred to as “The Light Maker”, Citrine is thought to have the power to bring healing Light to every aspect of Leo’s life.

Citrine is good for achieving all-around mental health, and this renewed mental health can positively affect the way you look at others and yourself. You may be able to discover wells of happiness and contentment that you never knew you had.

This bright, sunny stone is known to repel dark energy before it even enters your auric space. Citrine resonates with both the solar plexus and sacral chakras for a boost in self-love and inner joy.

Why These Birthstones Are A Good Match For Leos

As was discussed earlier, Leos, like everyone, are a mix of positive and negative traits. When we say that these traits are negative, we mean that they can keep a Leo from reaching their full potential. 

By using birthstones that are particularly connected to the energy of this sign, a Leo can support and enhance their more positive points and heal and control any traits that could be holding them back.

Some of the more fiery birthstones have the potential to encourage Leo to continue toward their goals with characteristic determination and confidence. The softer, more healing crystals, like Citrine, Rose Quartz and Carnelian, can bring a Leo peace, self-love and a consciousness that they often need to overcome any traits that are holding them back.

Common Leo Stone Colors

The Leo zodiac sign

Leo birthstones come in all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Bright, fiery reds and oranges are thought to bring out the inner fire and determination of Leos. 

Soothing yellows, greens and whites work to temper and soften a Leo’s sometimes more aggressive and difficult nature.

Stones with tones of brown, such as Amber and Tiger’s Eye are thought to instill calmness and bring about inner strength.

The Best Ways To Use Them

Using birthstones for healing is often a matter of choice. There is no right or wrong way, and what feels right one day, may not work the next. So let’s take a look at a few of the most common ways to use these Leo birthstones.

Perhaps the most common way to use a birthstone is in a piece of jewelry. A necklace can place the stone near the heart chakra, and a bracelet or a ring allows the healing stone to be right against the skin.

Another way to use a birthstone is to place it near a favorite spot such as a reading nook, bedside table or comfy couch. Many of these stones give off great Feng Sui energy, so it’s good to place them where it will benefit your space the most.

Meditating with a birthstone can also be very powerful. Doing this is thought to drastically increase your focus, healing and inner potential.


When it comes down to it, picking your favorite Leo birthstone shouldn’t be that tricky. Once you know what each stone has to offer it becomes quite easy to make a decision based on your personality and intentions.

If you need some help settling on the right stone for you, we’re more than happy to help you out. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!