Black Spinel: Meaning, Healing Properties & Energy

Black Spinel is a unique and uncommon stone that can offer a number of attractive benefits. But due to its rarity, many people don’t know much about it!

This guide will teach you everything you should know about the meaning and healing properties of Black Spinel. Once you read it, you’ll be eager to get your hands on some!

History & Overview

If you’ve never heard of Black Spinel before, you’re not alone. This mysterious stone is one of the lesser-known minerals in the crystal kingdom. It’s also relatively rare, making it valuable for crystal healers and stone collectors alike.

Black Spinel is such a rarity that even its name is a mystery. Some believe it comes from the Latin for “little thorn,” while others say it comes from the Greek word for “sparkle.” No matter what it means or where its name comes from, there’s no denying that the meaning and appearance of stone is beautiful.

A raw piece of Black Spinel

Black Spinel contains a litany of minerals, but its composition contains high amounts of magnesium oxide and magnesium-aluminum oxide. Other minerals like zinc and iron-aluminum oxide are present, too. It’s available in various colors, but dark black is the most common.

Most of the Black Spinel on the market today comes from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Russia, and India. A few mines in the United States exist as well. Interestingly, Black Spinel mining operations are sparse these days.

Mining peaked in the 2000s, but current efforts to unearth Black Spinel are virtually non-existent. That explains the relative rarity of Black Spinel compared to other stones, and why its healing properties are in high-demand.

Black Spinel Meaning

This enigmatic stone has an undeniably foreboding look to it. It gives off a sinister appearance fit for any villain when used in jewelry.

Luckily, the energy profile and meaning of Black Spinel is anything but sinister. This stone is about helping you manifest your destiny. It can unlock boundless possibilities, pushing you to achieve your dreams and go beyond what you think is possible for your life.

It’s a crystal for manifestation as well as inspiration. Introducing it into your everyday life could open your eyes to a world of untapped possibilities. Instead of living inside a box, Black Spinel encourages you to rise above your comfort and become the best version of yourself that you can.

An ultimate grounding stone, healers often utilize the properties of Black Spinel to wipe away the negativity that clouds your judgment. By cutting through the mental fog, you can evaluate your surroundings and find solutions you never realized existed. Whether those solutions are for specific problems or an overarching issue of reaching your potential, Black Spinel is there to help you find it.

This dark-colored stone is a fantastic choice for creativity, inspiring you to get out of ruts no matter how endless they might seem. Its meaning is about finding new directions and discovering ways to lead a fulfilling life.

Different cultures interpreted Black Spinel’s healing properties differently throughout history. But the modern consensus is that this black crystal works to keep you grounded while encouraging you to achieve your dreams by creative and inspirational means.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Like other choices in the crystal kingdom, Black Spinel can provide a slew of benefits that influence your mind, body, and soul. It’s all about knowing the correct way to use it!

Here are some of the most profound healing properties it offers.


The properties of Black Spinel can do a great job of helping you overcome emotional hurdles that hold you back. 

If you’re like most people out there, you harbor some not-so-positive emotions. You may not even realize it, but you could be holding onto dark energy deep in your subconscious. This is often the result of going through some challenging situations that didn’t work in your favor.

A pile of Black Spinel stones

Failure has a way of planting deep-rooted seeds in our minds. The longer those seeds fester, you become hyperaware of your past indiscretions and mistakes. They continue to spew bad energy into your mind, clouding your judgment and creating a dangerous cycle of self-doubt.

Some people will hold onto memories of their old failures for years! It can continue to haunt them well into the future, affecting every attempt they make to better themselves.

Introducing Black Spinel into your life can help you finally overcome those old emotions. It pushes you to let go of resentment, sadness, and pain. In doing so, you can make room for optimism and light.

Your mind has no room for negativity when you’re trying to chase your dreams and become a new you. The healing properties of Black Spinel help you address the past one last time. You can confront your pain, thank it for the lessons you’ve learned, and finally bid it farewell!

Many believe that Black Spinel’s impact on your mind also helps you approach newer challenges with a fresh approach. You’d be surprised by how much those old worries hindered your attempts to make your way in the world. Cutting that energy out of your life is like lifting an enormous weight off your shoulders.

Suddenly, you may find yourself being more confident than ever before. Now, those scary steps towards your future will seem a lot more manageable.


The healing properties of this stone can work wonders on your spirituality as well. In fact, many of its inherent benefits come from addressing imbalances.

With emotional health, it helps you move on from the past to look to the future. A similar balance-driven approach applies to your spiritual health.

When life gets you down, it’s easy to forget about your spiritual purpose. Many people lose sight of their journey, abandoning their quest for enlightenment. Pent-up emotions and unanswered questions leave you no choice but to focus your attention elsewhere.

It’s often said that the spiritual meaning of Black Spinel is all about helping you achieve a newfound sense of calm. It can even release blockages to help you think more clearly about your existence. Instead of dwelling on things you can’t change, you learn to find solace in the chaos that swirls around you.

The properties of this stone can also grant strength, allowing you to achieve more balance in your life. It’s a master of calm, pushing you to find every opportunity you can to enjoy quiet. Even if your life seems to be going a hundred miles a minute, having Black Spinel by your side ensures that you’re always free to experience a moment of bliss.

Over time, many say that the black stone can also bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You might become more aware of your place in the world as you continue to seek wisdom and light from the cosmos.


Black Spinel is an excellent tool for emotional and spiritual healing. However, some crystal enthusiasts swear by its ability to foster change in your physical body as well.

Compared to other crystals, the potential physical benefits of Black Spinel are subtle. It doesn’t have broad healing powers like some other crystals do. Nonetheless, the potential benefits are ripe for the taking.

According to many experienced healers, Black Spinel is helpful for those who want to induce a positive change in their gastrointestinal system. It’s often used with the intention of improving digestion and reducing the frequency of stomach upsets.

It may even strengthen your muscles. Those who regularly work sometimes turn to this stone if they’re trying to overcome plateaus. Meanwhile, people struggling to obtain the physique they want may start to see some progress as they work towards their goals.

Black Spinel is even used to help improve the skin as well. Some have said that letting its energy wash over your body reduces breakouts and promotes a clearer complexion.

Finally, Black Spinel is considered to be a master energizer. Practitioners believe that it makes you feel more dynamic and present, leading to increased stamina and better overall health.

Metaphysical Properties

Black Spinel is quite versatile when it comes to its metaphysical properties.

It’s most commonly used as a root chakra stone. Also known as the “base chakra” or “Muladhara,” this energy point is the first of many. It’s located at the base of the spine and acts as an entry point for life force energy that emanates from the Earth below.

For this reason, many say that the root chakra is the most critical chakra of them all. Luckily, Black Spinel’s energy helps to keep it stimulated.

Like many other black-colored healing crystals, Black Spinel exudes grounding vibrational energy. It promotes stabilization and helps you feel more present in your life. That’s the perfect type of energy for the root chakra.

When this chakra experiences a blockage, you might end up developing feelings of confusion and loss. Instead of having that drive to succeed and evolve, you might find yourself being complacent and unable to push yourself further. Black Spinel addresses those emotions, keeping the life force energy flowing into your metaphysical plane.

But that’s not all.

Black Spinel stimulates more than just the root chakra. It’s said to trigger some of your lower chakras as well

It’s known as a reliable sacral chakra stone. Called “Svadhisthana,” this energy point governs your creative expression, confidence, and powers of manifestation. As you can guess, blockages prevent you from being proactive in reaching your goals.

One of the biggest enemies of the sacral chakra is fear. As mentioned earlier, Black Spinel addresses the fear that develops out of past mistakes and failures. Its energy will help you overcome those buried emotions, blasting through blockages and ensuring that energy can flow again.

Finally, Black Spinel is a wonderful solar plexus chakra stone. Also known as “Manipura,” this energy point is the center of your self-esteem and confidence.

Once again, Black Spinel is the perfect match to counteract the effects of blocked solar plexus chakra. Blockages in the energy pathway can lead to an extremely low sense of self. However, this stone counteracts that to help you find strength and confidence from within.

Ways To Use It

Black Spinel is a surprisingly versatile stone. It’s tough and resilient enough to use in many unique ways.

The most obvious choice for most is to wear Black Spinel as jewelry. While it is rare, this stone is a favorite among jewelers and artisans. Some of the finest jewelry brands in the world take full advantage of the stone’s beauty and healing properties.

Black Spinel offers a nice contrast to the lustrous glass-like appearance of diamonds and other stones. Yet, it still has a luxurious quality when cut, polished, and set into fine jewelry. Do a quick search, and you can find elegant pieces that you’ll cherish forever!

A polished Black Spinel gem

Of course, more affordable options are available, too. It doesn’t matter how much the jewelry is worth. As long as the Black Spinel is authentic, you can take advantage of its properties and various benefits.

Wearing Black Spinel jewelry puts the stone in your auric field at all times. It stays close to the skin, allowing you to absorb its healing energy whenever you need it. Use it as an amulet of strength whenever you confront challenges. The powers of manifestation can flow through your body, allowing you to grab life by the horns!

If you prefer more subtle ways to introduce the meaning of Black Spinel in your life, you’re in luck. The stone often comes in water-worn pebbles. They’re already softened and polished by the magic of Mother Nature.

While not as shimmery as polished stone, these pebbles are powerful nonetheless. Keep them in your pocket or bag for use as a worry stone.

Alternatively, you can use it in your meditation routine. Hold the Black Spinel stones in your hand as you get lost in thought. Think about your goals and manifest your destiny. The properties of Black Spinel will help you get there.

Stone Combinations

You have tons of options when considering potential stone combinations for Black Spinel. Most experienced crystal healing practitioners don’t rely on a single stone.

While you can certainly obtain the benefits of Black Spinel on its own, pairing it with other stones and crystals may help you see even greater effects.

This dark-colored stone works nicely with other grounding stones. Healers like to use it alongside Black Tourmaline, Black Jade, or Black Diopside. The intense stability you feel can provide tons of comfort in times of need.

Those looking to stimulate their solar plexus chakra and harness their personal power can turn to yellow-colored stones. Black Spinel works well with Golden Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Jasper, Sunstone, Citrine, and other stones with a similar shade of warm yellow.

Consider using it with stones like Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Carnelian, and Calcite if you want more energy. These healing crystals can help you feel more optimistic and present. Pair them with Black Spinel, and you get a comforting mixture that makes you ready for anything that comes your way.

Those are just a few stones and crystals worth trying with Black Spinel. The truth is that this stone plays well with most stones in the crystal kingdom. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that works for you.

How To Cleanse Black Spinel

Like any other healing stone, Black Spinel’s energy isn’t infinite.

Black Spinel is exposed to negative energy pretty frequently as a grounding stone. Those bad vibes can ruin your mental health and put you in a bad place. Imagine what they do to a stone like this one!

Black Spinel gladly absorbs what it can, but it can only handle so much. Eventually, it becomes so bogged down in dark energy that it loses the ability to help you.

When that happens, you’ll need to cleanse it.

The best way to do that is to run it under cool water. Steer clear of chemical cleaners and harsh sprays. All you need is some water. Give it a good rub and add a touch of all-natural gentle soap if you want to polish it up a bit.

After drying, the Black Spinel should be good as new.

You can try other popular cleansing methods, too. For example, many crystal healers like to lay their grounding stones in a bed of Selenite and Clear Quartz. Those crystals are self-cleaning and will rejuvenate other stones in their presence.

Some like to use smudge sticks, sounding bars, or the power of moonlight. Those methods all work well with Black Spinel.

The only thing to be wary of is excessive heat. While the stone is tough, it can experience damage when exposed to hot temperatures. Keep it in a safe place and avoid using the power of the sun for cleansing.

Zodiac Connection

Black Spinel can benefit anyone who chooses to use it. The stone doesn’t discriminate and will gladly inspire you regardless of when you were born.

However, experienced practitioners say that the Taurus zodiac sign has a stronger connection to Black Spinel than others.

The gemstone is one of the many Taurus stones. It shares that role with Emerald, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, and more.

From a healing standpoint, those born under Taurus have a lot to gain. This zodiac has a reputation for being strong-willed. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. In fact, it leads to a great sense of dependability.

The problem is that many Taureans will hold onto grudges far longer than they should. If they feel that they were victims of some injustice, it’ll stick in their minds for years. That can lead to some problems in the future.

The pain and anger from past experiences get in the way of Taureans from reaching their full potential.

The meaning and properties of Black Spinel can help by encouraging a Taurus to let go. It’s an inspiring stone that pushes you to manifest your destiny, and the first step in that process is letting go of resentment and pain.

It’s just the thing many Taureans need.

Closing Thoughts

The meaning of Black Spinel is all about manifesting your destiny and successfully pursuing your dreams. Due to its powerful healing properties, it’s a stone that we recommend quite often!

Even though it’s hard to find, we think it’s definitely worth the effort. If you have any questions or want help tracking some down just let us know!