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Red Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, Properties & Meditation Tips

Red Tiger’s Eye is a popular stone with an interesting meaning, and some strong properties as well. It’s a common choice for many, and has been used by various civilizations over hundreds of years!

This guide will help you get more familiar with Red Tiger’s Eye, and the compelling benefits it can provide. Trust is, this is a stone you’ll want to take seriously!

History & Overview

Red Tiger’s Eye (also known as Dragon’s Eye) is a beautiful stone filled with intricate aesthetic details. Like standard Tiger’s Eye or Blue Tiger’s Eye, it features a distinct grain pattern and contrasting black bands. A member of the Quartz group, it has a trigonal crystal system that creates its signature chatoyant shimmer.

This stone is typically reddish-brown in color. However, most rocks you see on the market today didn’t develop that way! The red hues come from the oxidation of iron within the stone. This can happen naturally, but it’s quite rare.

In most cases, commercially sold stones are heat-treated to achieve the desired color. Even still, the beauty of Red Tiger’s Eye is undeniable!

Thanks to the unique finish and various properties, this stone held an essential role in many cultures around the world. Throughout history, it was used by shamans and religious leaders to ward off the “Evil Eye.”

During Ancient Roman times, soldiers relied on the meaning of Red Tiger’s eye before combat! Historians have observed the use of the stone in talismans, which were engraved to grant protection and good luck during the heat of battle.

The stone also had a presence in Ancient Egypt. There, it was closely connected to the sun god Ra. Esteemed Egyptians wore the stone for strength and vitality. Ancient Egyptians even believed that it eased the transition after death to the afterlife.

Three Red Tiger's eye stones

Red Tiger’s Eye was officially discovered and named in 1784. It’s since become a mainstay in the crystal healing world, with a meaning that inspired many. The stone is frequently used in spas and meditation spaces. It’s also a favorite for jewelry makers!

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Red Tiger’s Eye has always had cultural significance. In the past, it was a stone of protection! Today, the primary Red Tiger’s eye meaning focuses more on its emotional and spiritual benefits.

In healing circles, Red Tiger’s Eye is the stone of passion and stimulation! Many turn to this stone to help them enrich their life with a sense of drive and purpose. It’s thought to be reinvigorating in all facets of life.

Not only does it help create enthusiasm for art and work, but it’s also said to have a strong connection with human sexuality.

Red Tiger’s Eye is also a grounding stone that’s thought to provide more stability in your life. It can improve your connection to Mother Earth while making you feel more present in your own life. 

The interesting thing about Red Tiger’s Eye is that it has an element of duality. Crystal healers and spiritualists suggest that this stone harnesses energy from both the Earth and the sun. The strong and passionate vibrational energy from the sun pairs well with the grounding energy of the Earth, creating a stone that can keep up with humans’ duality.

Healing Properties & Benefits

While some appreciate Red Tiger’s Eye for nothing more than its beauty, this stone is very popular with those who partake in crystal therapy. Like other stones forged deep within the Earth’s crust, Red Tiger’s Eye emits powerful energy and contains healing properties that can enhance your life in many ways!

Here are some of the most noteworthy ways that Red Tiger’s Eye can affect your emotional, spiritual, and physical being.


If you feel like you lack momentum in life, Red Tiger’s Eye may be the stone for you. It’s properties have the unique ability to create a sense of drive like never before!

Red Tiger’s Eye is said to work in a couple of different ways. First, it helps to bring buried baggage into the light. While this might seem counterintuitive, the first step in healing is to be aware of the issues that bind you.

Many of us have self-destructive tendencies to repress traumas and emotional pain. It’s a quick way to get over hardships. Unfortunately, that dark energy does nothing but simmer deep in your soul. For many, it gets buried so deep that it manifests itself in dangerous behaviors or negative subconscious thoughts.

Red Tiger’s Eye unveils those pains and gives you the strength to face them head-on. Doing so may help you finally heal and rid your body of all that excess baggage you don’t need. It wipes the slate clean, allowing you to enjoy life again!

Not only that, but it can make you more self-aware. The stone helps you understand your emotions moving forward so that you can deal with them.

Once you finally get rid of all that negativity, Red Tiger’s Eye instills some much-needed passion! It invigorates your mind and lights a fire under you to complete the things you’ve always wanted!

The properties of Red Tiger’s Eye make it a favorite for creative individuals. It’s said to ignite creative fury, helping people make some of their most innovative ideas into a reality. But of course, non-creative people can benefit as well!

Red Tiger’s Eye is excellent for those working on complex tasks. Long-term projects and jobs can often feel exhausting or overwhelming. With Red Tiger’s Eye’s passionate energy, you can get things done efficiently and with a clear mind.


Red Tiger’s Eye contains strong spiritual energy. As we mentioned earlier, this is because it combines the vibrational energy from the Earth and the sun.

This combination can give you a newfound sense of spiritual clarity. It opens up your mind to new experiences and brings a new appreciation to the things you’re already used to.

The stone encourages balances between your etheric fields, strengthening the bond between your mind, body, and spirit. When this occurs, you can experience enlightenment like never before.

This can lead to you becoming more aware of your place in the world. Instead of running on pure emotion, you can act from a place of wisdom and integrity.

The powerful Red Tiger’s Eye properties give you spiritual clarity, which can create a sense of calm deep within your soul.


Most healers utilize Red Tiger’s Eye for its emotional and spiritual benefits alone. But, that doesn’t mean that the stone can’t have a positive impact on your physical health.

Red Tiger’s Eye is commonly said to enhance your strength and overall vitality. Some healers suggest that this is because it regulates the natural rhythms of your body, helping you achieve better health. Those who experience improved physical health are likely impacted by any emotional improvements that they may be experiencing as well.

With a greater sense of calm, your body is able to stay cool under pressure. For this reason, many say that the stone works wonders for stress-related ailments. Healers often turn to Red Tiger’s Eye to relieve indigestion, soothe the nervous system, and regulate blood pressure.

Some people also use Red Tiger’s Eye for the purpose of benefiting the bones and muscles. It’s also used by healers for addressing blood disorders and ocular issues too.

Another physical healing property of Red Tiger’s Eye that many seek out focuses on sexual health. In healing circles, this stone is strongly connected to sexual passion and libido. It’s said to increase libido, lighten sexual dysfunctions, and improve overall sexual performance. It’s also used as a fertility stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Red Tiger’s Eye is all about balance and duality. In metaphysical healing, it’s very popular for addressing lower chakras. It’s said to help clear blockages and ensure that positive energy flows efficiently from the upper chakras down to the lower ones.

It’s a particularly effective stone for the root chakra (also called Muladhara). The root chakra is one of the most crucial. It’s responsible for controlling your feelings of safety and stability in life.

A Red Tiger's Eye sphere

When this chakra is blocked, you may feel uneasy or lost. You might start questioning your place in life, second-guessing your career or life choices.

With Red Tiger’s Eye in tow, you can balance this chakra and promote proper energy flow. This can help you find solace in your surroundings and confidence in your life choices.

Next, the metaphysical properties of Red Tiger’s Eye make it a stone that can positively impact the sacral chakra. Called Svadhisthana, this chakra is thought to be the epicenter of pleasure and passion. It’s not just about sexual health and pleasure. The chakra also controls your creative endeavors and overall confidence.

Blocks on the sacral chakra tend to make people fearful. It creates an uneasy feeling that stops you from chasing your aspirations. Meditative work with Red Tiger’s Eye reinvigorates you and gives you the strength to chase your dreams.

Finally, Red Tiger’s Eye is said to impact the solar plexus chakra. Also referred to as Manipura, this chakra is all about self-esteem.

Proper energy flow can help you achieve a self of personal power. But when blockages appear, you may start doubting yourself. Instead of putting your best interests first, issues with this chakra lead to self-destructive behaviors!

The metaphysical properties of Red Tiger’s Eye can align all three of these lower chakras, allowing energy to flow right through.

How To Use It

One of the most popular ways to use Red Tiger’s Eye is as a companion stone. Small tumbled rocks, polished chunks, or jewelry pieces are easy to carry around. You can have it on you at all times and use it as a totem.

Having the stone on you lets you harness its power whenever you need a boost of motivation or calm. When you’re faced with challenging situations, rub on the stone to get a moment of peace and clarity. Even when your thoughts are racing, the stone can help bring some orderly thoughts into the mix!

The meaning of Red Tiger’s Eye can also offer some inspiration when you need it most! If you find yourself feeling stuck, hold the stone in your hand. Before you know it, you’ll discover what you need to do to finish the job!

Red Tiger’s Eye is also a favorite for meditators. Small stones are great for holding during thoughtful meditation. You can even apply it directly to your chakras for some focused energy.

Placing some slabs and points in the room works well to create a field of positive energy as well. We know many who keep large pieces of this stone in their bedroom.

Zodiac Connection

Red Tiger’s Eye works well with all zodiac signs. However, it’s fine-tuned to Geminis, Leos, and Tauruses.

For Geminis, the properties of this stone can help them find strength in duality. The twins represent this astrological sign. As a result, many Geminis experience conflicting thoughts and opposing desires.

Red Tiger’s Eye can assist them in the pursuit of a better balance between their naturally opposing personality traits. The stone doesn’t ignore opposing spectrums. Instead, it encourages a stronger duality so that Geminis can conquer the world!

For both Leos and Tauruses, this stone’s impact revolves around passion. Both signs are very passionate about the things they love and enjoy. They hold strong convictions that can sometimes get in the way! Even worse, Leos and Tauruses often fall into a tailspin when those passions are challenged or die out.

Red Tiger’s Eye helps to keep the fire alive!

The same benefit applies to Capricorns. Those born under the Capricorn sign are known for being incredibly driven. Unfortunately, that drive can cause a lot of stress. This is especially true when things don’t turn out as they hope.

This stone can help Capricorns achieve their feats with less stress. The properties can keep them positive while keeping that signature passion intact!

Closing Thoughts

The root meaning of Red Tiger’s Eye is all about helping you ignite more passion in your life, which is something that most of us can benefit from.

Open your heart and let the properties of this stone give you a helpful nudge in the right direction. You’ll be happy you did!

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