Black Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & More

Black Jade is a simple looking stone that contains strong and protective healing properties. While there might be flashier options to choose from in the world of crystal healing, this stone packs quite a punch!

This guide will teach you about the meaning, properties, and benefits of using Black Jade. This is one of our favorites!

A pile of Black Jade

History & Overview

Stare into the dark abyss of Black Jade, and it’s easy to dismiss it as nothing more than a mystery. But for thousands of years, the deep coloration of Black Jade has held great importance to civilizations around the world. From the Mayans to the Ancient Chinese, this enigmatic stone is revered for its metaphysical and healing properties.

Some cultures deem it a “Dream Stone,” for its supposed powers of spiritual connection. It’s said to build a bridge between realms, helping shamans and gifted individuals connect to worlds beyond our own. Even today, healers believe in its transcendental nature and the core meaning that’s often associated with it.

While this stone is unmistakably beautiful, not too many people realize that the name “Black Jade” refers to two different minerals. This stone can be either Jadeite or Nephrite.

Nephrite is the most common. It’s a calcium magnesium silicate that varies between deep black and creamy white. 

Meanwhile, Jadeite is a rarity. It’s made of sodium aluminum silicate and can appear as black, green, pink, or white. Jadeite is more lustrous and resilient than Nephrite, leading to a higher price tag and more sought-after status.

Both varieties are gorgeous and can contain traces of graphite or iron oxide. While they are unique, these two varieties offer similar benefits that many healers want to take advantage of.

Black Jade Meaning

Black Jade is a multi-faceted stone that can bring many benefits to its holder. That said, it has a long history of being a universal healer.

The meaning of Black Jade is about shielding you from darkness. This stone is the ultimate peace-guardian, protecting your metaphysical plane from a barrage of dark and negative energy that comes your way.

It’s one of the most powerful stones to have in your arsenal whenever darkness attempts to infiltrate your heart, mind, and soul. Not only does its healing properties prevent bad energy from affecting your well-being, but practitioners say that it transmutes it into something good.

The protective powers of Black Jade can’t be understated. Everyone encounters bad energy throughout the journey of life. But if you’re not well-equipped to combat it, you can easily succumb to it.

Many people fall prey to the energy vampires that disguise themselves as friends or acquaintances. They can turn you into a shell of your former self, putting anger and bitterness at the forefront of your personality. Similar effects can happen whenever you’re going through tough times.

Whether it’s loss, emotional turmoil, or a sudden spiritual crisis, darkness has a way of seeping into your soul and planting seeds of resentment. Eventually, those emotions can turn into violence and anger, clouding your judgment and forcing you to do things that are entirely out of character. It’s a dangerous state of mind that you should work to avoid, no matter how bleak things get.

Having Black Jade by your side makes a world of difference. Not only does it protect you from the hidden dangers of bad energy, but it prevents that exposure from turning you into someone you don’t recognize. Use its meaning to help you find peace and maintain your humanity regardless of the challenges put in front of you.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Ask any healer or crystal collector, and they’ll tell you that there are countless reasons to incorporate Black Jade into your life. It has the power to transform your life for the better, offering ongoing protection that keeps your head on straight no matter what life throws in your direction.

Many believe that Black Jade offers a slew of tangible benefits worth grabbing onto. Here are some of the most profound ways that the healing properties of Black Jade can affect your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.


There’s no doubt that the healing properties of Black Jade excel most when it comes to your emotions. It’s a powerful stone with capabilities that rival most other healing crystals you can find. It’s an assertive stone that acts as your bodyguard throughout life.

While other healing crystals might provide a small degree of ongoing protection, Black Jade’s energy is a formidable adversary for dark energy. The stone resonated healing and grounding vibrations, transmuting all those feelings you don’t want to experience.

We’re talking about things like fear, envy, doubt, and hatred. Those emotions can damage your core, sending you into a spiral of blind resentment. Black Jade actively works to keep them out of your auric field, turning any darkness into usable energy that soothes the soul.

According to some healers, it’s also a vital vessel for self-reflection. Many people are hesitant to work on themselves. It’s easy to ignore your own shortcomings and develop a deeply rooted sense of self-deprecation.

But letting that dark energy fester under the surface will only do more harm than good in the long run. Before you know it, your sense of self-worth is so low that you stop taking care of yourself. Your own negative thought patterns can create a cycle of pain that affects you and those around you.

Introducing the meaning of Black Jade into your life could have life-changing results that help you adopt a healthier point of view about your life. It gives you the strength to confront your shadow self, pushing you to overcome the fears and trepidations you have about working on yourself. Self-reflection isn’t easy.

You’ll experience pain while confronting your emotional maturity, ego, and behaviors. But the process is necessary if you want to become the best version of yourself that you can. 

The properties of Black Jade grant the strength you need to do some self-healing and come out the other side feeling refreshed and mended.


When it comes to spiritual healing, Black Jade is about action and independence. 

Spirituality can be a complex topic that people take their entire lives to figure out. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about organized religions or following a specific ideology. Spirituality is about connecting yourself with the universe around you and finding your true purpose.

It’s the quest for answers and the journey you take to get them! Spirituality grants wisdom and enlightenment at every turn, but it’s a never-ending journey that only gets more complex the longer you explore.

With the properties of Black Jade by your side, you can continue to live independently despite the limitations set forth before you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re physically limited due to old age, or you’re unable to venture beyond your hometown because of responsibilities outside your control. The meaning of Black Jade shows you that anything is possible, and you’re still capable of manifesting your dreams.

Twelve Black Jade stones lined up in rows

This stone’s energy pushes you to become the very best iteration of yourself that you can. It encourages the flow of new ideas, facilitating a sense of exploration like no other. Tap into infinite possibilities and become the independent thinker you know you are.

Be your authentic self and let your soul explore the cosmos. Even if your physical body has to remain in one place, your soul can soar through the heavens in its never-ending quest for enlightenment and purpose.


Healers and crystal collectors typically flock to Black Jade for its emotional and spiritual benefits. But that’s not to say that it can’t bring benefits to your physical body. Many practitioners also believe that it can do a lot to bring balance and good health to your physical vessel.

The potential impacts are far-reaching, affecting many aspects of your body in one go. Black Jade is said to fight viral and bacterial infections as well as protect you from the vampiric draw of parasites!

But that’s not all. Black Jade’s energy is often used with the intention of improving reproductive health for both men and women. More importantly, it’s thought to combat the effects of aging.

Remember, this stone is about independence despite limitations. In elderly folks, it’s often used with the goal of alleviating joint problems to promote better mobility. Some even say that it improves blood flow, improves circulation, and treats serious issues like deep vein thrombosis!

As a whole, Black Jade is thought to be a powerful detoxifying stone (which makes sense when you think about its core meaning). While its main focus is on the darkness that invades your metaphysical plane, some say it can also enhance the performance of your detoxifying organs.

Many seek it out with the goal of strengthening the kidneys, liver, and spleen, facilitating the effective flush of environmental toxins out of your body.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Black Jade connect with one of the most pivotal parts out there, the root chakra!

Also known as the “base chakra” or “Muladhara,” this energy point is the first of your seven primary chakras. It’s located on the base of your spine and serves as the entry point for life force energy. Without an open root chakra, you’re incapable of receiving the vibrations from Mother Earth below you.

There are many negative ramifications of a blocked root chakra. This spot closely connects to your feelings of stability and balance. It’s what helps you feel grounded and present in the moment.

A blocked root chakra can quickly force you into a tumultuous tailspin. Blockages create feelings of complacency and a general loss of guidance. You might notice yourself feeling scared or uneasy in life. Your footing becomes shaky, forcing you to second-guess everything you do.

If you don’t address a blocked root chakra, you can start to grasp at straws in an attempt to find peace. For most people, that leads to poor decision-making and potentially life-changing actions.

Luckily, the properties of Black Jade can help with all of that. Its energy is like a powerful solution that restores the flow of healing energy.

Ways To Use Black Jade

You have many ways to take full advantage of the healing properties that Black Jade has to offer and introduce its inspiring meaning into your life! This stone is super versatile, so you don’t have to stick with one technique. Whether you’re a diehard meditation enthusiast or you’re only beginning to explore the impact of crystal healing, it’s not hard to find a way to utilize Black Jade.

For most people, an easy option is to wear it in their jewelry. Hanging Black Jade around your neck as an amulet or wrapping it around your arm as a bracelet is nothing new. This stone has been used throughout history across many different civilizations around the globe! In most examples of historical use, Black Jade was set inside jewelry or healing tools.

Try it yourself! You shouldn’t have any problems finding Black Jade jewelry on the market today. Jewelers love it, and you can pick up some truly awe-inspiring pieces.

As you wear it, the stone’s healing properties and powerful energy will flow through your body to tackle darkness throughout the day. Use it as a crystal for protection to keep you safe from people and bad situations that cause you pain.

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If you prefer a simpler approach, carry a loose rock in your pocket or bag. Its vicinity to your root chakra is enough to keep you safe. Whenever you need additional strength or peace, pull it out and hold it in your hand while you think about its meaning.

Healers love Black Jade for meditation and feng shui as well.

If you’re constantly around people who spread negativity, keep Black Jade with you at all times. It’s particularly effective in the workplace where power-hungry individuals and controlling personalities run rampant. Having it on your desk ensures that you never fall prey to their unsavory habits.

Stone Combinations

Black Jade is pretty powerful on its own, but you don’t have to rely on its enigmatic energy alone!

This healing stone works wonderfully with others in the crystal kingdom. Pair it with other options to create a custom mix of energy that caters to your specific needs. For example, it’s quite common for other black crystals to be a good match.

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Want to deal with anger and resentment? Those who suffer from anger management issues might see genuine changes in their demeanor when Black Jade and one of its many complementary partners are part of the mix. In this case, try using the stone with Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Black Spinel, or Rose Quartz.

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Those stones work nicely with the healing energy of Black Jade. They may help you release pent-up feelings, ensuring that they don’t fester just below the surface.

Is fear becoming too much of an issue in your life? Try using Black Jade with Purple Scapolite, Rhodonite, Black Obsidian, or Tiger’s Eye. They can wipe away that debilitating emotion and help you focus on the infinite possibilities ahead!

Of course, you can also use Black Jade alongside other root chakra stones. While it’s plenty powerful by itself, using multiple healers can make a drastic difference in your demeanor and thought processes. Try using it with Black Tourmaline, Black Diopside, or Black Andradite Garnet.

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How To Cleanse Black Jade

With a stone like Black Jade, regular cleansing is crucial! This healing stone always faces a wall of dark energy. Its whole purpose is to turn bad vibes into positive ones.

It’s self-sacrificial to some expect, taking on the burden of dark energy so that you don’t have to. Over time, the cloud of darkness takes its toll, making the stone a shell of its former healing self. It stops providing its essential benefits, making it nothing more than a pretty stone.

Fortunately, cleansing helps restore its healing properties and allows its true meaning to shine through. You have a few different approaches to cleansing.

The easiest for most is to run it under some cool water. Use standard tap water. Don’t utilize any harsh cleansers or chemical-based soaps. A bit of mild soap is fine if you want to polish the surface but avoid any abrasives.

After a few minutes in the cooling water, it should be good to go!

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Healers also like to take advantage of moonlight, sage smoke, and other healing crystals. Selenite and Clear Quartz are fantastic healing stones you can utilize. Keep them near the Black Jade, and they will take care of any darkness it harbors.

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Zodiac Connection

You don’t need to belong to any specific zodiac to use Black Jade. Its meaning can resonate with anyone and it will gladly provide its benefits to those who need it.

That said, some zodiacs may experience a stronger connection to the stone than others. Practitioners say that those born under Taurus and Libra have the most to gain. These two signs are vastly different, but they share similarities in how they deal with dark energy.

Both are prone to holding onto negativity far longer than they need to. It serves no purpose but to cause harm and wreak havoc on their well-being. They’re also known to let others affect their auric field.

When around negative people, they tend to take the burden and share the suffering.

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Black Jade works as a stone for Taureans and Libras to stop them from wallowing in bad energy. It helps them see the light and break through any harmful cycles they might find themselves in. With regular use, Black Jade can promote peace, understanding, and overall happiness.

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Closing Thoughts

The meaning of Black Jade is all about fighting off the darkness. No matter who you are, dark energy and negativity are something you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully, Black Jade is there to help you out!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the guide above. We’re always eager to hear from our loyal readers!