21 Best Stones & Crystals For Fertility (Powerful)

Seeking out crystals for fertility is a process that many take seriously. Whether it be for conception, help throughout pregnancy, or simply managing stress, you want all the help you can get!

This guide goes over each of the best stones and crystals for fertility. You’ll also find detailed information about each, so you can pick the ones that will help you the most!

1. Celestite

Celestite is an ethereal healer and a harbinger of peace. The angelic colors and delicate finish of this fertility crystal are no coincidence. It’s said that Celestite can connect you with your guardian angel and elevate your spirit.

A bright Celestite fertility crystal

Overall, Celestite is a fantastic choice for those who suffer from stress. There are links between chronic stress and fertility. 

Celestite breaks through the cloud of dark energy that surrounds you, bringing light and peace into your life. It’s capable of digging deep and addressing past issues that continue to plague you. By managing your emotional health and soothing the soul, the crystal promotes fertility and creates a better headspace for bringing life into this world.

2. Ruby Zoisite

This unique gemstone is a combination of Ruby, Green Zoisite, and Black Tschermakite. The unique blend of minerals creates a powerful fertility stone with a distinct type of healing energy.

Polished Ruby Zoisite up close

Crystal practitioners say that it has a profound effect on the female reproductive system. It amplifies your natural energy field, strengthening your aura and increasing your overall vitality! The stone can also draw up hidden emotions that may be negatively influencing your body.

Ruby Zoisite frees you from those chains, promoting fertility and ridding your body of any dark energy that might be affecting your ovaries. This stone takes time to work, but it’s said to lead to positive results.

3. Moonstone

The soft, iridescent shimmer of Moonstone reflects the cycle of the lunar phase and a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. It’s sometimes called the “Stone of New Beginnings” and has a powerful effect on women. Throughout history, many cultures associated it with female deities and Mother Earth herself.

A perfectly symmetrical piece of Moonstone

It has naturally feminine energy that’s gentle, nurturing, and stabilizing. Physically, the stone is said to balance a woman’s cycle. Many suggest that it provides equilibrium to your body, keeping your hormones and metabolism in check.

Keeping Moonstone by your side is thought to improve your chances of conception. This is especially true if you set your fertility goal to coincide with a full moon.

4. Carnelian

In many cultures, Carnelian is the ultimate fertility crystal. It’s said to harness feminine energy that blesses the menstrual cycle. Many believe that it encourages conception by boosting fertility on both sides of the equation.

A Carnelian healing stone

For women, Carnelian is all about hormone production. The radiant energy is thought to stimulate the ovaries, promising the release of sex hormones. In men, Carnelian is often used with the intention of decreasing prostate problems and improving overall sperm potency.

Together, men and women can be more capable of conceiving if Carnelian is in their presence. It works to prepare the mind, body, and soul for child-rearing, making it a must-have for new parents.

5. Aventurine

The earthy tones of Green Aventurine harken back to Mother Nature and all her organic glory. With women, this crystal for fertility is said to encourage the most natural human process of all!

One Green Aventurine crystal for fertility

Many seek out this stone to help them address issues that impact the reproductive system. Naturally calming, Green Aventurine is said to heal the ovaries and uterus, preparing it for conception. But that’s not all.

This stone also impacts your mental health. It fosters trust and harmony between two people, facilitating conversations that can lead to a healthier relationship. Pair that with Green Aventurine’s knack for bringing luck into the holder’s life, and it’s primed for boosting fertility.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is most known for bringing inner strength and self-confidence. However, these emotional benefits are perfect for a hopeful mother. It provides courage as you step into the next chapter of your life.

A Tiger's Eye fertility stone

Once you do get pregnant, Tiger’s Eye is a talisman for memories. The fertility stone pushes you to relish every second of your pregnancy, as it’s one of the most beautiful times you’ll ever experience.

For those trying to get pregnant, Tiger’s Eye promotes physical equilibrium. It works to balance your hormones and improve fertility. The stone can also help you with stress and anxiety, ensuring that you stay calm and can clearly focus on your family plans.

7. Rhodonite

With its rosy pink coloration, Rhodonite is a loving stone that radiates feminine energy. It’s a fantastic heart stone that’s capable of healing even the deepest wounds.

Polished and heart-shaped piece of Rhodonite

It resonates strongly with the heart chakra, bringing peace into your life and encouraging you to love unconditionally. Many say that it strengthens relationships and prepares you for the next stage of love. It can also grant confidence and strength to take the necessary steps to move forward and create a family.

Women wanting to get pregnant can benefit from its relationship with the womb. The stone connects with the uterus directly, which many say boosts fertility and prepares you for the joys of pregnancy that lie ahead.

8. Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper is a real show-stopper when it comes to looks. However, its most significant benefits come from its ability to encourage pregnancy.

Leopardskin Jasper after being tumbled

This crystal for fertility works as a powerful stimulant for both men and women. It’s said to act as an effective sperm regenerator for men, improving potency and resulting in conception.

For females, it harmonizes the body. The gemstone ensures that your hormones are balanced and ready for action. More importantly, Leopardskin Jasper prevents you from adopting a self-destructive way of thinking.

Before and during your pregnancy, it keeps you calm and level-headed. That way, dark energy doesn’t ruin your mind and create potentially dangerous ramifications for your baby.

9. Emerald

The rich green Emerald gemstone is one of the most popular healing crystals for fertility. Improving both the mind and body, the stone prepares women for the challenges ahead. It may even promote better understanding and connection after birth!

Raw emerald crystal

Emotionally, Emerald helps women understand the changes that their bodies are going through. It helps to prevent stress and anxiety, letting you enjoy the process and all it’s worth.

Emerald also supports your body. For those who are trying to get pregnant, many believe it enhances hormonal production to increase the odds of successful conception. Afterward, Emerald’s nurturing energy is thought to strengthen the bond between mother and child, leading to a life of love.

10. Green Jade

Another stone that reminds you of the magic of Mother Nature, Green Jade has a lot to offer hopeful mothers. The energy that comes from this simple green stone is heartfelt and magical. It nurtures the soul, brings balance and love back into your heart, and inspires you to let go of any pent-up emotions.

Close up of a polished Green Jade gemstone

All of these characteristics may put your body in a better position to rear a child!

More directly, Green Jade is said to enhance the organs in your pelvic region, increasing blood flow and oxygenation. That makes this one of the best crystals for fertility.

11. Unakite

Unakite is a form of Jasper that has a signature moss-like appearance. Swirls of green and pink represent all the factors that go into a successful pregnancy. 

A tumbled Unakite fertility stone

Green represents new life and the act of nurturing. Meanwhile, pink symbolizes the love you have for your partner and soon-to-be child. 

As a whole, Unakite has powerful healing energy. It manipulates your psyche, putting you in a better emotional headspace and ridding your body of negativity. This alone is said to help with fertility.

However, Unakite also radiates with the sacral, root, and heart chakras. It creates balance in your auric field, which is thought to enhance your fertility.

12. Smoky Quartz

This fertility stone is all about addressing issues on the male side of the equation. A powerful emotional healer, Smoky Quartz can help prepare men for the journey that is fatherhood.

Large raw Smoky Quartz

It clears the mind and soul by absorbing dark energy. All that pent-up aggression and emotional turmoil clear away, ensuring that you don’t pass anything on to your child. With a newfound sense of clarity and peace, men can say goodbye to performance issues and stress-related fertility problems.

Wearing Smoky Quartz is thought to enhance male fertility directly. The theory is that it treats sexual dysfunction in men, making the sperm more potent and capable of reaching the egg.

13. Apache Tears 

Sometimes known as “The Holy Stone,” Apache Tears are unique fertility crystals with a long history. It’s a form of Obsidian that’s predominantly used to obtain spiritual peace and understanding.

A small Apache Tear specimen

The stone is drenched in pain, taking on that burden so that you don’t have to. Many crystal practitioners recommend it to those suffering from depression, chronic anxiety, and other mental issues that stop people from living their lives to the fullest.

With Apache Tears by your side, you can free the emotional chains that are subconsciously affecting your fertility. The stone promotes love from within, creating a cauldron of creation that befitting of new life.

14. Fluorite

Fluorite is an eye-catching stone that comes in many different colors and varieties. Regardless of the form you choose, it’s said to provide lasting light that can purify your mind, body, and soul.

A beautiful and colorful Fluorite crystal

It’s a powerful emotional healer that radiates deep within your soul. By your side, it clears the fog and gives you the clarity you need to make life-changing decisions like having a child.

Crystal believers swear by Fluorite’s ability to encourage conception. Typically used by women with irregular menstrual cycles, it can detoxify the body and keep your hormones in check. As a result, this crystal for fertility prepares your body for the changes to come.

15. Red Tiger’s Eye

Here’s a more refined version of the standard Tiger’s Eye. Known for its intense red coloration, Red Tiger’s Eye is a favorite for those seeking passion! The fiery red hues are said to revitalize your soul and light a fire to create momentum in your life.

Finely smoothed Red Tiger's Eye stone

In the bedroom, that passion can help you conceive. Not only does it encourage you and your partner to keep trying, but it also forges a deeper connection. As a result, you’re more attuned to one another and can overcome fertility issues.

Once you conceive, the energy from this fertility stone also helps you slip into your roles more easily. It encourages self-love while giving you the strength to love unconditionally.

16. Lepidolite

If you’re having reservations about taking this big step in your life, Lepidolite may help shift your perspective. It’s known as the “Stone of Transition,” inviting change that could benefit your life.

A healing and fertility crystal called Lepidolite

Many women let stress and anxiety boil deep within their souls. Even if they don’t realize it, their fears of pregnancy are manifesting themselves physically. Trepidation about what’s to come ultimately decreases fertility.

Lepidolite eases the transition a bit. It releases that dark energy, imbuing you with positivity and excitement. Instead of fearing the major changes to come, it pushes you to embrace them and head into motherhood with confidence.

17. Rutilated Quartz

While not as well-known as some other Quartz forms, Rutilated Quartz is deserving of a spot in your crystal collection. It features thin hair-like inclusions that gleam in the light. 

A yellow piece of Rutilated Quartz

This crystal is said to have a strong connection with Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. It has feminine energy that’s both passionate and nurturing.

According to many healers, this fertility crystal manages hormones and puts your mind at ease. It doesn’t wipe away dark energy like other crystals. Instead, Rutilated Quartz reminds you of the duality of life and forces you to appreciate the good and the bad.

18. Aquamarine

Like the endless swathes of ocean blue on the horizon, Aquamarine welcomes life. The ocean was responsible for the conception of humans, so it should be no surprise to see this on our list of the best crystals for fertility.

A shiny small Aquamarine stone

The stone is said to improve fertility and protect you during your pregnancy. Mothers can experience a newfound sense of calm as the stone releases anxieties about the process. It reduces worries and prepares women for the new role they are about to play.

Many seek out the healing energy that emanates from Aquamarine to help discourage potential miscarriages. This stone is a cheerleader for life, doing all it can to bring it into the universe.

19. Garnet

To the Ancient Greeks, Garnet granted the gift of love, fertility, and growth. According to modern-day crystal practitioners, it still brings many of those benefits today. More specifically, it’s a powerful fertility stone.

Garnet to promote fertility

Many healers suggest that Garnet regenerates the body, healing old wounds and addressing dysfunctions within the reproductive system. Its healing energy is said to increase fertility, encouraging you to conceive and create new life.

On the emotional front, Garnet helps you stay level-headed. It “talks you off the ledge,” bringing you down from the brink of emotional turmoil so that you can remain calm and collected. The crystal keeps you balanced so that you’re ready to tackle the tribulations of parenthood.

20. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is like the personification of pure, unadulterated love. The blushing crystal opens your heart, preparing you to take the next step.

A collection of Rose Quartz stones

With nothing but love between you, Rose Quartz creates a wave of calm for you and your partner. It instills self-love and a greater sense of self, granting you the confidence you need to conceive successfully.

When you keep Rose Quartz nearby, it’s said to promote sexual vitality and vigor. Not only that, but it builds the foundations of love long before your future child is even born! You’re able to build your family on a foundation of love, creating a welcoming environment and a pre-existing bond.

21. Chrysoprase

This translucent chalcedony stone is a head-turner, but the impact it has in the realm of fertility is its most impressive characteristic.

One cleaned up piece of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a stone for fertility that impacts you directly. It resonates with the womb, addressing issues that are stopping you from conceiving. According to some healers, it’s especially useful if infections and direct illnesses are causing infertility.

The healing energy from Chrysoprase can even enhance your sexual power and improve your fertility. Not only that, but it has an intense influence on your emotional health.

The stone brings emotional peace and calmness. It encourages you to let go of pent-up frustrations and self-blame, allowing you to focus on successful conception.

Stones and crystals for fertility have far-reaching effects. Like most stones, those geared towards fertility are versatile enough to be used in many different ways. However, more targeted applications may yield better results.

For example, crystal practitioners often recommend sleeping with the stones. Placing it on a nightstand or under a pillow creates a cocoon of energy that you’re free to absorb as you sleep. As your body recovers and rebuilds, your reproductive system may experience a boost.

Another option is to bathe with the stone. In water, fertility crystals can infuse the water with positive energy and minerals. As you soak, you will absorb its powers in an ultra-potent form, encouraging your fertility to improve.

Of course, traditional application methods apply, too.

The most common way to use fertility crystals is to wear them as jewelry or carry them in a pocket. Most stones make great beads or pendants, allowing you to adorn your body. As jewelry, the crystals are in constant contact with the skin, facilitating the flow of healing energy.

The same goes for loose rocks. You can carry it in your pocket and hold it in your hand whenever you need some healing energy.

Finally, you can use the stones during meditation. Hold them in your hand and visualize the child in your womb. As you sit in peace, the crystals will imbue your body with vitality to, hopefully, manifest a child during conception.

Some believers also like to apply the stones directly to the womb. Lay on your stomach and carefully arrange them on your body. Like jewelry, close contact ensures proper energy transfer.

Picking Your Favorite Crystals For Fertility

Each of the crystals for fertility that you see on this list can help you during this magical time in your life. Simply the comfort that comes from having them by your side can make all the difference.

When picking your favorites from this list, perform an honest assessment of your situation and what you need. You might find that certain crystals offer benefits that apply to you more than others!

If you’re having trouble deciding (or simply have questions), feel free to reach out to us and ask!