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Bumblebee Jasper 101: Meaning, Properties & More!

Bumblebee Jasper is a gorgeous stone that has drawn in many people over the years. With such a stunning design and powerful energy, it’s not hard to see why!

This guide will teach you about the meaning, properties, and benefits of Bumblebee Jasper. Trust us, this is a stone you’ll want to learn more about.

History & Overview

A stone that helps you live life to the fullest, Bumblebee Jasper is one of the most sought-after in the crystal kingdom. It’s a truly stunning stone inside and out (we cover its properties later in the guide). However, the problem is that it also happens to be quite rare!

Bumblebee Jasper was first discovered in the 1990s in Indonesia. Shortly thereafter, more appeared in Australia. Since then, geologists haven’t found any additional sources of the stone. They don’t expect to find any either due to its distinct formation environment.

The beautiful stone is most prominent in Papandayan Volcano, where excessive heat and pressure help create the eye-catching patterns we know today. 

Bumblebee Jasper is unmistakable. It features yellow, white, orange, and black stripes, which is how it gets its distinct name. The stripes come from the many inclusions that combine to create the stone. They are sulfur, Argonite, Calcium, Realgar, and Pyrite, respectively. 

Interestingly enough, Bumblebee Jasper isn’t a true form of Jasper at all. Rather, it’s a carbonate mineral with arsenic and magnesium oxides. This stone is made up of several minerals that combine to create a truly magical appearance!

Bumblebee Jasper Meaning

Like the tiny insects it’s named after, Bumblebee Jasper is a busy stone that’s constantly working to bring change. It holds many different meanings in the healing world. But, the overarching theme is that it buzzes with energy to keep you positive.

The core Bumblebee Jasper meaning is all about optimism that can wipe away dark energy to improve your emotional and spiritual health. While that purpose seems simple enough, Bumblee Jasper’s influence can encompass your entire life!

Practitioners say that this stone can get even the most troubled person out of an emotional slump. It rejuvenates the psyche, inspires you to find new opportunities, and sparks your creativity.

The meaning and properties of Bumblebee Jasper make it a truly multi-faceted stone that’s all about positivity and change.

Is It Toxic?

Believe it or not, Bumblebee Jasper does have some toxic components. 

This is a bit of a controversial topic in the crystal healing world. However, it’s actually a much more common occurrence than you might think. Many stones are actually made with some minerals that are dangerous to humans.

In this case, the offending toxins are arsenic and sulfur.

Arsenic and sulfur are carcinogenic substances that can have seriously negative effects on your body if ingested. For this reason, Bumblebee Jasper is considered by many to be a toxic stone.

That said, it’s still relatively safe to wear and incorporate into your life. The key is to be aware of its potential dangers and be careful with handling. Always wash your hands after using the stone.

It’s important to avoid any points of contact that could lead to internal problems. For example, don’t put the stone anywhere near your eyes or mouth. You should also avoid any water infusion techniques or other application methods that involve ingestion of any kind.

Keep the stone clean, and don’t forget to wash your hands! Most people will have no problem using it in their crystal healing practice. The toxins are just one part of a complex stone. As long as you’re careful, they shouldn’t cause any issues whatsoever.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Bumblebee Jasper is said to serve many different purposes. A hard-working stone with a penchant for healing, its effects can manifest themselves in many areas of your life.

Because there’s so much misinformation about this stone being shared online, we wanted to put together a very clear list of its benefits and potential impact. Hopefully, this will help set the record straight!

Here are some of the most noteworthy healing properties and benefits this stone has on your mind, body, and soul.


When it comes to emotional healing, the properties of Bumblebee Jasper make it one of the best.

Everyone experiences daily stress. Dark energy from others has a way of creeping into your auric field. Stack the standard trials and tribulations of everyday living on top, and you have the recipe for emotional pain.

Bumblebee Jasper stone

Bumblebee Jasper is like a little spark of energy that refuses to die out. It keeps your aura clean and free of darkness, ensuring that you feel joyous and optimistic. This stone is a bustling talisman that’s continually protecting you from all of the dark energy that bombards you every day.

With that healing comes natural protection from depression and anxiety. Many healers recommend Bumblebee Jasper to those who suffer from chronic mental fatigue and trauma. Not only does it keep you safe from any new exposure to bad juju, but it can also pull you up from the depths of your own mind.

It has a knack for instilling strength when you need it most. The stone can shift your perspective on life and help you find a reason to fight through all the hardships. Bumblebee Jasper ignites a flame of passion and puts your ambitions in overdrive.

All of a sudden, you can experience more mental acuity, a significant boost in self-esteem, and better overall balance.

Many say that the properties and meaning of Bumblebee Jasper help you find your purpose and gives you the gusto to fight for it. It sparks creativity and puts your imaginative mind at the forefront, giving you the skills to develop creative solutions for all of life’s challenges.

A master of transformation, the stone has the power to turn anyone into an ambitious person with optimism for days! Because of this, it’s sometimes used as an alternative crystal for money.


The cleansing and energetic properties of Bumblebee Jasper isn’t just reserved for your mind. This stone is thought to have a profound effect on your soul as well.

According to many experienced practitioners, it helps you develop your spirituality and breaks down any barriers preventing your soul from exploring. It invites wisdom from the cosmos and puts you one step closer to spiritual enlightenment.

You can become more attuned to the spirit world and your own divinity. The stone pushes you to find the majesty in yourself while still accepting your guardians’ guidance and communication.

Bumblebee Jasper is a transformative stone in regards to spirituality, helping you find your true calling and pushing you to investigate it even further.


Bumblebee Jasper is often said to have a few different physical perks.

One of the most beneficial is its potential influence over your nervous system. It’s said to keep your body balanced, which may have an impact on your sleep cycle. Many say that they feel more rested and present with this stone in their life.

Bumblebee Jasper may also help to heal physical pains like muscle aches and sores. Hard laborers sometimes use it after a tough day at work. Many turn to it with the intention of soothing aches and promoting general healing.

Some say that this stone can also do wonders for allergies and digestive problems. It’s thought to ease pain and discomfort, allowing you to experience relief in your sinuses and throughout your gastrointestinal tract.

Metaphysical Properties

A powerful tool to have in your arsenal, Bumblebee Jasper has the metaphysical properties and energy to align your chakras and keep your emotions balanced.

It resonates most with two of your lower chakras. Primarily, it’s an effective crystal for the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Raw piece of Bumblebee Jasper

The sacral chakra is the second of your seven primary energy points. Called Svadhisthana, it acts as your well of emotions. It governs your feelings and affects your ability to feel joy!

Needless to say, keeping this chakra open is paramount. However, many experience blockages, which ultimately lead to depression, anxiety, and a litany of other emotional problems. Fortunately, Bumblebee Jasper keeps the energy point in check.

The same goes for the solar plexus chakra. Also known as Manipura, it’s your center of personal power. By keeping the energy point open, Bumblebee Jasper ensures that you’re free to live your life as you please.

It enhances your decision-making skills and grants you the strength to conquer any battles.

The Most Effective Ways To Use It

Usually, the go-to for many believers is to wear healing stones as jewelry.

You can easily find Bumblebee Jasper jewelry out there. With its gorgeous colors, it makes for breathtaking necklaces, rings, and bracelets. As jewelry, the stone will stay in your auric field to protect you around the clock.

Now, some practitioners don’t think that jewelry is the best form for Bumblebee Jasper. With its arsenic and sulfur content, they believe that it is risky. 

Remember: You have to be careful with Bumblebee Jasper and wash your hands after use. If you wear it as jewelry, you’re only exposing yourself to those potential toxins more. Use your better judgment concerning jewelry.

If you feel like you can wear it safely and still keep up with precautions, go for it! If not, you may fare better with simpler forms of the stone.

Bumblebee Jasper is a great “appreciate at a distinct” stone as well. Many practitioners like to use raw slabs and points as interior decor. The stone will continue to radiate healing energy. Best of all, you don’t have to touch it to reap the rewards.

Another way to use it is by simply keeping it in a dedicated pocket or area in your bag. This will allow you to be inspired by its meaning and benefit from its strong properties without needing to be very hands-on!

Zodiac Connection

Bumblebee Jasper is a complex stone with powerful energy that can benefit anyone. It’s not exclusive to one sign or birthday window!

However, many healers believe that it naturally resonates more with certain zodiac signs.

First off, it’s a great Taurus stone. Those born under the bull can use a little self-empowerment. Taureans are naturally strong-willed.

They’re quite pragmatic and like to take a realistic approach to everything they do. Bumblebee Jasper is said to provide two things. First, it helps to make Taureans feel valued and confident. Secondly, it teaches them to live in the moment.

The stone is dripping in optimism and rejuvenating energy. The vibrational energy can help Taureans ease up a bit and go with the flow.

The next zodiac that Bumblebee Jasper helps is the Leos. Once again, Leos are strong. Most people don’t think they can benefit from a joy-filled stone like Bumblebee Jasper.

But in reality, it can help them feel a little better about their own place in the world. Leos are notorious for constantly comparing themselves to others. This stone helps them find joy in their own accomplishments without comparing them to others.

Bumblebee Jasper is a fantastic stone for Leos to help them recognize their own shine even in the light of someone else.

Closing Thoughts

We highly recommend Bumblebee Jasper for anyone who wants to bring a wave of positive energy into their life. The properties of this stone are quite powerful, and its meaning will inspire you throughout the day.

If you have any lingering questions about Bumblebee Jasper that we didn’t get a chance to answer in this guide we would love to hear from you. This stone is one of our all-time favorites, and we love talking about it with other crystal lovers!

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