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Kyanite 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Kyanite is an extremely popular stone that is known for its numerous uses and potential benefits. It’s recommended by almost every crystal healing expert!

In this guide we’ll go over the meaning and healing properties of this powerful stone. Trust us, this is one you’ll want to read closely.

History & Overview

Kyanite is a relatively rare stone that holds the beauty of nature within its lustrous walls. Available in a variety of colors, every cut glistens in a distinct pattern of vivid waves. The finish is unique to every piece, making every sample you’re lucky enough to get your hands on special.

A partially rounded piece of Kyanite

This crystal is an aluminosilicate mineral that falls under the triclinic crystal system. All the rocks we see today were forged in metamorphic rocks under intense heat and pressure. Kyanite forms in elongated bladed crystals, making even natural cuts a sight to behold!

Throughout history, Kyanite was long revered for its beauty. Abraham Gottlieb Werner, a famous German geologist, first named it. His inspiration came from the Greek word “Kyanos,” which roughly translates to “blue.”

As time went on, Kyanite became a valuable mineral in many industries. From railroad construction to fine pottery, this stone served many purposes.

Today, most people collect it for its beauty, meaning, and properties. Kyanite is said to produce unique vibrations that rival some of the strongest minerals in the crystal kingdom.

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite is a stone that goes by many different names. Whether you refer to it as Disthene, Rhaeticite, or Cyanite, the stone holds the same meaning.

The primary Kyanite meaning is about calm and resilience. The glistening mirage of colors represents the powers of logical thinking and spiritual healing, but its energy isn’t as simple as many would think.

Many different healing crystals aim to bring you peace. However, the meaning of Kyanite is all about being in tune with yourself, your surroundings, and the universe at large. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Attunement” because it makes you more aware of life and all its eccentricities.

Far too many people focus on the views of others or what they perceive to be “normal.” Not fitting into the mold is a significant source of emotional pain and trauma. But when you shift your perspective and become attuned to your surroundings, you realize that the things you dwell on don’t really matter at all.

Kyanite brings that sense of clarity everywhere you go. It constantly reminds you to take off the rose-colored glasses and view the world for what it is.

Learning to recognize how insignificant minor issues are can make you approach life with a newfound sense of confidence. It’s all about not sweating the small stuff and finding the power to believe in yourself and your intuition. Kyanite is the facilitator of those feelings and paves the way to true bliss.

Types Of Kyanite

A few different types of Kyanite stones exist. While they all hold related meanings and healing properties, each variety connects to a different chakra. The slight differences make every kind of Kyanite unique and worthy of owning.


Blue Kyanite is, by far, the most common. Swirls of deep and light blue create a swathe of calm. This stone connects to your throat chakra and encourages you to speak your truth no matter what.


Black Kyanite has an enigmatic look. However, it offers one of the more profound benefits this stone can offer. It works with the root chakra and helps you feel more stable in life.


The organic hues of Green Kyanite are reminiscent of Mother Earth. This stone is forever linked to your heart chakra. It keeps your heart open, ensuring that you’re free to give and receive love.


A fantastic sacral chakra stone, Orange Kyanite is all about the warmth of pleasure. The swirls of orange harken back to the heat of the sun, which perfectly exemplifies the feelings this crystal produces. It’s a good crystal for creativity and can also bring joy and more overall pleasure into your life.

Healing Properties & Benefits

If you’re looking for a powerful stone to add to your crystal healing collection, look no further than Kyanite. The healing properties of Kyanite make it a formidable force of vibrational energy.

Its energy is profound, affecting every part of your being. From the pits of your emotional well to the infinite capabilities of a high-flying spirit, Kyanite influences it all.

Here’s how.


Kyanite’s impact on your emotional health is nothing short of impressive.

As mentioned earlier, the properties of this crystal don’t bring peace like most stones. It doesn’t just wipe away the dark energy and hopes that you’re distracted enough to feel joy. Instead, Kyanite shifts your perspective and uncovers the truth about the world around you.

It sharpens your mind and helps take the reins of your own life.

While it might be scary to take matters into your own hands, it’s one of the best things you can do to find joy and peace. The healing properties of Kyanite grant strength at every turn and give you the confidence to tackle challenging situations with vigor.

Pair that with your brand-new way of looking at things, and nothing can stop you from becoming the master of your life. 

Kyanite brings about clarity and inspires you to take your own path. No matter how complicated your dreams and ambitions are, the meaning of this stone will convince you to go for it! You can’t expect to make big moves without trying, and Kyanite is the perfect companion to assist you along the way.

One long and jagged piece of Kyanite

This color-soaked stone is also great for those who want to be a little more true to themselves. Kyanite urges you to be self-expressive. Putting your true self out in the open is not always easy. Kyanite’s strength-giving nature can help you live life out loud without any fears of what others might say or think.


Spiritually, Kyanite can help your soul soar!

Practitioners say that Kyanite is strongly connected with your spirit guide. This innate link serves many purposes.

First, it’s a strong crystal for protection. With Kyanite by your side, you can strengthen the bond with your otherworldly protectors and find safety wherever you go. 

Beyond that, Kyanite may even help you uncover abilities you never knew you had. The crystal is an excellent companion for those with psychic abilities. Some practitioners say it makes powers of intuition much more apparent, allowing those who buried those abilities in the past to find their true calling.

Kyanite may also bridge the gap between your physical body and your spiritual light. This crystal has a reputation for encouraging dream recall, which many interpret as a mirage of your spiritual journey.

Like the otherworldly beauty of the swirls, it contains, Kyanite sets you up for a journey of a lifetime. It lets your spirit venture to the farthest reaches of the cosmos where you can find wisdom, purpose, and peace.


Most practitioners turn to Kyanite when they need a bit of strength and clarity. However, that doesn’t mean that your physical body is left by the wayside. According to some dedicated healers, the healing properties of Kyanite can provide a couple of great biological benefits.

The first revolves around your circulatory system. The main theory is that using Kyanite during regular meditation can help you maintain lower blood pressure. Its peaceful nature eliminates stress, which might help you in situations that would normally cause your blood pressure to skyrocket.

Kyanite is also thought to help with issues like inflammation, general body pain, and more. Many consider it to be an excellent overall healer. Whether you’re suffering from significant health issues or everyday ailments, Kyanite might be able to provide some relief.

As a whole, believers say that Kyanite promotes a much healthier lifestyle as well. They say that it can push you to eat healthier, stay fit, and take care of yourself. 

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Kyanite make it a fantastic choice. However, the unique thing about this gemstone is that its impact on your auric field depends entirely on the type you have.

As we went over earlier, different kinds of Kyanite will affect your body in distinct ways.

The most groundbreaking change you might feel comes from the black variety. It’s a powerful root chakra stone, which is also known as Muladhara.

This spot is the first of your seven primary chakras and acts as the entry point for life force energy. When blocked, the chakra creates feelings of loss and complacency. The black variety of this stone ensures that you feel stable at all times to continue to feel joy and drive.

A large Kyanite stone on its side

The other types of Kyanite influence the heart, sacral, and throat chakras.

The sacral chakra is above the root chakra. Responsible for your feelings of passion and joy, it’s a vital energy point to keep open. Without it, you can’t stimulate pleasure or have the power to express yourself.

Fortunately, Kyanite does a great job of keeping the energy flowing.

The heart and throat chakras are two points that govern the way you interact with people. The heart chakra is responsible for your ability to love. 

A blocked heart chakra can turn you into an awful companion. Many say that blocks make you controlling and emotionally abusive. Kyanite is often used as a crystal for love because its metaphysical properties ensure that you love unconditionally and open yourself up to receiving it in return.

Finally, there’s the throat chakra. With free-flowing energy, you’re free to speak your truth and communicate effectively with loved ones. However, blocks can make you closed-off and cold.

Kyanite has a massive impact on your metaphysical body. Through those various chakras, you’re able to become a well-rounded and emotionally stable person.

Different Uses

Kyanite is brimming with possibilities. Not only do its healing properties provide a slew of unique benefits, but there are countless ways to use it.

The most straightforward option is to use Kyanite jewelry. Placing this stone close to your skin allows your body to absorb its healing energy without any barriers. Plus, it’s beautiful enough to show off!

From necklaces to ornate rings, the sky’s the limit. While the stone can be fragile in smaller cuts, artisans still utilize Kyanite to create some stunning works of art.

Those who prefer more traditional adoption methods can turn to tumbled stones or large decorative cuts. Place the crystal in your home or office to imbue the space with calming energy.

You can also utilize Kyanite in your daily meditation sessions and allow its meaning to inspire you.

The choice is yours! No matter how you use it, Kyanite will continue to grant clarity and power at every turn.

How To Cleanse Kyanite

Unlike many other healing crystals, Kyanite doesn’t require typical cleansing or recharging.

That’s because it doesn’t hold onto negative energy. This stone simply reflects darkness away. Even in intense situations, the meaning and properties of Kyanite make it the glowing beacon of light you need in your life!

Thanks to its ongoing resilience, Kyanite never loses potency. 

You can still cleanse it to remove dirt and grime. But when it comes to energetic rejuvenation, Kyanite is good to go at all times.

To clean the physical appearance of Kyanite, run it under some room-temperature water. A touch of all-natural soap can get rid of stubborn dirt. However, be careful to keep the crystal away from abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals.

Zodiac Connection

Kyanite isn’t part of any official zodiac charts. It’s not going to appear on any birthstone lists either.

While the crystal works well regardless of when you were born, some practitioners believe that it’s especially effective when used by a few zodiacs. Those born under Taurus, Aries, and Libra have the most to gain.

The clarity in Kyanite’s meaning makes it a popular stone for Libras. The properties of this stone let you think more logically and see the world as it truly is. When faced with tough situations regarding others, the stone helps Libras remain diplomatic and fair.

The same applies to Aries. However, Kyanite caters more to the short-tempered side of the Aries trait chart. 

Those born under the Ram are headstrong and charismatic. Unfortunately, they can also become moody and stubborn when things don’t go their way. Kyanite reminds those born under the Aries sign to go with the flow and calm down a bit.

Finally, there’s its role as a Taurus stone. Kyanite works to encourage more communication and compassion with Taureans. Thanks to their ambition, those born under Taurus can get tunnel vision and forget to consider the needs of others. 

This crystal brings Taureans back down to Earth and teaches them to have a little more compassion for others.

In Conclusion

The meaning of Kyanite should be something to strive for whether you use this stone or not. Clarity, calm, and resilience all lead to positive outcomes.

So why not introduce Kyanite into your healing practice for a little extra boost?

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