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Ocean Jasper: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Ocean Jasper is an incredibly rare and potent stone that has rapidly gained popularity among crystal healers in the last ten years. In fact, we get questions about this stone more than almost any other!

In this guide we’ll go over the primary Ocean Jasper meaning, as well as the various properties it contains. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be eager to get some for yourself!

History & Overview

Ocean Jasper is a rare stone that’s worth its weight in gold to healers and collectors! Also known as Cellular Jasper, the Atlantis Stone, and Sea Jasper, it’s a visually stunning stone with tons of aesthetic variety.

No two samples of Ocean Jasper are the same. You can find cuts that are predominantly blue, gray, cream, and more. Swirly waves and orbital inclusions of vibrant yellow or orange create a fascinating display of Mother Nature’s raw creativity. The gorgeous stone is a treat for the eyes and offers enough variation to warrant its sought-after status.

Even with its popularity among crystal healing practitioners, getting your hands on it is not easy. It was initially found in 1922 in Madagascar. However, this single source of Ocean Jasper was quickly lost due to its limited accessibility.

An Ocean Jasper stone with various colors

In fact, Ocean Jasper would remain lost to humans for nearly eight decades! In the 1990s, it was rediscovered and mined extensively.

What makes this powerful stone so rare is that there’s only one known mine. The mine is on the base of a cliff on a beach in Madagascar. To make things more complicated, the mine is only accessible by boat after low tide!

After its rediscovery, mining operations kicked into gear to collect as much of the mineral as possible. By 2006, the single mine was deemed too dangerous and virtually depleted. As a result, all of the Ocean Jasper stones you see on the market today are back stock or old collectibles from previous owners.

From a chemical standpoint, Ocean Jasper is relatively simple. It’s a member of the Quartz family and is a silicon dioxide mineral.

Despite its simplicity, Ocean Jasper’s rarity makes it highly sought-after. Pair that with its healing properties, and you have a stone that’s ripe with possibilities.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

Formed through the convergence of lava and water, the meaning of Ocean Jasper revolves around the concept of duality.

This unique mineral evolved into the gorgeous stones we know today in primordial volcanoes. The lava flowed into the ocean water, where it cooled. As this happened, silica from the lava precipitated. Geologists believe that this process is what led to the formation of those orbital inclusions and distinct color patterns.

The meeting of intense heat with a rush of cool ocean water resulted in one of the most beautiful stones on the planet! Two polar opposite elements worked together to form something extraordinary. 

The primary Ocean Jasper meaning reflects that. It’s all about creating tranquility and finding balance within oneself. While most healing crystals are geared to deal with one emotion, Ocean Jasper adapts to your needs.

It can give you a boost of energy when you’re feeling down or cool you off whenever you require soothing support. The duality of the stone protects your auric field and helps you find balance within yourself.

Healing Properties & Benefits

The healing properties of Ocean Jasper are said to have an overarching effect on your mind, body, and soul. As one of the more unique and rare healing crystals in existence, its vibrational energy is thought to nurture the soul and provide ongoing support whenever you need it most.

Below are just a few of the ways this stone can enhance your life.


Without a doubt, Ocean Jasper’s influence and healing properties have the biggest impact on your heart and mind. Crystal healers seek out this stone for its ability to promote peace and happiness.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s duality is what sets it apart from other gemstones. It harnesses the passionate energy of fire with the mellow energy of water.

A small piece of Ocean Jasper

In times of despair or complacency, the properties and meaning of Ocean Jasper can instill a sense of hopeful energy! It can pull you up from the depths of sorrow to reinvigorate your mind and encourage you to discover your purpose!

On the other side of the token, it can also present the warming embrace of love. It soothes the soul and invites kindness, support, and joy into your life.

Unlike other stones, it’s not just about manipulating the effects of incoming energy. Ocean Jasper can also help you switch perspectives and adopt a better view of yourself! It teaches you to prioritize yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with being empathetic and selfless. But sometimes, you have to do what’s right for you! Ocean Jasper reminds you of that importance and gives you the power to recognize your own divinity.


No matter how spiritual you are, the properties of Ocean Jasper have the potential to transform the way you approach your faith and beliefs.

Everyone goes through a crisis of faith at some point. We start to question everything, sometimes even the very concept of right and wrong! Hardships push us to see the darker side of things and dwell on the pains rather than embracing the successes.

Ocean Jasper provides wisdom and enlightenment. It inspires you to “go with the flow!” Like the ebbs and flows of ocean waves, life is full of ups and downs. The meaning of this stone reminds you that you have to ride things out and embrace everything that comes with the journey. Otherwise, you’ll sink to the bottom and drown!

This newfound way of thinking can do wonders for your spiritual health and overall well-being. Focusing too much on the negative aspects of life can take a toll on your soul, forcing you to over-analyze everything you do.

Life isn’t about having all the answers! It’s about the ride!

Ocean Jasper doesn’t take away your spirituality. It lets your mind soar and discover all the possibilities of the universe! The newfound approach to life’s challenges encourages you to seek enlightenment and achieve pure spiritual bliss.


The physical benefits of Ocean Jasper’s healing properties aren’t as well-known. However, many crystal practitioners believe that this stone still has a lot to offer your physical body.

As a stone that rules the tides, one of its most unique perks people seek is actually relief from seasickness! Some say that having the stone nearby when you’re traveling by boat can ease balance issues and help you enjoy the experience.

A well-polished piece of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is also said to help with water retention. It’s a favorite for those who partake in salt baths and hydrotherapy. A common practice that’s done with this stone is using it in water-based therapies to try and maximize the effects!

More directly, many healers say that Ocean Jasper works to improve organ function and overall circulation. They believe this is because it’s capable of enhancing the lymphatic system’s performance, encouraging the drainage of toxins that could damage your body.

Meanwhile, vitamins and supplements you take are said to absorb better. Practitioners think that absorbing the stone’s energy helps you take advantage of more of the healthy vitamins and minerals you eat daily.

When used alongside other healing stones, Ocean Jasper is said to have even more unique physical benefits. For example, some say that a pairing of Ocean Jasper and Scapolite can ease an upset stomach and provide relief for thyroid problems.

Metaphysical Properties

A highly reactive stone, the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper have a knack for bringing your chakras to life! Its radiant energy penetrates your auric field, disrupting the state of your energy flow for the better!

Being the multi-faceted stone that it is, Ocean Jasper can activate and support three different chakras. 

First off, it’s an excellent stone for the solar plexus chakra. This energy point is one of the most commonly neglected. However, it’s also one of the most important! Referred to as Manipura in Sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra is the center of your personal power!

Ocean Jasper’s metaphysical properties keep the energy flowing through this chakra, creating feelings of inner strength. It can embolden you to face your fears and learn from past mistakes. Instead of wallowing in the past, you can learn from inner turmoil and gain the power to face life’s challenges with brand new eyes!

One piece of Ocean Jasper set up for a metaphysical practice

Next, Ocean Jasper is great at supporting the heart chakra. Called Anahata, this chakra governs your feelings of passion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Many people struggle with feelings of love and optimism. When all you have to fall back on are painful memories and turbulent relationships, it’s not hard to see why we resort to negativity. Unfortunately, this causes many to build up barriers that prevent anyone from getting in.

Ocean Jasper soothes those pains and encourages you to let go of the memories that bind you. It instills hope and optimism, enabling you to both give and receive love.

Finally, Ocean Jasper’s finishing touches are felt in the throat chakra. Known as Vishuddha, this chakra is all about the art of communication and self-expression.

Blockages can make you feel closed off, shy, or emotionally unavailable. When you do communicate with others, issues with this chakra may make your words come out harsh or dishonest.

Ocean Jasper does away with clogs, and it’s meaning encourages you to speak your truth! You can be more open with the ones you love, strengthening bonds and improving relationships.

Ways To Use This Stone

There’s no shortage of ways to use Ocean Jasper. Thanks to its stunning good looks, powerful properties, and captivating meaning, it’s a favorite for artists and jewelry makers.

Jewelry pieces and small carrying stones are the most convenient way to reap the rewards of the gemstone. When it’s close to the skin, you can have a more meaningful connection with the mineral and absorb all of its healing energy.

Furthermore, carrying stones or pendants are like talismans of peace. You can use them as a reminder of the main Ocean Jasper meaning, allowing you to take a step back and find tranquility against the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you prefer to take in healing energy from afar, points, statues, spheres, and raw rocks are another great option. Putting Ocean Jasper around the home infuses the spaces you occupy regularly. Every time you walk into the room, you can experience a rush of calming energy to stay level-headed and calm.

Zodiac Connection

No matter what sign you belong to, Ocean Jasper has a lot to offer. Its effects aren’t exclusive to any specific sign. Many consider this stone to provide extraordinary power for fire and water signs, but it’s still a universally powerful stone that anyone can take advantage of.

Capricorns, in particular, have a lot to gain from Ocean Jasper’s properties and emotional perks.

Naturally pessimistic and expecting the worst out of life, Capricorns can easily get lost in their own head. On the one hand, it allows them to take bad things in stride. They’re not overly emotional and rarely show their true colors.

Unfortunately, this ongoing wall can make it difficult for Capricorns to experience joy and love truly. The properties and meaning of Ocean Jasper help to break down some of those barriers and teach Capricorns to enjoy the light.

It provides protection as well, ensuring that Capricorns can explore their emotions safely.

Wrapping Up

Ocean Jasper has a fascinating meaning, and powerful healing properties that can benefit just about anyone. It’s origin of balance helps it bring that energy into your life, bringing you the support you need (no matter the situation).

We hope you enjoyed this guide and have a good understanding of the benefits Ocean Jasper can have on your life. No matter how hard it might be to acquire, the effort is definitely worth it!

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