Howlite 101: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Howlite is an incredibly unique stone that contains powerful healing energy. When you combine this with its beautiful appearance, the popularity of this stone is no surprise!

This stone is one of our all-time favorites, and we recommend it to others all the time. Pretty much anyone can benefit from introducing Howlite into their life.

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about this stone. You’ll learn about its meaning, properties, uses, and numerous potential benefits.

Let’s begin!

History & Overview

Howlite is a stone that goes by many different names. Some call it White Buffalo, Kaolinite, White Turquoise, or even Silicoborocalcite!

No matter what name you use to describe it, there’s no denying that Howlite is a thing of pure beauty!

Typically chalky white and imbued with smoky black veins, this stone has a very familiar and sought-after look. At first glance, many people mistake it for marble or some other commonly used architectural stone. However, its meaning and properties go much deeper than its visual appeal.

Howlite was first discovered in 1868 by Henry How. How was a famed geologist and chemist. At the time, he was working in a small town in Nova Scotia. After being alerted to a potential new mineral in a local gypsum mine, he went to investigate.

He determined that this mineral was indeed undiscovered. He named it “Silicoborocalcite” after its theorized chemical composition. However, the name was later changed after How’s death to pay homage to his work and discovery.

This milky opaque stone is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide. While it was first found in Canada, it’s also mined in the United States, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and many other places on the planet.

Polished and rounded Howlite

Usually, it’s mined in irregularly shaped nodules or cauliflower-like blooms. However, mines in California and Nevada have it in the rare crystallized form!

Porous by nature, Howlite is quite soft compared to other healing crystals. In fact, it’s so soft that it easily takes on dyes and pigments. In some circles, it’s referred to as “The Imitation Stone,” because of how often it’s used to create counterfeit versions of more precious stones like Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, or Coral. 

Despite its use in more unscrupulous markets, true Howlite is still in high demand. It’s a beautiful stone that’s powerful in its own right.

Howlite Meaning

If you struggle to keep the flames of heated emotions under control, Howlite is a wonderful companion to have.

This rock is said to profoundly affect one’s psyche, creating a wash of calm that can talk you down from the emotional ledge. It’s a master negotiator, forcing you to reflect on your thoughts and actions.

At its essence, the main Howlite meaning is all about calming patience and newfound perspective. 

Rather than allowing your gut instincts to take over, the properties and meaning of Howlite encourage you to take a step back to reflect. Ruled by the calming energy of Mother Earth, the stone is incredibly grounding and has a knack for cooling even the hottest embers of fiery emotions.

Like a moon howling in the night, this stone is a beacon of mindfulness. It cuts through emotional fog and darkness, constantly reminding you to tune into your own thoughts before making rash decisions that could end up hurting you in the long run.

Healing Properties & Benefits

So much more than just a pretty stone, Howlite is a potent stone with a lot to offer. It holds many different healing properties that can have a lasting impact on your day-to-day life.

A unique stone of transformation, Howlite can change the way you view the world and give you brand-new ways to swim through the changing seas of life. Here are a few ways the stone can benefit your mind, body, and soul.


Howlite is an emotional stone through and through. One of the biggest perks it offers is the chance to experience some respite from the noise of life.

Everyone has to deal with calamitous emotions at some point. Some are more apt to deal with the constant ebbs and flows of life than others. Those who have a more difficult time often find themselves on the brink of emotional trauma.

That constant “on edge” mentality can manifest itself in some truly self-destructive ways. You may find yourself lashing out at others whenever presented with a new challenge. Internally, you might feel scatter-brained or hot-tempered.

Two piece of Howlite

Whatever the case may be, fiery emotions can lead to tons of emotional turmoil and unwanted ramifications.

The healing properties of howlite provide a wave of calm that can talk you down and shift your perspective on tough situations. Like a sponge, it absorbs stress and anxiety and deals with dark energy when you can’t. The stone is a potent healer and auric cleanser, taking some of the burdens off your shoulders so that you can better manage your emotions.

As mentioned earlier, Howlite can have a huge impact on how you respond to events in your life. It encourages you to look at challenges from all angles before making split-second decisions that may or may not work in your favor.

This stone is the harbinger of patience, giving even the most hot-headed person a moment to breathe.

Patience and perspective can do a lot to change your life. It forces you to look inward and establish your own emotional boundaries. All the while, it opens your mind up a bit and makes you look at every situation with brand-new eyes. 

From your job to your relationship, every aspect of your life can benefit from Howlite’s meaning and emotional healing properties.


Howlite is an inherently spiritual stone. It represents the concepts of stillness and open-mindedness.

Many healers recommend Howlite for those who are feeling a little lost in terms of spirituality. It doesn’t guide you in one specific direction as far as ideologies go. Instead, the healing properties of this chalky stone push you to find enlightenment in a way that suits you best.

Whether that comes in the form of religion or pure spirituality, Howlite helps you get there.

This stone can unlock paths of communication to higher realms, making you more attuned with your own spirituality and the guidance from otherworldly protectors. The crystal opens up your soul and facilitates exploration! Rather than being tied down to Earthly possibilities, Howlite encourages you to find wisdom in all corners of our universe.

Despite its penchant for spiritual exploration, Howlite is also very grounding. Its healing properties act as a tether, keeping you firmly planted on the ground so that you never get lost in your adventures.


Howlite may be an emotion-focused stone, but it has its fair share of physical perks as well.

Interestingly enough, its chemical composition and physical appearance are said to influence its sway on the human body! Some healers think that its white, chalky aesthetics lend themselves well to aiding the bones. Many say the crystal can balance calcium levels, leading to strong bones, gleaming white teeth, and strong hair.

It’s also thought to have some influence over your mind. According to some practitioners, Howlite can help you stay focused and mentally prepared for anything. It may strengthen your memory while also calming a scattered mind to eliminate issues with sleep or insomnia!

Metaphysical Properties

We already know that Howlite eradicates bad energy to keep us calm, cool, and collected. However, it also has some powerful metaphysical properties that you should be aware of.

Howlite is an interesting stone that can have a huge impact on your entire auric field. It’s said to influence life force energy throughout your entire body, triggering chakras from the bottom to the top!

This is a very powerful root chakra stone, so let’s begin by talking about that first!

The root chakra is one of the most important there is. It’s responsible for your sense of stability in this world. When blocked, people tend to feel lost or complacent, as if they didn’t have any purpose.

Howlite works to keep this energy point free and clear, ensuring that you always have a connection with Mother Earth. The planet’s energy is free to enter your body and ground you at all times.

Howlite stone on a black background

This stone also works alongside the third-eye and crown chakras. 

The third-eye chakra is located between your eyes and acts as your center of reflection. It’s your well of intuition and foresight, ensuring that you always have the power to look inward.

Blockages in this chakra lead to a life of stagnation and misdirection. Howlite promises focus and a new perspective.

The crown chakra is the most interesting of all. Located above the head, it’s the “Bridge to the Cosmos.” Here’s where Howlite’s encouragement of spiritual enlightenment comes in!

The crystal invigorates this chakra to connect you with realms beyond our own. It facilitates spiritual exploration and constantly challenges your soul.

How To Use Howlite

There are many ways to incorporate Howlite’s meaning and properties into your life. Its natural beauty knows no bounds, which makes for some interesting work from artists.

Jewelers often go wild with Howlite! The porous nature makes it a good choice for dying. Plus, the relative softness is great for cutting and molding.

Howlite jewelry can stay within your auric field at all times. There, it’ll absorb negativity and act as a totem for peace. Jewelry stays close to the skin, constantly reminding you to breathe!

Decorative items are available as well. Whether you have an ornate statue or a simple raw rock, Howlite looks beautiful as interior decor. Not only is it awe-inspiring, but the stone will also work to fill the room it’s in with healing energy.

Of course, Howlite is also a fantastic tool for a variety of healing practices. Small rocks and points are great for meditation or direct crystal healing.

Howlite also plays well with other crystals! You can combine it with other healing crystals to maximize the overall impact and create a cocktail of powerful energy.

The Proper Way To Cleanse It

Like any other stone, Howlite can benefit from periodic cleansing. The constant bombardment of negative energy will take a toll on this stone. Cleansing will recharge its energetic core, ensuring that it can continue to serve you well no matter what.

You have a few different ways to approach cleansing. It’s important to remember that Howlite is rather delicate compared to other minerals in the crystal kingdom.

It doesn’t take well to abrasive damage, chemical cleaners, or long-term exposure to water.

One raw Howlite stone

The go-to for most practitioners is water cleansing. Run the stone under lukewarm water or let it soak for a bit. Do not let the stone sit in water for more than 7 hours. It is porous and may experience damage.

If you want to play things safer, there are some alternative cleaning methods.

The first is rice cleansing. Let the stone sit in brown rice for up to 24 hours. As its sits, the rice will soak up bad energy for quick and easy disposal.

Sun and moon cleansing is another option. Let the stone bask in natural lighting to recharge and rejuvenate. Moonlight is the safer choice, as the soft glow of lunar light is not damaging. If you choose to let it soak up the sun’s rays, limit the cleansing period to no more than seven hours.

Finally, there’s sound cleansing. Sound cleansing relies on subtle vibrations and sound frequencies. You can use a sound bowl or a tuning fork to cleanse Howlite and get its energy flowing again.

Zodiac Connection

There are a few different zodiacs that resonate with Howlite. Anyone can utilize Howlite to stay calm and gain a new perspective on life, but its effects are felt most by Geminis, Virgos, and Scorpios.

As a Gemini stone, those that are born under this sign can use Howlite for balance. Geminis are notoriously flighty, changing emotions at the drop of a hat. It’s in their core and represents the inner challenge they constantly face.

Howlite is a calming companion that soothes the aches of emotional duress. It balances the Ying and the Yang, teaching Geminis how to find a nice emotional equilibrium.

Virgos can use Howlite to stay at ease. Despite what their calm and collected exterior might tell you, Virgos often have frantic thoughts. They have a penchant for reorganizing their emotions until everything is to their liking.

Howlite can help ease the demand for perfection. It helps Virgos go with the flow a bit so that they can find solace in life.

Finally, there are Scorpios. Howlite is a natural choice for these hot-headed individuals!

Those born under this sign have a reputation for being aggressive at times. Their passions sometimes get the best of them, which can lead to a bit of trouble.

Howlite is the totem they need to stay calm. It grants patience, forcing Scorpios to step back and analyze the situation before flying off the ledge.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this guide inspires you to introduce the meaning and healing properties of Howlite into your life. It’s truly one of our favorite stones!

If you have any questions you’re always welcome to send us a message. Connecting with others in the crystal healing community never gets old!