Blue Goldstone: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Blue Goldstone is an often misunderstood stone with a lot of potential benefits. In fact, it’s one of our favorites!

In this guide we’ll teach you all about the meaning and healing properties of Blue Goldstone. There’s a lot it can do for you if you’re willing to try it.

A large piece of Blue Goldstone

History & Overview

While Blue Goldstone is often used for various kinds of healing, it is a bit different from many kinds of healing crystals you may be familiar with. First of all, Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone and is not found in nature. Secondly, the history of this stone is somewhat more modern, so you can’t trace its path from ancient history to recent times.

However, it does have its own interesting meaning and unique properties.

Blue Goldstone is often likened to a starry night sky due to its silver-flecked deep blue color. As we mentioned above, this is a man-made stone that is a combination of glass and a variety of elements. Blue Goldstone is made from glass and cobalt, but mixing glass with other elements, such as copper, manganese or chromium oxide, will produce Goldstone in other colors. Other colors of Goldstone include orange, red and green.

There is some debate as to the origin of Blue Goldstone, and many different legends abound. The most popular legend leads us back to monks of the 1600’s. Supposedly, a monk, who was making glass, accidentally added copper flakes to the glass. The unexpected, yet beautiful result, was Goldstone.

Some gemologists disagree with the monk theory because an Iranian amulet, dating from around the 1100’s, was found to be made from Goldstone. Some variations can be linked to the Middle Ages and maybe even Roman times, so the mystery of Blue Goldstone’s origins continues to beguile the practitioners that use it.

The first real written evidence of Goldstone production is connected to someone named Vincenzo Miotti. He was a glassmaker from Venice who was one of the earliest artisans to receive an official written license to create these gorgeous stones.

The popularity of Blue Goldstone and other Goldstone varieties continues today (especially in the crystal healing scene). Many lovely specimens can be seen in jewelry pieces and as meditation focus stones.

Blue Goldstone Meaning

For a stone with a relatively short history, Blue Goldstone has acquired quite a few nicknames. You’ll sometimes hear it referred to as Monk’s Gold, Gold Star Glass, Aventurine Glass, Stellaria and the Stone Of Ambition.

But no matter what it’s called, this potent healing stone has developed a dedicated following.

The meaning of Blue Goldstone is all about positive thoughts, inspiring creativity and making wishes come true.

Its healing properties can help the user get rid of unwanted thoughts and toxic energy to create a mindset that’s ready to move forward courageously. This is a stone that’s brimming with water energy, and that makes it the perfect stone for connections to the spiritual dimension.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Almost as soon as Blue Goldstone was created, it became known for its emotional, spiritual, and physical healing properties. This beautiful stone looks like a reflection of the night sky and is beloved by healers and users alike for its juxtaposing vibrations of harmony and energetic vitality.

Blue Goldstone is known to uplift, inspire self-confidence and bring a sense of harmony to anyone fortunate enough to partner with it.


The road through life is never smooth, and it can be pretty difficult to navigate your way through without a little help.

The healing properties of Blue Goldstone can be used to help you find the harmony and self-confidence to forge ahead on your life’s many paths with courage.

Another benefit of using Blue Goldstone is that it can help foster patience and generosity towards yourself and others. It can help you stabilize emotions that are getting in the way of moving ahead. Once old baggage and negative thinking is gone, you’ll feel a sense of ambition and a can-do attitude.

Blue Goldstone is also a wonderful crystal for empaths or anyone who needs to set boundaries and learn how to have the courage to speak their mind.


Many people mistakenly think that a man-made stone has weaker healing properties than a stone found in nature. However, Blue Goldstone has proven itself to be a potent spiritual healer and guide.

This is a powerful stone that can connect the user to higher beings and elevated realms of consciousness. The calming, peaceful energy of Blue Goldstone is known to repel toxic energy by placing vibrations of positivity around the user.

Blue Goldstone is also known as a powerful good luck stone that can open pathways of intuition and psychic awareness. Use it as a crystal for protection at night (it’s especially good for children who are afraid of going to bed).


Healing crystals are not just used for spiritual or emotional healing. They have been used throughout the ages by natural healers for help with a wide range of physical issues. 

Using them for healing requires years of knowledge and experience, so results can be mixed when going it alone. Finding a professional healer is the best way to make sure that you are proceeding in the safest and most productive manner possible.

Blue Goldstone is often utilized to help heal joint issues, improve circulation, calm inflammation and help promote tissue regeneration. Other uses include calming anxiety, detoxing the body, calming stomach issues and boosting the body’s own healing ability. It is also used by practitioners who are trying to work through symptoms caused by eating disorders.

Metaphysical Properties

If you’re into chakra work, then you’ll find that the metaphysical properties of Blue Goldstone are perfect for meditation and daily affirmation work. This stone is thought to have a special attraction to the throat chakra, a chakra that is associated with the color blue. 

Blue Goldstone can also be used as a stone for the root chakra for more grounding, and the sacral chakra for more drive and creative inspiration.

How To Use It

The ways to use Blue Goldstone are seemingly endless. The properties of this gorgeous stone can be incorporated into just about every part of your daily experience, and this section will touch on a few of the most common ways. Go with what feels right to you at the moment and let your deep connection to the crystal be your guide.

One of the most popular ways to use Blue Goldstone is in a piece of jewelry. Not only is this method aesthetically pleasing, but you will reap the benefits of having the stone close to your skin. This will help to keep you safely wrapped in the stone’s protective aura. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants are all good choices.

Polished Blue Goldstone

Embarking on a new adventure? Then having Blue Goldstone tucked into a pocket, purse or backpack is a good way to carry this stone’s protective energy with you wherever you choose to go.

Anyone needing a little extra creative energy may find that placing Blue Goldstone on a desk, workspace or study area is very helpful.

Practitioners of feng shui know that Blue Goldstone can be an important part of any arrangement. It has the ability to clear obstructions, and this is why it’s often placed in the northern part of a living space. If joy and positivity are desired, then place the stone in a living room or family room.

Some other ways to use Blue Goldstone are in mala or prayer beads, in your hand or on your mat during meditation (where you can connect with its meaning). Place Blue Goldstone on specific chakras to activate them or use it in crystal grids for meditation or daily affirmation work. 

Stone Combinations

Although Blue Goldstone has very special healing properties when used on its own, it is often more effective when it’s combined with another crystal. When two crystals are used together, they can combine their energy to create a focused and intense healing duo. 

The crystal you choose to pair with your Blue Goldstone depends on what your healing needs and intentions are.

For example, if you feel like you could use a boost of confidence and inner courage, then a combination with Aventurine is a good choice. For anyone looking to ditch old baggage and negative thoughts, we recommend pairing Blue Goldstone with Kyanite. Need some inspiration? Try a Blue Goldstone and Labradorite combination.

Other stones that pair well with the meaning and properties of Blue Goldstone include Carnelian, Orange Calcite and Tiger’s Eye. The stones mentioned above are by no means a complete list of effective pairing stones. A natural healing specialist will be able to help you find the best stone to pair with your Blue Goldstone.

Zodiac Connection

Anyone who finds beauty and meaning in the healing powers of Blue Goldstone will certainly benefit from it. However, Blue Goldstone, like all healing crystals, seems to have a special affinity for certain Zodiac signs.

The properties of Blue Goldstone are known to be especially beneficial for anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a sun sign, so people born under this fiery sign often benefit from the calming and soothing vibrations of a stone such as Blue Goldstone. It is also known to balance out the high energy levels that are often associated with a Sagittarius. People of this sign are known to crave a bit of adventure, and Blue Goldstone is a good stone for safety and protection during those adventures. 

Although Blue Goldstone is the one being discussed here, a Sagittarius can benefit from the use of any of the Goldstone varieties.

Final Thoughts

The positive meaning of Blue Goldstone makes this an inspiring choice for many crystal healing practitioners. The strong healing properties it possesses can benefit almost anyone, and it’s a very simple stone to introduce into your practice.

If you have any questions about this healing stone we’d be more than happy to hear them. If not, give this stone a try and let us know how it goes!