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Purple Jade: Meaning, Properties, Uses & Benefits

Purple Jade is a fascinating healing stone that can bring a number of benefits to any individual that uses it. It has potent, positive energy that can’t be denied!

Below you’ll learn about the meaning and healing properties of Purple Jade. We’ll also give you suggestions on the most effective ways to use it!

History & Overview

Purple Jade is an eye-catching stone you don’t see very often in stores and private collections. While it’s not impossible to get your hands on, Purple Jade is much rarer than other minerals in the crystal kingdom. Most cuts today were mined from Turkey, the location of its only known natural source.

As you can guess from its name, Purple Jade takes on varying shades of lavender and lilac. The stone takes on a somewhat dull and waxy luster, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty. Some samples also contain inclusions of Quartz, Cinnabar, and more!

A raw piece of Purple Jade

When it comes to chemical composition, Purple Jade is a form of Jadeite. It’s a sodium aluminum silicate. The stone develops in hard masses and ranks moderately high on the Mohs hardness scale.

As a whole, this stone has a long and illustrious history. It has an inspiring and positive meaning as well as a strong connection to spirituality and healing. Many cultures utilized Jade for protective amulets, decorative statues, and shamanistic tools of recovery.

Purple Jade has just as much historical significance. However, its limited availability resulted in more exclusiveness. The lavender-colored mineral held great value as a stone of royalty during the Ottoman Empire.

Purple Jade Meaning

These days, Purple Jade is viewed as a powerful healing stone and even an eye-catching collector’s item. Its meaning has evolved a lot since the days of the Ottoman Empire, but practitioners still believe that it has the power to change your life for the better.

The primary Purple Jade meaning is linked to happiness and joy. It’s a feel-good stone that’s said to transform your mind and change the way you think.

A fantastic crystal for stress and anxiety, Purple Jade has the energy profile and properties needed to help you relax and let go. It can help you enjoy the lighter things of life and find time to relish in feelings of merriment.

Most people start their life journeys with child-like wonder and a sense of optimism. The gift of youth provides never-ending possibilities to have fun. 

Unfortunately, life tends to kick people down the old they get. Constant challenges, extreme hardships, and a looming cloud of doom can end up following you for the rest of your days. The meaning of Purple Jade is about lifting the fog and encouraging you to live a little.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Everyone can use a bit of whimsy and joy! This stone helps you find it no matter what.

Healing Properties & Benefits

While Purple Jade is a rare find, consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to own it. Not only do you have a beautiful piece to add to your collection, but you have the opportunity to take advantage of many healing properties. 

According to crystal healers, Purple Jade is a source of potent energy that has the power to lift your spirits at every turn. Here are some of its most notable benefits.


This stone’s meaning and primary goal is to help you enjoy life and savor all of the joyous moments you experience. However, it can also provide many other perks that affect your mental health directly.

One of the most significant is its ability to calm an overactive mind. Purple Jade has a naturally calming energy that can tackle feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

It’s particularly effective at fighting off emotions like defeatism and guilt. We’re all susceptible to harsh critiques of our self-worth when faced with adversity. Most people aren’t blessed with an impenetrable armor of confidence.

As you go through life’s challenges, failures and missteps can weigh you down so much that you immediately succumb to the effects of emotional turmoil. Purple Jade is an amulet that protects you from all of the dark stuff.

This stone gives you the strength to carry on no matter how many steps backward you have to take.

Not only that, but it encourages you to adopt a “go with the flow” kind of attitude. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you start to ignore the significance of significant events. Purple Jade doesn’t deter you from learning lessons and growing.

However, its healing properties help facilitate a much higher sense of self-worth. Gone are the days of wallowing in doubt and pity. In the presence of its meaning, you can learn to let go of your own self-imposed limits.

Push through the hurdles and test your abilities. See how much you can truly achieve when you don’t let your mind get in the way. The meaning of Purple Jade encourages unencumbered thinking and makes sure that you never get in your own way.

It also helps you live in the moment. Many say that spontaneity is the key to unbridled happiness in life. Learn to have fun and grab every unexpected opportunity by the horns. You never know what you’ll get out of it!


Unsurprisingly, Purple Jade is tuned into the spiritual realm. It’s one of the best healing stones to help you bridge the invisible gap between our physical world and realms beyond our understanding.

The properties of Purple Jade help promote spiritual exploration and a quest for enlightenment. The stone’s comforting energy can protect you as you seek answers to all of life’s questions.

Find the freedom to astral project and seek guidance from your guardian angels.

Purple Jade is a master of perception, and many practitioners say that it strengthens your visionary powers the longer you let it into your life. Over time, you learn how to fine-tune abilities to discern truth from reality.

This trait comes in handy as you search for wisdom and guidance in realms beyond your own. Not only that, but it can help you build relationships here on Earth.

The stone’s discerning energy ensures that you can spot the fakes and phonies from a mile away. As a result, you can avoid those who get in the way of your spiritual journey or act as bad players in your story of life. 


Purple Jade is a master of spiritual and emotional healing. However, many practitioners also tout its ability to manifest change in your physical body.

Many of the potential health benefits can be attributed to the stone’s impact on your emotional well-being. By helping you find the light and let go of stress, crystal healers say that you can trigger a slew of positive bodily responses.

For example, Purple Jade is said to alleviate stress-related issues. Some say that it can lower blood pressure, get rid of stress headaches, and even treat acne!

As a whole, practitioners believe that Purple Jade promotes healing across the board. Its healing properties are said to help you battle common colds and fevers. Meanwhile, it may address relatively benign issues like cramps and migraines.

Some also say that Purple Jade supports your body’s filtering organs as well. It’s thought to improve the performance of your kidneys, livers, and other organs that deal with toxins. As a result, you may experience a significant improvement in your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Everyone encounters toxins that can have a major impact on their health. Whether those toxins come from the environment or unhealthy habits, Purple Jade is said to help get rid of them. This improvement may strengthen your immune system and make your body better prepared to fight off disease.

Metaphysical Properties

Those who practice metaphysical healing have a lot to gain from Purple Jade. It’s a powerful tool with metaphysical properties that activate two essential energy points.

The first is the root chakra. Known as Muladhara, this metaphysical spot is the access point for life force energy. It’s the start of a massive network of energy that flows throughout your entire body.

Not only that, but it governs your feelings of stability and purpose. Think of it as your footing on this planet. When you’re unable to feel solid ground beneath your feet, many issues can arise.

Blockages in the pathway prevent energy from flowing, resulting in feelings of complacency. You may find yourself making misguided decisions in a half-attempt just to find some metaphorical “solid ground.”

Purple Jade functions as root chakra stone to keep it open and accessible. It actively triggers the energy point to ensure that you always have a sense of purpose and drive.

Next up, there’s the third-eye chakra. Called Ajna, this spot is the sixth primary chakra. It’s located on the forehead, just above the middle of your eyebrows.

The third-eye chakra is your seat of intuition and perception. When it’s open, many say that you’re free to seek enlightenment and see the world for what it truly is. It’s one of the most complex chakras, as it can also shape your belief system and overall awareness.

Unfortunately, physical and emotional stress are natural enemies to the third-eye chakra. Dark energy takes its toll, making you fearful of the unknown. The properties of Purple Jade protect you from stress, which naturally supports the third-eye chakra.

For most stones, you can expect benefits for a couple of the primary chakras. However, Purple Jade takes things a step further by triggering a lesser-known energy point beneath your feet.

The Earth star chakra is a transpersonal access point that lives about 12 inches below your body. It’s sometimes referred to as your “Super Root.” That nickname isn’t just a place on the first primary chakra.

According to metaphysical healers, the Earth star chakra is your anchor to the physical and spiritual world. It connects your personal energy to the greater energy fields of our planet and universe. This chakra can help you manage your metaphysical plane while connecting to the universal consciousness.

Not too many healing stones work outside of the seven primary chakras, so Purple Jade is a unique stone with metaphysical properties that are more than worthy of your collection.

Ways To Use It

There’s no right or wrong way to use Purple Jade. Like so many other forms of Jade, it’s versatile enough to adapt to your lifestyle and healing habits.

One of the easiest ways to embrace the meaning of this stone is by carrying a few pocket rocks. Small, tumbled stones are usually the most accessible. Not only are they easy to bring anywhere, but they’re also easier to find.

Whether you keep it in a pocket or a bag, the stone will continue to exude jovial energy throughout the day. It’s naturally energizing and uplifts your emotional state to help you be the best you possible.

The same benefits are possible with Purple Jade jewelry. This stone is a favorite among artists and crafters. Don the stone around your neck as a pendant-style necklace, or invest in tiny beads to craft your masterpiece!

Whatever the case may be, the Purple Jade will stay within your auric field as you wear it. There, it can act as a crystal for protection and constant positivity.

If you prefer to keep it in your home where everyone can enjoy it, the possibilities are endless! Purple Jade is frequently used to make small sculptures and decorative items.

No matter the form it takes, Purple Jade will fill a room with healing energy. It utilizes fire energy, so it’s the perfect crystal for creativity to help those in need of inspiration.

Placing the stone in your creative space can help trigger ideas and create inspiring thoughts. Let your imagination run wild and produce your best work to date.

Stone Combinations

You don’t have to use Purple Jade by itself. While a single piece of the stone can do a lot to bring about positive change, many healers like to use it alongside other crystals for a more potent healing effect.

Fortunately, Purple Jade can be combined with a number of different crystals. Its energy profile combines with many minerals to create a custom wave of bliss and peace.

If you’re looking to amplify the general healing properties of Purple Jade, you have many options. You can use it with other colorful stones like Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Sapphire, Moss Agate, and Malachite. Stichtite and Chalcopyrite work as well.

These stones complement the wavelengths and meaning of Purple Jade, allowing you to enhance its natural benefits greatly.

More targeted pairings exist as well. If you want to experience more focus and concentration, try using it with stones like Hematite, Sodalite, Black Obsidian, and Quartz. Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, and Fluorite can serve your end goals as well.

Finally, we have stones catered towards inner strength. The following combinations are said to bring more courage and give you the resilience to conquer anything. Try using Purple Jade with:


Purple Jade is not a self-cleansing stone.

With the constant bombardment of dark energy, this lilac-colored stone goes through a lot. Over time, its energy depletes, and the effects of its healing properties become less noticeable.

To recharge the stone, you must rid it of dark energy and bring its core back to life! There are many ways to do this.

The method that most healers use is water cleansing. Purple Jade is water-safe, so you can hold it under clean, running water for several minutes. You can even submerge it in salt water for up to 24 hours.

After exposing it to moisture, wipe the stone clean with a soft, dry cloth.

If you prefer to infuse the stone with Earthy energy, consider burying it in your garden. Leaving it for 48 hours is said to harness the power of Mother Earth to breathe new life into this stone and the meaning that it’s associated with.

Once a month, you have the opportunity to cleanse Purple Jade with moonlight. Set it on a windowsill under the light of a full moon. Let it soak in the lunar glow for an entire night, and it should be good to go by morning.

Universal cleansing options apply to Purple Jade as well. These methods work for other stones and have basic cleansing effects on this purple stone.

You can smudge it under the smoke of herbs, lay it in a bed of Himalayan salt, or keep it next to a self-cleansing stone. For the latter technique, you can use Selenite.

Zodiac Connection

Anyone can use Purple Jade. It provides fantastic benefits across the board regardless of the conditions surrounding your birth.

However, many healers say that Taurus is the sign with the strongest connection to the meaning of this lavender-colored stone.

Those born under the bull are naturally strong and quiet. In most cases, they’re sensible and pragmatic. However, they are also free to spread love when graced by the comforts of love.

All those positive traits aside, Taureans can also suffer from bouts of jealousy and rage. They are known to have hot tempers and stubborn attitudes when things don’t go their way. When it comes to matters of the heart, Taureans can quickly become toxic individuals that spread darkness to others.

Purple Jade is a natural protector against all of this bad stuff. As a Taurus stone, it reminds them to stay level-headed and optimistic. Even in the midst of heartache, it can help people born under Taurus to find light and happiness.

It’s a fantastic tool for overcoming pain. While it doesn’t eliminate heartache immediately, it can make things much easier for Taureans.

Final Thoughts

The meaning of Purple Jade is incredibly positive. You’ll love the energy this stone brings to your life and appreciate the support it gives you.

If this seems like a stone that could benefit you, give it a try! We’re always happy to answer questions if any come up during your journey.

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