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Yellow Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Yellow Jade is a gorgeous stone that is full of radiant and positive energy. This is obvious from the moment you get your hands on it.

Below we’ll cover everything you need to know about the meaning and healing properties of Yellow Jade. This is a stone that can help just about anyone!

History & Overview

Brimming with a zest of life and optimism, Yellow Jade is a radiant stone that can bring tons of light into your life. Similar in appearance to Citrine and other yellow-colored stones, Yellow Jade is often the victim of mistaken identity upon first glance. However, closer inspection unveils a stone that’s like no other.

Sometimes called Lemon Jade, this stone has various color intensities. You’ll see swirls of deep yellow and light pastels. The vividness comes down to the tantalum content.

A chunky piece of Yellow Jade

Tantalum ions get inside the formed crystal lattices, resulting in a beautiful finish. That’s not all. The microscopic physical structure creates eye-catching effects through light dispersion!

It’s truly a sight to behold!

From a chemical standpoint, Yellow Jade consists of calcium magnesium iron silicate. It’s a variety of Nephrite, which is a type of Jade.

Yellow Jade is relatively rare compared to other colors. It’s mined in Myanmar, Japan, Guatemala, and China. There are also some deposits in the United States.

No matter where you get it from, this stone is a worthy addition to any collection. Not only does its beauty know no bounds, but the stone has a meaning and healing properties that go way back.

It was once an essential tool to ancient Chinese civilizations. In addition to its place in energetic healing, Yellow Jade was a stone for practices focused on meridians. Many of those ancient practices continue today!

Yellow Jade Meaning

This stone is a complex, multi-faceted stone that serves many purposes. That said, the main Yellow Jade meaning revolves around optimism and light.

Think of Yellow Jade as the harbinger of peace in a world constantly ravaged by dark energy. It’s the beacon of hope in a dense fog and the shining light at the end of a dark tunnel. The healing properties of this stone bring optimism and joy when you need it most.

It’s the ultimate stone for tranquility and rejuvenation. Instead of continuing to wallow in self-pity or despair, Yellow Jade’s meaning and energy will pump you up and instill a sense of purpose into your soul. It pushes you to keep going and has the power to change your life completely!

Yellow Jade emits fire energy. Because of this, it’s passionate and transformative. 

Intrinsically linked to your ego, this stone continually works to improve your sense of self. Many people tend to lose sight of who they are and what they want after going through hardships. The challenges of life make you turn a blind eye to what matters most.

This stone puts the spotlight back on your personal power. It’s perfect for those who are in search of identity and ego. Through joy and happiness, the meaning of Yellow Jade will help you find your purpose and complete your journey of self-discovery.

Healing Properties & Benefits

The energy that radiates from Yellow Jade has a profound effect on your very being! According to practitioners, this stone has benefits that go beyond that of an ordinary healing crystal. Complex and transformative, you have a lot to gain from incorporating it into your life.

Here are some of Yellow Jade’s most remarkable healing properties.


Yellow Jade’s purpose and meaning is about bringing light and joy into your life. As a result, it shines most when it comes to emotional healing.

This stone is a fantastic tool for broken hearts, those looking to overcome extreme grief, or people who simply need to find purpose. The stone has the ability to help anyone claw their way out of a rut.

The healing properties of Yellow Jade surround you with a blanket of energy like a nurturing parent comforting a crying child. Its effects are tangible, bringing a sense of peace and love in the air. Even if you’ve been suffering in silence for years, this stone’s radiance breaks through even the most hardened shells.

The gemstone’s light can cut through the darkness in your auric field to wipe away negativity.

It facilitates balance and helps you achieve emotional stability. You can’t have the highs without the lows. Yellow Jade doesn’t wipe away your memories of the hard stuff. Instead, it helps you appreciate those low points so that you can truly relish the happy moments.

The meaning and properties of this stone work to keep you level-headed. With continued exposure to its energy, you can learn to equip yourself with the tools you need to combat darkness as it comes.

Before you know it, you’ll learn how to tackle challenges that get in the way. Unfortunate situations will still arise! But with Yellow Jade’s help, you can ensure that those moments don’t stick as they did in the past.

With a newfound sense of joy and happiness, you can experience benefits in many other facets of your life. The area you’ll notice change the most is in your relationships.

Yellow Jade has a penchant for improving the way you communicate with loved ones. That’s because it helps to boost your self-esteem.

When you’re not thinking lowly of yourself, you can finally share yourself with others. Gone are the days of hiding behind invisible walls and emotional fences. When you think highly of yourself, you’re more comfortable sharing it with the world!

An egg shaped Yellow Jade stone

As a result, you might notice your relationships becoming stronger than ever. It’s not just romantic partners. Even family members, friends, and coworkers will see a change.

The longer you use Yellow Jade, the better its effects get. The sun-kissed stone can ultimately empower you to live life to the fullest.

You can use it to find strength, confidence, and a stronger sense of self. Find it within yourself to try new things and relish in new experiences. Yellow Jade encourages you every step of the way and helps you take that first step to new beginnings.


Like many popular healing stones, Yellow Jade has a strong spiritual connection to divine forces. It’s a powerful tool for exploration and discovery.

Regardless of the belief system you follow, this stone can help you tap into the collective consciousness for enlightenment. Search the cosmos for the answers to life and find wisdom in places you least expect. Lemon Jade facilitates that journey and brings you one step close to the answers you seek.

It naturally strokes your curiosity and helps you traverse the complexities of life at your own pace. Everyone has different reasons to seek enlightenment. No matter what yours are, Yellow Jade will accompany you along the way.

Many say that the stone’s spiritual sojourns help you have a more optimistic output on life. It’s easy to get lost in the doom and gloom of things! While it’s important to recognize the darkness of our world, finding the light is even more paramount.

The meaning of Yellow Jade highlights the beauty of our universe and creates a spark of positivity in your life.


Most practitioners utilize Yellow Jade for its emotional and spiritual benefits. However, this stone has the potential to offer so much more. Many say that it can influence your physical health, too.

According to crystal healers, Yellow Jade can subtly influence many biological processes to improve overall health. You can attribute many of these potential benefits to emotional healing. When your mind is at ease, your body doesn’t have to overcome stress-related issues as often.

As a result, you might notice a significant change in how your body deals with stress. For example, some say that they experience better digestive health and fewer stomach pains. Others believe that the stone reduces headaches and clears skin!

Practitioners say that Yellow Jade even improves heart health. They believe that the stone’s energy encourages your heart to beat stronger than ever before. In turn, you may experience better blood circulation, a more stable blood pressure level, and improved blood oxygen levels across the board.

If you’re struggling to manage your weight, Lemon Jade might help you make strides on your journey to physical fitness. The theory is that it helps boost metabolism levels and give you more strength to complete physical exercise.

Metaphysical Properties

Many healing crystals out there focus on pivotal energy points like the root or third-eye chakras. While those areas are critical to achieving a balance, many stones and crystals neglect other parts of your metaphysical plane. Fortunately, the metaphysical properties of Yellow Jade take care of one chakra that can sometimes get overlooked.

You see, this is a very powerful solar plexus chakra stone. The third of your seven primary chakras, this energy point lies just below the ribs.

Called Manipura in Ancient Sanskrit, it’s responsible for your confidence and self-esteem. It also represents your ability to think analytically and reasonably.

Many call it your body’s “City of Jewels” because it acts as your well of personal power. Without an open solar plexus chakra, you can start to experience some severe fallout in your emotional health.

When energy cannot flow freely, you might begin feeling insecure and emotionally stable. Many say that they start to seek approval from others and fail to set important boundaries that control their emotional well-being.

Instead of being a strong-willed person, you’ll become weak and fall into a cycle of servitude towards others. You may even start seeing changes in personal habits. Restlessness, overeating, and extreme fatigue are common.

Luckily, Yellow Jade prevents that from happening. Like a hero sweeping in to save the day, this stone’s metaphysical properties and energy block the dark energy that influences this chakra. It prevents you from adopting a negative mindset and falling into the cycle of victim mentality.

Instead, it empowers you to take control and push through any obstacle in your way. It keeps the energy flowing, ensuring that you never have to deal with blocks ever again.

Ways To Use It

When it comes to how you want to use Yellow Jade, the sky’s the limit!

This stone isn’t picky or exclusive. There’s no wrong or right way to incorporate its meaning into your life, so you’re free to find avenues that are most conducive to your practice.

For many, the go-to is to wear Yellow Jade jewelry. The unique finish and vibrant color add a great deal of beauty to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

As long as it’s continually touching your skin, you can reap the rewards of Yellow Jade’s energy and healing properties. Keep it close to your pulse points for the most widespread impact. It’ll continue to imbue your body with positivity, which equips you to tackle anything that comes your way.

Of course, you can also carry the stone or incorporate it into your daily meditation cycles. Smaller polished rocks and pointed wands are perfect for these applications.

Apply the stone directly to your solar plexus chakra and get lost in thought. Let the spiritual energy encourage you to break through the confines of your mind and into the cosmos at large. 

If you want to experience a particularly memorable journey, try putting a small rock underneath your pillow or in your pillowcase. Doing so is said to facilitate lucid dreaming, which allows you to explore your spirituality and purpose more freely.

Stone Combinations

You don’t have to rely on Yellow Jade alone to heal your mind, body, and soul. Like many other popular stones in the crystal healing scene, Yellow Jade pairs nicely with others.

Combine it with other stones and crystals to customize your healing experience. The energy profiles, meanings, and healing properties can mix to create a cocktail of benefits that’s tailor-made to your needs.

Yellow Jade works well with stones that offer complementary effects. It shines brightest when paired with yellow-colored stones that focus on optimism, joy, and peace.

Here are some suitable crystals and stones to pair with Yellow Jade:

  • Citrine
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Fluorite
  • Yellow Tourmaline
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Amber
  • Iron Pyrite
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye
  • Yellow Jasper
  • Yellow Muscovite
  • Calcite
  • Yellow Celestite
  • Amber
  • Yellow Kunzite
  • Golden Yellow Topaz
  • Golden Beryl


Every once in a while, you’ll want to cleanse your Yellow Jade. Like so many other healing crystals, this stone can eventually dull. In fact, some healers say that Lemon Jade is more vulnerable to draining than other minerals.

The reason for this vulnerability? Yellow Jade experiences a constant bombardment of dark energy. Its most significant purpose is to bring light into your life to combat the cloud of misery that wants to surround you.

It’s one of your most prominent defenders, acting as a sacrificial lamb to absorb that unwanted darkness so that you don’t have to. Over time, its joyous energy supply depletes or becomes stale.

To recharge and reinvigorate the healing properties of Yellow Jade, you’ll need to cleanse it! There are several ways to do this.

The easiest and most accessible option is to run it under some lukewarm water. Hold it for at least a minute under a gentle stream of water to get rid of any darkness that might want to stay behind. Then, dry it off with a soft towel.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals. That includes commercial cleaners, jewelry cleaners, and more. While Yellow Jade is resilient, chemical-based products could ruin its surface.

Yellow Jade responds well to universal cleansing options as well. 

For example, you can bury it in the garden for 48 hours, let it bask in the glory of a full moon overnight, or place it under the cleansing drizzle of a rainstorm.

Healers with extensive collections can utilize other self-cleansing stones. Set it in a bed of Selenite, Citrine, or Himalayan Rock Salt to purify the dark energy and let its meaning shine through. 

Zodiac Connection

Yellow Jade doesn’t belong to any zodiac sign in particular. That means that anyone can use it to reap its benefits.

That said, some healers believe its meaning has a solid connection to Virgos.

Those born under the Virgin are kind, loyal, and incredibly hard-working. They stop at nothing to achieve their dreams and are often seen as analytical by nature. Virgos are very dedicated to their passions and the people they love.

Despite all of those good characteristics, Virgos do have some weaknesses. The most significant is their penchant for going off the rails when things go wrong. 

They can be surprisingly hard on themselves and those around them. Working in a group environment, Virgos can become aggressive and spread a dark cloud of energy in all directions.

The healing properties of Lemon Jade can help combat those negative tendencies. It reminds Virgos that they can’t control everything! The gemstone replaces dark energy with positivity and light, which can help pull back aggressive behaviors and evil thoughts.

Healers say that Yellow Jade makes a very effective stone for Leos as well.

Leos are usually determined and confident leaders. But like Virgos, they can let their ego and high expectations get in the way. Yellow Jade once again provides some balance and perspective to keep Leos level-headed.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve always loved the positive meaning of Yellow Jade. Bringing more optimism and light into your life is never a bad thing, and that’s what this stone does best.

We hope you found this guide helpful and feel inspired to give this stone a try. As always, you’re welcome to send over any questions you might have about this stone (or any other healing crystal). It’s always fun to help our readers!

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