Ruby Zoisite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Cleansing

Ruby Zoisite is an interesting stone that has fascinated humans for many years. The combination of its appearance and energy continue to make it appealing to many practitioners!

This guide will cover the meaning, healing properties, and benefits of Ruby Zoisite. There’s a lot to learn about this unique stone!

History & Overview

Ruby Zoisite goes by many other names. You might hear people refer to it as Anyolite, Ruby Saualpite, and even the “Tanganyika artstone.” Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this stone is a thing of pure beauty!

The multi-colored rock was officially discovered in the mid-1900s. However, many believe that its meaning held great significance to early humans. The breathtaking color is out-of-this-world beautiful and undoubtedly led to its mystifying reputation. 

Ancient cultures thought that the properties of Ruby Zoisite helped alter the state of consciousness of its holder. As a result, people who owned the stone could instantly unlock answers from the universe.

One polished piece of Ruby Zoisite

Today, Ruby Zoisite is a sought-after rarity that you can find in jewelry, raw cuts, polished points, and more. Today, most of the pieces on the market come from Tanzania, where the first mine was initially uncovered. However, it’s also pulled from the Earth in India and Zambia.

What makes this stone so special is its juxtaposition of color. Technically speaking, it’s a combination of two variants of the same mineral wrapped into one!

Zoisite is a calcium aluminum hydroxy sorosilicate mineral. It forms in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock. The cool thing about Ruby Zoisite is that it has deep magenta pink and vibrant green shades.

The pink part of Ruby Zoisite is usually seen inside the more prevalent Green Zoisite. However, the mining, cutting, and polishing processes create a swirling array of vibrancy you can’t help but love! Some samples even have pieces of black Tschermakite.

The Tschermakite is more subtle, looking like tiny flecks of black or the brushstrokes of an artist’s paintbrush. As you can imagine, that detail only adds to the beauty of Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby Zoisite Meaning

So, what meaning does this gorgeous stone hold? Ultimately, it’s a powerful healer that helps you deal with emotions and pain. It’s a peace-bringer, teacher, you to relish in the joy and optimism of life!

Not every situation will work in your favor, and you’ll encounter issues that challenge you to the core. Life isn’t easy, and that’s alright. Ruby Zoisite teaches you to find the balance in everything you do.

The meaning of Ruby Zoisite is about appreciating the good and the bad. This interpretation reflects the stone’s physical appearance. Think of the two colors like light and dark. While they certainly look good on their own, pure magic comes from combining the two!

That’s what Ruby Zoisite is all about.

Many say that the true purpose behind its meaning is to combine the heart and the mind. In doing so, you can achieve a greater sense of awareness than ever before. But that awareness goes beyond understanding your actions and knowing how you come off to people.

You’ll often hear crystal healing practitioners say that Ruby Zoisite’s merging of your heart and mind lets you understand your emotions. Its healing properties help you see past the fog that emotional events can create, providing clarity and insight into what you’re feeling. Look past the immediate effects of your emotions and unlock their true meaning.

People spend their entire lives trying to achieve that level of awareness. But this whimsical-looking stone is all you need to get to the point of peaceful self-understanding and emotional bliss.

Healing Properties & Benefits

There’s so much beauty in Ruby Zoisite, but it’s so much more than just a pretty rock. According to crystal healers and believers, it’s powerful enough to bring lasting benefits to your life.

Here are some of the ways the stone’s healing properties can influence your mind, body, and soul.


Everyone can use a bit of emotional healing from time to time. Even the strongest and seemingly apathetic individuals can suffer in silence. Fortunately, Ruby Zoisite is here to bring love and light into your life.

As mentioned earlier, the meaning of this colorful stone is about helping you find bliss and optimism even in the trenches of darkness. It’s a powerful healer that has a knack for cutting through bad vibes to bring a smile to your face. Let its vibrant energy and properties resonate in your core and cleanse your auric field.

The divergence of colors helps you find balance within yourself, gaining understanding in all of life’s challenges. Rather than resorting to anger or pain, you can learn to appreciate the curveballs life throws your way.

It’s often said that Ruby Zoisite doesn’t just wipe the slate clean and hope you find your way into the light. Its radiance gives you the strength to face any obstacle with a sense of vigor.

Ruby Zoisite is an essential stone to have in your arsenal for those who tend to bottle up their emotions. Despite its seemingly innocent facade, the healing properties of Ruby Zoisite can dig deep to help you confront memories you long suppressed.

For some people, the very thought of revisiting feelings you purposely buried is a nightmare. But, it’s the key to finding true peace and happiness. You can never reach the state of nirvana you need to live life to the fullest until you’re free from the grips of dark energy.

Ruby Zoisite does just that. With a blast of emotional strength from this rock, you can face anything. There’s no better time than now to face your demons and put that pain to rest once and for all.

Some see Ruby Zoisite as a frilly stone fit for aesthetically minding collectors. But it’s so much more than that, and all it takes is a bit of emotional healing to figure that out for yourself.


While its discovery was relatively recent compared to other stones in the crystal healing community, Ruby Zoisite is anything but a newcomer. It has a long history of spiritual healing.

Ancient civilizations held the multi-colored beauty in high regard, believing it held mystical healing properties that brought holders to a brand-new plane of existence. As we mentioned earlier, some cultures thought it created an altered state of consciousness that led to enlightenment and a glimpse at a universal truth.

Many practitioners say that the spiritual potential from the past remains today.

Crystal healers and spiritualists are still learning about the healing properties Ruby Zoisite has to offer, but many agree that it’s a powerful vessel for spiritual exploration. It contains merging energies that are unique but complementary. For example, some think that the Ruby color is the power of the king, while the green radiates with the energy of the queen.

Both are necessary for understanding and insight, but they are unique enough to create an amalgamation of light you can’t ignore. Ruby Zoisite is a powerful spiritual stone that helps you access your soul’s memory. With it, healers say you can dig deep to uncover its meaning and understand your true self.

Its properties push you to look past your current state of understanding about the world and embrace the unknowns of the universe. Look to the cosmos to find answers, and Ruby Zoisite may grant you access to unseen wells of wisdom.

Its spiritual healing properties might help you find renewed purpose in your journey, ensuring that you never stop your quest to enlightenment. Even in the face of adversity, you’ll have the strength to keep learning.


When most people seek out Ruby Zoisite, it’s to appreciate its beauty or take advantage of its emotional and spiritual powers. There’s no denying that the mind and soul are where it shines the brightest. However, some believe that it can also manifest great benefits in your physical body.

The physical perks that practitioners seek are all-encompassing. The stone’s energy doesn’t prioritize a single biological process. Instead, practitioners say it promotes better overall health and wellbeing.

Some even say that you might experience changes in your heart health. The theory is that Ruby Zoisite promotes stronger and more efficient blood circulation. As you can imagine, strengthening the heart can have a rippling effect on your entire body. Before you know it, you may notice improvements in organ function, stamina, and overall vitality.

Even your immune system and adrenal glands might see an impact. Strengthening your immune health would give your body the power and efficiency it needs to fight off diseases. Meanwhile, enhanced adrenal gland performance could lead to more balanced hormones, a faster metabolism, and more.

Healers say that the healing properties of Ruby Zoisite also work wonders for women. Some say it can influence the menstrual cycle, keeping women more regular while reducing pain and cramps. 

Those looking to get pregnant might want to consider using the healing energy of Ruby Zoisite to their advantage. Its healing properties are often used by dedicated practitioners who want to increase the chances of conception. Not only that, but it may offer up energetic protection to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Finally, others seek out Ruby Zoisite with the goal of strengthening the body’s natural detoxification processes. It’s said to boost the liver and kidneys, making them more efficient at flushing out potentially dangerous toxins you encounter throughout the day.

Metaphysical Properties

In metaphysical healing, the focus is on several energy points called chakras. Lifeforce energy from Mother Earth below enters your body and flows through the chakras to help you achieve pure balance, joy, and peace.

Most stones can influence one or two chakras. There are seven primary chakras, so having the ability to influence one chakra is significant. However, Ruby Zoisite goes above and beyond, turning traditional metaphysical healing into a true blessing.

The metaphysical properties of this stone don’t only trigger one chakra. It triggers four of them!

The first is, arguably, the most important. It’s called the root chakra or “Muladhara.” Healers say this energy point is the most critical because it’s the first of the seven.

It serves as the access point and the first barrier that could prevent you from receiving any lifeforce energy at all! When it becomes blocked, you might find yourself dealing with feelings of loss and complacency. Instead of having the drive to do something with your life, you’ll feel stuck.

It’s as if you don’t have a stable footing to find your balance and continue your journey. As a root chakra stone, Ruby Zoisite can help you kiss those feelings goodbye and feel comfortable about where you are in life.

A raw Ruby Zoisite stone

The next chakra Ruby Zoisite triggers is the heart chakra. Also known as “Anahata,” this energy point is your epicenter of love, compassion, and forgiveness. It dictates your ability to love not only others but also yourself.

When energy cannot pass through freely, you can turn into a monster you barely recognize. You may become toxic to the people you love most. Even worse, your self-worth can plummet.

Let the meaning and healing properties of Ruby Zoisite take care of those issues. It opens your heart and helps you see the light in those around you. Learn to spread love internally and externally.

Ruby Zoisite also works on the third-eye chakra, known as “Ajna.” This energy point is the sixth in the lineup and is between your brows. The chakra is responsible for awareness, spiritual communication, and perception.

Many say that unlocking your third-eye chakra can grant you gifts you never knew you had. Learn to harness your spirituality and unlock your true potential!

Finally, we have “sahasrāra,” or the crown chakra. It’s the last of the seven primary chakras and is the one that can help you on your quest towards enlightenment. Metaphysical healers sometimes refer to it as the “bridge to the cosmos.”

Keeping it open and free is thought to encourage spiritual connection, granting wisdom, peace, and understanding like never before.

Different Ways To Use It

New to the world of crystal healing? Don’t worry! Ruby Zoisite is not strict about how you choose to use it.

Whether you’re a seasoned healer or a new collector, taking advantage of its healing properties is easier than ever. 

Because of its immense beauty, it’s common to find this rock set into jewelry. It’s frequently used in cabochon settings, broaches, amulet-style necklaces, and more. You may also see it carved into smooth beads or set into rings.

Generally, larger cuts are the most impressive because you can appreciate the swirling colors of pink and green in all their majestic beauty. However, smaller pieces are available, too.

Either way, wearing Ruby Zoisite is one of the easiest ways to introduce its meaning and healing properties into your life. When you wear it on your body, you’re keeping the stone close to your auric field, and near the many chakras it triggers. Regardless of the form, having it in your vicinity ensures that you’re absorbing its peace-bringing energy around the clock.

You can even carry it in your pocket or toss a piece in your bag! As long as it’s nearby, there’s a good chance you’ll feel the difference!

Those who have some understanding of crystal healing can use Ruby Zoisite for a more targeted experience. This stone is excellent for meditation, direct chakra healing, and even practices like yoga.

Apply it to your skin or simply have it in the room. The radiant energy will do the rest.

Stone Combinations

The healing properties of Ruby Zoisite are pretty powerful on their own, but this stone could always use some extra help. Like many other minerals, this stone works well with others. Combining it with complementary crystals and stones can provide a custom energy profile that’s catered to your exact needs.

There are many tried and true pairings that healers continue to use. Two of the most potent options are Apophyllite and Tanzanite. These minerals all come from similar environments and form under parallel conditions. As a result, the energy complements each other perfectly.

You can also use Ruby Zoisite with Sapphire. Healers say that it does well with any type of Sapphire, so you have plenty of options.

If it’s metaphysical healing you’re after, try using it with Tinaksite or Pink Tugtupite. The combination can help activate chakras more efficiently.

Finally, you can use Ruby Zoisite with Cinnabar, Sunstone, and Sardonyx if you’re interested in crystals for creativity.

How To Cleanse Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite is easy to cleanse, which is another advantage of introducing this stone into your healing practice.

Cleansing is about more than improving the finish of the stone. While that’s certainly important, the goal of cleansing is to recharge the stone, get rid of dark energy, and maintain its healing energy.

The easiest way to do that is to run it under cool water. You can use mild soap to wash away impurities. However, leave the chemical cleansers and harsh abrasives behind.

Be gentle when handling Ruby Zoisite. It’s tough but not indestructible.

If you want a more hands-off cleansing method, consider letting it bask in the light of a full moon. You can also use self-cleaning healing stones, cleanse it with sage, and the cleansing power of rice.

Zodiac Connection

The meaning and properties of Ruby Zoisite seem to resonate most with those born under Aries and Aquarius. Anyone can use this stone for healing, but those two signs share a stronger connection with the mineral.

In both cases, Ruby Zoisite addresses common weaknesses. Both of these signs have a habit of being stubborn and set in their ways. As you can imagine, that way of thinking can get them into all kinds of trouble.

However, the biggest issue is that they often fall into a tailspin when things don’t go their way. That can make a spell of dark energy take hold.

Ruby Zoisite reminds both of these signs to lighten up and find some balance. It’s about taking a step back, realizing what’s important, and letting go of the things you can’t change. With the stone’s ability to connect the heart and mind, it’s a great companion for Aries and Aquarius.

Closing Thoughts

Ruby Zoisite has a meaning that’s all about finding awareness to appreciate the good and the bad in life. And when you’re able to do this, you’ll find light and positivity coming your way more often!

We hope you found this guide helpful and consider giving this stone a shot. Even if you’re just beginning your crystal healing journey, Ruby Zoisite is a great place to start!