Green Quartz: Meaning, Properties, Uses & Benefits

Green Quartz is an amazing healing crystal that can make a big impact on your life. With its strong properties and a meaning that’s rooted to the heart, this is a stone that can pretty much anyone!

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Green Quartz. Trust us, you’ll want to read this closely!

History & Overview

Green Quartz is the most common name for the stone called Prasiolite. Prasiolite is a type of Quartz that contains inclusions such as Chlorite, and Actinolite. It’s these inclusions that give Green Quartz its beautiful and unique coloration. Other names for this crystal include Greened Amethyst, Lime Citrine, and Vermarine.

The word, Prasiolite, comes from the Greek language and roughly translates as scallion colored stone. This stone was used in ancient times as an amulet against negative spirits, and its properties are often used today for the same purpose.

One large piece of Green Quartz

Side Note: Naturally occurring Green Quartz is becoming increasingly rare, so many stones that are being sold as Green Quartz are actually just piece of Amethyst that have been treated. 

Green Quartz used to be found in many parts of the world in places such as India, Russia, China and Australia. However, since the 1950’s, Green Quartz has been mostly mined in a small section of Brazil. It is sometimes also mined in the Lower Silesia section of Poland.

If you want to get the best quality Green Quartz, look for one with a bright green color and minimal transparency.

Green Quartz Meaning

Anyone who uses crystals for healing knows that the stone you choose depends on the area of your life that you are trying to repair. Some crystals bring grounding, courage, protection or even a connection to higher beings. 

The main Green Quartz meaning is centered around the idea of bringing about a more compassionate heart. It’s also tied to the pursuit of creative inspiration, a greater sense of intuition, or a higher level of spiritual connection.

The lovely green color of this crystal seems to reflect the calming, loving and enriching nature of this stone.

Use Green Quartz to increase your love for others and for yourself. Feel the sense of confidence and empowerment it brings through its vibrations of emotional and spiritual healing.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Green Quartz is a crystal that anyone on a spiritual path should know about. The healing properties of this stone are known to have a gentle but powerful ability to impact a person physically, emotionally, spiritually and metaphysically.

We really love this stone for the myriad of ways that it can be incorporated so easily into daily living. From jewelry and talismans to feng shui items and powerful meditation tools, the healing properties of Green Quartz have the potential to create an incredibly positive atmosphere that lasts all day.


It’s easy to feel stuck sometimes. Maybe you’re working on a project that seems to be going nowhere fast, or maybe life has left you listless and low. If this description is hitting home, then it’s time to add Green Quartz to your spiritual practice.

The healing properties of Green Quartz can help boost your mood by helping you to see the brighter side of things. Sometimes all it takes is to be able to see situations from a different, more joyful perspective. Green Quartz can help you to not overthink situations and to see issues with more clarity.

This stone is helpful when it comes to matters of the heart. Use Green Quartz as a crystal for love to reignite any sparks you may have thought you’d lost forever. You might also find yourself becoming more patient with others and with yourself. This can help you to open yourself up to loving, healthier relationships.

When you use Green Quartz to get rid of negative emotions, you will become more willing to accept the natural changes that life brings.


Green Quartz is the perfect choice for anyone who is ready to do something about negative energies that are holding them back. Using this crystal in a daily meditation practice can help, over time, to get rid of negative energy and self-destructive thoughts. 

The meaning and properties of this stone can help you open your mind and increase your intuition. Spiritually this means that you can become more perceptive to negative energy before it gets in your space. It’s said that forewarned is forearmed, and this is especially helpful when it comes to meeting negativity head-on and with a plan of attack.

Looking for a creativity boost or a path to greater success? Green Quartz is considered to be a highly effective crystal for creativity. When your creative juices are flowing, you’ll gain the confidence and joy it takes to make a success of any project you dare to take on.


We are super excited by the ways that Green Quartz can enhance your emotional and spiritual health. However, did you know that this crystal is often used to help heal a wide range of physical issues? 

Green Quartz is highly prized by practitioners of natural medicine because of its ability to heal a variety of problems associated with both the thymus and thyroid glands. 

If you suffer from chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis or depression, Green Quartz may be able to help you on your path to wellness and better all-around health.

Green Quartz is also used to help detox the body, boost the immune system, cleanse organs, combat nausea and help promote healing in the digestive and circulatory systems.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Green Quartz make it an excellent tool for heart chakra work. Healing and opening this chakra can set you on the path to greater love for others and for yourself. It will also awaken and nourish an empathy for those around you, and its meaning may also stir your deeper sense of patience and compassion. 

Using this crystal during your meditation sessions can also help foster psychic healing, increase spiritual communication, and create harmony between all of the chakras.

How To Use Green Quartz

We love Green Quartz for its amazing multitude of uses. It’s important to stress here that there is not a right or wrong way to use this crystal. That’s the beauty of it! Just try some of the following methods, and see which one resonates at the moment. 

One simple way to use Green Quartz is to carry it in a pocket or purse. Going with this method will ensure that the uplifting and healing vibrations of this crystal are available at all times (and provide you with a constant reminder of its meaning).

A pile of Green Quartz crystals

Another popular way to use this stone is to wear it set into a necklace, pendant or earrings. Necklaces and pendants will keep your crystal near your heart chakra, and earrings will bring it closer to your third-eye or crown chakra. Any way you choose to wear Green Quartz, you will reap the benefits of auric field cleansing.

Lastly, you can place Green Quartz in any areas in your home or office where you need extra creativity, productivity or prosperity. You and those around you will benefit from this crystal’s amazing energy.

Crystals & Stones To Pair With It

Besides the uses mentioned above, Green Quartz can be used as a companion stone with other crystals for even more healing. 

If you are seeking a stronger and clearer connection to elemental beings, then think about pairing your Green Quartz with stones such as Fairy Stones, Merlinite, Green Moss Jasper or Rainforest Jasper.

Amegreen is another stone that works well with Green Quartz. This stone is thought to increase the vibrations of the Green Quartz for higher connections and healing.

Pair Green Quartz with Lapis Lazuli or Blue Sapphire to increase your powers of intuition and clairvoyance.

However, the stone that we like best for pairing with Green Quartz is Pink Danburite. This lovely stone is known to possess a high energy that facilitates connections to angelic realms. When it’s paired with Green Quartz, the potential for many types of angelic connections increases dramatically.


An important thing to remember is that your Green Quartz will need to be cleansed on a regular basis. This crystal works hard, and oils and dirt from your skin, negative energies and even toxic vibrations will begin to build up very quickly.

Cleansing your stone is going to help to keep your Green Quartz pure, open and free of any blockages. Cleansing can also help to build a stronger relationship between your and the energy of your crystal.

There are lots of ways to cleanse your Green Quartz, and it’s good to give several of them a try. It may take a bit of experimenting before you find the cleansing method that works best for you and your crystal. We’ve found that the cleansing method that resonates with your stone can sometimes change from time to time. Just be patient, and let your Green Quartz show you what it needs. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most common ways to cleanse your Green Quartz.

The easiest way to cleanse your stone is to run it under warm water. Keep it under the stream of water until you feel that it is free of negative vibrations and its properties are shining through once more. Before you begin the cleansing, make sure to set the intention that you will know when your Green Quartz has been cleaned completely. Pat it dry with a soft, clean towel.

Another simple yet powerful way to cleanse a crystal is to place it in a bowl of raw brown rice. Seems strange, right? When looked at from a spiritual point of view, however, it makes sense. Rice, according to many, has the ability to harmonize Heaven and Earth. Placing your crystal in rice provides grounding while helping the crystal to connect to higher realms. 

After placing your Green Crystal in the bowl of rice, leave it in for 24 hours. Make sure to throw away the rice because it will be full of negative energies given off by the crystal.

If you have a garden or potted plants on a patio, you can bury your Green Quartz in the soil overnight. This is a highly effective way to cleanse your stone, but please make sure that the soil does not have a high salt content. Salt is very bad for your Green Quartz.

Many people choose to use smudging as a way to cleanse a crystal. This is a powerful method that has been used since ancient times. Smudging is simply the process of letting the smoke from sacred herbs envelope and cleanse the crystal. Sage, sweetgrass or cedar are common choices. Incense can be used for cleansing crystals as well. 

Placing your Green Quartz on a cluster of Quartz for 24 hours is thought to be an excellent way to rid your crystal of toxic energies. The larger cluster will draw away any unwanted vibrations from your smaller stone.

Using sound to cleanse your stone is a very soothing and effective option. Try Tibetan chimes, Tingsha hand cymbals, chanting, bells or a tuning fork. This method is a beautiful and meaningful way to connect to your Green Quartz while cleaning it of impurities (and helping its meaning resonate with you once more).

Lastly, your breath can be an amazing cleanser. Hold the stone in your hand, set your intention and breathe short breaths from your nose onto the stone. About a half a minute per stone should do the trick.

We would like to remind you that it is also important to help “charge” your stone from time to time as well. This will help its meaning and properties shine through and allow you to benefit from what this crystal has to offer. Place it in the moonlight of a full moon, or you can charge it on a Quartz cluster (Clear Quartz is especially effective at this).

Zodiac Connection

If you are a Pisces, Libra, or Aries you’ll definitely want to tap into the wonderful vibrations of Green Quartz. Of course, this crystal can be used by anyone, but some zodiac signs just seem to have a stronger resonance with its meaning than others.

Green Quartz is thought to help anyone born under these signs to enhance their positive traits while working to smooth out less desirable patterns and behaviors.

Final Thoughts

We’ve always been inspired by the meaning of Green Quartz. More compassion, spiritual connection, and creative inspiration is something that resonates deeply.

If you’re interested in giving this crystal a shot, we say go for it! It’s an amazing tool to have in your healing practice and has made a big impact on many practitioners.