Sodalite 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Sodalite is an incredibly popular healing stone due to its beauty, powerful energy, strong healing properties, and inspiring meaning. It’s a staple in the crystal healing community, with many experienced practitioners relying on it regularly.

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about this amazing stone. Trust us, this is one you’ll want to read closely!

One polished piece of Sodalite

History & Overview

Glimmering with the deep blue hues of the ocean and the crisp white of pure light, Sodalite is nothing short of beautiful! Its rich coloration and waxy luster make it stand out against other minerals in the crystal kingdom. Pair that with its inspiring meaning and potent healing properties, and you have a mineral worth incorporating into your life.

Many mistake Sodalite for another colorful stone, Lapis Lazuli. While they contain similar colors, Sodalite has some unique defining features.

The base color of the stone can vary from Royal blue to deep purple. Some specimens are also more muted in coloration, featuring a grayish tone. Regardless of the intensity of the blue, every rock has small inclusions of white.

The white may appear as subtle veining that’s rippling just beneath the surface. 

When it comes to chemical composition, Sodalite is unique. It’s a tectosilicate mineral that’s part of the cubic crystal system. The molecules form a cage-like structure, which predominantly holds chloride.

Sodalite is also high in sodium, which is how it got its name. Those signature white inclusions? Those are bits of calcium.

This stone is a relatively new addition to the crystal kingdom. It was first discovered in the early 1900s. However, many geologists believe that humans used it much earlier.

Evidence of Sodalite is present in the ruins of Pompeii. Some believe that one of the earliest crystallographers, Pliny the Elder, collected it. However, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed all remnants of Sodalite in his collection. As a result, its beauty stayed hidden from humans until its rediscovery in a Greenland mine.

While the stone was first found in the snowy tundras of Greenland, it’s present in many other locations around the world. From the deep jungles of Brazil to the scorching sands of Namibia, its natural distribution is pretty far-flung. However, the stone is still relatively rare compared to others.

For all of these reasons, Sodalite is a sought-after commodity in the crystal healing community. 

Sodalite Meaning

The core Sodalite meaning is all about wisdom, clarity, and calm.

While other stones may address emotional turmoil and chaotic energy, Sodalite focuses on the mental side of things. Its most vital asset is its ability to help you tune into your intuition and see things clearly for what they are.

That might seem simple enough, but you’d be surprised by how much we let our emotions run the show. Whether you’re driven by positive vibes or dark energy, those one-the-fly situations dictate your every move. They muddy the waters a bit and can cloud your judgment.

The properties of Sodalite cut through all of those obstacles to help you think clearly and methodically. 

Some call Sodalite the “Poet’s Stone” or the “Thinker’s Stone.” That’s become this newfound sense of clarity tends to benefit those with creative tendencies the most. Artists are notorious for hitting roadblocks in their creative endeavors. They lose their instincts and start to work based on others’ expectations or trends.

This crystal for creativity keeps you in touch with your intuition, ensuring that you create without outside influences.

Ultimately, that’s Sodalite’s primary meaning! It centers on the concepts of emotional clarity, calming energy, and wisdom. However, those benefits extend to many other aspects of your life and create profound changes that make you a well-rounded person.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Many crystal practitioners say that the properties of Sodalite blur the lines between mysticism and reality. Its impact is so profound that most think its powers go beyond our realm of understanding.

So, what is Sodalite good for? Here are some of the most remarkable benefits that the healing properties of Sodalite can bring to your mind, body, and soul.


Without a doubt, emotional healing is where Sodalite shines the brightest.

As mentioned earlier, this stone prioritizes mental clarity above all else. That said, it achieves that feat in many ways.

The most life-changing benefit of Sodalite is its ability to promote positive thinking. Think of it as a beacon of light in the middle of a storm. The stone’s energy and healing properties guide you in the right direction and surround you with healing vibes.

Serenity is a constant theme when it comes to Sodalite (as you can probably tell from its meaning). Many favor it for meditation and yoga because it has a knack for lulling the noise and bringing tranquility to even the most chaotic situations. 

A jagged Sodalite stone

You can’t think clearly when your mind is going a mile a minute! So, Sodalite works to bring peace whenever it can.

With that peace comes a brand-new way of thinking. We already know about how this semi-precious gemstone clears mind fog. On top of all that, it can shift your perspective and encourage you to adopt a much healthier self-image.

We all go through bouts of self-doubt and fear. Life’s unsavory experiences like leaving many scars behind that shape the way we think and act. Unfortunately, few people know how to use those scars to their advantage.

The healing properties of Sodalite lighten the load a little and facilitate positive thinking. It illuminates the beauty you hold inside and rinses toxic energy from your very core. Those old harmful thoughts that hold you back? The healing gemstone wipes the slate clean!

It boosts your self-confidence and helps you find a bit more trust in yourself. Many also say that Sodalite can make your emotional intelligence go through the roof!

Whether you’re working on artistic endeavors or trying to navigate a complicated relationship, Sodalite’s energy can make all the difference. Rather than running on emotions or letting your inner saboteur take the wheel, Sodalite helps you make the right decisions based on your own needs and happiness. 

At the end of the day, what more could you want out of a healing stone?


The spiritual healing properties of Sodalite are just as intense as the emotional ones.

According to many crystal believers, Sodalite’s beautiful blue coloration reflects the endless expanse of the universe. Like the deep waters of an infinite ocean, it houses mystery and enlightenment that could drastically benefit your life.

Fortunately, Sodalite doesn’t play coy with that wisdom. It’s more than willing to share with those who are open to the journey.

If you’re ready to take the leap of faith and explore the unfathomable secrets of the universe, the meaning and properties of Sodalite can help you break down those walls and tap into the collective consciousness. There, healers say you can find true nirvana and see everything at once without the distractions of self-doubt and fear.

It’s a great way to get in touch with your beliefs and faith. Sodalite doesn’t discriminate when it comes to ideologies or esoteric belief systems. No matter what kind of spirituality you practice, this stone brings you closer to the source.

The waxy gemstone brings you closer to enlightenment so that you can find your true calling and purpose.


Beyond the spiritual sojourns and emotional escapes, Sodalite is thought to provide some real-world physical benefits. 

One of the most significant perks is its link to easing ailments of the throat. Sodalite is also strongly connected to the throat chakra (more on that later). 

For now, the vital thing to know is that healers think this connection addresses physical issues that could prevent you from using your voice. For example, some believe that it heals ailments afflicting the larynx and vocal cords. The theory is that it soothes sore throats and can even provide relief against vocal polyps, cysts, and more.

To aid your muscles, many seek out Sodalite to enhance the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system plays a critical role in muscle recovery and overall pain. A buildup of fluids can cause some debilitating aches that follow you everywhere!

According to some healers, Sodalite keeps your lymph vessels in check. It rids the muscles of excess fluid, which may help speed up muscle recovery and decrease pain.

It’s also said that Sodalite can improve other critical health networks. For instance, it’s thought to strengthen the immune system, improve your cardiovascular health, and more. It may even address fevers and other common ailments.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Sodalite make it a wonderful tool to have by your side. This gemstone works to influence two crucial upper chakras (the throat chakra and the third-eye chakra).

The throat chakra is the fifth primary chakra. It’s referred to as Vishuddha in ancient Sanskrit. This energy point is responsible for your ability to express yourself freely and communicate honestly. It’s the center of your personal truth.

Sodalite complements this energy point perfectly. The stone works to give you a clear mind, which translates well to honest communication. Instead of letting your emotions and dark energy run the show, you can take a step back to think about how your words will affect others.

When this chakra is blocked, problems can run rampant! Your communication skills affect every part of your life. From your relationships to your employment, how you speak and convey your truth changes.

Many say that blockages cloud your judgment. It puts you at risk for saying the wrong thing and hurting others. Not only that, but you may set the needs of others before yours and fail to communicate your personal truth.

Sodalite ensures that none of that happens. It keeps the energy pathways clean so that you can also transmit what’s inside as freely as possible.

Next up is the third-eye chakra. Called Anja in ancient Sanskrit, this is one of the least-understood energy points of all. The rough translation of Anja is “beyond wisdom.”

According to metaphysical healers, this energy point is your center of wisdom and your connection to higher consciousness. We’ve already talked about the spiritual journeys that Sodalite can put you on. However, it can’t do any of that until your third eye is open and welcoming to the change.

A blocked third-eye chakra leads to feelings of self-doubt and loss. Some say that it causes you to lose direction in life, becoming stagnant and misguided. Using Sodalite to trigger this chakra ensures that you’re free to continue evolving and exploring.

Different Ways To Use Sodalite

Like other healing crystals, Sodalite knows no bounds in terms of applications! This stone’s energy is strong and resonant. As long as its meaning and properties are in your life in some form, it can serve you well for years to come.

Thanks to its natural beauty, Sodalite lends itself well to decorative objects. You can often find it in organic raw cuts, sculpted points, or even intricate statues. Whatever the case may be, these objects perform well as interior decor.

Sodalite can bring tons of positive feng shui into your home or office. In the practice of feng shui, it’s a water element stone. As a result, it’s perfect for bringing some emotional balance and refreshing flow to the room.

A dark blue Sodalite stone

It’s particularly effective in rooms that involve a lot of socialization. For example, you could put it in the living room to facilitate honest discussions between your family. Alternatively, it works well in the kitchen and dining room to encourage fun conversations.

Of course, the calming nature of Sodalite makes it pretty versatile as far as placement goes. Put it anywhere you can use some calming positivity. Try putting it in the living room to stop those endless thoughts and promote restful sleep!

If you’d rather take Sodalite with you, there are many options to make that happen. The easiest is to invest in some Sodalite jewelry.

The deep blue hues look fantastic on any skin color. As a result, you can easily find beaded necklaces, statement pendants, and more. Many jewelers also like to use it for rings, bracelets, and charms.

Whatever the case may be, Sodalite jewelry has a lot to offer. When you wear it, the stone stays close to your skin and constantly imbues your auric field with tranquil energy. Plus, you can always hold onto it whenever you need to reflect on its meaning and find a moment of clarity and calm.

The same goes for loose stones. Sodalite looks beautiful when polished or tumbled. The waxy finish seems to accentuate its awe-inspiring looks even more.

In loose stones, you have the most flexibility. Use it during meditation and guide your intent into the rock. Hold it close and think about your troubles melting away.

You can also carry it as a pocket rock to bring calming energy and healing properties with you wherever you go. 

Crystals & Stones To Pair With It

The potential benefits of Sodalite are impressive by themselves. However, you can use it alongside other healing crystals as well.

Doing so lets you create a cocktail of energy that serves your precise needs.

If it’s a crystal for love that you’re after, you have plenty of great options. Sodalite’s natural peace-bringing energy is fantastic for your romantic life. Plus, the influence it has over your throat chakra can help you communicate more effectively with the ones you love most.

Sodalite isn’t just for romance. It can also strengthen the bond you have with family and friends.

Try pairing it with love-focused stones like Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Carnelian. Tiger’s Eye, Red Aventurine, and even Emerald work well. Use both of these stones during a meditation session to deliver your intent and manifest your desired outcome.

Interested in getting more luck and success? Sodalite has you covered. Many say that the properties of Sodalite can attract good luck pretty well on its own. But when you pair it with other luck-bringing crystals, nothing is holding you back!

Sodalite plays well with many good luck crystals. Try using it alongside Agate, Peridot, Serpentine, or Iolite. Goldstone, Turquoise, Hematite, Fluorite, and Red Jasper are suitable options as well. If you want to create an even far-reaching cocktail, you can use it with Aventurine and Carnelian as well.

Finally, we have stones geared towards spiritual growth. The best companions for Sodalite are Moonstone, Aquamarine, Onyx, and Amethyst. Several of the crystals for love and luck can bring you closer to enlightenment as well.

Experiment a bit and see what works best for you!

Cleansing Tips

Healing stones are not infinitely charged. While they can do a lot to heal your mind, body, and soul, these rocks do have a limit. Sodalite is no different.

As it continues to clear your mind and encourage calm, Sodalite’s energy supply gets weaker and weaker. Eventually, it’ll be nothing more than a depleted stone with stunning good looks! To restore its healing properties and connect with its meaning once more, you must cleanse and recharge it.

The exciting thing about Sodalite is that you can sometimes see when it needs cleansing. The otherwise glossy finish can become dull and discolored. When this occurs, you have a couple of options.

The easiest way to cleanse Sodalite is to run it under some clean water. The sodium content plays well with moving water. Throw in some mild soap to wash away dirt and restore its eye-catching finish.

Whatever you do, avoid any harsh cleaners. Chemical-based soaps and acidic cleaning solutions will do nothing but ruin the look of the stone. It weakens the mineral and cuts through the waxy surface. 

Stick to all-natural and gentle soaps.

Once you towel-dry the stone, you can continue to recharge it. Sodalite loves to sit in silk. Wrap the gemstone up in a silk scarf and leave it to recharge for several hours.

If you prefer a more nature-based approach, try exposing it to some sunlight. Leave the stone on a windowsill for about ten minutes. The warming energy of the sun will perk it right up! 

Don’t leave it out for too long! Excessive heat and a bombardment of UV rays could damage it.

Finally, you can use the healing powers of another stone to recharge Sodalite. Keeping it in the same place as Selenite is an excellent go-to for many crystal practitioners.

Alternatively, you can allow the stone to soak with a fully charged rock crystal. The mixture of water and healing energy will do the stone some good!

Zodiac Connection

The properties of Sodalite know no bounds when it comes to healing benefits. It’s not discriminatory in any way. You can take advantage of its benefits regardless of when you were born or what sign you belong to.

While it’s not the official birthstone for any month, Sodalite does seem to have a stronger connection with one sign in particular. That sign is that of Sagittarius.

The Archer is a textbook extrovert! Those who fall under Sagittarius tend to be outgoing and always ready for action. In fact, their outgoing nature might get to the point where they become restless when they don’t have a journey to partake in!

Those traits are pretty admirable. However, it can put Saggitarans in sticky situations. The constant need for action puts them in chaotic situations pretty frequently. In this case, Sodalite is the calming beacon that brings them back down to Earth.

It’s the perfect companion for overactive individuals, with its meaning reminding them to take a moment and breathe every once in a while!

Another positive connection between Sodalite and Sagittarius comes down to clarity. Already, Saggitarians aren’t keen on letting their emotions run rampant. They’re far more analytical and thoughtful than most give them credit for.

For this reason, Sodalite works in their favor. The clarifying stone further cements that fog-proof nature.

That said, Sodalite also reminds them to have a little compassion and empathy. It pushes them to speak their truth no matter what. Even when their needs aren’t conducive to the logical conclusion, Sodalite gives Saggitarians the freedom they need to say what’s on their mind.

Closing Thoughts

Finding clarity and calm in the storm of life is what the meaning of Sodalite is all about. It’s no wonder why this stone is so popular!

When faced with enough negative and hectic energy over time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why having such a strong healing crystal in your corner can make all the difference.

This is a stone that we’ve been using regularly for quite a while and we have no intention of stopping. You should consider doing the same!