Blue Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, Properties, And More!

Blue Tiger’s Eye is an interesting stone that can impact your life in a number of positive ways. The combination of its meaning and properties make it a popular choice for many people!

But is it the right fit for you?

This guide will go over everything you need to know about Blue Tiger’s Eye. Trust us, there’s a lot to learn about this magnificent stone!

History & Overview

Since the dawn of man, Blue Tiger’s Eye has been revered for its beauty and various properties!

A form of Quartz, this stone is not like the clear stones you might be familiar with. It’s a chatoyant stone and features a silk-like reflective finish. Most of the stone is typically blue or dark gray. But those bands of silver, grey, and green provide an appearance that’s undeniable mystifying.

Interestingly enough, the stone’s appearance is all-natural. That beautiful silky luster is a result of tiny asbestos fibers. The fibers are encased in Quartz, so it’s completely safe to handle.

Unlike other similar stones, even the rich coloration of Blue Tiger’s Eye is natural. It’s not heat-treated to improve vibrancy. The intricate inclusions and deep color are a product of Earth’s magic!

Sometimes called Hawk’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye, and Silicified Crocidolite, it’s been used by shamans throughout history. Since its discovery, the stone has been a legendary talisman used to ward off the “Evil Eye.” As a result, you would often see it on royal jewelry, staffs, shields, and even architectural elements.

Today, Blue Tiger’s Eye is still a go-to for crystal healers and meditators. It’s fairly common and readily available. There are many natural mines throughout the world, but most cuts come from India, Brazil, Canada, and Namibia.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Sometimes called Hawk’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye, and Silicified Crocidolite, Blue Tiger’s Eye is a unique stone with a signature luster. The stone is typically gray or dark blue. However, bands of reflective green, silver, and gray create an eye-catching finish.

This is a chatoyant stone that belongs to the Quartz family. Those aligned inclusions result in a silk-like reflection that’s been revered since the dawn of man! Interestingly enough, the appearance of Blue Tiger’s Eye is all-natural.

Blue Tiger's Eye stone

The reflective bands come from tiny fibers of asbestos that are encased within the Quartz. Even the dark hues of blue and gray are naturally occurring, unlike the vibrancy of similar “Eye” stones.

The primary Blue Tiger’s Eye meaning revolves around protection. When this stone was discovered by early man, it quickly became a talisman to provide safety. Many cultures saw it as a sacred mineral that warded off the “Evil Eye”. As a result, you can see it on old jewelry, staffs, architectural decor, and so much more!

Even today, the stone is still a favorite among crystal healers. The cleansing abilities it possesses have the potential to positively influence the mind, body, and soul.

Healing Properties & Benefits

For some, Blue Tiger’s Eye is nothing more than a pretty stone. However, many believe that this stone radiates energy and healing properties that can impact your body, mind, and soul!

Beyond its good looks, here are some of the most noteworthy benefits that healers seek from this stone.


Emotionally, Blue Tiger’s Eye is said to provide its most important benefits. Everyone suffers from emotional ebbs and flow throughout their life. According to healers and crystologists, this stone can help you find the peace and tranquility you seek!

The properties of Blue Tiger’s Eye are all about bringing emotional balance. Many people find themselves stuck in an ongoing cycle of despair. Past traumas and emotional pain can prevent you from seeing the light in life and stop you from experiencing those emotional highs because dark energy muddies up the works.

Blue Tiger’s Eye emits a naturally calming energy. It eases the symptoms of anxiety and helps you adopt a “go with the flow” kind of attitude.

This stone is often recommended to those who suffer from depression. Healers believe that its calming nature promotes inner peace and balance.

But of course, it doesn’t make you forget or ignore the darkness in your mind. Instead, it allows you to approach those negative thoughts with fresh eyes. You can gain more insight into your own thoughts and find balance in the rollercoaster of life.

This provides more clarity than ever before! That insight illuminates issues you might have buried deep down, encouraging you to address them and move forward.

Overall, the emotional peace and clarity this stone provides let you act with more integrity.

Woman holding multiple Blue Tiger's Eye stones in her hand

It gives you the chance to act rationally and make beneficial decisions in all corners of life. This is most evident with communication. Rather than acting on aggressive emotions during the heat of an argument, the stone encourages you to take a step back and think about things for a moment.

You’ll be able to communicate your feelings more efficiently, which will prevent you from spreading dark energy. This may ultimately improve your relationships with the ones you love most.

All the while, the peace Blue Tiger’s Eye brings can help you find more self-worth. When you love yourself and can learn to navigate your emotions more clearly, you open yourself up to a world of positive experiences!


Blue Tiger’s Eye is said to have a particularly strong connection to the spiritual world. It was widely used by shamans to provide protection against the evils that lurk in the darkness. Many healers continue to use this stone for that benefit today.

For those that are pursuing various forms of psychic practice, Blue Tiger’s Eye is said to increase those powers. It’s a favorite for clairvoyants, who say that it gives better clarity and viewing strength. Many also use it to increase the powers of astral projection and remote viewing.

But even if this isn’t something you’re involved in, the properties of Blue Tiger’s Eye are still beneficial for your spiritual health.

It opens up your heart and can make you feel empowered, protected, and better connected to realms beyond your own. The stone invites guidance from Mother Earth and safety from protectors in the cosmos.


Blue Tiger’s Eye is most-known for its properties that can benefit your emotional and spiritual being. However, some say that those benefits can result in physical manifestations, too.

In terms of overall health, the mental benefits it can provide might directly impact your body. There’s a strong connection between physical health and emotional health. Those that suffer from depression and constant anxiety are often the first to suffer from heart issues and stress-related ailments.

Soothing the mind with Blue Tiger’s Eye can potentially address those problems. Many say they experience lower blood pressure, clearer skin, and better sleep when using this stone. In addition to removing dark energy, some crystal healers turn to this stone to help rid the body of toxins that can sabotage your health!

Many healers believe that it’s particularly effective on the endocrine system. They say that it balances hormone production and brings your body’s biochemistry back to normal. It’s said to help metabolism levels and provide a better balance between hormones that regulate your emotions.

It’s even used with the goal of providing benefits for blood and nutrients! Many healers swear by the stone’s ability to balance blood cell level counts and increase nutrient absorption.

More directly, it’s thought to provide support for those who have vision and gut issues. In addition to mental clarity, some believe that it can address ocular conditions and help you see the world much better.

Overall, Blue Tiger’s Eye is often used with the intention of improving bodily health and vitality. While most of the properties and benefits are a byproduct of emotional and spiritual cleansing, they are welcome nonetheless!

Metaphysical Properties

Like other popular healing stones, Blue Tiger’s Eye has a number of metaphysical properties that make it big in meditation circles. It can activate and interact with all chakras! Healers consider this to be a powerful stone that can send a flow of energy throughout your body.

One of the main metaphysical properties that people seek is the ability for the stone to strengthen the connection between your higher and lower chakras. This can result in feelings of more stability even when you’re faced with change and creative awakening!

According to many metaphysical healers, the biggest benefits come from the throat and third-eye chakras.

On the throat chakra, Blue Tiger’s Eye has the ability to help you improve the way you communicate. It opens up blockages, helping you receive energy from the heart chakra below. The emotion-filled energy achieves greater balance in the throat, encouraging you to be more honest and open in the way you speak with others.

You can speak your truth and talk freely about how you feel. At the same time, you’ll find better ways to say the things you want, ensuring that your relationships become stronger and more stable.

With the third-eye chakra, Blue Tiger’s Eye is said to open you up to guiding light and energy. It improves your intuition, helping you manifest the change you’re after.

You can gain more insight into your emotions and finally see things for what they are.

How To Use It

The possibilities are endless when it comes to applying the various Blue Tiger’s Eye properties to your life. 

That said, it’s most commonly used as a meditation stone. Tumbled and polished rocks are easy to manage and use during guided meditation.

Place the rocks directly onto your throat and third-eye chakra. With daily meditation, you can obtain ongoing protection and keep your Qi aligned at all times. That direct skin-to-rock contact is always welcome.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can also pair it with Quartz points. The stone already has powerful energy thanks to its Quartz composition. But a grid of Quartz points will amplify the energy even further.

Finally, you can use the Blue Tiger’s Eye stone as a totem. This is a popular worry stone that many like to carry on them every day. Whenever you’re faced with a tough situation, rub the stone.

Doing so helps you stay calm, collected, and aware. It reminds you to think clearly and ensures that darkness doesn’t overtake your mind and body.

Zodiac Connection

Anyone can benefit from the Blue Tiger’s Eye stone. It’s not directly connected to any zodiac sign, so you can take its calming energy no matter what sign you’re born under.

All that said, the stone is considered to have the greatest impact on Leos and Capricorns.

Those born under these signs often have the tendency to be ruled by their emotions. However, they’re on the opposite sides of the emotional spectrum!

Leos get very wound up when they experience emotional trauma. They let those feelings fester until they build up so much that holding them back is no longer an option. Many Leos are said to experience nervous breakdowns due to the floodgates opening up!

This can lead to their emotions completely controlling their life. Blue Tiger’s Eye may help to prevent that. It eases that emotional pain, keeping the coffers low!

Capricorns, on the other hand, are naturally pessimistic. At first, they seem like they let darkness bounce off them with no effect whatsoever. This might seem beneficial, but it often prevents Capricorns from experiencing the joys of life, too.

Blue Tiger’s Eye provides the balance Capricorns need to feel. It lets them live in the moment and open up their hearts more than their nature would typically allow.

Closing Thoughts

The core Blue Tiger’s Eye meaning and properties are all focused on protection, which is something that can help many people.

To many of us, the world is more chaotic and uncertain than ever before. Having a strong influence nearby to help you safely embark on the journey of life can be incredibly helpful.

Let us know if you have any stories or experiences using Blue Tiger’s Eye that you think we should share. We just might add it to the guide!