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Green Calcite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Green Calcite is a gorgeous stone that has very beneficial energy. In fact, it’s one of the more popular choices among crystal healers!

This guide will teach you about the meaning and healing properties of Green Calcite. Once you know what it’s good for, you’ll want to use it all the time!

History & Overview

Green Calcite is an earthy stone that instantly conjures up the comfort of Mother Nature’s embrace. Calcite is a type of calcium carbonate. It’s pretty widespread, leading to this beautiful stone appearing in many cultures throughout history.

It comes in many colors. In addition to green, you might see Yellow Calcite, red varieties, and even calming blues. All types of Calcite have appeared in all of the greatest civilizations.

A single piece of Green Calcite

The green-colored stone appeared in everything from jewelry to architectural elements, adding a touch of otherworldly beauty in an otherwise mundane setting. Green Calcite can’t help but stand out. Its natural green coloration is unique in the crystal kingdom, offering a beautiful alternative to other more neutral-toned minerals.

The color of Green Calcite can vary. For some cuts, the crystal is milky and subtle. However, others are reminiscent of radioactive neon! The same goes for clarity, which can run the gamut between fully opaque and translucent.

Green Calcite is relatively abundant, appearing in mines in Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, and more. But despite its widespread availability, the meaning and healing properties of this stone make it a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection.

Green Calcite Meaning

Looks can be deceiving, and there’s no more remarkable example of that than Green Calcite. Many assume that its green coloration establishes a connection with nature or wealth. While that calming energy exists, that’s not the stone’s main priority.

Believe it or not, the meaning of Green Calcite is all about healing the heart.

Its healing properties can soften your heart and help you overcome issues that shape who you are as a person. We’ve all encountered people that seem hardened by life. You may even be one of them!

Life’s experiences can bring people down and turn them into shells of their former loving selves. Pain and emotional struggles make you lose sight of who you are and what you stand for. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to overcome those problems.

Healers say that Green Calcite is good for combating the pain and encouraging you to practice compassion. It pushes you to find forgiveness even in the most challenging situations. In turn, you can learn to bask in love and light rather than pain and darkness.

It’s about more than just being compassionate towards others. Green Calcite turns that gracious attitude inward, allowing you to find forgiveness in yourself. No matter what dark energy you’re harboring inside, this stone helps you let go and move on.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Crystal healing practitioners swear by Green Calcite’s soothing energy. It has healing properties that can penetrate deep within your auric field, providing benefits that can change your life for the better.

Here are some ways that Green Calcite heals your mind, body, and soul.


If you’re someone who lets their emotions get the best of them, Green Calcite is an excellent tool to have in your healing arsenal.

It softens the heart and helps you practice compassion and forgiveness. However, it also pushes you to manage fiery emotions more effectively.

Emotions can boil over and seep into every aspect of your life if you’re not careful. You should never bottle things up or bury your feelings to deal with on another day. However, it’s never a good idea to let those hot sentiments take over your life, either.

There needs to be a balance, and the healing properties of Green Calcite can help you find it. Its energy provides more insight into why you’re feeling the way you do. By looking inward, you can gain a new perspective and find healthier ways to express the emotions that take over your life.

Overall, Green Calcite is good for healing the heart. It’s also a great crystal for anxiety that can also help you move away from unhealthy habits. Whether those habits are physical or simply negative thinking patterns, this stone’s energy encourages you to adopt healthier routines.

One of the most impactful changes it can promote is how you look at yourself. Earlier, we talked about how Green Calcite lets you find forgiveness in your own actions, helping you look beyond the past and move into the future. Well, it does a lot more than that.

Practitioners say that it pushes you to embrace every aspect of who you are. It’s about loving yourself, flaws and all! Its energy moves you to accept yourself wholly, paving the way for a path of self-love and inner strength.


Spiritually, Green Calcite’s energy is about making the necessary changes you need to take your life in a new direction. Incorporating it into meditative work is said to foster spiritual growth like never before.

If you’re struggling to find your purpose in life, the spiritual meaning of this stone may be the answer. It pushes you to think outside of the box, letting go of outdated thought processes so that you can find peace while soul-searching. The gemstone radiates mental flexibility, instilling an adventurous attitude that gets you outside your comfort zone.

It pushes the boundaries and helps you explore ideologies you never considered. That doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily dabble in religion or other established thought processes. In the world of crystal healing, spirituality is about understanding your place in the world and finding your true purpose.

You may spend a lifetime looking for answers, but Green Calcite is more about the journey than anything else. Its energy and healing properties make you open to new possibilities, pushing you to uncover your destiny.


As a heart-healer, Green Calcite has a lot to live up to! While most people turn to this earthy gemstone for spiritual and emotional bliss, some say it’s also good for helping you see improvements in your physical health.

According to some practitioners, Green Calcite’s vibrational healing properties can positively influence your heart. Many turn to it with the intention of strengthening this important muscle, improving its ability to circulate blood throughout the entire body.

Some even seek it out looking for benefits like lowering your blood pressure and helping you heal from heart-related ailments.

But of course, Green Calcite’s abilities go beyond your body’s most important organ. Many seek it out with the goal of boosting their immune system, too.

The potential enhancements to your immune health go a long way. It’s used to fine-tune the body’s ability to tackle infectious diseases and bacterial problems. It’s also thought to help clear your skin and address stress-related issues.

You may even experience a boon in your joint health. Those who have arthritis and stiff joints might feel less pain in the presence of Green Calcite.

Metaphysical Properties

Just looking at Green Calcite, you wouldn’t think that this earth-colored gemstone would have much to do with your heart at all. But those who are familiar with its metaphysical properties see the obvious connections.

The heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, and its color is green! Also known as “Anahata” in ancient Sanskrit, this energy point is one of the most important in your body. It’s your well of love and compassion.

Six Green Calcite stones lined up next to each other

Not only does it govern the way you give and receive love to others, but it also controls the way you love yourself. Ideally, everyone’s self-worth and inner value would be unwavering. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in reality.

Life has a way of knowing, making you question everything you know and love about yourself. A constant string of mistakes, failures, and pain can turn an otherwise confident person into someone who has nothing but disdain for their own being.

It’s an unhealthy state of mind that can be potentially dangerous if it continues for too long.

Green Calcite works to shift your way of thinking. Its energy directly triggers the heart chakra, eliminating blockages and encouraging energy flow unencumbered.

You may start to look at your own existence a little more positively when this happens.

Ways To Use It

There are countless ways to use Green Calcite, but most healers agree that meditation is where it shines the most. Using this gemstone as part of your meditation routine can leave you feeling more satisfied and full of love. It pushes you to focus on your heart space and how you spread energy into the cosmos.

Hold the stone in your hands and clear your mind. Once your mind is free and open to exploration, let the meaning of Green Calcite and its rejuvenating energy wash over your entire being. Take deep breaths and focus on the type of person you want to be.

If you want to take the impact of Green Calcite even further, consider meditating outside. Better yet, meditate during dusk or dawn hours.

Meditators say that dawn and dusk are the most energetic times of the day. Why is it so beneficial to do this outside? While Green Calcite is known as a heart stone, it’s still deeply rooted in nature.

Being in the presence of nature can take Green Calcite’s energy and healing properties to new levels.

Of course, you don’t have to do anything special to take advantage of what Green Calcite has to offer. Even those who don’t meditate or practice metaphysical healing can feel the stone’s healing energy.

You’re free to carry it in your pocket as a worry stone, wear it on your body as jewelry, or even place it in your home. Many people even sleep with it! As long as it’s nearby, Green Calcite can make a difference.

Stone Combinations

As a whole, Calcite is a master collaborator. It works well with many other rocks and gems in the crystal kingdom, allowing you to create a perfect mix of energy to address your specific needs.

Some of the best stones to use with Green Calcite include Obsidian and Diopside. Diopside works to instill feelings of motivation and drive into your mind, pushing productivity levels to new heights. Meanwhile, Obsidian is said to help you tackle feelings of resentment and pent-up anger.

If you’re looking to boost the gemstone’s ability to drive compassion and forgiveness, you have many choices. The properties of Green Calcite already encourage compassion on its own, but pairing it with Ajoite, Vivianite, Tugtupite, and even Cobaltoan Calcite amplifies that effect.

The same goes for the effect of emotional management. Green Calcite cools hot tempers and prevents your feelings from running your life. But with Augelite, Black Jade, and Larimar, that impact may be even stronger.

How To Cleanse Green Calcite

Green Calcite can use a bit of periodic cleansing. This stone works on one of your most vital energy points, and it experiences a constant bombardment of dark energy that slowly takes a toll.

Cleansing rejuvenates the Green Calcite, ensuring that it can continue providing peace and love in your life.

The best way to cleanse this gemstone is to run it under lukewarm water. Calcite is a relatively soft stone, so you don’t want to let it soak for too long. A few minutes under the tap will do.

If necessary, you can use a gentle soap to improve the stone’s luster. However, avoid any harsh chemical cleaners. They will only harm the stone.

After drying, your Green Calcite will be ready to benefit you once more!

Zodiac Connection

You don’t have to belong to any specific zodiac sign to utilize Green Calcite. It’s open to anyone and isn’t the official stone of any constellation.

Even still, healers believe that a few zodiac signs have a stronger connection to the meaning and healing properties of Green Calcite. These signs are:

  • Cancers
  • Capricorns
  • Aries
  • Libras

As a stone for Cancers, Green Calcite can be used to help them grow stronger and adopt a better sense of self-worth. This sign is notorious for being sensitive. They don’t deal with emotional turmoil too well and will often turn to destructive behaviors to cope.

In this case, Green Calcite teaches them to love themselves more.

The same applies to Capricorns. However, Capricorns use Green Calcite to adopt healthier habits. They’re known for getting stuck in their ways and turning into their own worst enemy.

Green Calcite prevents that from happening, allowing them to live much healthier lives.

Aries and Libras can use this gemstone to spread love more openly. Aries are quite stubborn, refusing to shift their thinking and accommodate the needs of others. Meanwhile, Libras try to avoid conflict by being self-sacrificial.

Both of these signs can use the healing powers of Green Calcite to be more compassionate and loving. That goes both ways, ensuring that love is internal and external.

Closing Thoughts

The meaning of Green Calcite is all about healing the heart and moving forward. That’s why it’s one of our favorites!

Hopefully you found this guide useful and feel inspired to go out and add this crystal to your collection. Once you start to experience some of its benefits, you’ll be happy you did!

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