Black Crystals: The Meaning Of These Stones (New Guide)

Black crystals are quite powerful and possess a strong meaning that many cultures have been drawn to for years.

This guide will introduce you to the various types of black crystals and stones that are out there, and help you better understand the deep meaning and properties they have.

A pile of Black Onyx healing stones

History & Overview

Black crystals have an alluring and mysterious beauty. They harken back to the emptiness of space and the pitch-black darkness of night. 

Many people avoid dark stones for their inherent symbolism. Throughout history, the color black has always represented darkness and despair. In many cultures, it even epitomized evil and supernatural tendencies.

That innate fear of the unknown leaves those cultural inclinations intact. Even today, many connect the color black with fear and apprehension.

However, black crystals’ true symbolism and power are far more complicated than they appear at face value.

Black is one of the most symbolic colors in human history, and its place in ancient cultures shows that its meaning goes beyond the obvious. There are several esoteric ideologies out there, leading to unique perspectives on the importance of black crystals.

In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shaktism, the meaning of black crystals is strongly associated with the goddess Kali. Typically depicted with dark blue or black skin, Kali is the goddess of time and the harbinger of both life and death. In this sense, black does represent the idea of death. But, her association goes even deeper.

According to the stories, her black or dark blue skin indicates that she is beyond nature’s qualities. She transcends time, color, and light. For this reason, many see the black color as a sign of the infinite!

A well-maintained piece of black tourmaline

In those cultures, black crystals have a strong association with the enigmas of the universe. They symbolize the depths of the void and the mysteries of our own subconscious!

In Ancient Egypt, black crystals had a different meaning. There, the color of these dark stones mimicked the rich soil of the Nile after a flood. They represented the possibility of new life, as dark soil meant it was fertile and ready for agricultural endeavors.

Egyptians saw black gemstones as a sign of energy transformation and fertility. Life and death go hand in hand. Decaying living matter enriched soil even more, paving the way for new life to take hold. Black crystals symbolize the turning of the wheel of life.

Types Of Black Crystals

There is no shortage of black crystals out there. These stones vary in composition, appearance, meaning and potential benefits. That means there’s a lot to discover!

The list below names the most common black crystals you can find today.

Black Obsidian

A woman holding a polished black obsidian stone ball

Black obsidian is one of the most popular stones on the darker side of the color spectrum. It played a significant part in many cultures around the globe. Many consider it to be the stone of spiritual dreaming. 

In addition to cleansing the body of dark energy, it’s said to unlock the gift of prophecy and grant protection.

Black Tourmaline

The meaning of this stone is all about getting protection against negative spirits and destructive forces. It was often used in amulets and shields. Today, meditators use it to clear dark energy and attract positivity.


Pile of black onyx

This gorgeous stone is a favorite for those who suffer from anxiety. The highly grounding properties it contains can help stabilize emotions. The stone stops past pains from getting overwhelming, helping you overcome hardships and move forward.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is a cleansing stone that centers on spirituality. It’s said to enhance psychic abilities and connect you to higher consciousness. Many also use it to get into a deep state of tranquil meditation.


A favorite among psychics, Arfvedsonite has the potential to help you unlock and strengthen otherworldly abilities. However, for most people, it instills a sense of hope. It helps you overcome the past and look to the future.

Arfvedsonite crystal, nice round piece of the stone.


One of the oldest stones on the planet, many believe that Nuummite harnesses the universe’s powers. It’s a mystical stone that embodies the darkness of the cosmos, allowing you to connect with higher realms.


Shungite is a powerful cleanser. It’s frequently used to cleanse the aura and create a balance between the chakras. Some people even use it to clean drinking water!


Hematite is an iron-rich stone that has the potential to instill you with confidence. Like many other black crystals, it cleanses negativity. In its place, it imbues you with strength, willpower, and enhanced self-esteem.

A piece of Hematite


Ilvaite is an anchoring stone with a compelling meaning! It has powerful grounding energy that helps you find stability in life. Supporting the base chakra, the stone rids your body of worry so that you can live life to the fullest.

Indigo Gabbro

This unique-looking stone is all about connecting with a higher self. It’s said to improve your intuition while helping you discover the depth of your soul.


Hypersthene is another stone that’s loved by psychics and shamans. Many believe that it helps people discover clairvoyant abilities.

Hypersthene stone


As you can see, there’s a long list of black crystals that you can pick from! According to crystal practitioners, each stone holds unique powers, properties, and meaning that can provide distinct benefits. 

However, there are some powerful similarities that can apply across the board.

Despite its strong association with death, the color black is far more positive than people think.

Black gemstones are widely considered to be healing and protective. Again, it all comes back to the color’s original cultural importance. Back before electricity, humans feared the night. Without fire or moonlight to illuminate their surroundings, early humans feared what was lurking around every dark corner.

While that may seem to bring dark energy into the mix, many believe that black crystals have the opposite effect! They’re said to cleanse dark energy and provide lasting protection against the dangers that surround us.

For many meditators, the stone is a must-have for living a life without fear. Darkness is unavoidable! The only way to overcome it is to embrace it and experience the world without petty concerns that stem from dark energy.

A large black crystal

Black crystals can help you achieve this. The dark color is as mysterious as the cosmos above. However, many practitioners believe that these stones can absorb and transmute dark energy from your being.

Some contribute this to the very nature of the color black. Black hues naturally absorb all visible colors of light, so it’s bound to do the same with excess energy that clouds the mind, body, and soul.

No matter which black crystal you choose to introduce to your life, it will likely help to keep you pure, level-headed, and emotionally balanced. Black crystals are powerful cleansers that can have a profound impact on all facets of your everyday life. 

Healing Properties & Benefits

Black crystals of all shapes and forms are linked to a variety of different healing properties. The exact benefits depend entirely on the chemical composition and historical significance of the stone in question. 

That said, many of them offer similar effects on the mind, body, and soul. Here are the most significant.


On the emotional front, black crystals have their greatest (and perhaps most needed) impact! 

Black stones are all about emotional cleansing and balance. We all experience emotional turmoil from time to time. Some go through extreme trauma that has lasting effects. No matter how big or small those hardships are, it often prevents people from living their true destinies.

It’s not uncommon to let feelings of fear and anxiety run your life. Dark energy clouds your judgment, casting a shadow of doubt over your mind. Oftentimes, it leads to low self-esteem and a complete lack of confidence.

Dark energy can infiltrate your body so much that you don’t even realize that it’s affecting your day-to-day life! Many black crystals also have a knack for unveiling the hidden emotional upheaval you buried long ago. They cast a light on those experiences, letting you deal with them once and for all.

Black crystals help to rid your body of all that negativity. They absorb unwanted energy to leave your mind free and clear. Of course, the process isn’t so cut and dry as it might seem!

Like other powerful stones, black crystals go beyond providing a simple cleanse. They help you have a deeper understanding of where that negativity originates. You can’t expect to have emotional stability without addressing the root cause of the problem.

With the help of black crystals, you will likely learn to control your emotions better. You can experience the thrill of release. However, you also learn from those past hardships so that you never let them affect your life again!

A long piece of black kyanite

Black crystals don’t just whisk away the pain. They help you grow from those experiences. They stay with you, but the healing energy from these black stones can give you the power to deal with them!

Thanks to the effects of emotional cleansing, many practitioners suggest that black crystals instill you with more strength than ever before. They give you a sense of power, pushing you to take charge of your life.

Instead of living in fear, you can take the world by storm and live your true purpose.


Whether you believe in a specific religion or you’re looking to connect with otherworldly realms, black crystals have the ability to help your spirit soar.

The color black is an important symbol in many religions. For example, it’s often worn by monks to show humility. You can experience the same by introducing the meaning of black crystals into your life.

The color represents the resistance to impulse and instant gratification. These stones can help put you on a more enlightened path while still holding true to your convictions.

The impact on your spiritual health comes down to the idea of purity. Many associate the color white with purity. However, black represents knowledge and a higher purpose.

In many meditation circles, black gemstones show your dedication to your spiritual journey. The stones can help open your mind to spiritual awakenings, bringing you closer to the cosmos while keeping you grounded to Mother Earth. You can explore your purpose without losing yourself or your sense of stability.

Black crystals aid in your journey. Not only does the resonant energy encourage spiritual exploration, but it also casts a shield of protection against your aura.

It keeps your spirit pure and helps you steer clear of the influence that comes from dark energy. Whether you’re trying to deny the falseness of the material world or you need protection from impulsivity, black crystals can be your guide.


Most crystal enthusiasts rely on black gemstones for their spiritual and emotional perks. However, many healers also suggest that they can offer several physical benefits as well.

The most significant is detoxification. Like cleaning the soul of dark energy, many say that black crystals help promote natural toxin flushing. Toxins accumulate throughout the body due to environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Some theorize that emotional factors come into play as well.

Many seek out these stones to help them clear those toxins and achieve better overall health. This is done by boosting the immune system and helping your body fight off diseases naturally. Some even suggest that they can help improve organ function and help with issues of the kidneys and liver.

Some believe that black crystals can also treat several ailments directly. There are many practitioners that use them to address symptoms of epilepsy, arthritis, strained muscles, and more. 

Overall, black crystals are great for those who want to improve their vitality and vigor. The healing energy is believed to strengthen the circulatory system, reducing tension and giving you significant improvements in overall stamina.

Metaphysical Properties

Dark crystals have always been a part of metaphysical healing. Their dark and mystifying nature can have a profound effect on your energy flow, leading to life-altering impacts that can change your life for the better.

Certain stones will have distinct effects on your chakras. But as a whole, black crystals are known to support the root chakra the most. In ancient Sanskrit, the root chakra is known as Muladhara. You might also hear some people calling it the base chakra.

A small black crystal cluster

Whatever you call it, the base chakra is the first of the seven major chakras. It’s where energy from the Earth enters your body and is located at the base of the spine. Needless to say, keeping the chakra balanced and clog-free is a must.

The base chakra is responsible for your feelings of stability. When blockages occur, many say they experience emotions of instability. They say issues with the chakra impact ambitions and overall interest in life.

Black crystals address those problems head-on. The stones imbue a sense of grounding calm. They cleanse the dark energy, allowing Qi to flow through your etheric body as intended.

This promotes balance and can even help you regain your sense of control. These stones encourage you to find solace in your surroundings and push you to uncover your purpose on this planet.

In addition to the base chakra, black crystals can also enhance the third-eye chakra. Located between the eyes, this chakra is known as Anja in the Sanskrit language.

The third-eye chakra is the epicenter of wisdom and conscience. Think of it as the center of your spiritual being. 

When you use black crystals, the third-eye chakra awakens! It encourages you to accept messages from beyond, allowing you to take a spiritual journey of self-discovery. It connects you to a higher state of consciousness and strengthens your spiritual health.

Different Ways To Use Black Crystals

There are countless ways to use black crystals. Thanks to their meaning, beauty, and luster, these stones are quite versatile.

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable stone. Many stones on the market these days are human-made. They might undergo some chemical processing or heat treatment to obtain their signature dark hues.

While those stones still hold power, natural dark crystals are always best!

Once you find the stone that’s right for you, there are several ways to incorporate it into your life. The easiest way is to wear them as jewelry.

Jewelry pieces let you enjoy the benefits around the clock. Having the stone close to your skin ensures that you’re taking all its healing energy in. Not only that, but rocks in this form act as protective talismans for protection against dark energy.

Many stones are available in a polished or tumbled form if you prefer to have some more versatility. Usually small and pocket-sized, you can easily toss one into your bag or pocket. In this form, the crystals offer many of the same benefits as jewelry.

It’s close to your skin and always nearby. Whenever you need some healing power, hold it in your hand and let it absorb all the dark energy in your body.

You can also use tumbled rocks for meditation. Meditators typically hold the stone in their hands as they sit through mindful thought sessions. Use it to go on a spiritual journey or achieve a state of tranquility.

Larger points, prisms, and chunks are available as well. 

Larger crystals make for great home decor. But of course, they are far more than just a pretty interior piece! No matter the form, crystals radiate energy throughout the room!

Place them in your meditation space to experience emotional cleansing and a calm mind. Or, keep them in your bedroom as crystals for nightmares and dark thoughts. Some even like to bring these stones into their workplace to get some strength throughout the day.

Whatever direction you choose, there’s a lot to gain from black crystals. 

Zodiac Connections

There are a couple of zodiac signs that have a lot to gain from black crystals. Again, the exact connections vary from stone to stone.

However, the healing properties of black gemstones tend to have the greatest impact on Scorpios. Those born under the Scorpio sign are notorious for letting dark energy overtake their life. Scorpios are naturally intense and have a deep core of determination in everything they do.

That strong sense of drive is both a positive and a negative. On the darker side of things, some Scorpios let dark energy manifest itself in everything they do. Whether it be how they communicate or how they think of themselves, they tend to let dark energy take the reins.

This makes black crystals a must-have for Scorpios. They absorb the darkness, bringing a greater sense of emotional balance. These stones can keep Scorpios on the right path and encourage them to make more positive conscious and subconscious decisions.

People born under Sagittarius have a strong connection with these black stones as well. More specifically, they tend to connect with Black Obsidian.

Black crystals can help provide a greater sense of focus for Sagittarians. This sign is known to stay “in their heads.” They let challenges and failures put them down, creating unhealthy thoughts of their own existence. It eliminates them from the present and stops them from enjoying the beauty of life.

Working with black crystals helps bring Sagittarians back down to reality. They are said to cleanse dark thoughts and make them appreciate life a bit more.

Closing Thoughts

Black crystals have a number of meanings, with protection being a common theme. No matter what stone you choose, you’ll likely feel the presence of a strong and guiding force in your life!

We hope you learned a lot about these crystals and decided to try some out. If you have any other questions or suggestions on other stones to add to the list, let us know!