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Opalite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & More

Opalite is an interesting stone that many people don’t know much about. But to the practitioners that are familiar with it, it’s incredibly beneficial.

This guide will teach you about the meaning, healing properties, and benefits of Opalite. We’ll also show you how to cleanse it!

History & Overview

Despite a similarity in their names, Opalite is not at all related to the Opal. Opalite is a synthetic stone made out of glass and various metals, and sometimes resin and other materials are added. The most common color of Opalite is a sort of baby blue, but it can be found in pink, green, milky white, yellow and lavender. 

One bright and polished piece of Opalite

Unlike many other stones that you may be familiar with, Opalite does not have an illustrious history that goes back through the ages. There aren’t any ancient myths or legends about this stone because it’s a stone that has been around for just a few decades. However, it has quickly developed a devoted following due to its beauty, healing properties and reasonable price.

In 1974, the atomic structure of Opal was discovered, and this gave scientists the opportunity to try to recreate it in a laboratory setting. Since the 1980’s, Opalite has become a favorite among jewelry makers and natural healing practitioners.

There is actually a naturally occurring form of Opalite called Green Opalite. However, this form is very rare, and the majority of Opalites found in stores or online are the man-made kind. 

Even though the Opalite we will be discussing is man-made, it still contains a crystal structure that gives it healing properties similar to many stones that can be found in nature.

Opalite Meaning

For a stone that has a relatively short history, Opalite has acquired quite a few nicknames. Probably its most common nickname is Tiffany Stone because the color of the stone reminds people of the baby blue wrapping paper used by the famous Tiffany store. Other names include Ice Cream Opal, Opalized Fluorite and Purple Opal.

Some people refer to it as Sea Opal or even Moonstone. This is kind of misleading, and using these names is usually a way for less-than-honest gemstone dealers to get people to pay more for Opalite than it’s truly worth.

The meaning of Opalite is centered around new beginnings, optimism and hope. It’s all about clearing out old baggage and toxic thoughts, so you can see the brighter side of life and face things with courage and enthusiasm. 

Introducing the properties of Opalite into your daily healing practice brings gentle, calming vibrations that make it a great crystal for anxiety.  

Healing Properties & Benefits

Despite the fact that Opalite is not found in nature, it is still known to be an effective stone for many types of healing. Any natural healer who specializes in crystal work will have experience with the types of emotional and spiritual healing properties that Opalite contains.

Opalite is a healing crystal that can help you face changes with more courage, communicate better with others, heal a range of health issues, help you channel your inner power and help improve your love life. In fact, it’s often considered one of the best crystals for love.


When something goes wrong in one area of your physical health, it can often set off a chain reaction of other issues. The same thing goes for emotional issues. Without good emotional health and balance, the spiritual, physical and metaphysical parts of your life will suffer. Opalite is an excellent stone to use for the healing of emotional issues that range from fairly simple problems to ones that are more deeply rooted and complex.

Opalite is a stone that you will definitely want to have as part of your daily healing routine. It’s a healing tool with properties that can positively influence nearly every aspect of your emotional life. 

One of the more appealing emotional benefits of using this stone is the ability to become a more open and honest person. Opalite can help you dig deep inside yourself to face and deal with old traumas, emotions and painful baggage.

The goal of this higher level of self understanding is to help you get rid of inhibitions, improve communication with others and make better and clearer decisions. This can also make facing life changes and decisions easier to accept and deal with.

If you’ve been feeling like your personal relationships are not quite what they should be, then incorporating Opalite into your healing routine can help. The healing properties of this stone can act as a potent mood stabilizer, thereby helping you to see the brighter side of people and situations. You’ll feel more confident about communicating with others, and that is an important part of any kind of healthy relationship.

An Opalite healing stone

Opalite has a reputation for helping to ignite things in the bedroom as well. Need to spice things up a bit? Use this crystal for help with things like impotence, sexual fears, phobias and other related issues. Using Opalite is even said to enhance sexual experiences and encounters.

Other emotional benefits of Opalite include the alleviation of insomnia and nightmares, decreased mental fog and fatigue and increased wealth and prosperity due to better communication skills and decision making.


Being strong and healthy spiritually is an aspect of well-being that is often overlooked. However, taking care of your spiritual self is actually closely tied with both physical and emotional health. We love Opalite for the way it lets us reach a level of higher consciousness that we never thought to be possible. Introduce the healing properties of this stone into your life and let your spirit soar!

When you use Opalite for spiritual growth and enrichment, you can expect to be helped along your journey by an array of spirit guides and angelic beings. You might even find yourself connecting to the spirit world in new ways, and many people discover that they have an easier time sending and receiving helpful and loving messages from this higher realm.

Other spiritual benefits of using Opalite include more focused past life regressions, a better balance of yin and yang energies and the ability to cleanse auric fields.


While you may associate stones such as Opalite with more spiritual types of healing, this stone is also used with the goal of obtaining various physical healing benefits as well. Natural healers either use Opalite alone or combined with another crystal to help you heal from a variety of physical issues. Remember that it’s not recommended to try this type of healing on your own if you want the best results. Get someone with experience to help you set up a healing plan.

Some of the health issues that practitioners say can be aided by Opalite include breathing problems such as asthma, heart arrhythmias, cysts and fibroids. It is also used by some with the intention of improving recovery after an injury, increasing oxygenation in the body, purifying the blood and kidneys and fighting fever and infection.

Metaphysical Properties

Opalite is an excellent stone for guiding you through chakra work and exploration, and its metaphysical properties make it an indispensable tool for any meditation practice. This stone is known for its ability to help clear away energy blockages in meridians and chakras, and it seems to resonate with several different chakras.

This stone is mostly known for its connection to the third eye and crown chakras, but other chakras can be involved as well. For example, Blue Opalite is often associated with the throat chakra, and Green Opalite is connected to the heart chakra.

One effective way to use Opalite during meditation is to place it directly on the chakra that you are working on. You can also place it next to you on the mat or hold it in your hands.

Ways To Use It

We love Opalite for the many ways that it can be easily and beautifully incorporated into your daily life. You’ll want to have the healing properties and meaning of this stone around yourself and the ones you care about. 

One simple way to use Opalite is to place it in your purse, slip it into a pocket or tuck it into your bag or briefcase. Doing this will ensure that the healing presence of this stone will surround you throughout the day.

Another way to keep Opalite close to you is to wear it in a piece of jewelry. This is a stunning stone to have set into a necklace, bracelet, ring or a pair of earrings. Not only will you benefit from having your Opalite close to your skin, but anyone around you will receive positive vibrations and will have the chance to appreciate Opalite’s opalescent beauty.

Did you know that Opalite can be used in feng shui settings? We suggest putting your stone wherever you feel the need for a little extra serenity, or you can place your Opalite in family spaces where loving communication and respect for others is most desired. 

For use during your daily meditation, hold Opalite in your hands while focusing on your healing intentions and the core meaning of this healing crystal. Opalite also works well in prayer beads or a mala arrangement.

Stone Combinations

If Opalite is so powerful and healing on its own, just imagine how much potential it could have when it’s paired with another healing stone. Having the two stones working together forms a kind of energized partnership with one stone enhancing the properties of the other.

Let’s take a look at some of the stones you should consider pairing with Opalite. Remember, this is by no means a complete list. If you’d like to explore other options, we suggest connecting with an experienced natural healer.

Opalite actually pairs up quite well with two types of natural Opals. They are:

If you’re seeking to open up your intuition, higher thinking or psychic potential, then pairing your Opalite with Blue Peruvian Opal is a great option. Together, this pair will work on opening up your third-eye chakra for more insight and deeper understanding. A Fire Opal and Opalite combination has the potential to fire up your passions and increase your energy and zest for life.

Clear Quartz, a healing crystal that works well with just about any other stone, is an excellent pairing choice for Opalite. Whatever your healing needs or intentions may be, Clear Quartz will help Opalite work to its full potential.

Opalite is a healing stone that is thought to be especially connected to the zodiac sign of Cancer. Carnelian, the birthstone for Cancer, is an obvious and powerful stone to combine with Opalite. Like with Fire Opal, Carnelian has the potential to bring out the spicier and passionate side of the user.

Lastly, combining Opalite with Goldstone is thought to increase determination, creativity and inner toughness. Other pairing stones include Labradorite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite.

How To Cleanse Opalite

Many people don’t realize how important it is to periodically cleanse your healing crystals. Over time, Opalite absorbs a lot of negativity and toxic vibes. In order to keep your stone healthy and working at its full potential, you’ll need to remove these negative vibrations by using one of the following cleansing methods.

We recommend cleansing your Opalite when you first get it, if you haven’t used it for a while, and about once a month if you use it daily.

Two Opalite stones

One very important thing to remember is that once you begin incorporating the meaning and healing properties of Opalite into your practice, you will be embarking on a very special relationship that can last a lifetime. In the same way that your Opalite takes care of you, you will need to give it the same consideration and care. One of the ways to show this care is to cleanse your stone.

A popular and simple way to cleanse your Opalite is to smudge it in the smoke of a healing herb like sage, sweetgrass, cedar, frankincense or lavender. This is a beautiful way to cleanse your stone, and you might even find yourself benefiting from the smoke of these sacred herbs. 

Another effective way to cleanse your Opalite is to use some type of a Quartz container. Clusters, geodes and druses work well. Simply place your stone in the container, preferably overnight, and that’s it. Selenite plates can also be used for this kind of cleansing.

Another common method for cleansing and charging your Opalite is by placing it either in sunlight or in moonlight. Let your Opalite sit on a window sill where it will receive the light source you prefer. If you’re putting it in the sun, then leave it for several hours. Just make sure to rotate your stone periodically. Opalite can be left in the moonlight overnight.

Submerging your Opalite in a bowl of brown rice is also thought to work pretty well. The idea is that the rice will absorb all of the negative and toxic energies that the stone is holding. After leaving your Opalite in the rice for several hours, make sure to throw the rice away.

While many healing stones are easily cleansed in water, many practitioners agree that Opalite should not be cleansed this way. Opalite is delicate and contains cracks that can become damaged by water exposure over time.

It doesn’t really matter which method you use. The best rule of thumb is to try to get a feel for how your stone wants to be cleansed. After you have worked with your Opalite for a while, you should be able to sense what your stone needs. Every time you cleanse your stone is an opportunity to build a stronger relationship.

Zodiac Connection

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, then Opalite is a stone that you should have as part of your natural healing arsenal. Of course, anyone born under other zodiac signs can certainly benefit from the healing vibrations of this stone, but the connection that Opalite seems to have as a stone for Cancers is something special.

Let’s delve briefly into the unique relationship between Cancer and Opalite. All zodiac signs have distinctive traits, be they physical, emotional or spiritual. Some of these characteristics are positive, while some are more negative.

Opalite is known to help Cancers enhance their better traits and help make improvements in less than stellar areas.

Many Cancers seem to have a difficult time communicating their true feelings. This can make being in a meaningful and lasting relationship rather tricky. The meaning of Opalite can encourage Cancers to open up by letting them analyze and face the reasons for their more guarded emotions. Once this happens, Cancers can have the courage and trust to share their feelings in a more open and loving manner.

On the plus side, Cancers are known to be very devoted to people they love. This is a good reason to improve relationships by learning how to speak freely from the heart.

Closing Thoughts

We like the meaning of Opalite because it’s incredibly positive and full of hope. If you take the time to bring the healing properties of this stone into your existing practice, you’ll surely see some benefit!

We hope you found this guide helpful and are inspired to give this stone a shot. It’s one of our favorites, and we think you’ll feel the same way.

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