How To Cleanse Crystals With Sage: Smudging & More!

Learning how to cleanse crystals with sage is something that intimidates many newcomers. The process can seem quite complex and ethereal!

Thankfully, it’s far easier than it seems. This guide will teach you everything you need to know.

How Does Smudging Work?

Smudging is an ancient practice utilized by indigenous people throughout history. It’s primarily associated with Native American cultures, and its purpose is to cleanse negative energy. This technique is frequently used for spiritual cleansing and medicinal purposes, too.

The concept of smudging remains unchanged. It’s meant to purify objects, places, and even people. In the realm of crystal healing, it’s considered one of the most efficient ways to eliminate negativity and recharge crystals and stones.

A setup used for cleansing crystals with sage

When you smudge crystals with sage, you’re using the smoke of burning dried sage leaves to perform a cleansing ritual. The process is straightforward, but it does require some essentials.

For the best results, crystal healers typically recommend using:

  • A wrapped sage bundle
  • A lighter or match
  • An abalone shell
  • A feather
  • Clean sand

Wrapped sage bundles are readily available at health food stores, alternative medicine establishments, and places of spiritual healing. They’re usually wrapped in a type of natural twine, creating a thick rod you can reuse time and time again. You can use several types of sage, but we’ll get into that later.

The abalone shell is optional. Realistically, you can use any heat-proof vessel to store your sage. However, the traditional technique uses abalone because of its elemental connection.

The feather and sand are optional as well. The feather represents air and will help you spread the smoke when cleansing crystals with sage. You can use your hand for that task. But once again, sticking to tradition may provide better results.

The sand is for extinguishing the burning sage. It’s one of the cleaner materials to use for this purpose, ensuring that you can utilize the same sage bundle for multiple crystal cleansing rituals.

Once you have all the essentials, you can begin smudging your crystals with sage. Here are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Remove the sage bundle from the abalone shell and use your flame source to light the tip.
  2. Allow the flame to spread for about 30 seconds. Then, blow the flame out so that only burning embers remain.
  3. As the embers burn and release smoke, use the feather or your hand to spread the smoke around your crystals. You want the entire crystal and its surrounding auric field to have contact with the swirls of smoky air.
  4. Continue this process until the embers burn out and the smoke stops. Then, dip the burnt end of the sage bundle in the sand to extinguish any remaining hot sage. Return the bundle to the abalone vessel

As you can see, smudging crystals with sage is simple! Once you complete the ritual, your crystals should be recharged and ready to go.

Before you start, many crystal healing practitioners recommend doing a bit of meditation to achieve a sense of calm. Open your mind and heart as you create intention. The process can be peaceful and mentally refreshing, so don’t hesitate to treat it as another healing process.

As always, be careful with flames and smoke. Don’t breathe the smoke in, and ensure that the space has plenty of ventilation. Perform the ritual in an open space and be mindful of any smoke alarms.

Different Types Of Sage To Use

Sage is a type of herb revered the world over for its earthy aroma. You can even cook with some varieties to appreciate their flavor and take advantage of many potential health benefits.

In spiritual healing, sage is a versatile plant that many believe has both mystical and medicinal properties. Like other herbs, there are many variants out there. So, which types of sage should you use for crystal cleansing?

Here’s some information about the most commonly used types of sage in the crystal healing community.

White Sage

When it comes to cleansing crystals with sage, white sage is easily the most common variety. The herb is plentiful. It’s also relatively easy to grow and harvest, making it an affordable and accessible choice for most.

Usually, you can pick up bundles of white sage in metaphysical healing shops. Many health food stores carry it too.

This type of sage offers many benefits when it comes to cleansing crystals. Its most vital capability is transmuting negative energy. Its smoke turns dark energy into something positive, ensuring that your crystals continue providing their benefits.

Many healers say it also strengthens your connection to the spiritual world and offers ongoing protection. White sage is a sacred plant, and using it to cleanse crystals is widespread.

Garden Sage

Garden sage is less typical for cleansing crystals, but it could be an excellent DIY option for those with a green thumb.

This variety is the most common you’ll find growing in backyard gardens. It’s frequently used for culinary recipes, so you might even find it in your local grocery store.

Like white sage, it can transmute negativity and help you connect with your spirituality. However, most people utilize it for its internal health benefits.

The smell can be more off-putting, so those with sensitive noses might want to stick with white sage. But if you have some gardening experience, you can grow garden sage and have a constant supply of cleansing sticks. Just make sure to follow best practices for drying and bundling before you cleanse your crystals with this sage.

Black Sage

Black sage is a variety that most healers tend to avoid when it comes to cleansing crystals. It’s alright if it’s the only type you have, but black sage is best utilized for other rituals. The smoke from this herb can affect your brain, so it’s best to exercise caution.

This plant has many reported health benefits. It’s popular in traditional medicine, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. The sage also has pain-relieving compounds like diterpenoids.

Spiritualists often use real black sage to induce visions. You can cleanse crystals with this sage, but the additional effects you need to be mindful of make it a lesser-used option for this purpose.

Plus, it’s actually quite hard to get your hands on authentic black sage. Oftentimes, it’s mistaken for mugwort, which is an entirely different plant. If your only goal is to cleanse crystals with your sage, you may fare better with white or garden sage.

Lavender Sage

Lavender sage is an outstanding choice for those who suffer from anxiety. Not only does it transmute dark energy and cleanse your crystals, but it’s said to have a quasi-sedative effect. Inhaling a bit of the smoke might help you calm down and get a moment of respite as you perform your crystal cleansing ritual.

This type of sage also provides a beautiful floral aroma as it burns. Many compare it to light incense, which could be beneficial if you’re cleansing indoors.

It’s not uncommon to see lavender sage and traditional white sage mixed together in one bundle for smudging and cleansing crystals. You get the best of both worlds and find a nice balance. The intermingled smoke from these two varieties is thought to transmute dark energy into love and light.

What Makes Sage Effective For Cleansing Crystals?

Many novice crystal healers and spiritualists wonder why sage is the herb of choice for smudging and cleansing crystals. Other smudge sticks exist, but why is sage the go-to?

There are a couple of reasons.

For one, the sage-smudging ritual uses all four elements. It’s powerful because it harnesses the elemental energy around you.

The sage itself represents the earth element. The process of lighting the sage with your lighter or matchstick is fire. The feather you use to waft the smoke around your crystals is air. Finally, the abalone shell you keep the sage bundle in represents water.

Sage next to a healing crystal

The merging of these four elements creates a powerful wave of healing energy. But that’s not all. Smudging crystals with sage also provides many other benefits.

First, healers say that sage smoke shifts the molecular structure of the air and its energy. As a result, your crystals can release stagnant or low-vibration energy as it basks in the billows of smoke.

Interestingly enough, sage also clears airborne bacteria. That’s not hearsay or an old wives’ tale. There’s scientific research that shows how efficient sage smoke is at disinfecting the air around you. It improves air quality, which is great for energetic crystal cleansing.

Healers say that smudging can also provide balance to a space. It helps an object have more harmony with its environment by releasing negative ions. The negative ions cancel out positively charged ions from pollution, EMFs, and more. As a result, the ritual creates equilibrium and promotes positivity.

Finally, smudging can have similar effects to aromatherapy. The smell of sage smoke can even trigger your brain to send more oxygen throughout the body, resulting in a state of relaxation. Furthermore, some claim that smudging helps you process negative emotions and develop a stronger relationship with the crystals that heal you.

That rapport is crucial for ongoing crystal healing, ensuring that you can continue achieving great results for years to come.

How Often Should You Cleanse Crystals With Sage?

Now that you know how to cleanse crystals with sage, it’s time to plan out the frequency.

For regular use, most healers recommend cleansing your crystals with sage once every month. More specifically, it’s best to complete a smudging ritual after every complete moon cycle.

Sticking to a schedule like that should keep your crystals in good shape.

Of course, it all depends on how much you utilize the crystal and what it experiences. Use your intuition and better judgment. If you feel that your crystals need a boost, don’t be afraid to smudge! There’s no way to overdo it, so you can smudge as often as you need.

If you have decorative pieces that you use to influence energy in your home, you may be able to cleanse these crystals with sage a bit less frequently. Those stones typically don’t have much direct contact with you, so they last much longer between cleansing. One a season, or four times a year, is usually ideal.

If you get a new crystal, make sure to cleanse it with your sage as soon as possible! You never know what kinds of energy it experienced from other users. Smudging will give you a clean slate and help you start this new journey off on the right foot.

Using Dried Sage Leaves For Cleansing Crystals

Not keen on burning sage to cleanse your crystals? No worries! There are other alternative methods out there that still utilize the energy of sage.

One option is to lay your crystals in a bowl of dry sage leaves. You can unwrap a bundle or buy loose dried leaves. Whatever the case, set them in a large bowl.

Then, place your crystal right on top. Let the crystal sit in the bed of sage for at least eight hours. If necessary, you can let the cleansing continue for as long as 12 hours.

Cleansing crystals with sage in this manner is a slow process, but it’s gentle and doesn’t involve burning or smoke.

Using Sage Essential Oils For Cleansing Crystals

Sage essential oil is another option for cleansing your crystals with sage. The essential oil is pretty easy to find. In fact, you might have an easier time getting your hands on the essential oil instead of dry leaf bundles!

There are a few ways to use the oil.

If you have a diffuser, you can treat the vapors like smoke. The effect is identical, but you get to experience some tremendous air-cleansing benefits. A few drops of essential oil in a steamer works well, too.

Some healers like to mix the sage essential oil with purified water. Add a few drops of the oil to a spray bottle of filtered water. Give it a good shake before spritzing the mixture onto your crystals.

The oil-enriched water should transmute dark energy just as efficiently as smoke. However, you can take the opportunity to clean the crystal. Follow up with a microfiber cloth, and you can wipe away grime while keeping your crystals cleansed with sage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to cleanse crystals with sage, it’s just a matter of starting the practice for yourself. Whether you prefer smudging or an alternative method, sage can do a tremendous job of revitalizing your healing crystals.

If you have questions about the process, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us. We love giving tips and helping our readers out!

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