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Taurus Birthstone: The Full List (With Meanings)

The search can seem a bit tricky if you’re looking for the best Taurus birthstones. There are a number of options out there and they all offer different benefits and properties.

This guide makes your search easy by listing the most effective Taurus stones, gems, and crystals to consider. All you need to do is scroll through and pick your favorite!

What Is The Taurus Birthstone?

The main Taurus birthstone is Emerald. This gorgeous green stone seems to be a reflection of the lush beauty of Earth itself, and this makes it a perfect match for anyone born under the earth sign of Taurus. Another reason that Emerald is a potent Taurus birthstone is that it is connected to the planet Venus, and Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. 

Three Emerald birthstones for Taurus

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, then this means that you are a Taurus. As a Taurus, you tend to be highly driven, hard working and reliable. On the opposite end of the character spectrum, a Taurus can get stuck in the need to be comfortable, cozy and surrounded by luxury. Emerald is a wonderful crystal to incorporate into your daily life because it is known to create a sense of balance between these opposing Taurus traits. 

How can Emerald help a Taurus find the balance they need? This crystal is thought to help a Taurus develop a sense of inner peace and balance that will enable them to slow down, rethink their motives, and realize that it’s alright to make mistakes and take a break. Emerald can also help a Taurus to let go of the need to be surrounded by wealth and unnecessary luxuries.

Other Birthstones

Even though Emerald is the primary Taurus birthstone, there are plenty of other stones with properties that are helpful to anyone born under this sign.

As we mentioned above, a Taurus may need help finding a way to balance the very different sides of their character. By using a range of crystals, people born under the sign of Taurus can find an inner peace that can help create the balance they need to figure out what’s really important.

If you are a Taurus (or if you have a Taurus in your life) then you’ll want to check out the following list of complementary crystals and stones.


If you’re a Taurus with a lot on your plate, then Malachite can help bring a little calmness to your hectic life. We understand that Taureans have a tendency to work hard and play hard, but that kind of lifestyle can be physically and spiritually draining. 

A colorful Malachite stone for Taurus

Malachite has been used since the days of the ancient Egyptians to help bring about inner transformation. It’s also a popular protection crystal when it comes to negative energy and fostering a sense of calmness and peace.

One thing we love about Malachite is that it resonates with every chakra. This is very good news for stressed out Taureans because Malachite can open up and heal on many levels. As a Taurus, you may find that the peace and insight you receive may help you to see that there are things in life that are more important than the constant struggle for material comforts.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline is a crystal that can be truly beneficial to anyone born under the sign of Taurus. Also known as Indicolite, Blue Tourmaline is thought to bring about tranquility, emotional balance and acceptance.

A very long piece of Blue Tourmaline

If you are a Taurus, and you find yourself becoming impatient with others in your home or work environment, then Blue Tourmaline may be able to help you find the patience to deal with the shortcomings of others. It’s no secret that Taureans are known to have a short fuse when things are not going their way. Blue Tourmaline is known to have a calming effect that can prevent angry outbursts.

Tauruses tend to be very grounded, so they are often stubborn and set in their ways. They can be so comfortable with what they have accumulated, that procrastination and even hedonism can become real stumbling blocks. Resonating with the throat and third-eye chakras, Blue Tourmaline can help very grounded Taureans find the higher spiritual connections they need.


Topaz is another fantastic Taurus stone that we absolutely love. This crystal has the potential to bring healing and support to people born under this sign.

Yellow colored Topaz

Topaz comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, like blue, pink, golden, purple and brown. Each type has its own vibration and healing value, so choose the one that attracts your spirit.

This crystal is known to bring about good fortune, wealth, honesty, trust and love. Using Topaz can really help Tauruses feel supported and encouraged to keep striving to reach their goals. It can also help a person recognize their own truth.


A Taurus is someone who is not afraid to work hard for what they want. If the goal seems important, Tauruses are known to dig their heels in and not give up, even if this means endless hours of work and struggle. We feel that Selenite can help Tauruses figure out if the final goal is worth all of the physical and mental effort.

One lucky piece of Selenite

Selenite, connected to the moon, has the known ability to connect people to angelic vibrations and insights from the universe. It’s purifying, healing, and it can help release someone from toxic energy that may be guiding them in the wrong direction.

Selenite works with the crown, heart and third-eye chakras to bring about a higher spiritual awareness that many Tauruses need. This spiritual connection is known to counteract materialism and complacency.


Rhodonite, a sweet, pinkish Taurus stone, is known for its ability to enhance feelings of love, forgiveness, trust and compassion. 

A Rhodonite Taurus gemstone

As much as we appreciate all of the great character traits of Taureans, we will admit that coming up against their stubbornness and volatile temper can be both difficult and intimidating. Rhodonite has the ability to sweeten and smooth out some of the more intractable traits they possess.

Sometimes the stubborn, hard-working nature of a Taurus can make them resistant to accepting and forgiving the faults of others and themselves. Using Rhodonite for healing is known to bring about more acceptance, patience and higher spiritual connections.

Rhodonite resonates strongly with the heart chakra, so it has the potential to help Tauruses break down any emotional walls that they have put up around their heart. 


Creativity is a character trait that many people born under the sign of Taurus possess. Using Carnelian, a stunning orange gemstone, can help a Taurus keep those creative juices flowing.

A recently smoothed piece of orange Carnelian

Tauruses, for all of their hard work, can sometimes need a little extra confidence. Carnelian may be able to give them the boost that they need to express their artistic talents to the fullest.

This warm and fiery stone resonates strongly with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. With the help of Carnelian, a Taurus can unlock their inner joy thereby helping them to experience fully the blessings of all of their hard work. 


Even though Amber is technically not a crystal, we have included it due to its healing properties. This fossilized resin can be found in a variety of colors like orange, yellow or golden brown.

Round piece of Amber for Taurus

Amber is thought to have the ability to help a Taurus deal with and release negative emotions such as anger, fear and the tendency to hold grudges. When the Taurus temper starts to flare, and it will, Amber can help them calm their temper before the situation spirals out of control.

Although Amber works with all the chakras, it is especially resonant with the crown and throat chakras.


Aquamarine is a lovely greenish blue Taurus birthstone. While it’s often associated with water signs like Pisces, its six-sided crystal structure makes it a crystal that can be beneficial to signs that resonate with the number six, such as Taurus.

An Aquamarine Taurus birthstone

We highly recommend Aquamarine for any Taurus who finds themselves stuck in a rut. People born under the sign of Taurus love comfort and stability, and this can make it difficult for them to try new things or feel comfortable with changes to familiar situations. Aquamarine is known to foster the intuition and spiritual connection that Tauruses can use to rise above their anxieties and fears.

Tauruses are sometimes kind of intolerant and prone to a hot temper. The cooling, calming vibrations are just what Tauruses need to help keep them from getting too worked up.

Green Aventurine

Along with Emerald, Green Aventurine is a potent crystal for Tauruses. This crystal can be found in several different colors such as red, yellow, blue, pink and even purple. However, it’s the green form of this crystal that seems to really resonate with the Taurean character.

Polished Green Aventurine gem

Often called the “gambler’s stone”, Green Aventurine is thought to bring fortune, luck and wealth. This can be especially helpful to Tauruses because they tend to be drawn to luxury and wealth. Fortunately, Green Aventurine has the ability to also help Tauruses stop and reflect on the motivations behind this quest for monetary things.

Green Aventurine has the known ability to open up and bring healing to the heart chakra. This can help Tauruses connect their hearts to compassion, inner harmony and patience for others.

Lapis Lazuli

Also called the “wisdom stone”, Lapis Lazuli has been coveted for its beauty and healing powers since the time of the ancient Egyptians. 

Rough block of Lapis Lazuli

Tauruses have a reputation for being hard working, reliable and driven. While having these traits can certainly be a way to earn the nicer, more luxurious things in life, it’s not always healthy for a body, mind or soul. Lapis Lazuli, when used properly, is thought to release tension, increase self-awareness and enhance powers of deep thinking.

Lapis Lazuli works with the third-eye chakra to bring Tauruses a closer and more meaningful relationship with the spiritual realm. This is very important because it can give a Taurus the inner discernment to determine if their all-consuming efforts at acquiring wealth are really worth it.


Amethyst has more than its stunning beauty going for it. This popular and beloved purple stone is thought to have the power to help create a sense of balance and emotional healing. 

Very dense piece of Amethyst

This crystal is a great match for you if you are a Taurus seeking spiritual connection, relaxation or relief from stress. Tauruses are often both diligent and hard working, yet they also have a love of comfort that can easily turn into listlessness and a lack of energy. Having Amethyst as part of a healing practice is thought to help Tauruses get out of their comfort zone. 

Amethyst is attached to the crown and third-eye chakras enabling a Taurus to make decisions that are not ego based. They’ll be able to connect to a higher consciousness that will help them to maximize their full potential.


If you’re feeling stuck and are having trouble envisioning the next step in your life, then Iolite can lead the way. Sometimes called the “Viking’s compass”, this winter-colored crystal was used to guide ancient Vikings on their oceanic wanderings. Let Iolite help you on your Taurus journey.

A popular Taurus stone called Iolite

Because Iolite was often used as a compass, it has a reputation for being a crystal that inspires journeys. As a spiritual person, you know that journeys are often ones of the soul. Tauruses are often torn between working hard and the desire to be cozy and comfortable. Iolite may be able to show you how to achieve the balance you need by guiding you on a meaningful spiritual journey.

Inspire and enhance your personal vision by using Iolite to clear and ignite your crown and third-eye chakras.


Agate is a crystal that has beguiled people for thousands of years. This stone was used by Greek, Egyptian, Persian and Chinese healers for its ability to protect, enlighten and enhance a higher awareness.

One dark colored Agate slab

Agates come in a multitude of colors that range from blue and black to green and yellow. Each color has its own healing vibrations, so we suggest going with the one that you are drawn to intuitively.

This Taurus birthstone is an excellent choice if you need a bit of help looking inwardly. Agate is known to give the user a sharp mind, a brave heart and an important sense of balance.

Use Agate to get rid of any toxic thoughts or self-doubt that could be holding you back from reaching your goals and full potential.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a crystal we like to recommend to Tauruses for its ability to calm the spirit and mind, increase compassion and create a loving and gentle atmosphere.

A Taurus gem by the name of Rose Quartz

For a Taurus, Rose Quartz can often help find the inner strength necessary to resist the impulses of a quick temper, and it will also help the user get control of negative energies. This Taurus stone is all about love and peace, and it has the ability to help Tauruses tap into the more positive character traits that they are known for such as honesty, loyalty and true love.

Use Rose Quartz in your healing practice to ditch toxic energy and negativity, to overcome self-doubt and to find a place of deep self-love and respect.


Garnet is a strong talismanic stone for anyone born under the sign of Taurus. Even though Garnet is usually known as the birthstone of January, it is a potent healing stone that should be a part of any Taureans spiritual practice.

Condensed piece of Garnet

This crystal is one we suggest to Tauruses for its ability to bring courage and positive thinking to the user. This is especially helpful for a Taurus who may need a confidence boost or the courage to continue striving towards a goal.

Use Garnet to flush out any negative thoughts and self-doubts that could be holding you back. When positivity is part of your life, you’ll feel an internal strength that comes from clarity and purpose.


Taurus is considered to be a lucky sign, and many Tauruses may appear to benefit from this luck. They often accumulate wealth and luxury through hard work and dedication to their goals, but this materialism can come at the expense of inner happiness and spiritual growth.

A classic Sapphire gemstone

Sapphires come in many striking colors such as green, orange, pink, purple and even black. However, it’s the Blue Sapphire that works best for Tauruses. Blue Sapphire is known to help people stay on a more spiritual, less materialistic path. If you are a Taurus, you can benefit from Blue Sapphire through its ability to help you see what’s really important in life. 

Both the throat and third-eye chakras are stimulated by Blue Sapphire, so using this crystal during meditation can help you maintain spiritual integrity.


Peridot is a powerful Taurus birthstone that is prized for its perceived ability to enhance stability, personal growth and acceptance. It is also thought to have the power to get rid of toxic emotions such as jealousy, resentment and anxiety.

Green colored Peridot Taurus stone

Sometimes called the “poor man’s emerald” or “fortune’s stone”, this beautiful yellow-green stone has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, adorn royalty and promote a sense of safety and security.

Use Peridot during your meditation sessions to open your heart and solar plexus chakras for inner healing, confidence and insight.

How These Birthstones Support The Personality Traits Of Taureans

As stated above, Tauruses have opposing character traits.

On the one hand, they work very hard, almost obsessively at times, to reach their goals and acquire the wealth and luxuries they crave. On the flip side, their desire for the comfort and security that this materialism can bring, often makes Tauruses lazy and complacent.

Taurus zodiac sign

The birthstones associated with Taurus support these personality traits by giving Tauruses the ability to become open to the possibility of a less materialistic life. These stones, when used with intention, are known to calm an angry temper, promote patience and invite a more tolerant attitude. 

Main Colors Of Taurus Birthstones

Taurus birthstones come in just about every color of the rainbow. From the magnificent blue Sapphire and sparkling purple Amethyst to the gorgeous citrus hues of Carnelian, the beauty of these stones has beguiled people throughout history.

While every color has its own unique and important healing potential, nothing seems to resonate with the innate nature of a Taurus like the color green. 

People born under Taurus are sometimes known as the “money makers.” This could be a reason why they seem to be attracted to green stones such as Emerald and Aventurine. These two stones are often associated with luck and fortune, two traits that Tauruses often appreciate.

The Most Effective Ways To Use Them

One of the most effective ways for a Taurus to use a healing birthstone is to wear it. Put into a beautiful setting, a birthstone can become not only a valuable piece of jewelry, but it can also become a constant part of a healing journey.

Whether you wear your birthstone as a necklace, ring or bracelet, just having the vibrations of the crystal next to your skin can be incredibly healing and empowering.

Another way to utilize the Taurus birthstone is to have it near you in a place that is special or relaxing. Do you have a place where you enjoy reading, painting or just chilling out? Adding one or more crystals to your “happy place” can be very beneficial.

Meditating with your crystal is another very effective way to use a Taurus birthstone. Set your intention, choose the appropriate crystal that matches that intention, and let the vibrations and power of the stone open your heart and mind.

Wrapping Up

Taurus birthstones offer a variety of benefits and come in a number of different colors. But with so much versatility it can be challenging to pick the right stone for you!

Fortunately, after reading this guide you have everything you need to pick a stone that compliments your needs. If you have any questions about anything that we didn’t address in this guide, feel free to ask us!

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