Can Sodalite Go In Water? The Surprising Answer…

This guide is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered if Sodalite can go in water. If you’re a regular user of this healing crystal, it’s only natural to assume that you’ll get it wet from time to time (either for cleansing or just in the shower).

This guide will explain if it’s safe to put Sodalite in water, and give you a variety of options to consider if you want to protect this crystal.

Can Sodalite Go In Water?

Sodalite is a beautiful blue-colored mineral with swirls of creamy white. Its waxy luster catches the light, creating an eye-catching finish adored the world over.

In terms of crystal healing, Sodalite contains a lot of powerful energy. It can help bring peace to one’s life, creating a state of calm and order in an otherwise anxious mind. The stone is very popular in healing circles and is often the tool of choice for those looking to find a moment of solace in a world of chaos.

Naturally, cleansing this stone is essential. It naturally combats dark energy and feelings of stress. The constant bombardment of bad vibes can weaken the stone’s healing powers over time.

A piece of Sodalite that cannot go in water

Cleansing can recharge Sodalite’s well of energy, keeping it primed for healing.

Generally, the go-to cleansing method for healing crystals involves water. Water’s purifying nature and connection to the Earth make it a powerful vessel for removing dark energy.

However, Sodalite can’t go in water without it causing some issues. If you’re thinking about cleansing your stone, turn to other methods. Sodalite cannot get wet or have any significant exposure without the risk of damage.

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral. It’s lightweight and slightly porous. While it feels rugged and durable in your hand, it’s relatively fragile compared to other minerals in the crystal kingdom.

All forms of Sodalite have a rating between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs Hardness scale. The Mohs scale indicates a mineral’s overall durability and scratch resistance. It’s a good indicator of what a rock can handle.

As a good rule of thumb, anything below a 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale is not safe to be put in water. That includes Sodalite.

It’s not fragile enough to dissolve in water. However, long-term exposure could lead to cracking. In extreme cases, the stone can break apart, leaving you with tiny bits of chipped-off rock.

While the most damage will occur with soaking, water can damage your Sodalite after even brief exposure. Failing to dry off the rock when it accidentally gets wet could ruin its signature waxy finish. Instead of reflecting the light, it’ll look dull and rough.

But that’s not all. If you were thinking about using Sodalite to create a drinkable healing elixir, you must reconsider. 

Soaking crystals like Amethyst in water overnight is safe. The process can infuse the water with healing energy and possible healthy minerals. But it isn’t safe to put Sodalite in water for this purpose.

Sodalite releases aluminum when it soaks in water. Drinking aluminum is toxic and could lead to significant health problems.

Overall, it’s best to avoid putting Sodalite in water at all. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tap, filtered, or ultra-distilled water. The moisture will damage your precious Sodalite stone.

Please do your best to keep it dry. If your Sodalite accidentally goes in the water, dry it off with a soft microfiber cloth as soon as possible.

Can Sodalite Go In Salt Water?

Salt water is another go-to for healers. From a spiritual and earthly standpoint, it makes sense.

Water that comes from the ocean is teeming with microorganisms. Life itself came from salt water, and looking at it under a microscope reveals plenty of lifeforms in a single drop. The enriched nature of salt water makes it appealing to healers looking to tap into Mother Nature’s power.

But as you can imagine, Sodalite should not go in salt water. If your stone gets damaged with clean tap water, imagine what it’ll go through when dunked into a bowl of salt water!

Salt water compromises the structural integrity of Sodalite more than clean freshwater. The salts, while dissolved, can do a lot of damage. They’re tiny abrasives that will wreak havoc on the Sodalite’s finish.

Furthermore, salt water is naturally destructive. Take a look at any marine-based structure. Without proper care, those structures can quickly deteriorate against the powers of the sea.

Sodalite isn’t nearly strong enough to withstand the salt water’s vigor. Prolonged exposure doesn’t just lead to cracking and chipping. It can cause the beautiful blue-colored mineral to dissolve entirely, leaving it as nothing but sludge at the bottom of the bowl.

Needless to say, you should never put your Sodalite in salt water.

Can Sodalite Go In Moon Water?

For more resilient crystals and stones, moon water can be one of the most potent cleansers around. Moon water isn’t the easiest to come by. It’s water charged by the power of a full moon’s light.

You only have one chance during a moon cycle to create it. Many healers go out of their way to collect water charged by lunar light.

But can Sodalite go in this water?

Unfortunately, it cannot. Moon water carries unique energy that resonates well with crystals. But from a composition standpoint, it’s no different from regular water coming from your tap.

It, too, can cause considerable damage to your stone. Soaking it will lead to cracking, chipping, marred finishes, and more.

While moon water is a valuable commodity in crystal healing circles, avoid putting your Sodalite in it.

Can You Wear It In The Shower Or Bath?

As you can probably guess, it’s a good idea to resist the urge to take your Sodalite into the shower or bath with you.

Crystals and stones that rate higher on the Mohs Hardness scale can do well in the bathroom. Some healers will use crystals during bathtime to create a serene energy field. It’s the ultimate spa experience that rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Amethyst, Quartz, and other hard crystals are fantastic for soaking in the tub or having near your soaking vessel.

When it comes to shower water, exposure is usually by mistake. Many people choose to wear their healing stones. Whether it’s a pendant-style necklace or a bracelet covered in carefully carved beads, the mineral maintains its healing powers as you wear it.

If you’re prone to wearing your Sodalite every day, remember to take it off when shower or bath time comes around. The water exposure puts the rock at risk for damage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s soaking or experiencing a rush of water from a rainfall showerhead; water and Sodalite should never mix.

It’s not just the water you have to worry about. There’s also the issue of steam and soaps.

The surfactants and chemicals in your cleaning products are too harsh for the delicate nature of Sodalite. Even a few suds is enough to cause damage.

Steam can cause a significant problem as well.

It’s not enough to take Sodalite jewelry off and plop it on your bathroom countertop as you shower. It would be best if you put it away in a safe spot away from your bathroom.

The steam creates a fine layer of water over the entire surface of the rock. Even if it’s not in the shower or bath with you, that steam will ruin the Sodalite’s finish.

Alternative Cleansing Methods For Sodalite

Don’t worry, plenty of other methods exist to keep your Sodalite recharged and ready to go. Even though Sodalite can’t go in water, the alternative options are still quite powerful.

For relatively fragile stones like Sodalite, you can harness the power of the moon and sun. Let your Sodalite sit on a window ledge to soak up the sun for a few minutes. Limit sun exposure to only a brief period to avoid ruining the rock’s coloration.

A better choice is to use moonlight. Leave your Sodalite in a spot that gets full exposure during a full moon. Let the stone bask in lunar light all night lock for a full recharge.

Finally, you can set your Sodalite around self-cleansing crystals like Amethyst, Selenite, or Crystal Quartz. They can get rid of bad energy, making your Sodalite as good as new.


Now that you know Sodalite cannot go in water, it’s your job to protect it. Use other methods of cleansing and keep it out of the shower.

All it takes is a slight adjustment to your standard crystal healing approach to help this stone thrive for many years!