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Unakite 101: Meaning, Properties, Uses & Benefits

Unakite is a popular stone in the crystal healing community and it’s not hard to see why. This stone has a beautiful appearance and powerful healing energy, and it’s also been used for many years.

In this guide you’ll learn about the meaning, properties, and potential benefits of Unakite. There’s a lot to like!

History & Overview

Unakite is a multicolored dream of a stone that many crystal practitioners find themselves drawn to. Its whimsical combination of light pink and mossy green creates a stunning finish that’s undeniably unique. Some say that the color combination even works to influence its effects on your mind and spirit.

One clean piece of Unakite

This stone is most abundant in the Unakas mountains in North Carolina. However, it appears as far away as China. Geologists believe that it moved with glacial drifts during the Ice Age, carrying to other continents.

Unakite is a metamorphic rock. It forms when granite changes from hydrothermal activity. Without getting too much into the scientific details, granite passes through ultra-hot waters and fundamentally transforms into something new.

This stone is a beautiful example of that beautiful natural process. Unakite includes pieces of pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Quartz Crystals, and Green Epidote. The mineral content is what gives the stone its iconic look!

Some samples include inclusions of Magnetite, Zircon, and Chromite as well.

Since its discovery in the late 1800s, Unakite has served many purposes. Not only did it become a staple in crystal healing, but it was adopted by many other industries as well. It was heavily utilized in architecture and lapidary applications. 

Today, it’s predominantly used in jewelry and in the crystal healing community. Unakite is also a favorite among stone collectors, meditators, crystal healers, and more.

Unakite Meaning

The core Unakite meaning revolves around the concept of harmony. 

Its true calling is to promote balance between your emotional and spiritual bodies. Unakite isn’t the only stone that works to facilitate equilibrium in your mind, body, and soul, but this semi-precious crystal does things very differently.

Not only do its properties help you heal emotional scars and find strength, but Unakite helps you mature without forgetting what’s important.

Many believe that Unakite symbolizes this meaning through its physical appearance. It all comes down to the colors!

In Western society, the color pink represents purity and innocence. It’s the quintessential “baby color” and often denotes child-like wonder. Pink is the personification of young naivety and playfulness.

Contrasting the youthful appeal of pink is the mature vibes of green. Green is the color of wealth, success, and growth. It symbolizes prosperity and development.

These two colors combine in Unakite, bringing a peaceful harmony between youthful play and maturity. According to experienced crystal healers, the properties of Unakite helps you strike that balance between pure innocence and seasoned wisdom.

It reminds you to reach for the stars and pursue your dreams as far as you can. But throughout your journey, you should never sacrifice your innocence for experience.

Healing Properties & Benefits

The healing properties of Unakite have the potential to provide many unique benefits to your life. A favorite among healers, it works with the powers of the universe to positively influence your mind, body, and soul. 

Here are some of the most substantial benefits that Unakite can bring to the table.


Unakite shines most with your emotional health. 

Balance is a rare and beautiful thing to have. While many feel that their emotions act harmoniously, that’s rarely the case. If it were, mental issues and emotional turmoil wouldn’t be a thing!

The meaning and properties of this powerful stone are all about helping you shift your perspective and grow from experiences. Remember, it wants you to retain your innocence and child-like wonder while still finding the wisdom you seek.

To do that, it helps you look at situations with gratitude. Even painful experiences you want to forget become life lessons that shape who you are.

Unakite pushes you to make something out of everything you experience along your journey. You can’t enjoy the highs without understanding the lows. To help you achieve that emotional balance you need to live a healthy life, Unakite makes sure that you experience and appreciate everything.

Of course, the stone doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself. It’s a crystal that offers ongoing protection to keep your auric field free and clear of darkness.

A long piece of Unakite

This stone also has a knack for helping you move on from things that hold you down. Everyone has painful memories or experiences that they bury deep within themselves. Even if you don’t linger on those moments, the memories and emotions are still there.

Unakite helps you let go once and for all, creating a sense of optimism for the future.


Many say that Unakite resonates with energy from other realms.

This stone connects to ethereal realms that are home to guardian angels and protectors. By incorporating Unakite into your life, you can tap into those realms and get one step closer to spiritual enlightenment.

Despite its unmistakably grounding properties, it lets your spirit fly high!

Healers believe that the properties of this stone can unlock psychic vision in some people. It breaks through the confines of our universe and gives you a glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond everything we know.

The spiritual effects of Unakite aren’t always evident right away. Finding spiritual wisdom is a slow-burn. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to complete that journey to figuring out who you are and what your place in this world is.

That’s why having a stone like Unakite by your side is so important. It unlocks your spiritual potential and its meaning constantly reminds you of the lifelong adventure you’re on.


Most healers flock to Unakite for its spiritual and emotional perks. However, it’s thought to harbor the powers of physical healing too.

According to some practitioners, Unakite is the essential companion for would-be mothers. It’s often used to enhance fertility and grants protection over mothers during pregnancy.

Even women who aren’t planning to get pregnant might experience some positive benefits. Some say the stone eases the pains of menstruation while regulating the cycle.

Another popular healing property that many want to take advantage of is its influence on addiction. Some think that the stone’s balancing energy prevents strong mental urges to partake in vices. Not only that, but it’s said to purge the body of toxins that impact addiction on a biological level.

If you’re in the throes of recovery after a major illness, Unakite might make the transition to better health easier. Healers believe that it strengthens the delicate tissues around your body while also boosting your immune system. Furthermore, it can encourage your body to utilize more of the nutrients you consume.

It’s said to be a fantastic aid for weight gain, helping those recovering from cancer and other conditions get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Unakite make it a targeted tool that can trigger a few different energy points. Most healers agree that it has the strongest influence on the first, fourth, and sixth chakras.

First off, this is a fantastic root chakra stone. Sometimes called the base chakra, it’s the entry point for energy from Mother Earth. It’s also responsible for your feelings of stability and worldly security!

When it’s blocked, many start to feel complacent and restless in their life. As a result, they make rushed decisions to feel whole again. Unakite keeps the energy flowing so that you can feel fulfilled and stable in everything you do.

Next is the heart chakra. As you might expect, this energy point governs your feelings of love. It’s also responsible for compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Close up view of an orange and green Unakite stone

The key to having stable relationships is to keep this chakra open! When life force energy is unable to flow correctly, you might start to feel animosity towards those you love. Some people even become domineering or abusive.

Unakite lets you have more compassion towards others. This alone opens up your heart to accept love while giving you the power to spread it wherever you go.

Finally, there’s the third-eye chakra. It’s your seat of intuition and the center of your wisdom. This energy point helps you look at the world from a brand-new perspective. It enables you to see the larger picture, which may give you a better understanding of all of life’s memorable moments.

The metaphysical properties of this stone can also help you use your Third-Eye to tap into the stream of wisdom that flows from the cosmos.

How To Use Unakite

There’s no shortage of ways to add the meaning and healing properties of Unakite into your life. Thanks to its natural beauty and resiliency, it’s a stone that you can carry with you everywhere!

Many artists and jewelers use it to make eye-catching accessories. You can find necklaces, bracelets, and everything in between. When they adorn your body, you keep the balancing energy within your auric field for constant protection.

Loose rocks and gemstones are available as well. They work the same way. However, you can also utilize them for meditation or direct chakra stimulation. 

Hold them in your hands as you silently meditate. Then, place them on the chakras that need a little influence.

Many practitioners also like to use these stones in more targeted ways. One popular technique is to place Unakite in several key places throughout the home. While random placement is acceptable, keeping the stone near hobby items is best.

For example, you can keep it in an art room, near your gaming station, or even next to musical instruments! The thought here is that hobby items are your way to have fun. With the stone’s focus on innocence and purity, keeping Unakite nearby is a no-brainer!

You can also keep it out in your garden! Unakite is thought to be more potent when surrounded by nature. In your garden, it can influence plants while promoting balance for everyone in your family.

Ways To Cleanse It

Like other healing crystals, Unakite can use a good cleaning every once in a while. This gemstone works overtime to keep your mind, body, and soul at ease. Over time, the vibrational energy can soften or become muddy.

Cleansing perks it right back up! You have several options here.

The easiest way to cleanse Unakite is to simply wash it in warm soapy water. You can also coat it in olive oil! Let the oil sit for several minutes before washing and drying the stone.

Another option is to bury it in the garden. Like we mentioned earlier, the stone is “at home” when surrounded by plants and nature. Let the crystal take in the fresh air and grounding energy for a night as it recharges.

One of the more exciting methods of cleansing Unakite is to blast it with music! Intense sound energy is thought to consume all of the negative energy the stone absorbs as it heals you. Expose it to music for a few minutes, and the crystal will be as good as new!

Finally, there’s the option of using other cleansing crystals. Place the stone next to a recharging mineral and let the energizing happen naturally! One of the most popular stones to use is Selenite.

Ideal Stone Combinations

Unakite plays well with many healing crystals. By combining stones, you can create a cocktail of healing properties and meanings that’s catered to your exact needs.

If you’re looking to achieve spiritual growth, consider using it alongside Angelite, Celestite, or Larimar. High-vibration crystals like Datolite and Moldavite also work well.

These stones work on the same etheric frequency, which may help you unlock psychic abilities and retain otherworldly wisdom.

If it’s strength and vitality you’re after, Unakite works well with stones like Green Calcite, Tugtupite, and Variscite.

Those looking to break the chains of addiction can use Unakite with purifying stones. Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Thulite, and Astrophyllite are good choices. The energies complement each other, making the positive influence of Unakite stronger than ever!

Of course, you can also take advantage of similar stones that trigger the same chakras. For example, other heart chakra stones can boost the effects of Unakite’s sway of the heart. The same goes for other grounding stones that impact the base chakra.

Zodiac Connection

Unakite isn’t exclusive to just one zodiac sign. Several can take advantage of the balancing energy this stone puts off.

Those born under Taurus are said to gain a lot from the properties and meaning of Unakite. Taureans are known for being mature and responsible. Sometimes, they’re honest and reliable to a fault! Unakite reminds them to take a step back and find joy in life.

The same goes for Virgos. Virgos always care about everyone’s best interests. They try to do things “by the book,” which prevents them from having fun sometimes.

Capricorns are often considered to be the most mature zodiac sign of them all. They are hard-working and very careful in everything they do. Like with Taureans and Virgos, Unakite adds a sense of unpredictability into a Capricorn’s routine.

It provides some whimsy and helps them tap into their innocence once again.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve always found the primary Unakite meaning of harmony to be quite beautiful and applicable to many aspects of life. Finding harmony between your emotions (and also your spiritual side) can help you find peace and flow on a daily basis.

If you have any stories about your experience with Unakite or questions about how to use it, send them over! We love hearing from our readers.

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