13 Powerful Crystals For Focus, Concentration & Memory

The best stones and crystals for focus can make a surprisingly big difference in your productivity and overall function. Whether you’re looking to dial in at work, improve mental clarity, or get a little boost while studying, these crystals can help.

This list goes over our favorites, with some detailed information about each!

1. Fluorite

For anyone with focus issues, Fluorite is thought to be a real game-changer. This gorgeous stone contains fluorescent minerals that make it seem to glow with vitality and protective vibes. In fact, Fluorite is thought to protect against fear or worry; two issues that can really cause a loss of focus.

A Fluorite crystal for focus

A favorite with energy healers, Fluorite is known to help organize thoughts, increase mental focus, clear mental blocks and increase concentration. When negative thoughts, stress and a lack of concentration are removed, you will often notice a dramatic increase in the ability to focus on any task. For this reason, Fluorite is considered to be one of the best crystals for focus that you can find.

Fluorite is often associated with the third eye chakra, so using this stone is thought to bring on enhanced visualization and insight. It’s also known to help clear away various negative energies.

2. Hematite

If life is just too crazy, and you’re finding it hard to stay focused, then Hematite may be just what you need. A great stone for the root chakra, Hematite has been prized throughout the ages for its perceived powers of grounding and energy healing.

Hematite stone for concentration

Often called “the simplifier of the mind”, Hematite is thought to be a great stone for focus because it eliminates excess thoughts, removes anger and frustration, boosts mental health and removes toxic emotions and negative energies.

So if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, negative thinking, and stress, or if you feel surrounded by negative energy, then Hematite may be able to get you grounded and ready to focus on the task at hand.

3. Sodalite

Lots of times, a lack of focus can happen when you have just too many things going on in your life. When your mind is zipping back and forth between the many, and often stressful things on your plate, then it may be time to reach for Sodalite.

Blue piece of Sodalite after being polished

While the name may conjure up pictures of a soft drink, Sodalite is actually a beautiful blue stone that is flecked with white. In terms of healing crystal history, Sodalite is a newbie, but this does not at all take away from its perceived power to clear the mind and refocus intentions.

Sodalite is sometimes called “the student’s stone” because it is thought to have the ability to help a person become more organized and focused (which is why it’s one of the most powerful crystals for studying). Not just for students, Sodalite is known to add focus to the busy lives of parents, professionals or anyone with a long to-do list.

Connected to the throat, heart and third eye chakras, many people feel that Sodalite has the ability to bring inner peace, harmony and positive thinking.

4. Amazonite

Emotional trauma, and most of us have experienced this to some degree, can really mess with your ability to stay focused. If you are having trouble moving forward after trauma or self-destructive thoughts, then Amazonite may be an important part of your journey forward.

An Amazonite focus stone

Amazonite has been used throughout history for emotional healing because it’s thought to have incredible protective energy, and people have used it to filter out stress, lessen restlessness, remove negative emotions and heal emotional trauma. Healers even feel that Amazonite can help you to stay away from making the same traumatic mistakes.

This stone is tied to the throat and heart chakras, so it has been known to help heal the nervous system and bring about emotional strength that reestablishes focus.

5. Malachite

Toxic energy, fear of the future, self-doubt and emotional exhaustion can all lead to a lack of focus. Healers throughout the millennia have turned to Malachite as a powerful stone for concentration because of its emotional healing properties.

Malachite stone after being smoothed out

Malachite has the reputation of being a very powerful protective stone that can guard the user against many kinds of toxic energies. It is also thought to heal emotional exhaustion, promote self-growth, reduce procrastination and stimulate the heart chakra.

So, if emotional baggage and negative energy are keeping you from focusing on the important tasks in your life, Malachite may be able to get rid of all of the bad vibes that are holding you back and reducing your growth and ability to concentrate.

6. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has been prized around the world for its ability to create harmony between the mind, body and spirit. This harmony makes it a very effective crystal for focus, memory, keeping thoughts organized, creating mental balance and providing more clarity.

One Clear Quartz focusing crystal

The ancient Greeks used to say that this stone was a permanent form of ice, while the Egyptians believed that it could channel Earth’s energy. Because of its incredible energy, Clear Quartz was used as the material for crystal balls during the Middle Ages. 

This stone is often sought after by students because it is known to help focus attention, increase memorization ability, and it can help them ignore troublesome distractions while studying. It is also thought to act as an emotional cleanser that can release toxic energy and the pain of past traumas.

We suggest using Clear Quartz together with other stones for even more focus-centering power.

7. Tiger’s Eye

Fear, anxiety and stress can quickly rob you of your ability to concentrate and focus on even the simplest of tasks. For many centuries, healers have been using Tiger’s Eye to eliminate focus-stealing emotions, promote focus and clarity and increase a sense of inner-self worth. Egyptians thought that Tiger’s Eye could bring about divine visions, and the Romans prized its protective powers.

Tiger's Eye stone ready to help improve memory

Connected to the root and sacral chakras, Tiger’s Eye is thought to awaken the inner tiger by giving a person protection and the inner strength to deal with emotions and toxic energies. When you feel tiger-like and strong from within, you will find it easier to face life’s challenges, and focus and mental clarity will follow.

Tiger’s Eye can be used to create an incredible sense of inner harmony that comes from feeling balanced, strong and free of old fears and worries. Ditch those harmful mental blocks once-and-for-all, and let the healing power of Tiger’s Eye bring you the focus and clarity you’re searching for.

8. Green Quartz

Green Quartz is a stone for concentration that we really love for both its stunning color and its healing vibrations. This fairly rare stone has the reputation for being a kind of all-around healer in that it is thought to deal with a wide range of emotions and blockages that can interfere with focus and clarity.

Small Green Quartz crystal

Green Quartz is usually associated with the heart chakra, and healers prize this stone for its ability to bring about positive and healthy emotions such as love, empathy and compassion. This can mean compassion and empathy for others and for yourself. When you are able to look at yourself with compassion, negativity goes away, and focus can return.

Students can often find Green Quartz a helpful tool due to its ability to increase concentration and information retention. It has also been known to attract success and positive outcomes.

If you are looking for a stone that can help rid your mind of negative thoughts, increase positive energy, create emotional balance and bring about clarity and concentration, then we highly recommend Green Quartz.

9. Scapolite

Scapolite, a rare and little known stone, could be what you need if self-doubt, worries and rushing thoughts are keeping you from focusing on your goals or tasks. Other common names of Scapolite include wernerite, mizzonite, marialite and meionite.

You will usually find this focus stone in a beautiful and soothing honey-yellow color, but pink, gray, orange and even brown versions can be seen as well. In addition to the visual beauty of this stone, it is thought to emit a strong energy that increases the ability to solve problems and achieve your goals. In fact, Scapolite is often known as “the stone of achievement.” 

Having Scapolite near you can create a calming atmosphere that may increase mental balance, clear away worries and troublesome thoughts, enhance your mood and increase positive vibrations in your surroundings and in your mind.

Scapolite is strongly connected to the crown chakra, so using this focus crystal is said to help you connect your desires to the will of the Universe. When Scapolite resonates with the solar plexus chakra, it can bring about a sense of personal power and confidence.

When you feel confident, connected and balanced, you’ll find that your ability to focus and stay on task will be a lot easier.

10. Sapphire

Throughout history, Sapphire has been equated with sacred things, royalty, wisdom and even prophecy. If you have ever seen a Sapphire in all of its brilliance and fire, then you may understand why this stone has been so valued and desired.

A dark Sapphire crystal

Just about everyone is familiar with blue Sapphire, but did you know that this stone also comes in green, violet, yellow and white versions? Each color has its own vibration and its own chakra connection. Besides its stunning beauty, the Sapphire offers a wide range of properties that bring focus and clarity into your life. 

Old traumas and negative emotions can really get in the way of our ability to think clearly and concentrate on our goals. The vibrations from a Sapphire have the ability to build clear vision by releasing unwanted thoughts, they can help us let go of old psychic suffering, and they can help to build a clear vision of our goals. 

Blue Sapphire is connected to the throat chakra, and when the throat chakra is open and healthy, all the other chakras tend to be open as well. Other Sapphire colors are associated with the third eye chakra, and this can bring about increased awareness and clear thinking.

11. Smoky Quartz

The alluring, rich brown of the Smoky Quartz has been enchanting people since ancient times. The Celts and the Maori of New Zealand felt deep connections to this stone, and they found innovative ways to incorporate the Smoky Quartz into their daily life. 

One Smoky Quartz crystal being used for focus

The Smoky Quartz has more than just beauty going for it. It is thought to have the ability to remove many of the negative emotions and thoughts that can cause a lack of concentration and focus. 

We love this stone for its grounding properties, and we recommend giving it a try if you are feeling overwhelmed, unproductive or anxious. 

Smoky Quartz is associated with the root chakra, so it may be able to make you feel more emotionally balanced, and it has been known to increase positive vibrations by getting rid of any negative vibes that come from others around you. 

Use Smoky Quartz to calm the mind, improve memory, stop old toxic patterns and bring clarity of mind and vision. 

12. Tiger Jasper

Combining the properties of Tiger’s Eye, Jasper and Hematite, Tiger Jasper is thought to be a true powerhouse. Drawing deeply from the Earth’s energy, Tiger Jasper is sought after for its incredible ability to ground you and keep you focused.

Tiger Jasper is an excellent choice for students, stay-at-home moms, professionals or anyone with a stressful job. This is because, in addition to grounding, Tiger Jasper is also known to promote stamina and concentration.

Healers prize this stone for its ability to ease emotional stress, build self-confidence and protect the user from a wide array of negative energies. Once negative thoughts and energies are removed, peace, focus and positivity can take over.

Because Tiger Jasper combines the powerful healing energies of several stones, it is associated with a variety of different chakras. This is thought to make Tiger Jasper a very valuable and versatile vessel for helping you concentrate.

13. Pink Opal

If you’re seeking a crystal for focus that gives off gentle vibes of love and inner peace, then we suggest giving Pink Opal a try. This lovely stone is sometimes referred to as “the peppermint candy stone”, and it was highly beloved by ancient civilizations in place such as Egypt, India and Greece.

A piece of Pink Opal

This lovely stone is all about positivity and deep inner strength. Is a broken heart or other trauma interfering with your focus? Let Pink Opal help you deal with these issues in order to send the hurt and confusion away forever.

This stone is thought to bring about emotional balance, lift the spirits and relieve stress and anxiety. Also called “the stone of spiritual awakening”, Pink Opal can promote self-love, resolution and inner peace.

Pink Opal, associated with the heart chakra, has been shown to promote love, empathy and forgiveness. When these emotions are strong, focus, clarity and concentration are soon to follow.

Different Ways To Use These Crystals

Taking advantage of crystals for focus can be accomplished in a myriad of ways, and there is no right or wrong way. We suggest taking a look at the following methods that we recommend for using crystals, and then you can choose the one or ones that seem to resonate the most for you. This can change from day to day or moment to moment, and that is perfectly fine. You will soon get a feeling for what works the best for you.

An excellent time to use a crystal is during your meditation session. This is a time when your mind is quiet, your body is calm and you are more receptive to vibrations and energy.

Hold the crystal in both hands, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Focus, if you can, on the vibrations being given off by the healing crystal. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first. You will soon find it easier to tune into the vibrations of the stone.

While meditating, you can also simply place the crystal or crystals around you, or you can place the crystal on the appropriate chakra.

Just do what feels the most authentic and meaningful to you at the time.

Another way to utilize the amazing power of focus crystals is to place them where you need them the most for focus. This could be a desk at home or at the office, a favorite reading chair or another place where you need help focusing. You will be able to absorb and benefit from the various vibrations just by being near the crystals.

One way to always have the power of a crystal constantly at hand is to carry one or more in your pocket. You can hold it, touch it or just feel the warmth and positive vibrations close to your body. It’s on-the-go exposure to energy, and it’s a discreet way to grab a beneficial vibe when you need it.

If you’re just taking it easy, placing a crystal on your third eye is thought to really help you absorb the vibrations of the particular stone. You’ll be taking in energy for concentration even while relaxing.

Many people choose to wear the crystal they are using as jewelry. Not only does this look beautiful, but it lets you have the crystal close to your body.

Lastly, crystals can be placed in your home or office as display pieces. You’ll enhance the look of your space, and the crystals will radiate positive and productive energy to the whole area.


There are a number of crystals for focus out there, but some work better than others. That’s why we were selective with what we decided to include on this list.

All of the stones above can help provide better clarity and concentration, no matter what task you’re working on. If you have a massive project you want to focus on, or just need a boost the next time you’re studying, give some of these a try!