African Turquoise: Complete Meaning & Properties Guide

African Turquoise is a gorgeous and underrated stone with incredibly strong properties. It’s also known for its inspiring meaning and sturdiness (which makes it great for jewelry).

This guide will cover everything you need to know about African Turquoise, and the most effective ways to use it.

History & Overview

African Turquoise is a beautiful stone with a familiar look. It has the same organic texture and a similar vibrant color to traditional Turquoise. But, this stone is hiding a little secret: It’s not actually Turquoise at all!

Technically speaking, this healing stone is a form of Jasper, which is a form of Chalcedony. Exclusively mined in Africa, this stone sometimes undergoes a chemical treatment process to fool the unassuming stone collector. Treatments make it take on a greenish-blue hue, which is strikingly similar to standard Turquoise.

While more vibrant specimens get a little help to look the way they do, that doesn’t take away from African Turquoise’s beauty. This stone is quite special, taking on a spectrum of colors. No two rocks are the same!

One might be more brown while the next is closer to neon green! In addition to the vibrant base color, African Turquoise has inclusions of copper and iron. These minerals create distinct veining and beautiful cloud effects.

Thanks to the natural hardness of African Turquoise, it’s a wonderful stone for artisans and jewelers. You’ll often see it being used on beads that get exposed to some wear and tear.

African Turquoise Meaning

African Turquoise is a mystifying stone that doesn’t have the same concrete meaning as some others in the crystal kingdom. While most stones focus on the idea of emotional healing or strength, the primary African Turquoise meaning is all about evolution and change.

The stone is said to bring about positive change and transformation. It facilitates growth and maturity, allowing you to pursue all of the possibilities in life. Rather than staying complacent in how things are going now, it pushes you to live a bit grander.

Many get comfortable in what they feel is enough for them. However, there’s always something bigger and better on the horizon! African Turquoise helps you come to the realization that change is in order. Then, it prepares you for the transition and helps you become the person you were destined to be.

Healing Properties & Benefits

A transformative stone like this one is bound to offer a slew of unique benefits and healing properties. African Turquoise is said to influence every facet of your life, from your physical well-being to your spirituality.

Here are some of the most significant ways it can have an impact on you.


When it comes to emotional healing properties, African Turquoise has a unique approach. Sure, it can address dark energy to make your environment safer for your well-being.

However, it much prefers to manifest change instead.

This stone is all about transforming your psyche and helping you view the world from a brand-new perspective. It can take events that once hurt you and turn them into positive life lessons you’ll never want to forget.

Its meaning is all about embracing life and all of the ugly that comes with it! African Turquoise can help you overcome your gut reactions to negative experiences. Instead of becoming plagued by emotional turmoil and pain, this stone teaches you how to go with the flow.

African Turquoise is fantastic for those with short tempers. It can provide an instant wave of calm to reduce hyperactivity and ease emotional tensions. It makes you take a step back in the heat of the moment, allowing you to analyze the situation and avoid self-destructive behaviors.

May say that the stone shows them a brand-new way to deal with things over time. Ultimately, it’s the bringer of change in every sense of the word.


African Turquoise has a knack for uplifting the spirit. With change comes a refreshed approach to life and the universe! This stone doesn’t just manifest change and moves on. It guides you through every step of the process and helps you find purpose in your new way of living!

No matter what your belief system encompasses, African Turquoise is said to bring you closer to it. The transformative energy it exudes brings you closer to a higher power, allowing your spirit to soar!

Many report feeling spiritually rejuvenated after using this stone. They say that it pushes you to access spiritual abilities and puts you one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. According to some practitioners, the stone transmutes the negative spiritual energy you’ve locked away into life-affirming energy that you can use.

Get rid of the dark energy that’s holding you back and open your heart, soul, and mind! African Turquoise is said to get you to that point, with a meaning and properties that lead you down a path of enlightenment and wonder. It connects you to the divine, no matter what that might be for you.


Without a doubt, most crystal healers flock to African Turquoise for its emotional and spiritual benefits. It’s one of the most powerful enlightenment stones and continually helps people create the change they so desperately seek.

But interestingly enough, some practitioners say that it can even lead to some positive physical changes as well.

Most notably, this stone is thought to support heart health. Many turn to this stone with the intention of having it help them strengthen the heart and blood circulation throughout the body. Some think that it also supports the endocrine system so that all of your organs feel stimulated and refreshed.

Because it helps with heart health, many say that the stone has some practical health benefits that you can measure. For example, some believe that it lowers cholesterol, decreases your chances of heart attacks, and even improves ocular health!

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of African Turquoise have a profound effect on your chakras. A powerful tool for meditation, it can clear blockages and restore the proper flow of life force energy throughout your body.

Its influence is most noticeable in the heart, throat, and third-eye chakras.

The heart chakra is your center of passion and love. It gives you the power to spread unconditional love wherever you go! Unfortunately, this chakra is easy to clog up when fear is introduced into the mix.

African Turquoise works to remove your fear of the unknown and fear of change. It casts a protective shield around your aura and activates the chakra to keep your heart open and accepting.

African Turquoise stone

Next, the stone works to influence the throat chakra. This chakra is, arguably, one of the most important. It acts as the gateway to your other chakras, facilitating the beneficial release of energy.

However, this can only happen when you’re free to speak your truth, which is what this chakra is all about. African Turquoise gives you the strength to speak openly about your needs, eliminating the fear of being honest that so many have.

Finally, this stone triggers the third-eye chakra. Located between the eyes, this chakra allows for spiritual contemplation and self-reflection. It’s the seat of intuition and spiritual wisdom.

African Turquoise is all about guiding you on the path to self-discovery and enlightenment. To do that, it keeps this chakra open and accepting of messages from the cosmos.

The Best Ways To Use It

African Turquoise is a pretty flexible stone. It has a hardness rating of about 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. As a result, the rock can handle a lot more than other delicate crystals!

The easiest way to incorporate it into your life is as jewelry. Large beads are perfect for bracelets. They’ll withstand knocks and scratches while still delivering transformative energy into your auric field. The same goes for pendants, rings, and any other beautiful piece you can find!

Many practitioners also take advantage of small tumbled rocks. Smaller loose rocks make wonderful worry stones that you can rub whenever you need some strength and healing (or a reminder of its meaning). Pocket-sized stones are great for meditation as well, as you can place them directly on the chakra that needs a little boost.

Of course, any other decorative form of African Turquoise works fine too. No matter the shape or finish, this stone is potent enough to make change happen! As long as it’s within your auric field, you can reap the rewards of its healing properties and experience transformation for yourself.

How To Cleanse It Properly

This stone is a master of healing. It can cleanse your aura of accumulated energy, turning some of that extraneous weight into something positive.

While the healing properties of African Turquoise can be quite effective, it has its limit! The constant work can bog the stone down, resulting in decreased potency and lackluster benefits. Luckily, the mineral is easy to cleanse.

Thanks to its hardness, you have a few different options for how to proceed.

The easiest is to run it under some refreshingly cool water. All you need is about 30 seconds of running water to get the job done. Use your tap or leave it out in the rain for a few moments for a recharge!

Don’t leave it underwater for too long, though. While it is tough, the stone is naturally porous and can become damaged in your efforts to cleanse it if you’re not careful.

Another cleansing option is to smudge it with the smoke of sacred herbs. Many practitioners cleanse it with bundles of sage, juniper, cedarwood, and more. Simple light your smudge stick, blow out the flame, and let the smoke wash over the stone for a recharge.

If you prefer a more cosmic route, moonlight can also have a profound energizing effect on African Turquoise. It does the best basking in the light of a new or full moon. Set your positive intention for the stone and leave it to relish in the moonlight from dusk until dawn.

Finally, you can use a crystal tuning fork! These forks are precisely tuned to a frequency that all healing stones will respond to. It’s a great way to treat your entire collection in one go.

All you have to do is strike the fork with a wooden mallet. Let the resonate tone vibrate through space, and treat your stones.

Zodiac Connection

African Turquoise is a universally loved stone that can help anyone. Everyone can benefit from change at some point.

All that said, its meaning and properties have a stronger connection to Capricorns and Sagittarians.

Capricorns are optimistic individuals who work and play hard. They are naturally fun-loving and will readily accept change when it comes. This stone will facilitate the change those born under the Capricorn sign need to grow as humans.

Sagittarians are the complete opposite! They resist change even when it’s the only thing preventing them from fulfilling their destiny. In this case, African Turquoise is like a safety net. Sagittarians can lean on the change it provides for support, as the energy encourages a smooth transition.

Closing Thoughts

The main African Turquoise meaning revolves around change and evolution. While scary, this is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, and a little extra help is always welcome!

Let us know if there’s anything else about this stone that you’d like to know, and we would be more than happy to add it to this guide in the future.