Cancer Birthstone: The Full List Of Meanings & Benefits

Learning about the main Cancer birthstone (and other supporting gemstones) is something we highly recommend if it’s your zodiac sign. Making sure you have the right stone by your side is incredibly important if you want to surround yourself with the right energy!

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Cancer birthstones and the benefits that each stone can have on your life.

The Cancer zodiac sign

What Is The Birthstone For Cancer?

The primary birthstone for Cancer is Ruby. Like the passion that bubbles deep within a Cancer’s soul, Ruby glows with the shine of cosmic fire. It’s the perfect representation of this zodiac. The precious crystal represents many of the sign’s best traits while also harnessing the power to address its weaknesses.

A group of Ruby Cancer birthstones

Cancer is the fourth zodiac. It’s said to be ruled by the Moon and is one of the three water signs. Interestingly enough, the zodiac’s symbol is a water creature: The crab. 

Those born between June 21st and July 22nd share this sign.

Like other water signs, Cancers are very passionate. Some say that their emotions govern them, creating a sense of emotional urgency wherever they go. Cancers aren’t scared of emotions or sentiments, choosing to embrace their feelings and spread love wherever they go.

Ruby is the natural choice for Cancers. The crystal is gorgeous and takes on a deep red hue. The color represents a passion for life and an unwavering sense of vitality, which many say Cancers have.

It’s an intense stone that mirrors a Cancer’s lease on life. Those born under this sign are emotionally driven, preferring deep conversations over short-term flings any day. They wear their heart on their sleeves for all to see.

This intense emotional connection that Cancers make with others complements Ruby well. Ruby helps to balance out those fantastic traits. Not only that, but it keeps Cancers protected.

As you can probably guess, not everyone is compatible with emotionally present Cancers. While their openness and sense of passion are admirable, it also puts them at risk for pain and heartache. Cancers are notoriously self-destructive and moody.

When their natural emotions aren’t accepted or respected by others, they tend to retreat into their shells. They can become moody, depressed, and downright emotionally dangerous.

Ruby is also a fantastic protector. It acts as a psychic shield that protects your aura from damage. The crystal is spiritually grounding, reminding you of who you are. 

Cancers are usually unapologetically emotional and loving. Ruby reminds them of that fact, pushing them to be confident and healthy in their convictions. The crystal instills courage and provides support. Even in the darkest of times when you’re feeling lost and unloved, Ruby is said to give you a positive outlook on life and everything you have yet to experience.

Rubies and Cancers go hand-in-hand. It’s an obvious pairing that can create magic within the right people!

Additional Birthstones

Ruby may be the primary birthstone for Cancer, but it’s not the only one. Many healing crystals can influence those born under the zodiac. They have complementary energy that assists Cancers as they navigate the emotional and spiritual minefield that is life.

Here are some of the most beneficial Cancer birthstones worth adding to your life.


Carnelian is a beautiful Cancer birthstone that harnesses fiery energy, just like Ruby. But, this energy focuses more on bravery and overall vigor.

A Carnelian stone with a warped appearance

It’s perfect for Cancers who start to feel complacent or emotionally numb. Whether those feelings come from the negativity of others or unfavorable views of oneself, Carnelian can help. The stone’s energetic power pushes you to be your true self!

It guides you in the right direction and puts you back on the path of positivity. Rather than wallowing in negativity, you can find it within yourself to spread light and love.

This gemstone is also said to boost creativity in Cancers. It helps you let go of self-doubt, allowing you to create your best work yet!


The color-changing glimmer is fantastic for Cancers. Opal is said to carry energy from the element of water, which matches Cancers perfectly.

Smooth round and polished Opal stone

It resonates with the heart chakra as well. Opal is all about emotional healing and strength. The creamy Cancer zodiac stone has a knack for addressing old wounds, facilitating emotional confrontation within so that you can finally move on from old grudges.

Many say that Opal is also nurturing. Cancers can always use a little more love in their life. When you are feeling neglected or a little empty, believers say that Opal will fill your heart right up and scratch that emotional itch.


Next up, we have the beautiful luster of Aventurine. Aventurine comes in many different forms, but some of the most widely available cuts are green. They may also feature glittery inclusions of platy minerals.

One shiny Aventurine Cancer gemstone

Whatever form you get, it’ll prove to be a beneficial addition to your healing arsenal.

Aventurine is a Cancer birthstone that’s often used by those who seek prosperity. While most automatically associate that with money, it also applies to emotional wealth.

This crystal has the ability to drive away fear and anxiety. Those two emotions run rampant in insecure Cancers. It plagues this sensitive zodiac and can turn otherwise emotionally healthy people into disasters.

Aventurine does away with all of that, allowing you to stay on-track and positive.


Chalcedony is a beautiful form of Quartz with a natural vitreous luster. It has many unique benefits. But one of its most influential is its ability to bring your mind and heart into a state of equilibrium.

Chalcedony birthstone for Cancer zodiac sign

The mind and heart must stay aligned to keep you level-headed and balanced. Unfortunately, Cancers tend to throw things off balance with their over-thinking. They get too much into their own heads, leading to spiraling thoughts that only lead to emotional trauma.

Chalcedony can boost you up and encourage you to think a little more rationally. It keeps your emotions in check so that you can stay available and present.


Here’s another complementary Cancer birthstone that radiates the energy of water. It naturally resonates with Cancers due to this elemental connection. However, it can also have surprising effects.

Light blue piece of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known as the “Stone of Courage” to believers. It helps you find strength from within to carry on. In Cancers, Aquamarine provides strength to let go.

Make no mistake: Aquamarine is not about giving up. It’s quite the contrary! Cancers can become so emotionally invested in people and situations that they hold onto pain just to have some likeness of the past.

This stone encourages you to let go of all that. It shows you that you can still hold onto the good memories without harping on the bad.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular Cancer birthstones among spiritual healers. With its beauty and consequential effects on people, it’s not hard to see why.

A small Rose Quartz stone

This blushing pink Cancer gemstone is about healing and compassion. Cancers are naturally compassionate people who are more than willing to spread love wherever they go. Rose Quartz resonates with that trait, complementing the energy that’s already inside their heart.

However, it can also promote emotional healing. Rose Quartz reduces the endless cycle of self-pity that Cancers can fall into. It shines a light, guiding you out of your indecisiveness so that you are free to spread your love around the world.


Pearl is a natural mineral created by nacre-producing creatures like abalone, clams, conches, and more. These animals take would-be invaders that can cause infection and wrap them up in multiple layers of nacre. The final result is a gorgeous pearl.

That’s a wonderful allegory to describe what Pearls do for Cancers. Pearls are the ultimate healers. A harmonizing mineral that emits water-based energy, Pearls turn dark energy into soft ripples of positivity.

Like the formation of the Pearl itself, they help to create something beautiful out of an ugly situation! Pearls are also heartfelt and sincere, perfectly matching the energy of a Cancer.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a must-have for Cancers. Those born under the zodiac are at risk for emotional trauma at every turn. Their sensitive nature makes them vulnerable to dark energy and hate.

Wavy piece of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is like an auric shield. It’s a self-sacrificing Cancer birthstone that absorbs darkness so that you don’t have to. The stone’s dark and mysterious finish locks away bad energy, keeping it safe from your auric field.

Many believers carry Black Obsidian wherever they go. This stone grants ongoing protection, helping you seize the day without fear, anger, or pain. The stone can also put an end to destructive thinking, which is vital for Cancers.


Emerald is like the embodiment of emotional stability. The deep color reflects the organic state of Mother Nature. It captures the innocence of unadulterated nature while symbolizing the seemingly effortless balancing act the planet has to do to help life flourish.

A natural Emerald crystal

Cancers are susceptible to their environment. While they actively nurture others, they can’t always expect to experience the same in return. As a result, Cancers can suffer from severe mood swings at the drop of a hat.

Emerald helps to balance things out a bit. It pushes you to enjoy the highs while letting go of the lows. You can’t have the light without the darkness. This Cancer gemstone enables you to appreciate both while ensuring that neither overtakes you.


Moonstone is a natural birthstone choice that resonates with Cancers. The zodiac is ruled by the Moon, just like this breathtaking gemstone.

Tumbled Moonstone for the Cancer zodiac sign

The milky shimmer of Moonstone matches the illumination of the Moon above. It’s said to harness the powers of intuition, shining a light on all that is true.

In the hands of a Cancer, Moonstone strengthens intuition while guiding you to obtain better emotional well-being.

It teaches you to go with the ebbs and flows of life. As the Moon controls the tides, Moonstone helps you appreciate the good and the bad to obtain true emotional balance.


Brookite is a form of titanium oxide. The crystal comes in many colors and shapes. However, deep reddish-brown hues are quite common. The same goes for rough, unpolished black!

One Brookite crystal in the sand

This crystal is a powerful tool in metaphysical healing. It can activate the upper chakras, helping you communicate with otherworldly guardians. It opens you up to accepting spiritual assistance, which may help you on your journey.

This Cancer birthstone is said to grant you greater emotional strength as well. Rather than letting your thoughts run wild at every tinge of pain, you can think clearly. This gives you the power to make analytical decisions that can positively impact your life.


Calcite is the “Stone of Amplification.” It comes in many forms and colors. However, it’s usually milky white and has a somewhat pearlescent luster.

Small piece of square Calcite

This Cancer birthstone has the innate ability to give you emotional intelligence. Believers say that it shimmers with the light of the cosmos, illuminating the truth. It guides you out of emotional fog, ensuring that you can make decisions without the pull of your heart.

Cancers rely on their heart for a lot. But sometimes, emotionally guided decisions aren’t the best in the long-run. Calcite lets you get in touch with your head so that you can think clearly and rationally.


There’s no denying that Turquoise is a real beauty. It’s a vibrant stone that radiates calm. Naturally soothing, it’s a perfect match for Cancers.

A lumpy Turquoise stone

The stone is like cool waters on a hot summer day. It addresses the heat directly, allowing you to relish in cooling calm. Turquoise is a masterful stress-reliever, eliminating the worries that ail you.

More important, however, is the stone’s ability to break down your barriers. It helps you find your voice and speak honestly about your own needs. Turquoise gives Cancers the freedom to put themselves first every once in a while, granting them the power to protect themselves when they need help.

When it comes to introducing Cancer birthstones into your life, the possibilities are endless. There’s no right or wrong way to use them! All you need to do is have them in your presence.

Healing practitioners believe that every stone radiates potent energy that influences your mind, body, and soul. The energy is said to impact your auric field, activating chakras and changing the way you think.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of these stones is to use them as decor. Decorative statues from artisans, raw rock slabs, simple points, and more can do a lot to change the energy in your home or workspace. No matter where you put them, the crystals will imbue the space with healing energy!

It’s like a pressure cooker of healing. The energy builds up and waits to enter your body when you enter. Keep several Cancer birthstones around the places you frequent for maximum exposure.

You can also try incorporating them into your daily meditation sessions. Try holding them in your hands or forming grids. Even being in the same room will do the trick!

You can take in all that energy while you ruminate in your thoughts and go on a spiritual journey.

Alternatively, you can keep the stones on your person! Carry some worry stones or pocket rocks. In this form, the rocks are in your auric field and always nearby to grant some wisdom when you need assistance.

For even more direct influence, try wearing them as jewelry. All of the birthstones we discussed are beautiful. Many of them are favorites among jewelry-makers.

In jewelry form, the birthstone makes direct contact with your skin and is close to all essential chakras. They can have a poignant effect on your heart, resonate with your third-eye, and keep you grounded through your base.

Whatever you choose to do, having these Cancer birthstones in your life at all can make a dramatic difference. They can balance out your zodiac traits and help you be the best Cancer you can.

Cancer Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

Like all zodiac signs, Cancers are complex. They are water signs driven by emotions.

The most identifiable characteristic of a Cancer is their intense loyalty and need to love. Many Cancer-born individuals enjoy making those vital connections. They can read between the lines and get to the root of a person’s being. 

Cancers make wonderful life-long friends who others can always trust. They’re quick to love and are ready to shower those they care about with positive energy and affirmation.

Of course, all of those good personality traits are a double-edged sword. With that openness comes a lot of vulnerability.

The Cancer zodiac sign

Many Cancers are so passionate about the connections they make that they expect the same out of everyone in return. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Rejection can send Cancers into a spiral, turning otherwise loving people into moody shells of their former selves.

They’re hypersensitive, letting emotions get to the best of them. As a result, they are susceptible to bouts of depression and unrealistic wishful thinking. It’s a trade-off that Cancers have to learn to manage.

Luckily, many of these birthstones can do just that.

Many of the stones we discussed earlier manage to work alongside a Cancer’s personal nature while protecting them from harm.

Some actively work to rid their auric fields of negativity. Cancers are like magnets to dark energy. Their sensitive emotions make them the perfect target for ill-wishers and those who want to harm. They quickly fall prey to deceit and will take unkind acts to heart.

Stones like Moonstone, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, and more work to actively fight the darkness. They will absorb or blast away the negativity, allowing Cancers to move forward and continue to love.

Several of the crystals will also work to improve Cancers’ self-esteem. Constant emotional backlash can do a number of these individuals. You might feel compelled to build a wall and prevent anyone from ever knowing who you are.

These Cancer birthstones invigorate your soul and remind you of all the things that make you great. They give you the self-esteem boost you need to love your emotional nature and accept everything that comes with it.

Some birthstones can also work to combat any forms of destructive behavior that might come your way. Not only do they get rid of darkness, but they teach you to forgive.

Cancers can be unforgiving to those who are unfortunate enough to fall from their good graces. Those born under this sign are not quick to forget those who hurt them. Unfortunately, those grudges are not beneficial to anyone!

Many of these Cancer birthstones teach the power of forgiveness and self-love. They help you move on from past pains while still retaining the lessons they provide. That way, you can learn to reconnect trust again.

Overall, these birthstones are must-have companions for Cancers. Each stone is unique and has distinct properties to offer. But no matter what they do, they’re in-tune with the needs of Cancers and can help you live your life to the fullest.

Now You’re Ready!

Now that you know about the various birthstones for the Cancer zodiac sign, it’s time for you to pick some up for yourself. Choose from our list, start incorporating them into your daily healing practice, and you’ll be blown away by the impact they can have.

If you have any questions about the stones we mentioned above, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We’re always eager to help out our readers.