Pink Opal: Meaning, Properties & Healing Energy

Pink Opal is a gorgeous stone with a beautiful meaning. If you’re looking to bring more love and acceptance into your life, this is the stone for you!

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Pink Opal and the various properties it contains.

Rough piece of Pink Opal

History & Overview

If your heart needs some healing, Pink Opal may be the stone for you. This pastel-pink crystal provides nurturing energy and healing properties that can ease a broken heart and encourage inner peace.

A variation of common Opal, Pink Opal is a stone that not too many people are familiar with! It has the same chemical composition as its more famous cousin. Millions of years in the making, the gemstone consists of hydrated silica.

One thing it doesn’t have, however, is the iconic Opal “fire.” There are no color-changing characteristics to witness, but make no mistake: Pink Opal is beautiful all on its own!

While it might not have the iridescent shimmer most are used to, the gorgeous coloration is a feast for the eyes. Some crystal lovers even call it the Peppermint Candy stone. Take one look at raw or polished rocks, and you’ll see why!

These stones can take on vibrant hues from bubblegum pink to lavender. Creamy whites and dawn-tinted pinks are common, too. Striations and dark inclusions give the gemstone an organic look while maintaining that candy-like appeal people love!

Today, Pink Opals are relatively widespread. They’re mined from Australia, the United States, and several South American countries. Peru is said to have the brightest and most sought-after specimens.

While the stone is easy to find nowadays, it was once a rarity that humans revered. In many cultures, people respected its meaning and saw the stone as a direct blessing from their gods! As a result, it quickly became a sign of good fortune and divine favorability.

In Ancient Egypt, Pink Opal often adorned the crowns of Pharaohs. The same goes for Greek and Indian antiquity. While the lore surrounding this blushing stone varied from one culture to the next, it was always a high-value mineral with tons of symbolism.

Pink Opal Meaning

Pink Opals hold many meanings. In general, the overarching theme for this stone is love, acceptance, and rejuvenation.

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According to many crystal believers, a commonly accepted Pink Opal meaning is hope. Its radiant energy is all about lifting your spirits, addressing old wounds, and putting you on a path of emotional equilibrium.

Many refer to Pink Opal as the Stone of Resolution. When you consider its various healing properties and emotional benefits, the moniker fits well.

The healing energy that resonates from Pink Opal is far more powerful than most think. While the crystal is fine at healing “superficial” wounds from recent traumas or grief, it also has a knack for digging into your subconscious.

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The stone doesn’t just want to provide fleeting feelings of peace and happiness. It wants to help you achieve pure bliss! To do that, it encourages you to address hidden fears and trepidations, giving you the strength to move forward and find your personal nirvana. 

Healing Properties & Benefits

Pink Opal is a favorite in the jewelry and fashion worlds. However, it’s so much more than just a shimmering accessory.

The rose-colored gemstone has a number of strong healing properties that can positively impact every part of your life. Here are some ways this crystal can benefit the mind, body, and soul.


Beyond any shred of doubt, the properties of Pink Opal have the biggest impact on your emotional well-being. This is definitely one of the main reasons this stone has become so popular.

As a crystal for resolution, it’s all about addressing your inner demons and finding solace in yourself.

As we mentioned earlier, Pink Opal does a fantastic job of promoting inner peace and calm. As a whole, the properties it contains are perfect for addressing stress and anxiety. The healing energy creates a swathe of peace that overcomes you in moments of distress.

More importantly, Pink Opal digs deep to help you achieve an emotional overhaul! It shines a light on past memories and experiences you might have buried deep in your subconscious. Bringing up the past is never fun, but it’s a crucial step in letting go.

Pink Opal can encourage you to take a hard look at why those experiences affected you so much. It’s an opportunity to learn, let go, and move on.

When you treat your emotions well with respect and attention, your soul is free to soar! Many say that the emotional healing benefits of Pink Opal lead to a myriad of changes. It improves your outlook on the world and can even renew relationships.

A strong Pink Opal healing stone

Pink Opal opens closed hearts, mends wounds, and pushes you to take in as much love as you can get. Practitioners often recommend it to those with a constant wall of protection around their emotions. Even kids can use it to become more receptive to love and admiration from family.

All that said, the crystal’s greatest emotional impact may come from the way it alters your perception of yourself. At the end of the day, self-love always wins. You can’t expect to give love to others in your life if you’re unable to look inward and appreciate who you are.

The healing properties of Pink Opal allow you to work on yourself. It imbues you with positivity and illuminates all the beauty you’re holding within. The stone highlights your own divinity while giving you a sense of individuality you can’t help but share.


With all the wonderful effects of emotional healing comes the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment as well!

Another one of Pink Opal’s nicknames is the Stone of Spiritual Awakening (which fits nicely with its core meaning). No matter what you believe, this gemstone is said to put you on the path of discovery and enlightenment.

When you’re able to let go of past traumas and pains, you’re essentially releasing the metaphorical chains that weigh you down. You’re no longer tied to the confines of emotional burdens. As a result, your soul can soar to new heights!

Take the time to gain wisdom from every source you can find! Pink Opal is thought to have a strong connection to angelic realms. While not directly tied to the crown or third-eye chakra (more on that later), it’s known to help unlock gates to ethereal realms beyond our own.

When this happens, many say that you’ll become more attuned to otherworldly guardians. As you become more attuned to the angelic realm, you become more open to receiving wisdom, guidance, and ongoing protection.


Pink Opal isn’t the go-to for addressing physical ailments. Most believers seek it out for its effects on the mind and heart. 

That said, some healers suggest that the stone can still sway matters of your physical body.

As a water-infused stone, many say that Pink Opal has a strong influence over several detoxifying organs. Many crystal healers use it to address conditions of the liver, spleen, and lungs. Some even think that it improves ongoing health problems like hypoglycemia or diabetes.

More directly, Pink Opal purportedly tackles stress-related dilemmas. Some swear by its ability to clear skin, soothe irritation, and reduce the frequency of acne outbreaks! 

Metaphysical Properties

A stone of emotional equilibrium and healing, it’s a mainstay in the metaphysical healing world. The metaphysical properties of Pink Opal directly interact with the heart chakra.

Called Anahata in Sanskrit, the Heart Chakra is the fourth major chakra in the body. Like all other chakras, it receives life force energy and can sway your emotional health.

The heart chakra governs core emotions like love, compassion, and empathy. The Sanskrit word, Anahata, roughly translates to “unhurt” or “unbeaten.” The translation is the perfect representation of what a balanced and activated heart chakra should do.

When energy flows freely, you’re able to experience balance and overall emotional serenity. Even in the face of adversity, you can handle your emotions and ensure that hardships don’t take a toll on your auric energy. You’re free to forgive and learn, achieving the height of compassion in human interaction.

If the heart chakra becomes clogged, your emotional well-being can take a nosedive! Issues with the chakra are said to lead to shyness and loneliness. If not addressed quickly, it can turn you towards a life of isolation and pain.

Unfortunately, the heart chakra is very easy to block. It reacts to emotional pain and over-thinking. That means when you dwell too long on the past, you’re putting yourself at risk!

The metaphysical properties and meaning of Pink Opal go hand in hand with the heart chakra. The stone activates and aligns the chakra, putting you on a path of love and peace. Not only that, but the ongoing benefits of the stone’s healing energy can help you avoid the emotions that lead to blocks!

How To Use Pink Opal

Thanks to the beauty of this candy-colored stone, you have tons of options on how to use it!

The go-to for most is jewelry. Pink Opal is on the softer side compared to other popular gemstones. Because of this, it’s a prime candidate for sculpting. Artisans use it frequently to create beads, pendant-style necklaces, charms, and more.

Wearing it as jewelry has its perks. Not only is it beautiful, but the close contact with your skin ensures that you’re connecting with its healing properties as much as possible. 

Necklaces, in particular, are very useful for emotional cleansing. This places the stone next to your heart chakra, keeping it aligned and balanced no matter what.

Like other stones, decorative pieces are common. Raw slabs, ornate sculptures, and simple points are lovely to have around the home. The soft feminine tones complement a wide range of interior decor styles.

Meanwhile, the mere presence of the stone can have a huge impact on your mind, body, and soul. Larger pieces radiate healing energy throughout the space, turning your home or workplace into a bastion of love and peace!

Of course, smaller rocks and pebbles work too. Generally affordable and easy to find, polished Pink Opal stones are easy to carry around. Keep them in your pocket and hold onto them whenever you need a boost of healing energy. It can also serve as a reminder of the core Pink Opal meaning throughout the day.

Zodiac Connection

Standard Opal is the official birthstone for the month of October. While Pink Opal is a bit different, it still resonates strongly with that birth month. Because of this, it’s said to have a bit more influence on Libras and Scorpios.

Just to be clear, Pink Opal can still be helpful to pretty much anyone. It can bring love and peace regardless of the sign you’re born under.

However, some signs will have a stronger connection to it than others. In addition to Libras and Scorpios, many say that Cancer and Pisces signs resonate with Pink Opal.

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Interestingly enough, both are water signs. Pink Opal relies on water for the formation process and utilizes moisture to stay soft, so the connection is not surprising.

For Cancers, Pink Opal acts as a protector. Cancers do everything with love and passion. While that behavior is admirable, it does expose them to pain more often than other signs. This stone is the healer and protector to keep Cancers on the right path.

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For Pisces, the meaning of Pink Opal is all about receiving love. Those born under the sign crave love and need it in their life to stay well-rounded. Pink Opal heals wounds and puts Pisces on the path to unconditional admiration.

Closing Thoughts

Pink Opal’s meaning of love and acceptance is something the world desperately needs. Bringing this stone into your life can have an extraordinary impact, and we recommend it to everyone.

If you have any stories about the influence this stone has had on you, feel free to send them our way!