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Larimar 101: Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses & More

Larimar is a unique and powerful stone that has gained a lot of traction in the crystal healing community. With powerful properties and a gorgeous appearance, this certainly isn’t surprising!

This guide will teach you about the spiritual meaning and healing properties of Larimar, and how you can incorporate it into your practice.

History & Overview

Larimar is a beautiful but rare stone. Also known as the “Dolphin Stone” and “Atlantis Stone,” it’s known for being a hard-to-find beauty. Swimming in hues of light blue to blue-green, it mimics the waters of the land it calls home.

A piece of Larimar

This sea-colored stone only comes from the Dominican Republic. It’s a type of pectolite mineral. But instead of the calcium in standard pectolite, it contains cobalt or copper. The unique mineral composition is what gives Larimar its distinct blue hues.

The stone forms when the heat of lava meets the cool waters of the sea. Volcanic igneous rock erupts in limestone, leaving behind cavities. Minerals like pectolite develop within those cavities.

Larimar has a unique crystal structure. It forms as needle-like crystals that clump together in a dense mass.

The history of Larimar likely goes back thousands of years. It played an important role in the culture of the indigenous Taíno, the island’s original inhabitants.

In 1916, Larimar was reportedly first discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, a naturalist and priest known for his impressive collection of rocks and minerals. However, the people of the Dominican Republic didn’t officially begin mining Larimar until 1974. Allegedly, Miguel Méndez and a Peace Corps volunteer named Norman Rilling found a piece of Larimar twinkling on the shores of Barahonas.

Initially, Larimar went by the name “Travelina.” Méndez renamed it by drawing inspiration from his daughter’s name, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, “Mar.”

Larimar is still relatively new to the world of crystal healing. Most of the stones you see on the market today still come from the Barahonas province in the Dominican Republic. Locals still use primitive tools to unearth this gorgeous stone and share it with the world!

Larimar Meaning

There’s no denying that Larimar is one of the most stunning stones in the crystal kingdom. The blue hues are reminiscent of the Caribbean waters, bringing a sense of calm like no other.

Like other minerals, Larimar holds many complex meanings. It has a long history full of lore, and healers love to use it in many ways. While this stone can do a lot to help holders, its overarching theme is that of calm.

It’s most known for its calming energy that can help anyone. It embodies peace and tranquility, taking you back to the ocean’s serene waves and the salty air’s light breeze. You don’t have to go to the Caribbean to have a slice of paradise with you.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Larimar is its ability to turn frantic energy into peaceful energy. Its journey to get to you is full of drama and bombastic events. The marriage of sea and lava produces something unmistakably beautiful, and the stone’s energy doesn’t forget its past.

Many say Larimar can soothe even the hottest heads, turning heated energy into a controlled passion. So whether you’re dealing with pain or struggling with a hot temper, Larimar may be the stone to help you feel centered.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Larimar has a wealth of healing benefits. It’s sought-after amongst crystal healers and collectors alike due to its calming energy that affects your mind, body, and soul.

Here are some of the most notable ways it can impact you.


At its core, Larimar is an emotional healer. Its calming energy and properties reverberate through your body, dispelling negativity that can latch onto your entire being.

You don’t have to be a seasoned healer to see Larimar’s power. Take one look at the stone, and it instantly transports you to paradise! The gleaming hues of blue and green mimic the Caribbean waters, making it feel like you’re on vacation every time you hold it.

But, of course, that’s not all this stone can do. It’s said to help those who struggle with self-sabotage.

Many individuals struggle to contain dark thoughts and inner voices. Everyone has an inner saboteur that can push them to do things outside their character. When that dark energy takes over, you can fall into a deep pit of despair and suffering.

Woman holding a Larimar stone

Larimar combats that energy to help you live life to your full potential. Its calming energy fights the dark clouds that loom over your auric field, encouraging you to take full control of your life.

Many people say that Larimar’s healing energy helps you own up to your mistakes and right the wrongs that haunt you. It can push you to admit guilt and atone for your sins while taking steps to be a better person.

It’s a rich emotional cleanser. Not only does it help you wipe the slate clean and start anew, but it fights back feelings of stress, anxiety, and excessive anger. The stone can also help with phobias.

The crystal can help you find inner peace while using negative energy as fuel. Unlike other stones, the healing properties of Larimar don’t dissolve bad energy entirely. Instead, it redirects that energy to create healthy passions.

It’s not uncommon for people to harness their fears and anger into something good. Ultimately, the stone helps you reach your full potential while achieving better emotional health as you navigate life’s hurdles.


Spiritually, Larimar is a powerful tool to have in your healing arsenal.

It can help people from all walks of life find real purpose. So many people struggle to find their place in the world. You might feel lost due to a lack of passion or find yourself getting lost in rage and hot-tempered responses to events in your life.

Whatever the case, Larimar helps guide you in the right direction. It’s said to help you reconnect with nature and find inner peace to gain strength for the long game. Healing takes time, but Larimar may be the ultimate companion as you search for enlightenment.

Spiritual journeys can last a lifetime. They’re full of twists and turns, and many people abandon their sojourns due to struggles and obstacles. Larimar gives you hope and encourages you to use negativity to fuel the fire.

It pushes you to live your best life while doing something that positively impacts the world. Holders may use Larimar’s serenity to bring a message of love into the world. It cuts through the noise, redirects negativity, and provides the clarity you need to find your true calling.


Larimar is most known as an emotional and spiritual healer. However, many crystal healers say that sinking yourself into the stone’s energy can also result in physical benefits.

The stone has a light healing touch that many use with the intention of addressing throat and neck problems. The theory is that it dissolves energetic blockages that cause neck, chest, and head pain.

Some say that Larimar also helps with high blood pressure. This benefit likely comes from the peace it brings. When you no longer allow yourself to be overtaken by negativity and stress, your body can find harmony and balance.

Others turn to Larimar with the goal of lowering blood pressure and helping with stress-related ailments. We’ve even heard of practitioners incorporating it into their practice to tackle inflammation throughout the body.

Larimar Metaphysical Properties

This sea-colored stone can affect your metaphysical plane in many ways. The impact of its metaphysical properties is the strongest on your throat chakra. Also known as “Vishuddha,” the throat chakra is the fifth of your seven primary chakras.

This energy point influences your ability to communicate. It changes how you listen to others and changes the way you express yourself.

Unfortunately, a blocked throat chakra can lead to a world of trouble! Blocks prevent you from speaking your truth. When energy can’t flow freely, you may find yourself putting others before you or failing to speak up about your needs.

It can also negatively impact relationships. Blockages might make you a bad listener while breaking down the lines of communication with the people you love most in the world.

Larimar keeps the throat chakra open. It encourages you to speak honestly with others while expressing yourself in the healthiest way possible. It can enable you to maintain strong relationships while giving you powerful ways to communicate your needs.

The metaphysical properties of this stone can also influence other chakras. It’s said to focus more on the upper chakras. Most notably, it’s thought to unlock “Anja,” your third-eye chakra.

This energy point is the epicenter of intuition, wisdom, and imagination. By keeping this chakra open with Larimar, you’re able to gain insight into oneself and perceive the universe in different ways. It’s a key element to achieving inner peace while opening yourself up to the magic of the cosmos.

Ways To Use It

Getting your hands on Larimar is not easy. But if you’re lucky enough to come across it, you can take advantage of its spiritual meaning and healing properties in multiple ways.

One of the most popular ways to use Larimar is through jewelry. The natural beauty of the stone lends itself well to breathtaking pieces. Whether you wear it on a necklace or string beads around your arm, wearing Larimar jewelry ensures that your body and metaphysical plane stay within the stone’s healing energy.

You can also carry Larimar as a loose stone. Crystal healers often use loose or polished stones as healing tokens. Carry it in your pocket to gain strength and peace in your times of need, or use it as part of healing rituals.

Larimar is also a fantastic decorative item. Place the stone in your home or office to create a calming space and a constant reminder of its core meaning. Try using it in your office to clear your mind and tune out distractions. Alternatively, you can place it in a den or meditation room to wash away life’s stresses and find peace.

Stone Combinations

Larimar works beautifully on its own, but many healers like to combine it with other stones to maximize its potential and take advantage of other benefits.

Larimar plays well with others, but the strongest connections come with combinations that include other silicate minerals.

For example, healers love to pair Larimar with Cat’s Eye Quartz and Shattuckite. Cat’s Eye is said to bring prosperity while protecting you from the world’s evils. Meanwhile, Shattuckite is a clarifying stone that unveils the truth and provides the balance you need to solve problems.

You can also pair Larimer with Rhodonite, Kunzite, and Charoite. Rhodonite heals the emotional wounds of the past, while Kunzite and Charoite encourage healthy communication.

Other good stone combinations include Hawk’s Eye, Hiddenite, Diopside, and Jadeite.

How To Cleanse It

Like other healing crystals, Larimar requires occasional cleansing. This stone is powerful, working hard to transform negativity into peace. Over time, it gets bogged down and needs rejuvenation to keep the good vibes flowing.

There are a few special considerations for Larimar. It’s relatively delicate compared to other crystals, so you must be mindful of the cleansing techniques you use.

Simple water baths work well. It’s a water stone that can use the healing powers of water to recharge. Run it under clean water.

Avoid using cleaning products, relying solely on the water to polish the surface and recharge the stone’s energy. Whatever you do, don’t allow Larimar to soak! It’s a soft stone, and long soaks could damage it.

It’s important to avoid overexposure to light as well. While stones can sit on a windowsill, Larimar is photosensitive. Too much sunlight will cause that gorgeous color to fade.

In addition to water cleansing, you can use traditional crystal techniques like sage smudging and stones like Selenite or Clear Quartz. Many healers also bury the stone in the soil to reconnect it to Mother Earth.

Zodiac Connection

The meaning and properties of Larimar are not exclusive to specific zodiacs. Anyone can use it to find peace, no matter when you were born.

That said, it does have a special connection to Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, which perfectly matches this water stone.

Those born under Pisces can use Larimar to address inherent faults and struggles. Pisces are passionate and creative individuals. They can also be self-sacrificial, careless, and ill-disciplined.

Larimar helps Pisces find the harmony they need to reach their full potential. It acts as a balance to encourage Pisces to be more secure in who they are while putting their needs first. It counteracts impulses, cools hot tempers, and promotes serenity when faced with intimidating obstacles.


There’s a lot to like when it comes to the healing properties and core meaning behind Larimar. While it can be hard to get your hands on, there are many benefits to be had if you’re able to incorporate it into your healing practice.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or experiences with this stone that you’d like to share. We love hearing from our readers!

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