Prehnite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Prehnite is a unique and uncommon stone that is rarely used in the crystal healing community. However, make the mistake of thinking it’s not effective!

This stone has a lovely meaning and strong healing properties that can benefit you in a number of ways. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

A smooth Prehnite stone

History & Overview

If you’ve never heard of Prehnite, then you’re not alone. This lovely stone is not one that is known by many people, so it tends to get overlooked when it’s time to look for a new addition to your crystal healing collection. We think that this is a shame because Prehnite has a lot going for it. It has a beautiful and unique appearance, a lovely meaning, and many helpful healing properties.

Unlike more familiar stones, Prehnite doesn’t have an illustrious past that’s steeped in history and tradition. In fact, Prehnite wasn’t discovered until 1788, so it’s a relatively new kid on the block. It was discovered in South Africa by A.G. Werner and was named after a Dutch colonel named Hendrik Von Prehn. 

As a side note, Prehnite stone was actually used in shamanistic rituals by people in Africa for thousands of years, so it’s actually only a new stone to Western healers.

From a more scientific perspective, Prehnite is classified as a calcium aluminum silicate. Instead of forming crystals, this stone is usually found in globular, botryoidal (grape-like) or stalactite-like shapes. 

Most Prehnite is found in a yellow or greenish color. However, it can occasionally be found in white, tan or gray. In 2000, a very rare orange version was found in South Africa. Unfortunately, that source was mined to depletion, and there have been no more orange Prehnites since around 2002. The main sources of Prehnite these days are China, Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Some specimens can be found in Scotland as well.

Prehnite Meaning

Prehnite, being a fairly new stone in the crystal healing community, has not developed the types of meanings that other stones have. In fact, the properties and meanings of this stone are being redefined all the time, which makes it quite an exciting stone to add to your healing toolbox!

You may sometimes hear Prehnite called New Jade, Grape Jade, Crystal Of The Gods and the Stone Of Inner Light. Of course, this stone is not even related to Jade, but the coloring and look of the stone seem to remind some people of Jade.

At its core, the Prehnite stone has a meaning that’s all about uplifting you and providing a comforting and stable presence. 

Many say that its healing properties are good for tasks that require a strong memory, and it can help you be prepared for whatever lies ahead. It’s about increasing compassion, fighting anxiety and connecting you to a greater level of psychic awareness.

Healing Properties & Benefits

If you’d like to be on the cutting-edge of crystal healing, you may want to add a Prehnite stone to your repertoire. This is because new healing properties and benefits are being discovered all the time, so you may find new and exciting uses for this stone!

Since this stone was first used by Western natural healers, it has been known as a stone with incredible physical, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical benefits. From chakra healing and spiritual enhancement to emotional growth and physical wellness, Prehnite is the stone to have on your side.


When the stress of daily living gets to you, then rest assured that the meaning and properties of Prehnite are there to help.

This stone is a great one to have for those moments of panic and insecurity that come to us all. Using Prehnite can help bring a sense of safety and security that comes from trusting your own inner strength and intuition. You’ll soon find the ability to face the road ahead with calmness of spirit and firm inner-resolve.

Using Prehnite will enable you to look at people and situations with more compassion, acceptance and understanding. This stone can help you to dig deeper to find the empathy you need to see yourself and others in the best light possible. 

If suppressed emotions, old memories or toxic feelings are holding you back from being the person you want to be, then using Prehnite is a good choice. The healing properties of Prehnite can give you the ability to face your worst inner demons and get rid of them for good. You’ll be given the courage, insight and positive mindset that’s needed to realize that you are more than your negative emotions. Using Prehnite can let you finally see the beautiful, kind and loving soul that you are.


If you’re looking for a stone that can help you reach your highest spiritual potential, then Prehnite is definitely a great one to consider. For a stone that is relatively new to the healing stone scene, at least in Western natural medicine, it has quickly become quite the spiritual super star. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the spiritual benefits and properties associated with Prehnite. 

Prehnite is known as the “divination stone” for good reason. The mystical energy from this stone is thought to enhance precognition and even inspire prophecy.

Prehnite can give you the clarity of thought and openness of heart that is needed in order to trust the many signs sent by the Universe. It has the ability to help you lift the veil that is keeping you from awareness and visions of the future.

Along with divination comes the need for enhanced intuition. Introducing the meaning and healing properties of Prehnite into your daily practice may be able to help you get back some of the insight and intuition that is so strong in children. The natural abilities of intuition that you had as a kid can become part of your spiritual reality again by using Prehnite with intention.

For connecting to higher beings, there’s almost nothing as powerful as Prehnite. It’s often said that using Prehnite can bring you closer to spirit guides, angelic beings, higher spirits and even Archangels such as Rafael. Let Prehnite help you connect to all the wisdom, guidance and love that these higher beings can bring to your life.


Practitioners of natural medicine understand that keeping a healthy body helps to keep the mind and spirit healthy as well. Because of that Prehnite is used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, and many natural healers view this stone as an important piece of their practice.

There’s lots of talk today about the need to maintain a healthy metabolism, and you can find any number of diets and cures that claim to speed up metabolism. Many practitioners who work with healing crystals have said that Prehnite can positively benefit your metabolism without crazy dieting and supplement usage. Other practitioners seek out Prehnite with the goal of gaining more energy and a greater capacity to filter harmful toxins from the body.

Prehnite is also commonly used with the intention of strengthening the bones and teeth while also improving overall circulation throughout the body. You’ll even hear practitioners talk about using Prehnite with the goal of boosting the immune system and helping to fight infections, so it’s often used during cold and flu season.

In some cases, the Prehnite stone can be used as a crystal for focus and concentration. Natural healers will sometimes use this stone to try and soften the effects of ADHD and hyperactivity in both adults and children.

Metaphysical Properties

Honestly, we can’t say enough about Prehnite’s metaphysical properties and benefits. This powerful stone resonates with several chakras including the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras.

Meditating with Prehnite is an amazing way to keep your chakras healthy and balanced and to give you an opportunity to manifest your deepest desires.

How will you know if these chakras need a healthy dose of love from Prehnite? How can Prehnite help? Let’s take a deeper look into these chakras and Prehnite’s relationship with them to find out.

The heart chakra is all about compassion, understanding, patience, clarity and empathy. When these feelings are lacking or are not manifesting themselves, then it could mean that your heart chakra is not working properly. The healing properties of Prehnite are often used for their ability to bring the user more patience, empathy and compassion for others and themselves. It makes sense, when you consider this, that Prehnite is a stone often recommended by healers for heart chakra repair. 

Rough Prehnite in a pile

Another link between the heart chakra and Prehnite is the factor of color. The heart chakra is associated with the color green, and Prehnite’s lovely green coloring resonates with the chakra’s color vibration.

The solar plexus chakra, associated with the color yellow, is also a chakra linked with Prehnite. Again, you can see a link here between the yellow of the stone and the chakra color association. As a stone for the solar plexus chakra, it’s linked to transformation, self-esteem, and self-confidence. If you are feeling that you need work in any of these areas, then it’s time to let Prehnite bring this chakra into balance again.

Many practitioners also say that Prehnite also has a connection to the third-eye chakra. The third-eye chakra is all about intuition, spiritual communication, wisdom and imagination. The metaphysical properties of Prehnite have the ability to open paths to higher communication, to increase intuition and to heighten our sixth-sense. It does seem that Prehnite would be the perfect choice when the third-eye is out of whack.

When you use Prehnite during meditation, there are several ways to do it. You can simply set it next to you on your mat, you can hold it in your hands, or you can place it on the chakra you are working on. Always make your intentions clear (sometimes it helps to think about the core meaning of this stone) and be patient with the process.

Ways To Use It  

There are lots of wonderful ways that you can use Prehnite. We’ll mention the primary methods to consider, but you should know that there are plenty more. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You will probably come up with new ways that suit your situation and personality!

Like many green stones, Prehnite is good for feng shui arrangements. Prehnite is often thought of as a decluttering stone (which makes sense if you think about its meaning), so placing this stone in the center area of your living or work space may help you declutter your mind from thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you. If you want to use it as a crystal for creativity, place your Prehnite in the eastern area of your home or office. You can also set Prehnite near a door to enhance a feeling of security.

Probably the most common way to use and benefit from Prehnite is through jewelry. This lovely stone lends itself beautifully to necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. By wearing your Prehnite in a jewelry piece, you will ensure that its healing properties are always by your side.

Not into jewelry? Simply carry your Prehnite in your purse, backpack, briefcase or pocket. Stick it in your glove compartment for healing on the road.

Prehnite is also commonly used in reiki grids, elixirs, meditation and divination. Elixirs made with Prehnite are excellent for anointing or general healing.

Stone Combinations

Prehnite is a stone that combines well with other healing crystals. When you pair stones like these together, it forms a mutually beneficial relationship. Each stone gives and takes from the other in order to create a highly effective healing duo. 

Pairing Prehnite with other healing stones takes knowledge and experience. There are stones that work very well with Prehnite, while other stones should be avoided. For example, never combine your Prehnite with a stone that is known to enhance emotions. Ruby and Moonstone are two kinds of stones to avoid. 

If your goal is to enhance your ability to communicate with higher beings such as angels and spirit guides, then combine your Prehnite with stones like Hackmanite, Scolecite or Moldavite.

Feel like your life could use a little more grounding? Then try pairing Prehnite with something like Jasper or Garnet

Combining your Prehnite with stones that are attached to the solar plexus chakra, like Citrine, Amber, Yellow Topaz or Lemon Quartz, can be very beneficial for increasing self-confidence.

Calm nervous thoughts and crippling anxiety by pairing Prehnite with Lithium Quartz, Lilac Lepidolite or Kunzite.

How To Cleanse Prehnite

Think of your stone as a filter. It works hard to absorb negative energy and toxic vibrations before they can get into your auric field. Over time, this filtering process will lessen the efficiency of your stone, and this is why you’ll need to cleanse and charge your stone on a regular basis.

How often should you cleanse your Prehnite? We suggest cleansing it before you work with it for the first time, or if it’s been unused for a while. Once you begin using your stone every day, give it a cleansing about once a week.

Although it sounds complicated, cleansing your Prehnite is quite easy. There are a few ways that this can be done, so go with the one that feels right at the time. The most important thing is to try to have a sense for what your stone needs.

There is some debate as to whether or not it’s safe to cleanse your Prehnite with water. Some practitioners feel that it’s perfectly fine to clean the stone in warm, soapy water. Others claim that the high aluminum content of the Prehnite makes using water a bad idea. If you’re on the “use water” side of the debate, then dry your stone with a soft, dry cloth. If you choose not to use water, then you can just rub your stone clean with a clean microfiber cloth.

Smudging is another safe way that you can cleanse your Prehnite. Hold your stone in the smoke of a sacred herb such as sage, lavender, cedar or sweetgrass. Once the smoke forms a gentle and even stream around your stone, the process is done.

Other cleansing methods include placing your Prehnite in a bowl of flower petals, placing it on tumbled Hematite or Clear Quartz for 24 hours, or you can use the sounds of a crystal tuner.

After you’ve cleansed your stone, don’t forget to recharge it. This can be done by setting it overnight in the light of a full moon, placing it on a crystal cluster or by burying it in the soil for 24 hours.

Take good care of your Prehnite, and its healing properties will take care of you.

Zodiac Connection

Prehnite is a wonderful healing stone for anyone to use. If you’re a Libra, however, you may find that you derive more benefit from working with Prehnite than would people born under other zodiac signs. Some people feel that the meaning and properties of Prehnite make it a good choice for Capricorns as well.

Libras are known to be warm, friendly and caring, and they crave justice, harmony and fairness in the world around them. Prehnite is a stone that is said to nurture and encourage these Libra characteristics. 

Closing Thoughts

Prehnite is a stone with meaning and healing properties that any serious crystal healer should take advantage of at some point. Despite being an under the radar selection among practitioners, Prehnite can benefit you in a number of ways.

We hope you found this guide insightful and consider giving this stone a try. If you have any questions about it, you’re more than welcome to ask us!