Dumortierite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Dumortierite is a unique stone that many people misunderstand in the crystal healing community. But trust us, this is a stone that you’ll want to learn more about!

This guide will cover the meaning, healing properties, benefits, and uses of Dumortierite. You’ll be blown away by what the energy of this stone can do.

A small piece of Dumortierite

History & Overview  

Blue Dumortierite Quartz, or Dumortierite for short, is one of the rarest kinds of Quartz in the world. Named for the French paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier, this beautiful stone was first discovered in 1881 in the Rhone-Alps area of France. Although it is usually found in its blue form, this stone can also be brown or reddish-pink.

Because of its dark blue color, this stone is sometimes mistaken for Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli. In fact, it is often used as a substitute for Lapis Lazuli because it’s not as expensive, and some less-than-honest gemstone dealers will use this to their advantage. Dumortierite is well known for its use in making high-grade porcelain.

Dumortierite is made from an aluminum borate silicate and is found most often in metamorphic rocks that are rich in aluminum. These stones are usually opaque and demonstrate a waxy luster. Most Dumortierite is located in places such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Peru and parts of the United States and Canada. It is found in parts of Europe as well.

Since it was discovered fairly recently, the meaning of Dumortierite hasn’t had the time to develop the legends and historical background that many other healing stones have. We hope that over time, this stone will increase in popularity and will get the attention and acclaim that it deserves.

Dumortierite Meaning

Often called the “blue denim stone”, due to its lovely dark blue color, Dumortierite is a powerful healing stone that’s become an important tool for any crystal healer. 

The primary meaning of Dumortierite is about taking control of your life. Its properties are said to promote self-discipline, self-reliance and a balancing of emotions. People who use this stone have found that they have more patience, heightened intuition and a more organized and focused mind.

This stone is all about opening the heart to love and stronger relationships by allowing the user to remove bad habits, self-doubt and addictive behaviors that could be sabotaging opportunities to experience true and lasting love.

Lastly, Dumortierite is a highly spiritual stone with properties that are said to foster psychic abilities, offer connections to higher realms, and it may even give you access to messages of Divine wisdom. 

Healing Properties & Benefits

Not only is Dumortierite an absolutely gorgeous stone, it is also known for its potent healing properties. The spiritual, emotional, physical and metaphysical benefits of this stone make it a must-have for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile stone. 

Some crystal healers use Dumortierite in jewelry, as a meditational focus stone or as part of a journey of emotional or physical recovery. The more you use this stone, the more of its healing properties you’ll be exposed to! 


If there was one stone that we could choose to aid us in emotional healing and recovery, Dumortierite would definitely be one to consider. This is a stone to help bring healing to everything from a broken heart to anxiety. We think that this “soup to nuts” stone deserves to be utilized more often than it is. Curious? Let’s take a look.

Dumortierite is an excellent stone to have around if you are a student, or if a good memory is important. Its properties make it a great crystal for focus that helps keep the mind organized and promotes a variety of intellectual skills, especially for math and reading. It is also thought to inspire self-discipline and increase willpower, all important traits for learning and long study sessions. 

Natural healers often recommend Dumortierite as a crystal for love. Individuals who are experiencing problems with love and relationships tend to have a strong connection to Dumortierite.

The emotional healing properties of this stone can help you to stabilize your emotions, see the worth in others, increase self-confidence and overcome shyness. It can also let you see your own goodness and inner beauty. Once you feel happy with yourself, you will be ready to let your heart open up to love and healthy relationships.

Some crystal healing practitioners even use Dumortierite for depression, panic attacks, insomnia and stage fright. It’s said that the meaning and properties of this stone will give you the inner strength and courage to free yourself from everything that’s keeping you from being all you can be.


If you’re ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level, then having Dumortierite in your toolkit is a must. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many blue stones seem to bring on various forms of psychic abilities, but Dumortierite is in a category all by itself. It almost doesn’t matter which area you want to explore because this stone has the ability to enhance just about any spiritual experience.

There’s a laundry list of spiritual benefits associated with Dumortierite’s core meaning, and we will touch upon a few of them here. When you use this stone every day with intention, there’s really no telling what kind of opportunities for spiritual growth and enhancement will present themselves. Just be open to new experiences and enjoy the journey.

What are some of the possible spiritual benefits of using Dumortierite? Many people experience an increased sense of intuition and insight, and this can be a real boost for things like tarot reading and astrology.

Using Dumortierite has been known to bring about prophetic vision, enhance past life memories and bring the user closer to the Divine. 

Other spiritual benefits include increased telepathy, psychokinesis, channeling, astral travel, ascension and a stronger connection to higher realms. Really, the list goes on and on. Only seek out the healing properties of this stone if you are prepared to open up spiritual channels that you never thought possible.


Dumortierite is a wonderful stone that many crystal healers use with the intention of dealing with a wide range of physical illnesses and complaints.

The physical healing properties that individuals turn to Dumortierite for help run the gamut from reducing inflammation in the body to alleviating issues having to do with pregnancy. Natural healers sometimes use this stone with the goal of helping their patients who are suffering from digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and gallbladder complaints. 

Dumortierite is often the stone of choice for the healing of skin disorders, a sore throat, motion sickness and various types of headaches. This stone is also often used to try and relieve the symptoms of epilepsy and carpal tunnel.

Metaphysical Properties

For overall health and well-being, it’s important to take your metaphysical wellness into consideration. By this we mean that you always want to make sure that your energy centers, or chakras, are balanced, strong and in alignment. When even one of these chakras is off, it can cause disruption to the others. 

One small polished Dumortierite healing stone

Each healing stone has its own vibrational energy, and that energy usually resonates more strongly with one or more of these energy centers.

The meaning and metaphysical properties of Dumortierite are said to have a connection to the third-eye chakra, but it can also resonate with both the crown and throat chakras. 

Take this stone to your meditation mat, or you can hold it in your hands. As you relax and begin to breathe, focus on your Dumortierite and have the intention to connect it to the chakra that needs work. Another very effective option is to place your stone on the appropriate chakra as you lie on your mat.

Ways To Use It

We always think that it’s a shame when someone buys a healing stone, uses it quite often for a week or two, and then sticks it in a drawer to be forgotten. When someone is drawn to the stone, then that usually means that the soul is reaching out for help and healing. We recommend taking full advantage of the healing properties and meaning of Dumortierite by incorporating it into your everyday life.

There are lots of ways that you can bring Dumortierite into your daily routine, and none of them are difficult or complicated. We’ll take a look at a few, but there are plenty more.

Dumortierite is such a unique and strikingly beautiful stone that it deserves to be displayed in a jewelry setting. Using this healing stone in jewelry serves several purposes: it can brighten the spirit of the wearer and anyone around them, it will keep the healing vibrations near the skin, and it can help to stimulate corresponding chakras. Dumortierite is a seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it’s perfect for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

If you’re not a jewelry person, then just having this stone near you during the day works as well. Stick a tumbled stone in your pocket, purse, glove compartment or backpack. You can also place one under your pillow, or you can keep one on your desk for enhanced memory and understanding of study materials.

As we learned above, the healing properties of Dumortierite are great for spiritual and chakra work, so using it during meditation is yet another excellent way to use this stone.

Stone Combinations

If you’re new to working with healing crystals, you may not realize that it can be beneficial to combine two different stones. When you pair two healing stones together, they can bond into a mutually helpful partnership. Dumortierite is a stone with a meaning and properties that pair quite well with other healing stones, but this doesn’t mean that it’s ideal to combine it with just any stone. The pairing depends on what you’d like to achieve. It can be confusing, even if you have used healing stones before, so feel free to ask an experienced practitioner for some help with your brainstorming.

For increasing your psychic abilities and powers of intuition, the healing properties of Dumortierite are usually most effective when combined with stones like Hypersthene, Vanadinite or Phenacite. To fight addictions and entrenched behaviors, we suggest trying your Dumortierite with Hematite, Rainforest Jasper or Amethyst.

Other stones to use with Dumortierite include Sunstone and Sardonyx for more willpower, Covellite for better organization, Prehnite for manifesting physical change in the body and Black Tourmaline for general healing.

As we said, there are a slew of ways to combine Dumortierite with other stones. The list above is to give you inspiration and a good place to start.

How To Cleanse Dumortierite

Whenever you work with healing crystals and stones, you need to periodically cleanse and recharge them. They absorb so much negative energy that they can wear out and essentially become clogged up. Giving them a good cleansing roughly once a week should keep them healthy and effective. This should also be done if the stone has been out of use for a while, or if you are using it for the first time.

There are a number of methods you can use when it comes to cleansing your Dumortierite. The most important thing is to make sure that it’s a method that is safe for your stone. Let’s take a look at a few common ways to cleanse Dumortierite.

Probably the easiest way to cleanse your stone is with warm, soapy water. When you’re done, let your stone air dry. It’s that easy.

Smudging your Dumortierite is another fairly common way to cleanse your stone. This method involves holding your healing stone in the sacred smoke from sage, sweetgrass or cedar. Once the smoke gently enfolds itself around the stone, it’s done being cleansed.

Other beautiful ways to cleanse your Dumortierite is to place it in a bowl of tumbled Clear Quartz, or you can leave it in a bowl of fresh flower petals.

Zodiac Connection

We previously discussed the special connection that Dumortierite has to certain chakras. However, did you know that many healing stones can also demonstrate an affinity for particular zodiac signs as well? In the case of Dumortierite, Leo is the sign that is said to benefit the most from this stone’s meaning and healing properties.

If you’re a Leo, or you have a Leo in your life, then you know how amazing they can be. Leos are driven, confident, and authoritative, and they can also be loyal, generous and kind. Along with their desire to succeed, comes a tendency toward impatience and a quick temper.

Using Dumortierite as a stone for Leos can help them get a grip on their emotions and learn to handle situations with more patience.

Closing Thoughts

Dumortierite has a meaning that’s about taking charge in your life and controlling your destiny. With properties that encourage self-discipline and self-reliance, it’s not surprising to see why!


We hope you found this guide helpful and consider adding this stone to your crystal healing practice. As always, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!