Snow Quartz 101: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

Snow Quartz is an underrated healing crystal that has numerous potential benefits. We have no clue why it isn’t more popular!

In this guide, we’ll go over the meaning and healing properties of Snow Quartz. There’s plenty to cover!

History & Overview

Snow Quartz is an absolutely stunning stone that seems to have trapped all the frozen beauty of winter within its depths. Closely related to Clear Quartz, this crystal possesses tiny water bubbles and inclusions that give Snow Quartz its characteristic appearance. 

Snow Quartz is a macrocrystalline type of Quartz that has an opaque transparency and a cloudy, milky appearance. It ranks at a seven on the Mohs hardness scale, so it’s a fairly strong stone.

A clean piece of Snow Quartz on a table

Many times, Snow Quartz is a secondary finding during mining for other items such as gold. It’s also often located near Clear Quartz, and this is not surprising since they are so closely related geologically. It can be found in many places across the globe such as Brazil, Madagascar, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. 

Whereas Clear Quartz has been coveted throughout the ages for its amazing healing potential, Snow Quartz is a relative newbie to the crystal-healing scene. However, Native Americans have known about its meaning and healing properties for quite some time, and they equate it with the Snow Moon and the North Wind.

Snow Quartz Meaning

The main Snow Quartz meaning is all about gentle, feminine energy. Using this stone is known to bring about healing in a way that is loving and patient. 

It’s also associated with the innocence and internal clarity that children often possess. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, having renewed clarity can help you to remember why you are working toward a certain goal. You may also be able to see that things might not be as bad as they appear to be. This is why the meaning of Snow Quartz sometimes leads it to being called the “Observation Crystal.” It can help you to observe the people and situations around you with a more innocent, less critical eye.

If you have financial goals (and many of us do) Snow Quartz can help you make these dreams come true. Because this stone is often found near gold, Snow Quartz is associated with luck and fortune. It’s not that you are going to get rich just by using Snow Quartz; it’s more like you will be given the ability to focus on your goals, and you will be able to see situations with more clarity. 

The meaning and properties of Snow Quartz are also connected to balance, so meditating with this crystal can help you keep your yin and yang energies working together in better harmony. It can also help you find the right balance in your dealings with others, how you view yourself and how you react to certain situations.

Healing Properties & Benefits

This is a stone with a whole slew of amazing uses and benefits. Whether you need physical, emotional, spiritual, or metaphysical benefits, the healing properties of Snow Quartz have the potential to impact you in all of these areas.

Snow Quartz is a stone that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Wear it as part of a beautiful jewelry setting, make a healing elixir, carry it with you or use it in your meditation practice. 

The gentle, loving energy of Snow Quartz is thought to help heal old traumas, calm impulsive behaviors and serve as a crystal for good luck. Healers use this crystal to help with hormonal disorders and feminine issues. 

Snow Quartz is thought to bring the user closer to the spiritual world, thereby increasing intuition and clarity. Many people find that using Snow Quartz during meditation helps them to keep their crown chakra in perfect balance.

The meaning and properties of Snow Quartz pair well with other healing crystals, so try some of the pairing combinations that we will discuss a little later.


Snow Quartz is a crystal that we highly recommend for deep and lasting emotional healing. The healing properties of this stone can help you dig deep to help you clear out old baggage and trauma that you probably didn’t even know was still there.

Many of us live under a feeling of victimhood or even martyrdom. These emotions are unhealthy and will not let you grow and move forward. The healing properties of Snow Quartz can bring you the courage and insight to overcome these negative feelings, thereby giving you the chance to get a better perspective on situations in order to move on.

Snow Quartz is an excellent tool for helping you overcome problems with relationships. These relationship issues can be with family, friends, a lover, or with yourself. This stone can help you develop more patience, more discretion in your speech, better discernment and an overall healthier perspective. Use Snow Quartz, and you will soon find yourself watching your words and controlling angry outbursts, even when someone really pushes your buttons. 

This stone is great for students or for anyone who needs a little help staying on track for projects, study sessions, or life’s goals. The healing properties of Snow Quartz have the potential to increase positive emotions and bring help when you feel as if you just can’t go on. If life just feels as though it’s too much, let the meaning of Snow Quartz bring you perspective, strength, and the courage to persevere.


We like to recommend Snow Quartz to anyone who is trying to develop their spirituality or connection to the spirit realm. This lovely stone has healing properties that can increase a person’s sense of intuition, thereby bringing clarity and a stronger sense of life’s purpose. This sharper sense of clarity can also help you to be more aware of messages sent from spirit guides as well as giving you the ability to better interpret these messages.

Using Snow Quartz even has the potential to heighten and sharpen any psychic abilities you may have, and this increased ability can give you greater access to angels, spirit guides, and other higher beings.

If you are already using other healing crystals for spiritual purposes, Snow Quartz is known to work with these other stones to increase their power and create a stronger channel to the outer realms.


Snow Quartz is frequently used by natural healing practitioners to promote and assist in the physical well-being of their patients. It’s considered by most to be especially influential in the area of female health. Snow Quartz is often used for issues such as abdominal cramps, early-onset menopause, hormonal imbalances, and breastfeeding. 

Other practitioners say that this crystal can be effective when it comes to aiding the pituitary and pineal glands, teeth, bones, and bone marrow. It’s often used with the intention of providing an immune system boost or to fight off infections, and it is even frequently used to combat the effects of sunburn.

The soft, gentle nature of Snow Quartz makes it particularly useful for healing work on young children and the elderly.

Metaphysical Properties

When you use a crystal such as Snow Quartz during your meditation sessions, there is a potential for healing in many of the body’s chakras.

However, the metaphysical properties of Snow Quartz seem to have an extra powerful resonance with the crown chakra. White and clear stones are great for any kind of imbalance with this chakra.

The crown chakra, also called the “bridge to the cosmos”, is the highest of the seven chakras. It is known to be the center for spiritual growth, connections to higher beings, enlightenment, and intuition. It is also where inspiration, creativity, and deeper understanding are cultivated and nourished.

Snow Quartz, thought to inspire traits such as intuition, clarity, and a connection to higher realms, is exactly what anyone seeking to strengthen their crown chakra needs.

How can you know if your crown chakra needs a boost from a crystal such as Snow Quartz? If you are not feeling inspired to meditate, if you are not sensing your usual connection to all things spiritual, or if you can’t seem to find your own life’s purpose, then you may be dealing with a crown chakra that’s out of balance.

How To Use Snow Quartz

When you begin to work with crystals for healing, it’s important to realize that the crystals you choose are meant to be used as part of your daily living experience. Don’t leave them to gather dust or sit in a drawer. There are so many ways to use healing stones, that you may find yourself getting really creative. 

We love the meaning of Snow Quartz for its simple beauty and for the many ways that it can be incorporated into daily life.

The following ideas are to get you going. You will probably come up with many uses of your own. Don’t be afraid to have fun and let your crystal guide you.

As we will discuss in the next section, the properties and meaning of Snow Quartz can be paired with other stones for greater healing and potency. Based on your goals you should be able to choose the right pairing stone for your particular healing needs.

A healer holding a Snow Quartz crystal

Snow Quartz is quite beautiful when set into a necklace, medallion, or bracelet. If you are prone to panic attacks or general anxiety, wearing this stone in a necklace or medallion will place its healing properties and energy near your heart. Wearing it this way is also good for anyone who tends to be ruled by their emotions.

Another popular way to use Snow Quartz is to create a direct-infusion elixir. When placed in water, the resulting infusion can be used as a facial spritzer, an aura cleanser and a healthful drink. It’s important to know that not all crystals are safe as drinkable elixirs. In fact, some of them can be poisonous. Always consult with a knowledgeable and experienced natural healer before attempting any kind of direct-infusion.

Many practitioners like to place Snow Quartz in areas of the home or office where they feel the need for a bit more inspiration. This stone can bring the user more inspiration to finish projects and tasks, so placing it on a desk or near a computer or laptop is an excellent idea.

Something simple you can do is to carry Snow Quartz in a purse, backpack, or even a pocket. Keep it wrapped safely in a soft cloth, and its healing vibrations will be with you wherever you go. This is also a fantastic way to be reminded of its meaning throughout the day.

Stone Combinations

One of the wonderful things about Snow Quartz is the way it can be paired with other stones. Pairing certain stones together is thought to greatly enhance the healing powers of each stone. Certain stones work together better than others, so do a bit of research before you start (the info below will help).

Before you decide to pair your Snow Quartz with another stone, you’ll need to consider the area or areas of your life that you are trying to heal. Having a certain intention for healing will help you decide which stone is best. Let’s take a look at a short list of some of the most common combinations based on meaning, properties, and intention. As there are dozens of helpful pairings, we will only mention a select few.

  • If you are looking for complimentary crystals for anxiety and stress, try pairing your Snow Quartz with stones such as Hematite, Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, or Blue Lace Agate.
  • Feeling run down and in need of an immune system boost? Pairing Snow Quartz with Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, or Picture Jasper is thought to have the potential to strengthen the immune system.
  • For anyone needing a bit of extra luck for a project, job search, or other life scenario, Tree Agate, Apache Tears, Rainbow Moonstone, and Sunstone are known to give Snow Quartz the extra power it needs to help you succeed in all of your undertakings.
  • It’s thought that pairing Snow Quartz with crystals like Yellow Quartz, Aquamarine, Labradorite, or Selenite can bring you a deeper and more meaningful meditation experience.
  • Try Orange Topaz for problems dealing with difficult emotions and relationship issues.


Once you begin to use healing crystals in your daily spiritual practice, you will be building a powerful relationship that can last a lifetime. You and your crystal will be like partners, working together to bring you healing and happiness.

As you work with your stone, it will begin to absorb lots of negative energy and vibrations. Because of this you are going to have to cleanse and charge your stone. Just remember that when you take care of your stone, it will be taking care of you as well.

Snow Quartz is a crystal that needs to be cleansed fairly frequently. Cleansing your stone is not hard to do, and there are lots of ways to do it. Before cleansing your Snow Quartz, focus your intention on how it wants to be cleansed. Your stone will let you know what it needs at the time.

One of the first ways that you can cleanse your Snow Quartz is by placing it under running water. You can rinse it this way, or you can place it in a bowl of clean water and leave it on a window sill in the sun. Make sure that the water you use is either filtered water or water from a natural source. Never use regular tap water to cleanse your crystal. Since the meaning of Snow Quartz is associated with water, this is often an excellent cleansing method.

Many people choose to use the power of the moon to cleanse Snow Quartz. Place your stone on a window sill during the time of the full moon for the most potent charging. You can also bury your Snow Quartz in the ground at the time of the full moon. It’s best to bury it in a flower pot because you don’t want to forget where you buried it.

Did you know that you can use other kinds of crystals to cleanse and charge your Snow Quartz? Just place your Snow Quartz on top of another crystal, Clear Quartz, or Citrine work quite well, and leave it there for a few hours.

One very effective method of cleansing your Snow Quartz is to smudge it with the smoke of spiritually charged plants such as sage, sweet grass, or lavender. Cedar, Palo Santo wood, and frankincense can also be used.

Light your smudge stick or incense and gently extinguish the flame by waving your hand in front of it. Don’t use your breath to blow it out. Once the smoke rises nicely, place your crystal directly into the smoke. Let the smoke envelope your stone as it rises ever higher. When you see that the smoke is going straight up around the stone, it is finished being cleansed.

Just like a rechargeable battery, the energy and healing properties of Snow Quartz will need to be recharged. Absorbing negative energy can wear out your stone’s “charge”. To keep your crystal healthy and in good working order, place your Snow Quartz in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. This not only cleanses the stone, but it charges it as well.

Zodiac Connection

While it’s true that anyone can reap the incredible benefits of using Snow Quartz, this powerful crystal seems to have a particular resonance with the birth sign of Capricorn.

Snow Quartz is thought to help a Capricorn bring harmony to their energy, connect to a higher consciousness, and discover the true purpose of their life. Capricorns tend to be very task-focused, and this can make it hard for them to stop and see the bigger picture. 

The meaning and properties of Snow Quartz have the potential to give a Capricorn the insight and long-term vision that they need.


The Snow Quartz meaning of feminine energy and balance is really just the beginning. This crystal is a fantastic option for a wide range of healers, and has a lot to offer.

We hope this guide has convinced you to give it a try. If you have any questions about it, feel free to send them our way!