Red Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Red Jade is a unique stone that many people in the crystal healing community don’t know much about. But trust us, it has a lot to offer!

This guide will teach you about the meaning, healing properties, and benefits of using Red Jade in your healing practice. Introducing this potent stone into your life will make quite a difference!

One bright piece of Red Jade

History & Overview

Red Jade, a sodium aluminum silicate, is part of the Jadeite family. It has a vitreous surface luster and a microcrystalline structure, and it can often be confused with Red Quartzite. Always make sure to do your homework before purchasing any stone, and you should only shop from a stone dealer that you trust. 

You may already be familiar with the green version of Jade, but this stone comes in a rainbow of other luscious colors such as red, blue, white, lavender and brown. We’ll be focusing on Red Jade here, but the other forms of Jade tend to have many similarities.

Because Red Jade is between 6.5 and 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, carvings have survived from prehistoric times. Buttons, tools, beads, axe heads and weapons made from Jade have been discovered worldwide.

When you think of Jade, you probably associate it with Chinese culture. It is certainly true that forms of Jade were important to the Chinese, but this healing crystal was used by many other civilizations as well.

Let’s first take a look at where Jade is commonly found. Red Jade can be found in countries like Myanmar, Japan, Turkey, Guatemala, Canada and Turkestan. However, most Red Jade appears to come from Myanmar. Because Red Jade can be mined in many places around the world, it’s easy to understand how its meaning came to be such an important part of so many ancient cultures.

If we look at Asian cultures, then the influence of Red Jade can be seen in ancient China, Japan and Korea. In all three of these civilizations, Red Jade, and Jade in general, was seen as an important symbol of royalty and wealth. It was used in royal crowns, as ornaments and in burial rituals.

For the people of Southeast Asia, in countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, Jade was mainly a commodity to be used in trade. The Aztecs used it to create carvings or to use in human sacrifice rituals, and in Russia, craftsmen turned this stone into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Red Jade Meaning

The energy of Red Jade is as fiery as its crimson color. The meaning of this stone is about taking you from lethargy and indifference to courage and total control of your destiny.

If you’d like to have the courage to take control of your life, to travel on paths that you never thought possible, then make the properties of Red Jade part of your healing journey.

Red Jade is a chi stone that simply exudes warrior energy. In fact, this is a stone that’s used by practitioners of tai chi, qi gong and other kinds of martial arts. Not only does it instill courage, but it can even promote healthy energy flow.

With Red Jade’s hot and spicy color, it’s no wonder that it has the reputation for being a crystal for love that can incite passion and improve relationships. This healing crystal can help you throw off your restrictive thinking, so you are more open to romance and intimacy. It can also help you deal with your anger in a better way, and this is important for healthy communication. 

Red Jade is also thought to be an effective crystal for money since it promotes healthy behaviors that can potentially lead to prosperity. 

Healing Properties & Benefits

Red Jade is a stone to use when you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. This is not the kind of stone that gently takes your hand and guides you to a place of inner serenity and self-love. Instead, the meaning and healing properties of Red Jade will help you connect to your inner warrior, so you can be ready to face what’s ahead with courage and confidence.

This is a stone that we love because it has so many physical, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical benefits. From quicker recovery times and greater self-confidence to spiritual protection and chakra alignment, Red Jade is a healing crystal that you will turn to again and again.


Sometimes you need a healing stone that is going to envelop you in soothing and comforting vibrations. At other times, however, it’s better to have a stone that is going to give you the extra push you need to move forward with confidence and even a bit of an attitude.

Red Jade is loaded with energy that’s ready and waiting to give you the boost of courage and self-assurance that you need. This can be the courage to try new things, but it can also be the courage that’s needed to face your deepest traumas and fears. Using Red Jade can take you from a self-limiting mindset to one that lets you know that anything you dream of is possible.

Red Jade has fiery vibrations that make this the perfect stone for anyone who needs help with love, relationships or a little more spice in the bedroom. Using this stone in your daily practice is said to increase self-confidence, awaken dormant passions and give you a renewed zest for life that will then transfer to your love life and personal relationships. 

For centuries, the properties and meaning of Red Jade have been used to encourage material wealth and prosperity. This is not to say that using Red Jade is going to make you instantly rich. Instead, this means that the stone can help give you the confidence, stamina and inspiration to pursue a new job, ask for a promotion or start a new business venture. The properties of Red Jade can give you the personal strength that can actually draw prosperity to you like a magnet.


In the same way that Red Jade is a powerful healer for emotional issues, it is equally as potent in the area of spiritual health. This stone can help you down any spiritual path you care to travel, and you can have the added confidence that you’ll be protected along the way.

One very powerful benefit you can expect from Red Jade is its protection against negative energy and harmful spirits. These are things that we can’t see, but they can be sensed in the way that they make us feel lethargic, dispirited, anxious or sad. Red Jade has the properties and energy to create a shield that can help stop these negative entities from even reaching your auric field.

Red Jade, worn as an amulet, is a very effective way to ward off negative energy and spirits. Using it this way is said to provide spiritual protection to you and the people around you. Carried as a talisman, Red Jade has the ability to impart spiritual strength to the user.

This stone is often used for divination work, angelic communication and as a connection to goddesses. The Chinese, Aztecs, Celts, Egyptians and Phoenicians all used Red Jade in the worship and spiritual connection to the various goddesses of their religions.

This stone is known to be what’s called a guardian harmonizer. Harmonizers are stones that have tetrahedrons of silicate that form a chain-like structure. This structure works to promote balance, and acceptance of situations and makes it a strong crystal for protection.


Red Jade is a stone that practitioners of natural medicine often turn to with the goal of tapping into its wide-ranging healing properties. One very important function that some crystal healers say Red Jade serves is that it helps to promote healthy filtration and elimination within the body. Organs such as the kidneys, spleen and supra-adrenals are all commonly targeted with Red Jade healing practices.

Healers often use Red Jade with the goal of maintaining homeostasis within the body. Examples of this would be the balance of water and sodium and the balance of pH.

Many also say this stone is a good choice if you need help with healing at the cellular level. It’s often used with the goal of improving recovery from broken bones, surgery and other wounds. Some even say that Red Jade can also help with muscle cramps and pain.

Metaphysical Properties

The powerful energy and metaphysical properties of Red Jade make it very effective as a stone for the root chakra and Earth star chakra. The root chakra is found at the base of the spine and is associated with grounding, security and stability. The Earth star chakra connects us to Mother Earth and is also a grounding and stabilizing chakra. If either of these chakras becomes out of balance, then the higher chakras will also be affected.

If you are feeling lackluster, powerless or uncertain, then this could mean that one of your grounding chakras is out of balance. Meditating with Red Jade can help you bring them back into alignment. When this happens, you will feel more energetic, full of courage and you’ll notice more physical and emotional stamina.

Sit on your mat with the Red Jade next to you or in your hands. As you begin to breathe and relax, focus, with intention, on the way you feel grounded and supported by the Earth under you. Focus on the sense that your root and Earth star chakras are coming into alignment and how this makes you feel more stable and strong.

Ways To Use Red Jade

There are many ways to benefit from the meaning and healing properties of your Red Jade, and we’ll go over a few of them. However, just know that there are even more ways that this stone can be used for health and healing. Get creative and come up with some yourself because there is no “right” or “wrong” way to use Red Jade.

Polished Red Jade

Because Red Jade is such a beautiful stone, it’s often displayed in a piece of jewelry. This method of using Red Jade serves several purposes. First of all, it’s simply a joy to wear jewelry made with this stone, and you’ll bring a powerful, edgy look to any outfit. Secondly, wearing Red Jade in a bracelet, necklace, pendant or a pair of earrings allows your stone to remain near your body and in your auric field (it also serves as a reminder of its meaning). Lastly, using your stone in this way lets those around you benefit from its healing vibrations as well.

Red Jade can be placed in areas where you may want to either experience more energy or feel a greater sense of mental strength. We suggest placing your Red Jade in an office or homework space, in an area of your home where you need to feel energized and alert or in your glove compartment, purse or briefcase.

This stone is also an excellent addition to your meditation practice. Whether you hold it in your hands or simply place it on your mat, the healing properties of Red Jade bring restorative energy and inner strength.

Stone Combinations

Red Jade is a powerful stone that offers a long list of healing benefits when used on its own. However, combining your Red Jade with other stones can be an option when you feel like you need a little bit of extra assistance.

Which healing crystals should you pair with your Red Jade? Well, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. So if you are looking to spice things up in the love department, then you might want to try pairing Red Jade with something like Garnet, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Emerald or Moonstone. 

If you are working on breaking bad habits or are trying to overcome addictive behaviors, then Amethyst is usually the stone to pair with Red Jade.

Moss Agate, Smoky Quartz, Peridot or Citrine are some of the stones traditionally combined with Red Jade to promote wealth and prosperity, and Tiger’s Eye is believed to bring added courage and energy by enhancing Red Jade’s masculine vibrations.

The healing crystals we just mentioned are just a few of the stones that can pair well with the healing properties and meaning of Red Jade. There are many more, and someone with experience would be able to help you come up with a combination to suit your needs.

How To Cleanse Red Jade

Did you know that over time, your healing crystals will lose effectiveness? It makes sense because your stone absorbs a lot of negative energy and vibrations, and this will cause it to become sluggish and overloaded. However, with regular cleaning, you can keep the healing properties of your stone working to the best of their ability.

Cleansing your Red Jade is very easy to do and is well worth the effort. You should cleanse your stone at least once a week, before using it for the first time or if you have left it hanging around for a while. This is all part of increasing the bond between you and your stone, so you can create a lifetime of trust and mutual caring.

A super easy and quick way to cleanse your Red Jade is to wash it in warm water using a gentle soap. However, make sure that you don’t use any harsh chemicals as it may damage your stone. Dry your Red Jade carefully with a soft towel or cloth.

If you have a Clear Quartz in your collection, then you can use it to cleanse your Red Jade. In fact, Clear Quartz is a stone that can be used to cleanse most other stones. Place your Red Jade on or near the Quartz for effective cleansing. Quartz chips work as well.

Cleansing your Red Jade can be as simple as placing it in sunlight, moonlight or starlight. Place your stone on a window sill where it can absorb the kind of light you feel your stone needs. Leaving it in moonlight or starlight for an extended period of time is fine, but limit sunlight exposure. Too much sunlight can damage your stone over time.

Many people choose to cleanse their Red Jade using the smudging method. This involves holding your Red Jade in the sacred smoke from sage, cedar, sandalwood or palo alto. When the smoke appears to rise evenly and peacefully around the stone, it’s done being cleansed.

Since this is a very grounding stone, some people will bury their Red Jade in the soil. If you want to try this method, then we recommend putting it in the soil of a potted plant. When you bury it outside in the garden, you run the risk of forgetting where you buried it. 

Zodiac Connection

Red Jade is a powerhouse of a stone that can be used by anyone who feels attracted to it. However, if you are a Taurus or a Libra, many say that Red Jade can offer you even more healing potential. 

Taurus is known to be a down-to-earth sign that can gain strength from the earthy and grounding vibes of Red Jade. Libras, who are sometimes strong-willed and sensitive, can also benefit from the grounding influence of this stone.

Closing Thoughts

The meaning of Red Jade is all about finding the courage to take the next big step in your life. Many of us suffer from fear or indecision, even when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Thankfully, this stone can help with that!

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed!